Sunday, August 15, 2010

Today, there is a Traderfest. I m off soon ... tho I dont know what I will learn from the talk. Well, it is Sunday, my family day ... I prefer to be at home playing with my kids. So, its better be good.

AirAsia : After a few days of profit taking, it is rebounding and heading for 1.80? It closed at 1.54, another 10% upside seen. As AirAsia is 'undervalued' and lagging behind its peers(The Egde last week), will the privitisation stories up again? With many privitisation stories in plate, AirAsia is being cooked up for that news soon ... look at WHY it is flying?I wont touch it at RSI 63 level.

MAS : With AirAsia flying, could MAS attracts some attention? It touched 2.24 recently, closed at 2.14 on Friday. I will queue to grab some at 2.10, anticipating it moving with AirAsia.

Air China : Seriously, if I m talking about aviation or airlines, I like Air China the most. With more Chinese willing to afford to fly, and ties with Taiwan sealed ... Air China will do VERY well. It is in UPTREND since Mac 2009. Yes, one & half year of bull ... bringing the stock price move from HKD2 to HKD9 level now. Nice? Then, forget about AirAsia or MAS.

10.25 am : Hotel Maya, TradeFest by CN

I might want to go to visit Mr Tan soon. It will be nice to meet him in person after reading so much about him. Hmm ...

11.55 am : Excuse me ... I m here for 2/3 hours ... I m getting nothing AT ALL. They are PROMOTING CN's training program and software. I m not saying that is in-crrect, it didnt get my attention or meet my MINIMUM requirements to be here. I m going off to KLCC. Bye

2.35 pm : Home and got the TURTLE book from National Library. Wanna be a turtle-trader?

EUR/USD : I short it at 32. Nice gain so far. If I gain from this trade, this will be my FIFTH gain in FIVE trades in forex. beginners luck.

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