Friday, August 13, 2010

China : The next green-powered house?

ZhongWang : Now, this is worth looking into for INVESTORS. Trading at HKD5 level, rebounded from its historical low at 4.50, and way below its IPO value. The leader in its AL industry and playing on China growth. What else can I say? PE is single digit and RSI at 45. IF market dives, and it goes BELOW 4.00, PE below 5, for a leader ... it is ridiculously 'cheap'. I m talking about valuations, not stock price. Dare to BUY at HKD4? I will close my eyes and plunge ... God bless me with all the waterfalls.

Battery : CBAK - trading at 1.60 level now, recently toucehd 1.35 its strong support. It is forming a descending triangle and historical low at 0.88 level. Breaking 1.35 support level will see me being greedy. Its P/B at 0.6 times!!

Solar : ESLR - At 0.63 now, it is BELOW the Mac 2009 level, ya. Its historical LOW at 0.50 and historical high at USD18.50 level. Cool?? It is at its low now ... breaking 0.60, BYE or BUY? I m thinking ... do I have the guts to be greedy here? Its P/B at 0.40!! WOW.

Solar : STP - touched a recent low at USD8.50, also a strong support level, rebound a little and at 8.90 level now. It is at OVERSOLD region. Its historical low at 5.20 level(Mac 2009) and historical high at USD90(yes nine zero). STP is still a leader in solar-sector.

The above are three of my battered green-stock which are OUT OF FAVOURed sector at the moment. Green- rally or the so-called green/renewable of whatever is fast becoming a green cow-dung now as many investors avoiding this sector!

China is having a correction in their market recently. But, I believe China will be a global leader in green-sector. At the moment, solar-stocks and many more green-stocks are simply a green-dung. Lets us watch if Buffett grabbing anything? I dont think so ...


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