Wednesday, August 25, 2010

DOW down 130 points. Crude oil at 71. Gold 1230. Will KLSE in red too today? I believe HKSE will be in red ... still waiting for that dive?

Lost by ColdPlay (CP)

Just because I'm losing
Doesn't mean I'm lost
Doesn't mean I'll stop
Doesn't mean I'm across

Just because I'm hurting
Doesn't mean I'm hurt
Doesn't mean I didn't get what I deserved
No better and no worse

I just got lost!
Every river that I tried to cross
Every door I ever tried was locked
Oh and I'm just waiting til the shine wears off

You might be a big fish
In a little pond
Doesn't mean you've won
'Cause along may come
A bigger one

And you'll be lost!
Every river that you tried to cross
Every gun you ever held went off
Oh and I'm just waiting til the firing's stopped
Oh and I'm just waiting til the shine wears off

...just waitin' til the... the... yeah
Aha, I gotcha, uh...
With the same sword they knight you, they gon' good night you with
Shit, that's only half if they like you
That ain't even the half what they might do
Don't believe me, ask Michael
See Martin, see Malcolm
See Biggie, see Pac, see success and its outcome
See Jesus, see Judas
See Caesar, see Brutus, see success is like suicide
Suicide, it's a suicide
If you succeed, prepare to be crucified
Media meddles, niggas sue you, you settle
Every step you take, they remind you you're ghetto
So it's tough being Bobby Brown
To be Bobby then, you have to be Bobby now
And the question is, "Is to have had and lost
Better than not having at all?"
Because I'm...

Oh and I'm just waiting til the shine wears off
Oh and I'm just waiting til the shine wears off

Kossan : RSI 25, at RM3.45 now. Is it a bargain? I have to focus on TopGlove as I think rubber-stocks will see further selling pressure. So, if you are an investor, it is time to get ready to buy these good stocks which being neglected and dumped. Kossan is one good and cheaper stock(valuation wise) compared to its peers like TopGlove or Supermax.

TopGlove : Could I get more at RM5? I will not do anything until it moves another leg-down. Then, I will trying to see at what level should I collect again? This is called average-down, which is NOT for traders. If I m buying at RM6 now, I will definitely be glad to buy at RM5 ... and if market collapses, be ready at RM4, RM3 ... err ... TopGlove at RM2?

9.50 am : KLCI down 3 points. Supermax is diving low. I will like it NOW. But still be patient?

SPSetia-wb : At 0.515, I hope my friend has sold for huge profits at 0.58? It will be going below 0.50 soon.

KPJ : At 3.42, its warrant moving opposite direction? Will check its chart tonight.

Unisem : At 1.96, so ... buying more at 1.88?

SEG-wa : At 1.40. Will place it in my warrant list tonight. SEG at 2.40 now.

EAH : At 0.475, I have average at 0.51 now as I have cleared at 0.55, and bought at 0.53-0.49. At 0.475, time to buy more at 0.450!! Queueing now.

JCY : As I was collecting at 1.11-1.13 yesterday, it stays at this level now. Wont mind clearing at 1.20 level again while looking at below 1.10 to BUY more. 1.10 is its HISTORICAL low. Well, it has very short history in market, anyway. Hehe.

Hevea : At 0.62 ... welcome back down. Going into the 50-cent group? Then, I will add u in my liking of 50cent group, ya.

BJCorp : Trading at RM1 again, touched 0.995. This is a STRONG support. The last time it touched 0.995, it jumped to RM1.10+ for 10% jump in one week, ok? History repeating? WARNING - a break of RM1 support is likely now, and it will DIVE further. BJCorp is NOT a good stock for investors, ok?

BJRetail : Newly listed, no longer 50-cent group ... at 0.440. I remembered The Edge written about it and said its IPO was HIGHLY valued. Well, dont know who subscribe to it. IPO NO LONGER a so-called sure bet, ok? Many new IPOs are below their listing value. Can you name 5 in KLSE, please?

HaiO : At 3.32 ... a good stock to stalk. I just sold it at 3.44 last week. Need to check its chart again tonight.

10.55 am : Announcing that Supermax going below RM5, queueing at 4.94, its strong support level. DARE enough to be stupid? Hmm ...

Supermax : Welcome back, babe. Nibble at 4.96 done. More to come if this babe diving again ... be ready to catch a knife? Wait wait ... are you are investor or trader? Need to decide that before BUYING now. It is clearly STUPID for traders to buy as it will form another BLACK LONG candle-stick today. Err ... I want to hold it ... forever? Haha ... hmm, I m jovial mood as I hv been waiting for Supermax at 4.95 days ago. Last week when I speak about 4.95, many might think that is not possible as it was at 5.50 level!! OUCH.

