Monday, August 02, 2010

EAH : At 0.555 today, down 9%. Newly listed ... jumped from 0.45 to 0.70 in the FIRST day. The first horizontal showing 0.70 level, then it moved to second horizontal line at 0.60 and I drawn the third horizontal line at 0.50. Well, I wont mind moving in at 0.50 tho I doubt it will go THAT low.

From Dali's blog :

So, how do we collect EAH? First round, go at 0.55 tmr. Then wait till it drops to 0.50 level for 2nd round. Go all for 0.45 level. Sit there and wait.

I shall key-in to buy 10k units at 0.55 tmr, 15k at 0.50 and 20k at 0.45. DO NOT follow my buying, ok? I m buying into WATERFALLS.

10.05 pm : DOW at 10,630 now up 160 points. BULLISH.

Oversold stocks

1. BJCorp
2. JCY
3. Notion
4. TopGlove

Of these, I have cleared BJCorp as it is very speculative. So, I m holding to JCY and TopGlove. Will top-up these two as they are retracing. Yes, I prefer waterfalls!! So, I m eyeing Notion now!!


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