Wednesday, August 04, 2010

DOW down 30 points. KLCI might be flat again. Will tech-stocks going lower? How about Notion?

China's ETF :

If we do not know which particular China's stock to buy, then we could go for its ETF. It will not give you very high profits like stocks but the risk is lower. So, if you are an investor and believe China's economy will continue to perform well, this one vehicle you could easily drive.

EUR/USD : At 1.3220 now, I started to short it now. I have closed my long position at 1.3125 last Friday and open a long position on GBP/USD which gaining 60 pips now.

So far forex giving me ALL profitable positions(EUR/USD twice adn JPY/USD once) with a total profits of 840 pips. I wonder how come I could be 'lucky' in forex but not in simpler KLSE's stocks?

10.05 am : KLCI down 2 points but EAH refuses to go lower?

AnnJoo-wb : Cleared some at 0.62 as it was shooting up!! Collect more at 0.550. Wait to clear others at 0.700.

Steel : Steel having their own party and AnnJoo(the laggard) is moving today. I hv cleared my LionInd yesterday at 1.62 to grab 3A which was a mistake. So, clearing 3A for a loss(again??) to grab back LionInd? As for AnnJoo, I will use its baby to trade.

Hai-O, IJMLand and KPJ are retracing. These are good stocks, investors should look into these to collect during retracements.

Rubber : If you are an investor, do look at rubber-stocks which being neglected. Supermax at RM6.03 and Adventa at 2.96 now. Can you hold for 6 months to 1 year? Collect these rubber-stocks as it moving lower, ya. I m collecting TopGlove but it refuses to go lower, so I wont be doing anything yet. I wont mind if TopGlove going to 6.20 or lower for me to buy more. I m going to collect on this one, rather than my fav Supermax or Adventa. I wont mind going for Supermax if it continues to go lower at 5.95.

Supermax : Queueing to BUY at 5.98, first round. Clearing the losing 3A. I prefer to be elastic.

EAH : At 0.49, not moving... low volume. Selling exhausted? Waiting for buyers to come and accumlate, then heards rushing in to buy-buy-buy ... that will be the time I sell? I m queueing for more at 0.45, and holding 13k units I bought yesterday. I need 0.50 to break even. It was a 'bargain' considering my initial plan of buying at 0.55, 0.50 and 0.45. I m into it in cheaper level as it DIVED for the past few days especially lost 13% yesterday!! If those who bought at 0.70 in the first day, chasing it up ... they might get caught now. So, either cut-huge losses or average down. OR else ... wait for 0.70? I doubt I have the holding power to see it at 0.70!! I will be glad if it rebounds to 0.60 level in coming 3-6 months!!

So, I m buying into many 'waterfalls'. I m serious ... I like them much more than those momentum stocks which i hv been following the Chart-Nexus and failed badly. Losing so many trades are not good for my ego either. But, I wont give up on TA. For the time being, I m adpoting my 'old' ways of buying .... waterfalls!!

Supermax : Bought it at 6.01 for only 500 units.

How do I scan for my waterfalls and found Supermax today?

I will go to Top Loser(in terms of RM not %), and it shows Supermax the biggest loser!! So, I m tempted with such a fall. Then, I will look into its chart to look for its support level(5.95) ... and as always, I do NOT have the patience and grabbed it at 6.01, market price instead of queueing for 5.98 as initial planned.

Besides Supermax which losing 10cents, CIMB and our Coco losing 10 cents too. Pay me a dinner, and I will be glad to show you how to look for good waterfalls, stalk and buy!! Take action, and wait. This is CIS in practice.

Hai-O : Below 3.50 now

IJMLand : Below 2.30 now.

Mudajaya : Below 5.00 now.

Songbird - 孟庭葦 往事

2.15 pm : KLCI down 4.04 points in the morning. My only trade today is Supermax. I need to clear some as I m too heavily into markets now.

2.40 pm : Cleared 3A at 1.84, lost another dinner. OUCH. No thanks to my ignorance in TA and visiting CN's forum is a mistake as they are using the opposite of which I m so used doing - buying when stocks moving down. Hmm ... again, it is ME, not the system.


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