Wednesday, August 11, 2010

AMMB : I has been very long that I didnt look at my fav banking stock. It is trying to break 5.30 now. Today it is down 5cents. So, it is time to accumulate, to me.

JC : Well, that is my opinion. As u r looking at AMMB, I assume that you are INVESTOR with longer time frame. DO NOT ask me about TA, ya. But IF you believe in double-dip, hang on there ... any stocks will be whacked. That will be the time to collect AMMB, if you want.

DOW down 50points. A123 at 10.44 after 'bad' earning reports. I will only watch it, to see if it will reach its low at 7.50.

I will wait for you ...

Unisem : Yes, this was one of investors favourite with its China's stories. Story or not, at strong support of 1.95 will be nice to collect some. I have written about it BEFORE it reached 2.10 and it early retraced to 2.10 level due to rubbing with rubbish-sector peers. ENG and Notion saw some buying yesterday but JCY is still retracing!! So, either I go for Unisem or JCY. These are oversold sector with oversold stocks. Unisem's RSI at 29.5 now, so if it retraces to 1.95, its RSI may be at 25 now. Seriously, I like such waterfalls. Wish me luck.

9.15 am : Unisem going below RM2.00 soon, look at 1.92-1.95 to BUY first stage, clearing LionInd for this waterfall. Hmm ....

TopGlove : Dropping 12 cents ... wait for below RM6 to collect again.

LionInd : At 1.61, I wrote about how stupid I felt following those TA calls, BUY LionInd as break-out at 1.62 seen? Well, it is my mistakes AGAIN(at least 10 times in 2 months!!) to follow such calls!!

JCY : Buy or bye? At 1.11, free-falling!! Ok, go for 1.08 now or Unisem at 1.98 now? hmm ... wait wait wait ...

JCY : Welcome back, grabbing at 1.13-1.15 now. At 1.16 now, if could close higher than 1.16, it will form a hammer, a signal of bottoming? Buy or bye?

I have chosen Hai-O over Kossan and JCY over Unisem. All these four are oversold in non-favourable sectors now. Buying into these might get my funds stuck but at least I m much more comfortable than buying overbought stock like LionInd. I bought more at 1.61 and 1.62 with a HOPE to clear it today. And remind myself NOT to listen to others(especially those TA short-term traders).

EAH : Retraced from 0.53 and now at 0.485. I hope I have funds to collect it at 0.45 as planned.

MAS : At 2.17, saw it touched 2.11 this morning. Not bad ... as I just mentioned about her days ago. Will see it to break 2.20 before topping-up.

Unisem : At strong support 1.95!! I have chosen JCY, otherwise at 1.95 is very nice for me!! JCY closed with a long-leg dogi, while Unisem is very dark candle. So, technically Unisem is WAIT for signal to buy.

Hume : Last wednesday, I asked you to watch tech-stock. I remembered u like Unisem and told me Unisem didnt drop last Wednesday. One week later, today, Unisem at strong support. 1.95. Yes, it might drop further but it is oversold. Unisem the last to fall, so will be the last to bound? Check Notion and ENG ... and JCY as they are brother-sisters. Just one month ago, NO ONE will dream they could get JCY at 1.15 or Unisem at 1.95, ya.


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kvh said...

Unisem < 2.00 buy ??