Friday, August 06, 2010

Hai-O : Oversold, good stock. To collect at 3.35 and the best level if it dives to 3.15. Beautiful waterfalls.

DOW down a little, A123 hit resistance at 11.50, and closed at 10.91. It needs to take out 11.50 with high volume, probably if it could register a good profit when it announces it quarterly report on the 8th! We shall see on Monday ... technically it is forming an ascending triangle and indicators are bullish. I shall clear at 12.50-13.00 as that is the median prices of analysts estimates.

Put/Call Options ratio

NEW YORK (Market Intellisearch) -- AONE options saw interesting call activity today. A total of 326 put and 2,974 call contracts were traded raising a low Put/Call volume alert. Today's traded Put/Call ratio is 0.11. There were 9.12 calls traded for each put contract.

Put/Call ratio is often used to measure investor sentiment, the ratio serves as a predictor of investor behavior. A high Put/Call ratio suggests that the investor sentiment is bearish and that investors expect the underlying stock to decrease in value. In contrast, a low Put/Call ratio suggests that the investor sentiment is bullish and that the underlying stock is expected to increase in value. Unusual volume provides reliable clues that the stock is expected to make a move

TEH : We do not have these ratio in KLSE put/call and KLSE is NOT liquid enough. That is another reason I will like to move to US or HK(again). I m watching US now as MYR is very strong against USD. When USD rebounds, I could gain from the exchange too.

As for KLSE, I need to watch JCY as it is reaching for the low of 1.23. Also might take some profits from EAH at 0.55(10% achieved) and hold on to the other half. I might clear Notion too if it soars to 2.30(10% achieved). these are for my tech-stocks.

Rubber will be in my focus again ... as I m collecting Topglove. I will like to grab some Kossan later. Supermax, Latexx and Adventa are moving too. This is one sector I like(thanks to the late Mr Choong) and wont mind holding for longer term and wait for the rubber-rally again.

I m in education line but I didnt look into HELP or SEGi. It is time to place in the stock list as they are retracing. Mind you, they have been shooting for the sky and it is only logical for the sharp correction at the moment.

Mudajaya will be high in my list too . Thanks to SC, it is being thrown out at a moment.

Hai-O is still retracing to 3.40 level now. I cleared for a small loss at 3.70 level weeks ago. While clearing it at 3.70 for a loss is a 'smart' move, buying it without an upward projection was a mistake in the first place. And I cleared Support at a loss too, and it shot to 1.56 now. Wish I could see Support could move up while Hai-O will be moving down? Can we really tell?? Hai-O is oversold, RSI at 22, ok? So, collecting Hai-O at its support at 3.35 will be beautiful. ALERT.

GPacket is always in my stalk list it is being used for trading by KLSE's traders. At 0.97 now. I do not have funds for it, unless it could move lower than 0.90 level or goes into oversold region to form a beautiful waterfall. So, it is see no touch at the moment.

Efficient : At 0.200 now, it retraced to 0.195 after I luckily sold it at 0.210. It is worth watching if it could go to 0.190 again.

Yes, I will like to get to know 'you' well.

10.10 am : Topglove done another 500 units at 6.40? Am I collecting too much now? Queueing more at 6.30. Hmm ..

MudaJaya : Grabbed some at 4.16-4.18 now and have to abort my plans to grab Kossan.

TopGlove : At 6.33 now .... how low could it go?

TopGlove : At 6.21 now. Queueing at 6.10. Diving?? Due to this 'unexpected' dive, I have to abort my plans on Kossan or Hai-O. I might need to sell off Mudajaya too, to focus only in TopGlove, JCY and Notion. So, today added at 6.40 and 6.30, waiting for 6.20 and 6.10. I may even have to clear Notion for TopGlove as I m catching shapr knife here. Ouch!

12.25 pm : I m wearing RED today, so my babies in red too. EAH down at 0.510 now, Notion back to my 2.08 now and TopGlove is diving into red sea ... JCY still flat at 1.25.

Unisem : DO you like her? She is discounted 4% now. Told you ... the tech-sector is a rubbish now. Even rubber-sector is a rubberish ... I mean, rubbish! haha.

Tiger : How could anyone selling Tiger in TIGER YEAR. No respect for the year la. Tiger went down 18% in active trade today.

3.00 pm : KLCI flat but Notion down 6%, Unisen 4% and TopGlove 4%. I m still queuing at 6.20(might done later) and 6.10. Hai-O and Kossan down today too. So many to buy ... hmm ...

8.02 pm : KLCI still stays at 1360, down a little.

Two main sectors being rubbished - Tech and Rubber.

Rubbish-sector top losers : Notion 7%, Eng 5% and Unisem 3.6%.

Rubberish-sector losers : TopGlove 3.8%, Kossan 2% and Supermax 1.4%.


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Rubber seems not moving. Good time to accumulate???