11.10 am : As I was writing the lines above, Supermax done at 4.95. Well, 4.94 is not done yet. Wait.

11.55 am : Announcing JCY breaking 1.10 soon ... queueing at 1.08-1.05. I m in fear - and I told myself to BUY more when in fear!! A contrarian investor or pure stupidity?

IJMLand : At 2.28 ... waiting for 2.05 again?

MPHB : At 2.07 ... nice.

Resorts : At 2.94 ... when do u buy her? At 3.14 or 2.74? At 2.94 now is the mid-point now. Dollar-averaging will give us a lower average. Time to sell? Nope ... selling was at 3.10, actually. But ... again, who knows, it might jump to 3.30!! Hmm ... it was OVERBOUGHT, ok? Tell me, will you jump into to buy Genting at RM9 now??

I m LOST ... and confused!! WHEN do we actually should buy a stock? When it DIVES and NO ONE want part of it OR when it shoot higher and everybody talking about it? HELP needed!! When should I buy a rubber-stock(say I m in love with the sector)? When it moves from RM1 to RM5 or retracing from RM10 to RM5? Arrrrghhh ... market is stressful play. Have kit-kat, on me.

AirAsia was at 1.40-1.50 level, ok? Today it is at 1.70 and people speaking about its LOW valuation of sudden? Hey, AirAsia was at 1.25 when it was forming a waterfall and I was stalking her, ok? Wait ... I took small profits from that trade. It was at 1.40, ok? If I BUY into AirAsia at 1.70, I feel so stupid(like I bought Gamuda and released it yesterday).

2.05 pm : KLCI down 5 points, trying to hold to 1400 level. Time to short FKLI as KLCI will be retracing after running so high(on drugs?). And those overbought counters will be badly hurt in coming weeks. That is my belief(I m wrong most of the time, by doing the opposite, you should be OK) ... coming Sept-Oct, I will like to clear many if there is any 'small' rebound ... take a rest, while shorting KLCI. It is about time ...

Sunway : At 1.57 now, when I was yelling a buy at 1.60 weeks ago in CN's meeting ... I dont think so anyone bothered. It went to 1.68, and retracing in fast pace now. I cleared my Sunway-wc too early at 0.58, it went 0.62. Today, it is at 0.570. Will look into it again when Sunway-wc at 0.50, my 50cent group!!

Warrants : Another 50cents warrants I like are SPSetia-wb, AnnJoo-wb, Glomac-wa,Fajar-wa and WCT-wb.

3.30 pm : KLCI down 8 points. Dont worry ... some invisible hands will support it and artificially push it into green again later? Hmm ... Malaysia BOLEH spirit, ok?

XinQuan : At 1.40 now, lost 13cents or 8.5% today. ... shoes are dropping? Mind you, it shot from 1.40 to 1.90 in two weeks!! Today, it is back to 1.40. Dont know why suddenly many investors so interested with China shoe-stocks. Oooppsss ... they are NOT investors, they are traders, of coz. Silly me. Then, as some late-comers bought into these shoe-stocks, now get stucked. CUT LOSS or else traders turn investors??

EAH : Bought more at 0.465 done, still waiting at 0.45. OUCH!!

Scomi : At 0.39 ... hmm ... nice. WAIT.

Jaks : At 0.685 ... hmm ... nice. WAIT.

GPacket touched 0.88? At 0.895 now ... WAIT.

4.05 am : Supermax reaching 5.10? I m clearing some at 5.12. Will keep some as hammer might be formed later.

Efficient : At 0.185 now, I was queueing for it at 0.19 days ago. So, I will be glad to start my collection at 0.180 tmr?

Oversold stocks

1. 3A
2. Alam
3. CSCSteel
4. E&O
5. GPacket
6. IJM
7. Jaks
8. JCY
9. Kossan
10. KPJ
11. Landmark
12. Latexx
13. LonBis
14. MAA
15. Magna
16. MediaC
17. MEGB
18. MRCB
19. Muhibbah
20. Notion
21. Nylex
22. Perisai
23. Petra
24. PPB
25. Supermax
26. Tebrau
27. Timecom

So, the list is longer now than what I listed last week or two ago. Many above I like ... but I think except for the lousy tech and rubber sectors, all still doing fine? When markets correct further, the list will be too long for me to list it ... so, I will only short-list those I like.

NEXT TUESDAY is the MERDEKA day. That should be the day merdeka from our stocks too?


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