Sunday, August 08, 2010

Comverge : Reached its 52-week low at 7.96. Testing USD8 support level now, closed at 8.28. IF it breaks USD8, it is a SELL and might see panic-selling. Will I be greedy when there is a GREAT fear? Well, green-stock is out of play. This is a 'smart grid' stock and still LOSING money in their business. Its historical high was at USD38 and LOW at 2.40. IPO'd at USD20 level. At USD8 is a bargain??

It is in my stalk list as I do stalk green-stocks. Obama no longer commited to 'green sector'? It is out of favour now. So, we shall hear more BEARISH news and how it will collapse or not feasible. The whole sector is ridiculous and crude oil will not go above USD100 ... blah blah blah ... when crude oil reaching USD100 or even USD140 ... the SAME media will be saying the OPPOSITE. A serious LIE openly in MEDIA and no one need to be responsible to their words.

I will want to OPENLY criticise the BROKERS' reports and the MANY so-called analysts who DO NOT take responsible on their words. In fact, I believe they are part of the manipulation crime!! They work for the broker houses which linked to the syndicates to profit from the public(the general investors) playing on GREED and FEAR.

One moment they call a BUY on XXX target price at RM3.50, suddenly it is a SELL at RM1.80 target. Far away from their initial findings??! But, these analysts still being employed and get their monthly salary(plus bonuses for being in good book, profitting for their respective investment banks).

Happy 2 years anniversary to my blog.

Happy Blogging!!

I started this random writings of my in this blog exactly 2 years ago - BeiJing Olympic 08.08.08. Today is 08.08.10. I guess I have travelled far in this blog ... and this is 930th post with my counters showing 19,600 exactly. What a nice number!! BUY toto 6-D later! hehe.


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