Thursday, July 29, 2010

BJCorp : MACD + RSI + Stochastic is OK. How about candle-stick? Is it reversal or just a pause before moving higher?

10.15 pm : EUR/USD which i longed at 1.2972 last week gaining 110 pips now for each 10k. So, profits at 240 pips now, and taking profit at 1.3100 as planned. It is at 1.3080 now.

1 pip = USD1. So, gained 260pips = +USD260. I have not trade forex in real, I opened an account for free-trial with FXCM. I need to learn well too. So far my beginner's luck is good? I have closed 3 positions positively. Well, to be frank ... I longed EUR/USD as EUR was at an extreme oversold AND Jim Rogers mentioned that he was currently going long on EUR. :)

A123 : Back to my purchase level at 10.50, it touched 11.48 before dives USD1 in two days!! I will hold on till oversold again and will BUY more into it. Currently I m eyeing for GLD as gold retraces and at 113 level, it is nice. Gold WILL rebound back.

BJCorp and JCY are the one two stocks in oversold region when I scanned for 'RSI oversold". Both in my hands!!

TopGlove showing a buy signal today, so I grabbed 1k units = RM6,700.

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your definition of 1pip is how much?

How to invest in forex? Where to open account? Appreciate