Tuesday, August 03, 2010

DOW up 200 points. S&P up more than 2%. Very bullish day!! But my A123 downed 2% to close at 10.55. It is like KLCI up up but JCY still moving down. That is what you get for buying into waterfalls? It will fall ...

I think I need a hero(in) ...

8.50 am : Higher opening expected. I m only queueing for EAH while looking at 3A moving up.

EAH : At 0.54 ... time to move in?

9.10 am : EAH done at 0.53 & 0.535.

9.18 am : EAH done at 0.525. 3A done at 1.94, queueing more at 1.92 and 1.90. Clearing LionInd for this one. LionInd resistance at 1.62.

9.20 am : EAH done at 0.52 too. It is down 6%. This is a waterfall ... will I be drown here?

9.30 am : Hey, EAH ... what's up? 0.515 done too. Queueing till 0.500. I m not trying to be a HERO ... but I reminded myself to BUY into waterfalls and wait.

9.50 am : EAH all done - 10k units which I planned at 0.55, but it DIVED below 0.50, which I thought not really possible. Everything is possible in markets, ya.

EAH : Grabbed another 3k units at 0.48. Really tempting when such waterfalls occured. panic selling?

12.00 nn : KLCI flat, profit taking on many gorenged counters like P&O, E&O? Many in reds. Grab some if you are bullish. 3A done at 1.90.

Tech-stocks : Notion, GTronic and Eng still retracing as the whole sector 'suddenly' becoming rubbish. Notion at 2.13. Hmm ... tempting but I shall wait till I clear my 3A. No funds left after the buying spree ... need some for JCY, EAH and TopGlove.

Unisem : It is nice to see that this one stands ... and slightly above the red fire.

Notion : Losing 9% at 2.12 now, queueing at 2.00. Will it be done. It is extremely oversold but it was overvalued, anyway. So, it moves lower when the sector not in favour.

Tina Turner - a very nice powerful voice. Yes, we dont need another hero.

11.10 pm : DOW is flat. A123 up 4%, to USD11 now. I will take profit at USD12-13 level.

Solar-stocks are rallying with SOLF up 10% today. It was at USD6 3 months ago, and today at USD12. So, double your money in 3 months? BUY those sectors that being neglected is a contrarian way of investing. Solar-sectors took a beating for the past 3 months. Watch ESLR which I highlighted yesterday as I think the rally will rub on it to move 50% higher.



Anonymous said...

Hi Teh, your posting is v funny sometimes. I think the market is not strong as a lot of players are buying on a contra basis and then theres the job report coming up this Fri.

Lets hope the market the picks up tomorrow as I think the earnings announcements frm the US should be quite strong.

Good luck mate.

Anonymous said...

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