Friday, August 27, 2010

DOW down by 70 points ... KLCI still uptrend. Time to trim more?

JCY : At new low everyday, at 1.07 now. Watching Notion too ... at 1.70.

WahSeong : At 2.10 ... I m watching 2.05 now but lack of funds to grab this one. It is nice now.

9.20 am : KLCI down 5 points. BJRetail doing badly after listed. At 0.41 now ... a buy at 0.40? I did not check on Focus-Point as there is no point to focus on it.

CIMB : At 7.75 ... I seldom write about her but she is KLCI closest link. It went to RM8 recently. One huge growing bank in Malaysia, with Najib's adik boleh too spirit. as INVESTOR, it will be good to collect this one(somehow I prefer CIMB than Maybank) when market is to dive? At 7.75 today ... wait for RM7, ok? Are you saying it is not possible to see it at RM7? I m thinking of RM6 or below, actually.

WahSeong at 2.05 now ... when can I move in? Arrghh ... wait wait ... check out why it dives first?!

JCY : At 1.05, as JCY moving lower, I hv to forget about WahSeong.

JCY : Grabbed more at 1.05 ... crazy?

Hai-O : At 3.23 ... lost another 7 cents.

10.25 am :Today is OFF for Selangor ... but I need to go for tuition classes now. I hope I will have MORE tuition classes, to collect more bullet to shoot into market and becoming loooong term investor!

Notion : At 1.68 ... wait?

3.10 pm : Hey JCY ... what's up? It is at 1.01 now, queueing for 1.00 done. Amazing waterfall ... it is going into penny-stock now. Oh boy ... is it buy or bye? I dont know, I m queueing at 0.98 and 0.95? Done today??!

YJ : Markets do not make senses, actually. I have pondered on that question many of times and read enough to realise about HUMAN psychology in play. Adding SYNDICATES in play, couple with gov-linked funds supporting some counters, it is difficult to INVEST in KLSE using senses. Perhaps, the 6th sense is needed? I will like to elaborate on these.

JCY : It doesnt make any sense to me that it is trading at RM1 now. Well, perhaps the insiders knew that the CEO is running to Taiwan soon? We dont know what is playing behind. ANYONE selling at its nes low of RM1 is LOSING money. Tell me, does it make sense that I m glad to get its IPO at RM1.60, jumped up happily when it went up to RM2(and boasting to others how lucky you were to get JCY's IPO) ... only to see it is losing 50% now from its peak? The same person is in grief now, shaking his head and trying to avoid others(whom he boasted to) ... dont know what he should do now? CUTTING it off will be too hard to do ... but but ... what if it goes to 80cents? That is half the IPO value. OUCH.

Kossan : Sold Supermax yesterday for her but cleared today. Breakeven. Why sell? Needs more funds for JCY than expected?

Unisem : Cleared before closing today for some losses. RM200+ losses is not small for me, ok?

7.30 pm : KLCI at 1411 ... what a stunt. Sime and Maybank helped KLCI to move higher as CIMB is not being well today. Dont worry, they take turns to support KLCI, so on Monday CIMB sure BOLEH. After Merdeka, what's next? Time to get merdeka from our holdings?! As long as my stocks remain at oversold region, I will not clear them. So, I will hold on to JCY and EAH and may trim TopGlove(while waitinf at RM5). There are MANY nice waterfalls, actually. I hope market will dive in NOV, giving me time to collect more bullets to shoot.

ZhongWang touched a new historical low today. This is also a non-performing IPO(like my JCY and A123) ... but I m stalking it to move in when DOW and HSI dive ... next month? Now, when I m buying this waterfall, I m placing at least 3-6 months time frame. No fast profit ... important thing is to go against the herds - against the tide and hang on there. DO not get drown.

So, JCY, A123 and ZhongWang will be loooong term holding. These will rebound when market sentiments are better, unless they could not survive and tutup gerai.



YJ said...

Sometimes I just can't make sense of how the market works. For example, CIMB is being sold down today (down 16 sen) despite reporting a strong set of financial results for the second quarter. Meanwhile, Sime Darby posted a huge net loss yet it is up by 11 sen today! Hmmm.. sometimes I just wonder why...

Nakata said...

I agreed with you YJ, now i plan to let go most of my shares that holding, the market getting unstable now