Friday, July 30, 2010

DOW down a little again and A123 closed at 10.40. I shall wait for 7.50, not going to cut it this time.

8.50 am : I will be very busy with classes today, replacing some of my colleagues as they are going to Penang and Kuching today. I chosen Taman Negara. Next week, another batch will be going to Bali. These are annual staff-trips.

So, I couldnt monitor till 3pm, not even time for lunch!! 9 am till 3 am non-stop.

10.30 am : KurAsia cleared at 0.525. Cleared half of BJCorp at 1.10 done. Clearing Efficient at 0.215 not done yet. JCY at 1.31(touched 1.29). TopGlove is flat.

10.45 am : Cleared all my Efficient at 0.210 and queue to buyback at 0.200.

So, I have cleared KurAsia and Efficient for small profits. Also, will clear my remaining BJCorp later. Focusing on JCY and TopGlove.

12.50 pm : Malton and Bolton moving up 10% today. What do they have in common? well ... the last four letters are the same XX-LTON. So, look for another stock ending with LTON and they might rally? Haha ... I m joking, of coz. Both are property stocks and currently there is a party for some property stocks since IVORY listed. E&O is the obvious one, today in profit-taking mode. So ... MKLand moving, LandMark moving ... see? Hmm ... Samgoss said YNHProp, and he could be right as there is a property-rally. Move with the sector??

Tanco?? What is that? never mind... it is CHEAP, and easy-money for syndicates. So, when property-stocks rallying, Tanco is chosen for a PUNT. Surely I prefer YNHProp than Tanco tho it wont give me the 10% in one day!!

How about L&G which moved yesterday? Or KHSB now? These are for PUNTERS, not investors, ok? Never forget our Equine, the goreng counter of KLSE's property-stock. Tebrau, Keladi .... goreng-goreng ...

Let me take my fav for property-rally. Low risk will be IJMLand and higher risk will be E&O. There you are .... BUY BUY BUY. I m looking at IJMLand-wa, E&O and Magna now

3.25 pm : So, JCY going down .... at what level will it reverse? Hmm ... ever recover? while I m still comfortable to hold and buy further I will not buy till it reverse? Using TA for that?

BJCorp is a terrible goreng stock that I WONT be comfortable to hold. Cleared others at 1.06.

4.00 pm : KLCI losing 3 points. Axiata down ... good, as it moved strongly yesterday.

LionInd : Moving up 3 cents today. I m trying to interpret the chart and decide if it is time to grab back some?

Catching 'good' waterfalls - I m doing it my way.

I have cleared many 'punts' today, to reserve some bullets now to shoot JCY. It is at 1.27 now. Also to top-up my TopGlove at 6.50. Yes, I m averaging down, buying into oversold stocks. I m more comfortable with my 'old' methods tho it is slower in seeing results. For the past 2 months, too many short trades and I m losing ground and losing my mind ... no good.

4.30 pm : JCY at 1.25. WOW ... oversold is a BUY? I checked for 'news' .... no news for JCY?/ Then, why DIVING down steeply? Wait before top up ...

JCY : I will write more about her. It is a nice waterfall and those bought into it are catching a knife now.

E&O and P&O are rallying. Guess what? D&O moved up 3%. See?? Malton up0, Bolton up. Fine. What E&O, P&O and D&O got in common?? Can we see the relation? YES ... X&O. Homework, look if there is another X&O code trading in KLSE? BUY on Monday if it not move yet. Yeah!! See how kopi-tiam uncles punt into a stock?

Jason Derulo - In My Head

Yes, everything is in my head. Too cramped. Too congested. Too wired. Haha.



YJ said...

Hi Teh,

Although there was no news concerning JCY, CIMB had a report on it and was featured in the Edge Daily yesterday. You must have missed it:

JCY hits lowest since listing

KUALA LUMPUR: Shares of JCY International Bhd fell to its lowest since listing to RM1.32 in late afternoon on Thursday, July 29 in very active trade.

At 3.35pm, it was down four sen to RM1.32 with 13.2 million shares done. Its highest was RM1.98.

It was listed on Feb 25 at an offer price of RM1.60. Since then, its share price is down 28 sen or 21%.

In a report issued on July 20, CIMB Equities Research had a Sell on JCY at RM1.48, based on its technical charts.

"The stock has fallen back to its debut price after hitting a high of RM1.98. The pullback has been severe and does not look like a correction. We expect further price weakness in the medium term as it is now forming a bearish flag pattern," it said on July 20.

CIMB Research said a break below the RM1.44 would signal that prices are heading lower towards RM1.30, based on the height of the flag. There is also a good chance that it could even drop below RM1.30.

JCY manufactures hard disk drive mechanical components.

CP said...


I do not read much about local news these days. I m reading two books now - "Energy Shift" and "Md Yunus".

Thanks for the info. Wont cut loss but hold forever. Haha.

See u in the trade.


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