Tuesday, August 17, 2010

11.05 pm : DOW up 100 points. A123 at 7.45, touched its historical LOW at 7.13 yesterday. No signal to buy yet ... so, I shall wait. This is a sharp knife ... DO NOT catch it without a strong-thick rubber-glove.

12.05 am : DOW at 10,444 points. UP 150 points now. BULL!!!

Rubber-stocks : Supermax lost 16 cents and Kossan lost 9 cents. Adventa continues to lose her grounds, lost 5 cents today. Latexx standing firm today. TopGlove at 6.15 now.

JCY : What is going on? While ENG, Unisem or even Notion trying to gain some grounds, JCY is being thrown away again today. It closed at 1.18!! I cleared some at 1.22(for Unisem), taking some small profits only to see that my remaining making a loss now. 1.25 queue was not done.

MAS : I cleared some at 1.16 as I m too heavy into it, taking a loss(again - sigh). It closed at 2.20, will wait for a while ...

Hai-O and EAH : Do nothing just yet.

Traders' note : CUT the loser(s), let the winner runs.

Oversold stocks(please check the RSI as these given by CN's scanner which are NOT consistent with RSI below 30 to be considered as oversold)

1. Hai-O : RSI 36.3
2. IJM
3. JCY : RSI 32.7
4. KKB
5. Kossan RSI 34.3
6. London Bisc
7. Notion RSI 25.2
8.PPB RSI 40.8
9. Supermax : RSI 37.3 - noted.
10. Zhulian RSI 32.2

BStead : Potential of forming a FLAG. Will stalk it.

KPJ : I made yet another mistake today. I was supposed to grab KPJ, but was distracted by Gamuda. So, I might clear Gamuda at breakeven tmr for KPJ. Gamuda going into overbought region.

IJMLand : Another candidate that I m stalking since last week. Beautiful chart now!! Drop KPJ for this one?


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