Thursday, July 29, 2010

12.10 am : DOW still holding 10,500 level. A123 opened at 11.14 but noW in red, at 10.80 level. As I m saying, I m not selling it and wait for results release in Aug 8th.

GLD : Yes, I sold my ZiJin today for this one. GLD at 113 level now.

7.00 am: DOW down a little, Gld at 113.78. Noted. A123 at 10.83. Hold till 12.00, at least.

9.10 am : Measat flying. KPJ rebounds ... grabbed KurAsia at 0.505 and 0.510 for the insurance-rally. LOL

Mudajaya : Moving up 3% today, waiting to move in too. TopGlove moving, looking at TopGlove-cc.

BJCorp : Breaking 1.10 resistance, clearing half soon.

JCY : Do nothing except see lower than 1.35 to collect.

Topglove : 1k units at 6.70. I chosen Topglove as I m more comfortable holding to it and wait for rebounds. So, I hv to forget about MudaJaya.

10.55 am : KLCI up 2.68 points. New high, going for 1360 now?

KurAsia : Grabbed more at 0.515. Done for the day. KurAsia shown a similar candle-stick as BJCorp before it rebounded. Can it works now?

Efficient : At 0.205, cleared some at 0.205(those done at 0.195 yesterday) and others sit on it. I still have those I bought at 0.20 and 0.205 yesterday.

JCY : Touched 1.34, at 1.35 now. So, 1.34 is its new low now. WAIT.

Hai-O : At 3.65, BB squeeze seen. Moving below 20MA. Wait. RHBInvest downgraded it with fair value 3.63. Hmm ...

JCY : At 1.32 now ... ouch. Bought early again? This one I will sit on it(only 3k units done so far). So, I m not buying at the moment. Wait for first green-histogram seen, then only decide.

JCY at 1.30 now ... interesting as I bought, it dives. More to come ... wait.

7 pm : KLCI closed higher by 3 points. JCY at 1.33, Efficient at 0.200(touched 0.215), BJCorp at 1.09(failed to clear at 1.15), TopGlove at 6.71 and KurAsia at 0.515.

Only JCY and TopGlove are for keeping. Others will clear when profits seen(hopefully).


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