Saturday, August 21, 2010

DOW down a little. A123 at 6.99, low at 6.89. STP at 8.18, low at 8.12. These are green-stocks(many more) at 52-week low. A123 at historical low since IPO'd.

2.45 pm : Lunch ... didnt go for CN meeting as I hv tuition the whole morning till now. Next week is the 'trial' exams, so students will be more concern only during exams.

Jaks : Stochastic in oversold region, support at 0.725, closed at 0.740. Looking at 0.78 as resistance and a breakout with high volume from this level permits an entry!! Frankly speaking, I wont mind buying on Monday to ride on the current bullish waves. As KLCI is in OVERBOUGHT region, correction will be here SOON. Be wary.

BStead : My newest entry at 4.31 as I have been waiting for the breakout from the 'flag'. Yes, I have wanted to write about it days ago. A pole(while candle-stick with high volume) seen, then followed by series of black-candles(profit-taking) with decreasing volumes, then breakout from that with high volumes!! Perfect 'flag' seen .... this is the first time I m trading using 'flag formation' and I m entering using TA, ok? It is at OVERBOUGHT level but technically it is considered as 'beautiful' breakout? Hmm ...


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