Monday, August 30, 2010

JCY's weekly chart. New low at RM1 broken today. Latest low at 0.965. Buy or bye?

12.30 am : Koo and Tan lost easily in the rubber-set. For non-sport fans or badminton players, rubber-set is a term for third set, nothing to do with rubber. Need to learn the terms before we could even discuss about a topic or event.

Property : Bumi or non-bumi status

As we are heading for the UNITY or so-called 1Malaysia, we have to see this critically. My wife is a bumi and I m not. So, I do have a choice of buying a 'cheaper' house using bumi-status. But, as my kids are non-bumi(followed daddy), they might have difficulties selling the house in future! The discount given is 5%(I remembered it was at 7% previously?) and 5% of RM300k is a substantial amount. If the area is a 'Malay' area like Shah Alam, perhaps I could sell it easier someday. But selling a bumi-lot in a non-bumi majority area might face some challenges(unless u r lucky or have a good bumi friend where you could load of your parcel to him at discounted rate).

After weighing the pro-n-cons, I m going for a landed non-bumi house. With that two points in, I do not have much of a choice but to fork-out more $$$ in order to find a decent place to stay. As mentioned yesterday, Subang Jaya and vicinity are too expensive, reaching RM250k and above easily. I could only afford something below RM180k. With that ... I have to stay further away from the center, Subang Jaya.

By the way, dear all politicians ... I m a MALAYSIAN, shouldnt be discriminate if I m a bumi or non-bumi. It gives us who love our country a sour taste. And stop asking us to go back to China as I know nothing about China. I m born in Penang, I know Penang very well. I dont appreciate Shanghai, ok? I feel sad when Koo and Tan lost to the Chinese pair last night, ok? I speak Malay well but I will be lost in China. Do you understand? I m tanned and look like a Malay, and if I m to be in China, they might even think I m form Indonesia!!

I do not discriminate my Chinese students or Malay students ... I teach them well irrespective of colours. I have many Indian students ... not from India. They are MALAYSIAN.

If 1Malaysia concept is going to work, STOP branding us as a BUMI or NON-BUMI. That is hypocrite at the highest level!

Dont let me start about this so-called sensitive issue. I have always seen myself as Malaysian. I used to place the Malaysia's flag proudly, seeing that I m staying in such a peaceful country without much natural disasters.

MERDEKA ... and be independent. I mean, REAL independence.

9.15 am : OMG ... KLCI up 16 points now. BULLISH. SIME is good!!

There is an event to celebrate Merdeka day in our campus. They played the song Jalur Gemilang and I was humming it. See? Told you I m a Malaysia. I dont care if my country is called China-sia or Malay-sia. It is the place we are born. Both my parents are Malaysians too, even my grand-parents are Malaysians. I m the fourth generation in my family who are all MALAYSIANS. Legally, we are Malaysian ... but the gov called us NON-BUMI or Chinese. I m confused ... Chinese as from China? Hmm ... then, they phrased us as Malaysian-Chinese as we have Singaporean-Chinese. Weird ... we have Chinese all over the world, actually. They migrated(legally or not) ..but I m not. My root is HERE. Why should I be seen differently?? WHY cant I get the so-called privilages .. and buy a house in EQUAL status as ALL Malaysians should? WHY do we care if the developers are bumi-developers or not??

MERDEKA ... they just yelled. About 200 plus students given the small Jalur Gemilang(our country's flag) while watched by some YB and VIPs. Is it merely a SHOW or are we instilling the love of our country in the right manner? WHY I CANT FEEL THE STRONG EMOTIONS anymore ... which I have when I was in my primary? My best friends were an Indian, a Malay and two Chineses? We played together without speaking about our colours of our skins?

JCY : Welcoming her to the new world - the penny-stock world. at 0.995 now. Do nothing until buy at 0.88. Patience is virtue.

JCY : At 0.975 now ... diving to the road of no return?

4.01 pm : JCY at 0.97, rebounded to 0.995 just now but selling pressure is very great. 0.88 please?

KurAsia : Losing her 50-cent status as it is going below 0.45. IRCB too.

9.50 pm : KLCI so bullish, thanks to Sime, Genting, Maybank, CIMB ... more investors collecting these counters? WHY?

Second liners are doing not good as many breaking supports in downtrends. My scanner shown 26 oversold stocks in KLSE at the moment. JCY .... hmm ... new lows everyday.

Hai-O : Broken 3.25 strong support. I hv cleared it 3.40+ recently(bought at 3.25 support level) Closed at 3.14, sitting at the next support. Looking at 2.50 level as market corrects soon? This is a good stock to accumulate when market dives.


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