Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday : Koo and Tan in final for the world championship. Hopefully theye could win this one today.

Property : Landed vs Apartments

I have been surverying some housing area with intention to buy one. Last wee I went to Suajan Putra, a new housing area developed by LBS. Today, I went viewing at Subang Airport area such as Subang Bestari. Next week will be Klang ... Kampung Jawa area ... that is what I m doing during Sundays ... hunting for a landed single-storey property. It must be below RM200k for a lowe income salary-earner like me. If possible, with a built-in kitchen cabinets and not in deporable situation(as I wont hv the money to pay for any renovations or repairs)

It wont be easy to find a house below RM200k(below RM150k, if possible) which near Subang Jaya ... Puchong and Klang are some alternatives. New houses will NOT be cheap anymore. So, I have limited choices but to look into a still reasonable priced area like Klang. Many travelling from klang to KL to work, anyway. So, from Klang to Subang Jaya is just half the way!!

Dr M : Dinner at Alexis, Garden Mall

I have dinner there just now with family and we saw Dr M and his family bula-puasa there!! Marina was there too but didnt see his sons. I have wanted to take a picture with him. Anyway, it is nice to meet him in person again(the last time was years ago) as I respect him highly for his abilities to bring Malaysia into the world map! He is still very strong and sharp. Hats off, Cr M.


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