Friday, July 23, 2010

DOW up 200 points. Solar stocks have been doing well for the past 2 weeks. On 1st July, Jaso was at USD4.5. Yesterday it reached USD6.50. This is what I should do, looking for sector that are trending upward and ride on one of the stocks.

Currently there is a rally in consumer stocks. Forget about fundamentals, ok? HwaTai is just a biscuit-stock, why it has been attracting so many investors? Well ... it is the syndicates, decided to have some biscuits, I mean ... goreng the biscuits and food stocks. Look at London Biscuits as the leader ... or our friend, Kawan. Is Apollo shooting like a rocket too?

If there is a rubber-rally, I wont mind riding on them. At least there is some fundamental to talk about. Currently rubber-stocks failed to follow through the rebound created last week and dragged lower by TopGlove. Even Supermax is moving lower.

10.05 am : KLCI up 6 points. Support cleared half for small loss at 1.49. Zhulian cleared all at 2.00 for small profits, covering the losses by Support.

Pelikan at 1.28, queueing to clear at 1.29 now, taking small profits too.

12.10 pm : KLCI up 7 points. Cleared part of Pelikan at 1.28, left part at 1.29. Grabbed Zelan at 0.67, market price.

MyEg at 0.82, still slightly below my entry price, and waiting for moments to grab more or shall I cut if I want Zelan?

ZiJin back to HKD5.00. Hold till HKD5.50 for 80cents profits?

ZhuLian at 2.05 now, up again AFTER I cleared it at 2.00. See?

So, as I m clearing Pelikan and Support today, will it jump up next week? Look at KPJ-wa which I grabbed at 1.66 just 2-3 weeks ago, today it is 1.86, ya. Yes, KPJ will be a good way of INVESTING. Buy, hold and keep for a while.

2.45 pm : Support at 1.47, terrible. CUT CUT CUT.

Construction-stocks in play.

Besides consumer-stocks, construction stocks being gorened too. gamuda started the game, then we have MRCB, UEM ... and BinaPuri with those LCCT or MRT stories burning hot. ... Jaks, Ranhill, Fajar following ... Zelan too. When I looked at Zelan for a punt, I will peep at AZRB. Today, MMCCorp moved. You know the connections between MMC, Zelan and AZRB, right?

Muhibah was moving too, I observed days ago. Then, Sunway was lagging behind a few days before moving forward. Today Sunway is UP too. The whole sector is being used by syndicate to goreng-goreng. I might get trap with Zelan if I m not careful.

So, do you like biscuits or buildings? These two are running ... besides SEG and HELP. Yes, help me please ... should I buy HELP? Hmmm ...

Learning to relate the sector(s) and stocks related which are moving could benefit traders. Hai-O was moving down, ZhuLian followed. Today ZhuLian shoots up, Hai-O still retracing?? So, will Hai-O follow suits soon?

MyEg : Cleared my 3k units of MyEg for small loss at 0.82, instead of topping-up. Rule in trading : Do not average down, cut the loser ... get into the uptrend stock and ride on it. Is that so?

So, I m holding to so many 'losers' - Support, HaiO and MyEg. I m clearing all today for losses.

I have cleared ZhuLian (too early again) and clearing Pelikan too. These bought yesterday!!

Grabbing Zelan.

Stalk : Supermax, BJCorp, LionInd and KPJ(back in my list as it is going down today)

5.05 pm : KLCI up 9 points but I cut-off many for short gains/losses. Pelikan and ZhuLian is positive, MyEg, Support and Hai-O is negative.

7.05 pm : KLCI up 9.63 to close at 1345.68. So, shall we see 1,350 soon?

Cosumer : YSP up now, next goreng counter in consumer?

CCB : Dropped 17% today ... what is going on? Isnt CCB selling Merz?

A123 back to USD9.00, I LOST AGAIN ... sold it then it shoot up in two days!! That happened to BP too. Bought at USD37, sold USD30 ...then it move to USD27 only to shoot up to USD39. AT USD37 now ... what's up, doc?


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Hi, What do you think about PERISAI ? I guess this counter still not being goreng it biz looks good.

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