Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sunway : Need to watch as it formed a 'gravestone' doji yesterday?? If dojis seen at resistance level, it signifies change of the uptrend sentiment soon. So, I wont top-up today, wait and see.

12.15 am : DOW up 60 points. A123 up 15%, at USD10.90 now.

6.45 am : DOW up 100 points, A123 closed at USD10.70. Ok.

Date : Aug 10, 2010 Q2 2010 Earnings Release for A123.

So,I shall hold till Aug10, at least unless there are signs of reversal?

USD/JPY : taken profits last Friday for 45 pips. Second time profit now.

EUR/JPY : My current position showing gains of 20(x 2) pips. Will only sell when it breaks 1.3000.

9.10 am : Breakout in KKB, grabbed at 2.03 and 2.04. Queue 2.00-2.02 and not chasing higher. It touched 2.06.

9.15 am : KKB done at 2.02.

9.25 am : KLCI up 5 points but BJCorp breaks RM1 level, at 0.995 now.

12.05 pm : KLCI in red? KKB at 2.00, all my queues done.

Stalk :TopGlove is still in RED, at RM6.52 but Notion rebounds, up 4%

12.15 pm : KKB done at 1.99.

12.25 pm : KKB done at 1.98. Hmm ...

阿牛 - 至霖情歌 Haha ... funny song, but still enjoy it. LOL

Sunway : Failed trade again, with the gravestone-doji. I dont really know much but it says --- reversal of trends. So, I sold half at 1.60 but it is at 1.59 now. Technically it is about to move lower in short-term. So, I shifted my attention to KKB, instead.

PN1 : We have heard of PN17 or PN4 quite often, but what is PN1? KBB is into PN1, reported by The Edge today. Will read further ...

KKB : Closed at 1.97, forming a 'hanging man'. Another bad sign in candle-stick which means a pause in uptrend and I m buying at the peak again? Hmm ...

Sunway : Bought 1.60-1.61, sold 1.60 today. Silly, right? Not a choice as the candle-stick telling me it is 'gravestone' doji, means it will go lower. Believe it or not?

Hai-O : Bollinger squeeze forming? Waiting for breakout?

BJCorp : Managed to reversal candle-stick and first green histogram today!! BUY BUY BUY ... that is the indication. RSI oversold, stochastic crossover at oversold region!! Beautiful chart, in TA sense but dont ask BJCorp got any FA or not, ok? It is for quick trades, punts .. not buy and hold.

Support : Long leg doji formed today, showing it is about to move up. Second green spotted.At 1.48 now. Check.

So, KKB is a wrong trade again, according to the chart. I should move in for Notion, BJCorp or Support tmr?? How about Axiata which showing first green too? Axiata certainly a 'better' stock to feel 'safe'?

JCY : At its new low, can go lower? At oversold level, white candle-stick today, showing sign of reversal?

So, I shall sell KKB at breakeven, if possible. Then, place Hai-O, Support, JCY, BJCorp and Axiata in my stalk-list, do some homework tonight and decide what to chase tmr. Phew ... it is tiring, actually ...


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