Saturday, August 21, 2010


JCY : At 1.17, will only BUY more when it rebounds and uptrending again.

Unisem : At 2.09, there will be a bullish crossover in stochastic soon, and the green histograms seen moving to zero-level. RSI(14) at 40-level. I m using 5MA(green), 10MA(red) and 20MA(blue). Also, shown is the RSI-9 for shorter terms trade. I have started to use RSI-9, as it will be moving faster than RSI14. So, it will give me an earlier signals of overbought/oversold. A vertical shown the bullish crossover of MA-5 and MA-10(short-term). Resistance at 2.10 and will only wait for breakout of this resistance level with high volume for my next BUY.


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