Sunday, August 15, 2010

Warrants to watch

KPJ-wa : At 1.74, with warrant in-money, playing on KPJ bullishness, tmr will be interesting to grab some. Beautifully sitting at 50MA line, with stochastic oversold, RSI hooking up. Accumulation shown and it might breakout in bullish market. looking at 1.82 as immediate resistance, could it push above 1.90 to see new high?

IJMLand-wa : At 0.945, seeing 0.995 as resistance. Stochastic in oversold region. 4G1R sighted. Decreased in volumes showing selling exhausted and sitting nicely at 50MA. Worth a look as it is trading at near to premium. IJMLand is a good stock to have in property sector.

GPacket-wa : Oversold, sight of rebound soon, looking at 0.49 to clear. It is expensive to hold. Trade not hold. If tech-sector rebounding, high chances will pull GPacket up, hence the baby will follow suits.

From The Edge : Tmr - Green Packet's 2Q FY10 results media briefing by Puan Chan Cheong at Level 11, Packet Hub, Lot 159 Jln Templer, PJ, Selangor at 4pm.

The above given three top warrant picks for me this week, in order of RISK. If you could stomach higher risk, GPacket looks nice. All three will move-up if market is bullish next week, but which one could give more profits? I might go for short-term trade on GPacket-wa? I really like to grab ALL three ... but I do not have the funds.



Jackie Lee said...

Wah ... just now you was at Trade Fest ..... so many people ... I don't know how to find you ...

CP said...

HI Jackie,

U were there too? I went off in half time, too much of wasting time.

Take my number : 012 821 0129. We can meet during CN meeting or whenever la. No problem, bro.


Jackie Lee said...

ok no problem