Saturday, August 14, 2010

Oversold stocks

1. Alam wait at 1.15, 1st green
2. EAH
3. GPacket buy at 0.91
4. HaiO
5. HiapTeck
6. KKB
7. KPJ - BUY at 3.45
8. Magna
9. MudaJaya
10. Notion
11. Unisem
12. ZhuLian

Note : JCY and TopGlove are out of the above list but Unisem, Hai-O and EAH are still stuck there? So, I shall continue to top-up JCY and might clear Hai-O and/or Unisem. Also, topping-up TopGlove.

From the above, I will like to have GPacket. Well, u see ... GPacket categorised in tech-sector. With tech-sector becoming rubbish sector, it is rubbing on GPacket too. Do look at Redtone moving to 0.22-0.24 level now(from 0.18 ... due to news, of coz).


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