Wednesday, August 04, 2010

DOW up a little. My netbook finally failed to work, my closest companion from morning till night for the past one year plus. Now I hv to use my notebook at home to go online and streamyx is slower(wireless). So, I could not write much or even monitor my stocks these few days. Need to get it repair or buy a new one during this weekend PiKom.

Anyway, ZELAN flew off. I was not around to grab. Zelan ... I cut loss due to bearish candle-stick. I started not to believe my TA ... it is terribly wrong and following 'blindly' the postings in CN's forum are also my mistakes. It is simply not suitable for me till I discover how to use TA to my benefits. I m shocked with the numerous losses.

EAH : Closed at 0.520. Good.

JCY : Closed at 1.29. I was queueing for past few days to BUY at 1.18-1.20 but it refuses to be pushed lower. Today, it shows some signs of recovery? We shall see tmr.


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