Thursday, August 12, 2010

DOW down 250 points. Those in market like me have to sit tight and take a slide today or expect huge corrections from here onwards ... I have to cut off my LionInd and hold on to my oversold stocks.

Nasdaq lost 3%. A123 closed 18% lower, at 8.53 now. Looking at 7.50 low.

9.15 am : KLCI down 6 points now. More to come as profit taking and fear gripping back. Be greedy when there are fears around. Wait ...

LionInd : I feel stupid, so I will cut it today. A losing trade again ... no thanks to my flawed TA. When will I ever learn?

GTronic : At 1.27 now, being in rubbish sector, everything there stinks.

JCY : Still at 1.15 level, but Unisem touched 1.88 just now, back to 1.95 now. So, it might form a hammer today? Wait for 4pm.

LionInd : cut half at 1.58-1.59 for some losses. Hoping to cut higher later. Could only blame myself for losing this trade. I posted days ago it is TIME TO SELL those oversold stocks but get 'greedy' and dis-illustiont that LionInd showing a breakout? What TA is that? No common-sense at all to me, but I 'blindly' follow those TA calls!!

I m comfortable with EAH, JCY, Hai-O and TopGlove which are all oversold. But, I m TOO diversified(due to fear??) ... so, I might re-think on these stocks over the weekend, and be ready to BUY more when market tanking!! Not cutting loss on oversold stocks to me. Need to train myself to be patient ... wait for my waterfalls to rebound. Possible?

11.05 am : KLCI losing 8.5 points. Can only hope KLCI down another 10 points tmr to buy lower? How low these stocks could go? IF it is overbought(like LionInd), it have ways to go down ... but how about JCY? How low could it go ...? RM1.00?

IJMLand : At 2.20 now, retracing from 2.40 level, ALERT me when it is going below 2.10 as I like this as my fav property stock now since E&O might be taken off.

Sesat Dalam Rindu - Damasutra

What will be, will be .... leaving it to fate? Not in market!!

QIARA - Yang Terjadi kan Tetap Terjadi

SAMUDERA - Sudah Takdir Begitu

Samudra : The second most active stock in KLSE today.

Note : I like all the Malay songs and that is my 'taste' for Malay songs. Anyway, to our Muslim friends, selamat berpuasa.


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elliott waver said...

support 1342 shall hold brother.gearing towards last leg and will stop at 1420 before heavy correction.