Sunday, August 01, 2010

Geely : I have written about her many of times and lost track of her for a moment. It shot up 10% days ago due to the 'Volvo' news. Reaching back to HKD3 soon, it was from HKD2.30 level. So, I m moving back to it. The last time I bought it was at 3.60 level and sold at 4.00, if I m not mistaken. So, I want a piece of her as she is a beauty, playing on the booming of China's auto-market. By the way, Geely came from under HKD1 just a mere 1.5 years ago. Can buy at HKD3?

P/E at 15, and being a leader(private and not state-own) in auto maker, I do think it will move very much higher in near future. With that said, I will move in this week during profit-taking. Yes, the next short correction will be good. RSI at 65.

CIS : Contrarian Investment Strategy

JCY : iPad and oversupply cited as reasons for the dive of its stock-price as their profit margins will be affected. Just a short article on these in The Edge. I m going to go against the tide ... be a contrarian, using CIS.

TopGlove : The leader in rubber-sector, and the demands are still and will be high. So, I will buy more of Topglove if it goes lower ... no cutting losses as I m not trading it.

A123 : My green-battery play. When it came down from USD20 to current USD10, it is a buy and hold. Green-sector is NOT greener in 2010, ao many green stocks retracing. That is the time we should be collecting.

The above 3 stocks will be my focus as I m buying into these current waterfalls. These are NOT for trading, and I dislike the way I trade for the past 2 months after I learnt TA. I failed so far. So, I shall sit on these(and top-up if any of these go lower, and buying using TA). While not trading, I will open a virtual account to practice my trading using TA, instead of real money. That is more rationale.

I will also like to add LionInd in my portfolio. Will buy that tmr and this is for trading. LionInd came down from the recent peak at RM2.00. Steel counters are still struggling but there are recoveries seen in China's steel counters like Angang and Maashan. So, that could lead to a rebound in local steel counters like LionInd.

Jim Rogers on Malaysia

“I’m seeing positive changes in Malaysia under the new leadership. The Government is making a strong effort to boost foreign direct investments.
“My view is that Malaysia has the fundamentals, resources and strategic location within South East Asia (SEA), but there needs to be a fair playing field in order to attract more foreigners who are previously gun-shy due to changes in the policies, for example the previous pegging of the ringgit to the US currency.
”Stop the mistakes of the past and move forward,” Jim Rogers says in an interview with the Malaysian paper


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