Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Waterfalls : Are they rebounding?

EAH : Closed at 0.525 ... touched its recent high of 0.535. It is still in oversold region with stochastic showing bullish crossover. Expect it to move high ... it there is a SUDDEN surge in the interests, that will be the day I sell. Otherwise, hold on.

Hai-O : Is she flying again? Resistance at 3.38, seeing next level at 3.61. So, I will be glad to wait till 3.60 level to clear then. I might to clear earlier to start collecting on ZhongWang or Geely, whichever retracing further to OVERSOLD region. RSI at 34, moving RSI up to 55 is sell.

Unisem : Closed at 2.04, touched 2.08. Well, I m a late comer into this one as I was busy adding to JCY. Bought at RM2.00 and grabbed at 2.04 before market closed on Friday. Yes, I cleared my LionInd for losses to grab this one. ANYTIME at all, I feel more comfortable with deep waterfall rather than overbought stocks. DO NOT tell me to buy uptrending stocks again as I find that ridiculously stupid for a person like me. So, I will only top-up at 2.10, its immediate resistance. Looking at 2.40 level, I will be glad to clear all at 2.35 level.

JCY : Closed at 1.23. Technically DOWNTREND. So, it will called counter-trend when buying into it. MACD in green and RSI hooking up. High volume registered and another bull-day will see the bullish cross-over in the MACD. Do note that MACD and MA-lines are lagging indicators. So, to be so-called safe, TA giving us to buy into UPTRENDING stocks, when MACD lines above zero and also a bullish crossover in MA20-MA50 seen. At 1.23, it is becoming a resistance(previous support) and we are looking at 1.41 as resistance. I m not greedy ... I will sell all at 1.40 OR/AND it is overbought. It should re-coup my Rm1k losses in JCY when I sold it at 1.20. Selling at 1.40 will be nice. I bought back at 1.13-1.17 and added more at 1.19-1.22 on Friday. Technically it is NOT SAFE to buy yet, but ... hey, I have done enough personal reasonings or analysis why I m buying this junk in rubbish-sector.


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