Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Waterfalls

A123 : At new low everyday ... at 6.32 now, a new historical low.

"Nothing can be more slippery in investing than trying to buy that which is hated. At the same time, finding value in unloved places can lead to an exceptional investment. For the record, Mr. Market usually gets it right: an out-of-favor stock usually deserves to be there. Nevertheless, it's worth the time to explore such opportunities, since it takes little time to decide whether to abandon the idea or really start digging in."

Patience And Due Diligence

No matter the investment idea or how compelling it may seem, patience is often necessary for out-of favour stocks. Yet patience can only be attained when one has a firm understanding of the business and will not likely be flustered at the first sign of trouble.

Taken from : Investopedia

TopGlove : Closed at 6.06, touched 6.00. RSI at 37. Wait.

Unisem : Closed at 2.01, touched the support at 1.95 today. I was focusing on Supermax and I didnt queue for it as I m waiting for it low at 1.88.


JCY : Terrible ... JCY touched NEW low at 1.08. You may ignore the 1.08 as some 'market jerks' playing with it. My queues of 1.05-1.08 not done. It managed to closed at 1.10. I cleared half at 1.22 just days ago, you know. Well, I DO NOT know it will move to 1.10(otherwise I would have cleared ALL at 1.22, right?). But I m ready to collect at lower price which I bought yesterday at 1.12-1.14. What's next? Clear for losses or be looong term investor? What am I waiting? Hmm ... USD to rebound? Suddenly HDD sales shoot up 100% the next quarter? Hmm ... interesting to see what lies ahead for JCY ... an abandoned new KLSE's babe. Poor babe ... never mind, come to me, I shall take u in.

EAH : Closed at 0.470, broken support at 0.480. Bought more at 0.465 today. Other queues at 0.46, 0.455 and 0.45 not done. I m having huge positions in this one now. Yes, I no longer diversifying much ... and trying to focus in few - collecting this one. Each time 10% up, it is a SELL and collect at lower prices again. RSI at 29.

Supermax : Closed at 5.07. RSI 23. Support at 4.95. Bought at 4.96 today. If moving higher, sell. If moving lower, collect and be loooong term investor!


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YJ said...

Hi Teh,

Good luck on your "waterfalls".

I can somehow understand your strategy a bit already. You will collect more of each stock as they go lower (in a downtrend, most of the time it goes lower), which will average down your investment. Then when it rebounds a bit (not much cause in a downtrend, any rebound will be limited to the previous low), you will sell for a small(?) profit. Then you start collecting again when it goes to a lower low and the cycle continues.

My question is, what happens if the stock starts moving sideways? History shows that some stocks will move sideways after a very severe downtrend (some are even still going down very slowly): LCL (sorry for using this example again), Etitech, KNM, etc.

Yes, you can say you will be long term investor but this also means your money will be stuck. As such, you might miss many other better(?) opportunities.