Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Today is the last day of June 2010 - half year gone. Time to re-collect and reflect on my trades and updating the statistics.

Trade : KEuro and MYEG.

Stalk : HaiO, 3A, Faber, LionInd, GPacket, Fajar, KKB, Measat.

Look for the first green histogram to look into possibilities of reversal. Support by volume and short-term rebounds by KLCI too.

10.15 pm : DOW is flat. BP up 6% in London and 5% in US.

KEuro : Uptrend intact, higher low, higher high seen. Make the trend your friend. Resistance at the current new high at 1.03, while 0.93 as support. Closed at 0.975, can still ride on it tmr for short-term trades. KLCI is reversing.

Japan lost in penalty, unfortunately. Spain won. DOW lost 270 points. So, KLCI to dive down today or artificially supported again?

KEuro : I still have 6k units. Time to take losses if it goes below my 0.90 cut loss point.

Stalk : LionInd, 3A, HaiO, Measat, GPacket and Faber.

Faber - UEM throwing away their stakes. Not a counter that I will like to hold but it is good for trading.

HaiO : Bad results giving many excuses to take profits as it has been shooting for the whole year! Still the best FA stock among the five above.

LionInd : Steel is going down as 'suddenly' economies are slowing down, globally. Will go lower, so wait.

Measat : Astro privatised, Measat shooting up anticipating on such rumours too. KLSE down yesterday but not Measat. Watch for the privatisation stories re-emerging.

3A : Chart-wise this is forming a good waterfall. Have not check on the news on why it is retracing in such a pace. This small stock shooting up highly after Robert decided to have part of there business. It will no longer be a penny-stock anymore.

GPacket : Another good counter to trade as it attracts many traders and/or punters like me!! Wait till it moves lower(pressed lower by big-sharks), still at RM1.00 now.

8.50 am : Ready for the dive? Many queueing lower ... and KEuro queueing to clear at 0.90. I will be struggling to clear it today as many rushing out the doors!! runnnnn ....

9.50 am : Cleared half of KEuro at 0.90 for small loss, but it rebounds to 0.92 now. Keeping another half, just 3k units left.

KEuro : I m exiting KEuro after fourth trades. Clearing at 0.925 now will still gives me small profits as I cleared it at RM1.00 and RM1.02. Due to lack of experience in trading, I do not gain as much as I could have but my TA works on this one. Once exit, no more coming back to it as I m looking at the 5 counters I m stalking.

10.30 am : KLCI recovering, still down 5 points. KEuro cleared at 0.925, at 0.93 now.

KEuro : My oh my ... I bought into it at 0.93, 0.935, 0.94 now ... arrghh ... stop stop!!

11.25 am : HSI down 200 points, with KLCI down 5 points.

Queues : I have queues for HaiO at 3.60 and BJToto at 4.23 but I dont think so it will be done. I was thinking that KLCI might dive down in the opening but HaiO only reached 3.65 with BJToto touched 4.29. It touched 4.23 days ago, if I m not mistaken.

2.10 pm : Time to re-consider to exit KEuro today? What does the TA showing, actually? Buy, hold or sell?

KEuro : Cleared at 0.96 moments ago. What do u called a stupid-trader who sold his 6k units at 0.90 and 0.92, only to grab back the 6k at 0.94 level ... and sold at 0.96? Later it shoots up to RM1, how? Buy again?? It is at 0.97 now, ya. I like the adventure and the experiences now, actually.

5.50 pm : Very tired. KLCI lost 5.82 points, and do expect more down-side in KLCI in short-term. It will test 1308 level next.

KEuro : Sold at 0.96, grabbed back at 0.955, 0.96, 0.965 only to throw it away at 0.99 and 0.995! Yes, almost to the top. That is LA(luck analysis). So, the good upside cancelled off my initial losses which I cleared it this morning. What a ride, up and down. The fourth trade should be in positive, considering some profits taken yesterday. Yes, I m out of it ... but wont be surprise that if I m free tmr, I will sit there and punt(PA + EA) into it. 5th time lucky? See that fear vs greed in play now?

