Monday, August 16, 2010

ENG : Closed at 1.84, it touched 1.86. Came up from 1.70(last week). Is tech-sector rebounding? Still oversold(RSI32) and in downtrend. Resistance is a distance away at 2.23 level. Clear my JCY for small profits for this one or Unisem? Hmm ...

EPF is in selling spree ... I m seeing SEPT as a dark one for markets. This coming 2 weeks are the time to trim and clear my waterfalls when the rebound and have cut of those staying flat. This is just my view, as markets are over-bought. Those holding to overbought stocks will have more to sell ... before panic-selling seeps in.

As I have only a little of Hai-O and Unisem, I m queueing to clear for small profits. I want to be more focus.

10.05 am : Grabbed MAS at 2.20.

11.35 am : Unisem cleared at 2.10. Notion moving too but JCY is not(JCY has moved on Friday). The rubbish-stock trying to claim back their name - tech-stock. How about rubberish?

12.25 pm : Unisem at 2.11, clearing too early? Yes, I will grab it back IF it could retrace back to 2.05. JCY not moving and nothing to do yet ... wait for it to move again.

3.00 pm : MAS is moving as there will be announcement after market close today. So, I added at 2.20, 2.22 and 2.25. Will clear some if it could shoot higher tmr. I have been buying MAS at 1.90 level, cleared at 2.35 the last time. Recently, I wrote about MAS as I m planning to add in again. Yes, will maintain SELL at 2.35 and above.

4.05 pm : KLCI up 8 points, thanks to Genting. MAS and AirAsia flying too ... JCY and EAH in profit-taking mode, while Hai-O and TopGlove attract some bargain-buyers. Be patient ...

Stalk : IJMLand(wa), KPJ(wa), GPacket(wa) and Alam. These are nearing oversold and I like these stocks.

GPacket : Bought 5k units at 0.930.

4.30 pm : MAS added more at 2.27-2.28. Ready to clear some as I m too heavily into it now. Added GPacket at 0.940, ready to clear some MAS.

6.10 pm : KLCI up 10 points - Genting, MAS and Maybank.

Oversold stock

1. Hai-O
2. JCY
3. KKB
4. Kossan
5. MudaJaya
6. Notion
7. PPB
8. QSR
9. Unisem
10. Zhulian

Hai-O, JCY and Unisem still stuck in the oversold list. I have cleared Unisem today as I m accumulating MAS and GPacket. IF my stock still in oversold region, I will not sell unless necessary. So, I will try to hold on to Hai-O a while as it is moving up ... slowly. JCY is not for sale at the moment.

My homework later will be checking on some charts of the stock above. Hey, I will PPB and QSR(I started to think like an investor again, and buying those good stocks rather than following those in CN).

QSR : RSI at 58, NOT oversold as CN's scanner and chart shown. There is inconsistency using different charting-system vs CN's chart. So, I do have to double-check.

EPMB : At 0.525, bullish candle-stick and 4R1G seen today. Grab tmr?


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