Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, my sweet gal. :)

12.10 pm : DOW down 100 points. KLCI down 6 points.

Pelikan : Done 2k @ 1.22, 1k @ 1.23 and 0.5k @ 1.24. Queue 2k @ 1.21.

MyEg : In red, wait for clear. Only 3k done yesterday.

Hai-O and Support not performing at all. Support showing first red histogram yesterday. So, I hv to cut off again?

Zijin : Back to HKD4.70 level.

BYD Elec : Rebounds from HKD4 level, at HKD4.20 now. Shall I punt into it?

10.40 pm : DOW up 200 points!! Unbelievable ... I thought the sifu said it will dive once it rebounded to 10100-10200 level? It is back to 10300 level, perhaps temporary? So, I will like to SELL my Support which is technically turned bearish!! Hai-O is not performing too. Sigh. As for GPacket, I cleared it and it jumped high the next day. Will it jump up higher IF I clear Support tmr for a small loss? We shall see ...

Currently, I m changing my stock-portfolio to consumer-stocks : Hai-O, ZhuLian, Pelikan and another is MyEg. So, Support is a clearing tmr and also Pelikan(overbought).

Notion, BJCorp, TopGlove and 3A in my view as they are diving. I STILL prefer oversold counters but my trading with CN saying I should buy an uptrend stock!! I m struggling to learn that ... but it is like changing my mentality of not going for waterfalls?

Should I go for SEGI or HELP? Or UEMLand or even ... whatever consumer-stocks without much fundamental they are goreng-ing now? Is stock market really a place for goreng-goreng? No wonder they called it chow-ku-piew = goreng shares. Haha. Never mind ...

I m still not mentality well. Night.


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