Tuesday, August 17, 2010

KPJ : Closed at 3.51, touched 3.50 yesterday. RSI 47. Support 3.45, so can still wait.

1.25 am : DOW up a little but A123 touched a low 0f 7.51. Wait ...

7.30 am : DOW down a little but A123 going to NEW historical low at 7.13, closed at 7.18. How low should I wait? Or should I abort my plans to buy more? Hmm ... do you believe the story of green cars(EV) and their so-called technology? If there is a double-dip, it may never recover ...
8.40 am : Hmm ... MAS is being thrown away. I will clear what I bought yesterday only.

GenM : FINALLY, it moves ... up over RM3.00 now.

Gamuda : Broke 3.40 yesterday, grabbed some at 3.45.

Cleared some MAS at 2.16(OUCH!) and GPacket at 0.95. The small profits from GPacket could not even cover quarter of the losses from MAS.

Unisem : Grabbed at 2.14(sold 2.10 yesterday??).

JCY : Cleared some at 1.22(and it shot to 1.25) for Unisem.

1.10 pm : KLCI closed 8.81 points higher. Thx to GenM today.

AMMB : It is at 5.30+ now, was at 5.10+ level when I wrote last week to someone who asked me.

KPJ : UP 3cents, buying at 3.54 seen. I m SO in-discipline as I went for Gamuda this morning instead of my plan of KPJ. Yes, that is the main problem of novice traders - LACK OF DISCIPLINE. Noted.

While tech-stocks rebounding, rubber-stocks are STILL down, wiht Adventa and Supermax going lower. I will not do anything to my TopGlove(at 6.20).

ENG : Another candidate in tech-sector moving 7% today. It has rebounded from 1.70 to 2.00 today, best rebound amongst all.


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