Thursday, August 19, 2010

DOW up a little. Crude oil stays at USD75. USD touched 3.14, at 3.15 now. IF MYR continues to strengthen(or USD continues to weaken), then rubber or tech companies could use it as a factor affecting their profit margins.

Jordan's 一句到尾

Today's alert

Supermax : This is a red alert to me now as it is oversold soon. Will queue 20 cents lower today.

JCY : I do not know if it is forming a flag but I do know that I cleared some at 1.22 days ago, it is at 1.16 now. Will queue at 1.14 or lower later.

BStead : This is another flag forming?

9.35 am : KLCI up another 2.5 points. Supermax and TopGlove in reds. Unisem too. I m queueing for Unisem, while waiting for Supermax and BStead.

11.25 am : IJMLand moving today(as expected?) as SPSetia leads.

Adventa : Still in reds today and Topglove losing her grounds ... at 6.10 now(touched 6.05).

Hai-O : Recovering well but I hv cleared mine. At 3.47 now.

KLCI is overbought ... things are very good now, sentiments are positive and many started to see KLCI at 1,400 now. Malaysia is going to celebrate their National Day, so certainly we wont see market to collapse before 31st Aug, right? CIMB is supporting the market today, up 4 points. It was Tanjong ... then Genting ... then GenM ... then Maxis ... now we have AMMB in the fray for together with MayBank. Even Sime with some 'crisis' are doing well. Notice Tenaga and Plus? They have been moving up steadyly.

We read about EPF disposing their stocks in early AUG. Who are the buyers? Must be those big fund managers having fun?

I was talking to one of my colleague(a retiree but continues her teaching here) who are in stock markets. She is an INVESTOR and bought into MayBank, AMMB and Public Bank in 2008 when market dives!! Wow ... and she has NOT selling any of her stock since then! And when I said KLCI is overbought, she, as investors will buy and hold. I guess she is gaining a lot now since market has recovered!!

Rubber : Using TA, rubber-stocks are rubbish ... I mean, rubberish. It is downtrending. SO, DO NOT buy into rubber now. It is only for those prepare to lose money.

8.10 pm : I m at Sunway pyramid, just finished my bowling game(every thu) ... and tho tired, I m casually played quite well : 192, 202, 197, 178, 195, 217. That is my 6 game scores for today using house-ball(as I did not go back home to get my bowling balls due to puasa-jam). I was sharing with my colleague-friend HOW I could casually play and beat any straight ball players(players average 180 and below) as I m VERY consistent with my strategies.

Before I played SO CONSISTENT(I could still use a house-ball and play another 6 games average 190 now) ... it took me YEARS to experiment!! It took me two years to CONSIDER taking up bowling seriously as a competitive sports - then it took me two years with a bowling club to NOT 'masuk longkang' and hit the HEAD PIN(#1) consistently with every first throw. And then, as my average improves from a 120-130 in the initial stage, it jumped to 150-170. To play better than that, I need to play more regularly and train harder, right? Learn the finer part of the game and trying to apply it in my game. Seriously, I WAS one of many novice bowlers who are 'searching' the right way of bowling.

In bowling, either you play 'hook' or 'spin'. Orang putih play hook until Taiwanese and Asians introduse spinners into world competitative tournaments and start winning!! Spiiner is much more CONSISTENT but if one train hard enough, hookers' score should do better. The main challenge : BE CONSISTENT.

As I do not have the time(and money) to train, I do not play spin or hook. I opted for a BORING yet SIMPLE straight ball ... well, it is lousy and wont beat those play spin/hook but ... I m VERY consistent in my straight ball that I could play 190 in ever game!! So, without much of practise, I could play a good game!! Who care if you could hook using 1st board(called crankers) or spin like a helicopter - bottom line : THE SCORE.

Now ... related that to stock markets : WHO cares if you are using the LATEST software - TA or FA - did you profit lots of money? NO .. i should ask, are you in the 10% minority who didnt LOSE money?

My colleague sharing about her 'stupid' buy n hold strategy struck me ... she bought AMMB at RM3, and I asked my ex-colleague LL to buy at that level too - but DID I BUY?

I was busy (and still am) experimenting on trading using different ways. I wonder how 'stupid; I am ... until I played bowling just now!!

Hey, I was doing that last time I learnt bowling, right? I was experimenting and many laughed at my 'stupidity'. I played hook and spin before too.

Next question : Shouldnt I be profitting from the huge rally in markets rather than experimenting(currently with my TA) and losing money? Stupid enough? I even experimented with theories and hypotheses!!

Today I wanted to write about FLAG and using BStead as example. I wanted to move into it and to see IF my theory on FLAG is right or wrong!! I did not after I spoken to my colleague!! So what u know what flag is ... she doesnt even watch markets, doesnt even know about charts. All she knows is MayBank at RM8 and it is not time to sell yet. I joked and asked her to tell me when she will be selling her MayBank as that will be the time I will run away from market!! Haha.

And I asked her about TopGlove ... she never heard of the counter!! I said ... oh, it is a rubber counter!! She replied ... I only look into BLUE CHIPS and large BANKS to invest. Also, I will only start buying when market collapsed!! Bravo ... a REAL investor, indeed. BTW, she just renovated her Subang Jaya house for RM200k(her house bought for RM320k). Yup, she is just a lecturer and giving tuition like me!! She said she benefitted most from 1997-1998 crash!! What a gutsy old lady!! Highly respected!!



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kvh said...

DJ UPDATE (19/8/2010):
Malaysia Ringgit Soars On FX Liberalization, China Move .

strengthen of RM will hit SuperMX bottom line . keep or sell now ??
Please comment .