Monday, August 02, 2010

ESLR : At 0.67, touched a new low at 0.62. Green-stocks are being abandoned, so as investors we should be looking into a sector that being ignored. Wanna be rich? This one came up from low of 0.45 in 2002 and bull-market brought up all the way above USD15. Yes ... even buying at USD1, you could 10-fold your capitals.

Now, it is back to be at its low ... 0.670. Do you DARE enough to be an investor to buying into these waterfalls? I m looking into green-stocks again ... as many retracing to its low. I prefer to buying into such waterfalls tho the FEAR is obviously there. BUY when you are in fear. Be greedy when everyone is in FEAR. I m going to apply it here and buying into more ... waterfalls. Wish me luck.

OEH(Orient-Express Hotel)

The level 8.80 was the strong support level prior to the recent sharp corrections, moving from 15.50 level in April to the current 9.45 level, breaking the resistance at 8.80. It came up from USD7.10. Mind you, it was at USD65 at the peak before it crashed together with the US markets. Even it is 50% below its IPO price at USD20 level. I was talking about under-valued and just pointing this one out as example.

Let us LOOK for a while ... In Mac 2009, it registered a historical low at 2.70 level(from USD65). It was in JULY 2009 that it broken the resistance of 8.80. In NOV 2009, from 8.80, it moved higher and higher to 15.20 level. That was 5 months of bull, before correction in May 2010 which we seen. So, it corrected to USD7.10 level and rebounding now ...

So, let us THINK now. Is it under-valued? Will hotelling sector register good profits in coming 2H? Technically, it broken its strong resistance ... can the bull bring it back to the recent high at USD15 level? That is more than 50% profits, mind you!. Are we bullish on US economy to recover? Are we buying that story or will there be a double-dip as some BEAR gurus mentioned?

If we are bullish, definitely buying this one at current 9.45 level will bring us huge profits?! I dont know ... I m just making a hypothesis.


Orient-Express Hotels Ltd. (OEH) is a hotel and travel company. OEH owns or part-owns 50 properties (all of which it manages), including the two hotels in Sicily purchased in January 2010, consisting of 41 highly individual deluxe hotels, one stand-alone restaurant, six tourist trains and two river/canal cruise businesses. These are located in 24 countries worldwide. OEH has also develops for-sale residences adjoining some of its hotels. OEH’s worldwide portfolio of hotels consists of 3,595 individual guest rooms and multiple-room suites, each known as a key.

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