Monday, August 23, 2010

Breaking Benjamin - So Cold

6.50 am : Will like to clear BStead and Gamuda, if possible. Will check if EAH will be moving again today. No topping-up JCY, Unisem and TopGlove just yet. KPJ still in focus. Scomi has been retracing nicely. Wait.

10.35 am : KLCI surging above 1400 now.

Finance : CIMB and MayBank are pulling KLCI to record high. There is also a rally in TA, OSK and HDBS. Well, high trading volumes seen for past 2-3 weeks, and speculators playing on these stocks?

Tech : Still flat without certain direction yet. Collecting JCY and Unisem and sit on them as INVESTOR will do.

Glove : TopGlove up a little, Supermax maintaing 5.50 level. I will only look into BUYING again if they could DIVE further. I m holding 2k of TopGlove at 6.30 level average now. So, it is not cutting losses on her, it is BUY more at lower price or we called in avergae down. TRADERS should not average down, but cut small losses. I m not trading it. I started to fall in love with her? Hmm ... never love a stock!!

KPJ-wa : At 1.72 now. A good look into it at 1.70 or below.

KPJ : At 3.50, market cap stands at 1897mil. P.E at 7.1. Nice for investors?

Parkson : At 4.44 now, touched 4.41. I will like to grab some at 4.40, its support. PE at 10.50, and riding on retailing in China. This is for INVESTORS.

EAH : At 0.500 today, will only buy again at 0.48. Nope, I m not reading the chart or whatever candle-stick it is showing. It is accumulating at 0.50 and below for me.

Efficient : At 0.190, long queue and I m queueing too. This will be my third time collecting it below 0.20. I will buy more at 0.18 and 0.17. I doubt it will go below that ... otherwise, I wont mind averaging down at 0.16 or below. I m not sure if 0.19 will be done later. we shall see ...

EAH : At 0.490 ... grabbed some at 0.490. And queueing more at 0.48. The decision to SELL at 0.550 last Friday was a RIGHT one. Grabbing back at 0.490 is a discount of Friday's prices.

EAH : Bought more at 0.485 before closing.

BStead : Feeling so un-comfortable holding to an overbought counter, I released it for small loss. Fundamentally, I like this one VERY much now. I cleared it for more JCY again ... JCY closed at 1.15. Wait ... grab at 1.10?

EPMB : At 0.505, nice ... do go below 0.50 please. Thanks

AEON : Closed at 5.07, lost 13 cents!! Parkson is down too.

11.30 pm : DOW down a little but A123 in its lowest level, at 6.60 now!! Cut DEEP loss or top up? Will it ever recover? I shall wait ...



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