Thursday, August 26, 2010

DOW done a stunt ... managed to climb back to green territory. And A123 formed a hammer, closed at 6.84, 4.6% higher after touching 6.32, its new low. Wow. Buying at 6.32 could give us almost 10% profits in a day! How many stocks recovered from the red-battle field?

So, do you think KLSE could recover later after lost 8.8 points yesterday? We shall watch ...

Rubber : Supermax, Kossan and Adventa shown a 'hammer' yesterday, and I think they will rebound later. Adventa's RSI at 22, Kossan's at 23 and Supermax at 26 .... in that order. As for investors, valuations should be in this order : Kossan, Supermax and Adventa.

Tech : Notion and JCY at their lows. Notion's RSI at 21 and JCY's at 26. JCY formed a spinning top candle stick at its bottom. What does that mean? Hmm ...

9.25 am : KLCI still below 1400. WaSeong down 7 cents now.

KPJ : At 3.38 .. wait?

10.15 am : Supermax at 5.13 now, clearing some at 5.15 for 20cents profit. Looking into Kossan and Adventa. TopGlove is for investment.

10.25 am : Cleared some Supermax at 5.12 moments ago as I want to focus on TopGlove and JCY. Will clear all of Supermax today for a short contra trade. Eyeing at Efficient, now at 0.185, queueing at 0.180.

3.05 pm : Supermax at 5.16 now, see can reach 5.20 for me to clear all. JCY and Unisem not doing well and EAH is badly hammered(at 0.46 now). TopGlove is leading the slight rebound in rubber.

Notion : I dont have the funds anymore to shoot this one, trading at its new low. terrible rubbish-sector, indeed.

4.10 pm : Supermax cleared all at 5.20 done moments ago. Bye bye babe. Kossan is lacking TopGlove and Supermax which up 2% + now, so Kossan is my target!! Arrghh ... relax, too greedy liao. Look at JCY ... at 1.08 now, still many selling leh.

Unisem : Grabbed another 1k units at RM2.00. So, what is my average now? Need at least 2.07 + to breakeven, so far.

EAH : Queueing at 0.45. Hmm ...

Laggards : As TopGlove leading SUpermax and Harta to go up 3% now - either you jump wagon or look for laggard. IF the rubber continues to rebound for the coming few days(I will be glad to clear my TopGlove too), these laggards will move too ... in tandem. These are sector-play. Kossan, Adventa and Latexx are lagging now.

Supermax : Up to 5.28 now ... hai yah, cleared EARLY again?? Today, technically it is a BUY. Need confirmation ma - but I took the risk to buy at support 4.95 yesterday!! So, shouldnt sell today as those TA people will come here and buy ... should add more and sell higher to them? Never mind, still got TopGlove to sell to them.

Supermax at 5.32 now ... Topglove at 6.29, losing behind her now.

Kossan : Grabbed at 3.40 ... releasing Supermax in order to catch this laggard. I played 'laggard' trading few times before. The success rate is quite good.

Adventa : I want to follow too ... moving too. Up 2%, still lagging behind. Kossan sounds safer!!

WahSeong : I just mentioned her in my chat-box a day ago ... today its dives. Sorry-la, I dont mean it la. Why you jump into the red sea? At 2.11 now - stalk to BUY soon.

5.10 pm : KLCi up 11 points. MERDEKA. MERDEKA.

TopGlove closed at 6.25 but Supermax at 6.34. WHY I cleared her I m also not clear?! Kossan at 3.46, hope I could HOLD till it drops again?

Stock to watch : WahSeong, DRB, GPacket,LionInd and MAS. Add in my "E"s - Efficient, EPMB, E&O and EAH.

YJ : I have not really hold a stock for too long, anyway. I m NOT a looong term investor. That is just a joke la. Yes, if too looong and stuck there, IF there are better opportunities, I will CUT it off. Serious. At the moment, I cant see any value in most of the stocks except for those abandoned ones like rubber or tech stocks. IF USD is the main excuse being used, good. USD will rebound. KLSE is overbought, so I DO NOT want to buy any except good stocks in abandoned sector. By doing so, I m getting myself ready IF these stocks are to fall futher. The chances of ... say, GENTING to dive is much higher than TopGlove at this point of time. Markets are calculating probabilities, right?

So, my firm belief : KLSE is overbought - WILL correct anytime soon. USD is at low, and will rebound soon. Gold to move high with crude oil going lower. Rubber-stocks will rebound(but not rally in bearish market) and tech-stock will do well by end of this year. I m working hard to collect more bullets to shoot into these two sectors.

So, I m contrarian - and turning back into my 'fundamental' investor mindset. I do still have 'extra' to shoot for short trades(example : Supermax - buy yesterday, sell today).

Be patient is my policy now ... it is not easy being a trader like me. Doing nothing with market is difficult!! Example : I m seeing WaSeong dives today, I stalk it and want it at 2.05 again!! Wow. That is the problem with novices - lack of discipline.

Now, I hope I have cleared my points - market OVERBOUGHT. Merdeka is near ... you dont wish to be in market in Sept-Oct, right? Tell me la ... what opportunities are there in market now? I could only see many speculative counters around. LCL, Farlim, Ogawa, KNM etc etc ... not in my list at all as I need to sleep well at nights! Haha. SERIOUSLY, we need to know which one has HIGHER probabilities to rebound. LCL couldnt be compared to Supermax or even LionInd in trades. I will trade them VERY differently. What is the point I learnt so many strategies, right? Trading Ogawa and Jaks using different mindset ... comparing to buying Efficient now. Hard to explain ...

I m out of HKSE at the moment ... as I believe US markets will correct soon ... and global markets will be affected. Currently there are many good opportunities seen in HKSE, NOT KLSE. KLSE is artificially supported(due to Malaysi's boleh good economic data?) ... and I m searching for VALUES in KLSE. It is indeed expensive comparing to the huge upside in HKSE.

Ok, points taken. Thanks for your concern on my waterfalls. I will have two weeks off for Raya holiday. care for a drink?


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YJ said...

Hi Teh,

Yeah.. was just a bit concerned about you. Hope you aren't offended with whatever I have said.

Sure, I don't mind meeting up for a drink. Btw, I currently stay in Subang too but I will be moving soon though..