Friday, August 06, 2010

Stock Alert : Unisem

For those like Unisem(I like it now as it is forming a nice waterfall together with the rubbished-tech sector), BUY at 2.10 level first. Then dare to average down at 1.92(if ever reach there) at the support level. This is for INVESTOR and not those faint hearted uncles/aunties. Time frame could be 3-6 months. Alert me if you have a crystal ball to see where the bottom is, ok? Tech-index is in oversold region now. BAD NEWS are everywhere .. and it is rubbished! If HDD affected, semi-conductor all affected? Hmm ...

Contrarian Investment Strategy(CIS)

1. BUY when the whole market is bearish and no one want to be in the market.

2. BUY when the whole sector is bearish and becoming rubbish.

3. BUY during weakness, when sellers more than buyers and it is oversold.

4. BUY during bad news when everyone(the herds) are NEGATIVE. The MEDIA painted a bleak out-look and herds selling at whatever value.

5. BUY when the stocks under its intrinsic value or 'fair' value.

6. BUY when most of the broker houses trumpetting SELL and downgrade the sector or stocks.

7. BUY ... when it is at strong support and technically oversold.

8. BUY at your own risk. Haha

Stock Alert : TopGlove

Contrarian Investment Strategy

1. BUY the leading sector(rubber for Malaysia) which overlooked or abandoned by herds.

2. BUY the leader of the leading sector(TopGlove and Supermax) when the stocks

3. BUY when temporary news or factors(such as strengthening of MYR vs USD) affecting the industry or the good company.

4. BUY when it breached the supports and technically oversold. If possible, at its historical low RSI level.

5. BUY in stages when panic selling seen. This should shake off the weak sheeps in the herd.

6. BUY as an investor with a business-man's mind.

7. BUY at cheap prices, huge discounted prices from the previous peak.

8. BUY a good stock that 'tiek' not 'lan' (down but not out).

9. BUY at your own risk. Prepare to buy a glove as it might be a sharp knife I m holding now.

10. BUY with confidence and patience.


My disclaimer applied. And as always, DO NOT buy what I m buying. Do not be as stupid as me, ok? LOL


YJ said...

Nice CIS list you got there. I think for Contrarian Investing (CI), you will need a lot of cash/bullets (to average down if necessary) and a lot of time and patience (for the prices to recover).

I agree that strategies used by CN are more for short term trades and not suitable to be applied for CI.

Anonymous said...

Amiable brief and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you as your information.