Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bowling and Trading

My bowling scores today is impressive. I was very focused and could execute my shots well, with bit of changes in my usual lines. As the oiling(long oil) is suitable for my play, I made little adjustment to my target line and control my pace well. All these minor adjustments could NOT be seen and also to novices, they may not be able to appreciate the slight changes made. The result? Impressive, showing my adjustments were 'right'. And employing a right strategy to play extremely well. All these are work of MENTAL. Bowling is a mental game ... and many may thought it is physical!! My left leg is very tired now. Well, many may thought that bowling is using hands!! See what I mean about experiences, knowledge and applied mental strength?

My scores in lane 41 and 42 : 215, 215, 193, 245, 227, 220.

This is the best scores registered in KL so far. Every week, normally I will play around 195 average. Today I was quite confident and obviously know what I m doing.

But, I miss one spare(pin 7) in the six games - 2 unmakable splits with 1 baby split(converted). The best game was 245 with 8 strikes in that game. Others full with doubles and turkeys.

Those are just 'normal' terms bowlers used. Merely 5 years ago, I could not be so good as I tend to miss some simple spares!! Playing a straight ball, sparing is vital part of the game to consistently maintaining my scores.

Today, I could use house-shoe and house-ball ... I could still play 170, at least. Just place the ball, I should get all my spares done.

I see I m still in novice stage when it comes to markets. I may want to acquire the knowledge ... but I still need years of experiences.!!


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