Sunday, August 08, 2010

MAS : I have no trade in MAS since I sold it at 2.35 in April. IT retraced to 1.84, and I was so kiasu that I was queueing at 1.80. I hope I could grab more at 1.80 but failed. since then I have abandoned her and hope for that 1.80 level. Well, it recent low is RM2.00 and in the moves now. Looking at AirAsia flying off, MAS may attract some investors too. Someone mentioned that MAS no longer the same without Jala, their net.
Higher volumes seen ... at 2.10 now. I need it to fly to 2.35 level again to gain the 10% buying at current level, but very unlikely. So, I will seat belt and let AirAsia flying, while collecting on MAS if it goes below RM2. This is certainly in longer time frame in my mind. I do not expect to be at 2.70 level by end of this year but I will be very glad to clear ALL at 2.70 level. We shall see ... buy or sell? It is a hold for me.

Ways to Trade All Time Highs and All Time Lows

MU won 3 -1.


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