Sunday, August 08, 2010

Sinotop(John Master) : It has been traded at 0.25 level for very loooong period of time, without volume. Now, it is one of the most actively traded stock, overtaking KNM as the hottest babe. The chart says it all. From 0.250 to 0.60, IF you think the fundamentals of the stock improves leaps and bounds, you are kidding me. But, the chart shows that MANIPULATIONS in play. If you cant even understand that after years in markets, then I think it is about time to retire fully from markets(I believe you must be on of the 90% losers, like me!).

Someone asked me about Sinotop and instead of my usual 'no bother' attitude towards these punters, I will like to take this example as a flawed waterfall. For ANYONE buying into Sinotop, many gained HIGHLY when its stock price shooting for the sky. SYNDICATES using it to lure small traders, and GREED in play. At 0.60 level, someone came in my blog here and asked about Sinotop. Please spare me the laugh ... I m not wearing John Master shirts. My shirts are given by my bro-in-law, uncle or I bought it cheaply when there is 50-70% whatever brands. I m a miser in clothing. Hmm ...

So, if you get stuck with Sinotop now, what should we do? One thing for sure, I wont average down on this one!! I will CUT it off rather than waiting for next rebound(it might rebound back to 0.60 as it is PURELY speculative ... example, someone mentioned HwaTai during biscuits-rally).

Please READ the Edge this week for Timecom and Sinotop.

The Edge : Sinotop ironing out kinks (page 26)

SIME at 7.52, testing 7.50 for third time and highly likely to break down this time. SIME is in news for wrong reasons. While plantation stocks are having party now, SIME is not invited. SIME is NOT a pure plantation play anymore, it is too huge too diversified for its own goo.d CEO asked to step down and many more 'secrets' will be revealed. This a HUGE waterfall which WILL pull KLCI down ... so, as KLCI expected to go into correction phase soon(overbought now), we shall watch how SIME performing.

Technically, I m seeing 7.10 and 6.70 as the next support if the current strong support broken.

A small fish caught for selling 'secrets'. Hmm ... SIME is on the way down. I will NOT catch this waterfall as I have never really like SIME. It is too large to move .. it wont give me the upside and it simply NOT focus in its business. I dont know what the new CEO are capable off, but ... it is TOO large, ok??

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