Trading KEuro

Syndicates manipulations : There are beliefs that KLSE is controlled by syndicates and I do 'logically' tend to believe that. Look at how KNM taken as the most fav counters to trade before it gave way to new popular counters. To name one : KEuro. This is a new babe in KLSE to trade being top-10 actively counter in KLSE. Now, if you have been following my buying from 0.72 ... think, how can we ikan-bilis traders push the price all the way up to RM1.03, only to drop it down to 0.905 and this morning 0.875? Me and You? No way ... any local funds involve in speculating the counter? Are they 'allowed'? So, logically some syndicate 'playing' with it ... and gaining hugely!! When it pressed down to 0.90 this morning, it creates some panic to the ikan bilis, and as you cut your losses(I cut it off at 0.90 and 0.92), as it dives lower ... only to see someone interested with this BEST STOCK in KLSE ... and buying starts again.

Well, of course it is pure speculating ... but SC didnt issue UMA to KEuro's management? Err ... they will answer : we have nothing to do with the heavy trades, and our business operations are normal. So, are you expecting anyone to expose their activities?

As its was in up-trend after 0.93(the current resistance), I started to grab it upwards ... only to sell it again at 0.96. Now, as I do not wish to stuck inside it and trading it(buy or sell) will considered as one broker charge, I buy when it is resting, sell when it is shooting. When I cleared all at 0.96, I do notice it is resting and touching 0.965, so started to grab at 0.955, 0.96, 0.965 again ... i m 'stucked' with it again ... must exit, I told myself. So when it breaks o.97, I started to queue to sell at 0.99. Once 0.99 cleared, I clear all my remaining at 0.995. It touched RM1 before moving back to 0.98 to rest ... enough for the day. I stopped.

Now, how is all these up and down in huge amounts came about if there is no syndicate playing with it?

GPacket is another speculative counter to certain extend. At least she is a veteran in KLSE compared to KLSE's new babe : KEuro. Recently we can see some new babes in play too like SinoTop or the new warrant Gamuda-wd.

IRCB and GPacket will still be used by the syndicates .... you have to know them if you want to know which counter will be gorenged next. I know nothing, but I m going to apply TA on them.

I admit that I hv very little experiences in analysing the syndicate play. We may call it SA = Speculative Analaysis. It is like an art to analyse how a counter being manipulated and played. That is why we call it chow-ku-piew, in cantonese.

So, when a friend of my saw me monitoring stocks, he jokingly ask : Hey, lei chow-ku-piew also ar?? That is general public view about stock-markets, a place to goreng-goreng. Who cares what FA or TA are? Goreng analysis la. GA? Haha ...

Ok, ok .. seriously, if one is to play with PURE goreng counter, that is really chow-ku-piew. But, if someone know about FA and add it TA, then it is called investing with calculated risk. See the difference? No difference ... still consider as goreng-la? Ok .. up to you.

Conditions : I wont touch PN17 counters irrespective of what other says, such as LCL, Kenmark, Ramunia etc. I wont touch counters without much volume. I wont touch the counters I know nothing about(mind you, I do know MANY counters .. do I need to add in more?). So, I m not really a pure-goreng kaki? I dont use PA much as my PA is weak and shown failure many of times!! If I m going to use GA to goreng some counter, I will use 'not real' money to test it out!!

Note : For new readers, this blog is for ENTERTAINMENT and EDUTAINMENT purposes. So, all the trades here should be treated as FICTIONAL. You may find it entertaining or educating, it is up to you. But if you could not take what is written here lightly, please remove your eyes from these pages. Thanks.

Conclusion : I m more of FA person to play safe, and learning to use TA in my trades. Then, when my experience increases, I will use some EA(experience analysis) plus some HA(hope analysis). And never believe SC ... it is only logical that KLCI and many counters are manipulated by syndicates. So, beware or else we will end up being their lunch!!

KLCI : Testing 1308 support level, which coincide with 20MA. MACD histrograms showing lower and in reds. Once break this support level, we need to see 1,300 for the next psychological support while bearish crossover might be seen by then. So, it is a warning that the current rebound is over and bear is taking over. DOW at 9,800-9,900 level now.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Brazil showing their strength. Brazil is a fundamental team, so those 'betting' on them to win the world cup will stand higher chances compared to if u 'bet' on ... err ... England?

KEuro : Clearing those bought at average 0.95 at 1.02, taking partial profits.

Stalk : LionInd, 3A, Measat and Faber

HaiO : Support at 3.60, major sell-down yesterday.

10.01 am : KEuro sold partially at 1.02. Queue at 1.04 not done, touched 1.03. It is at 0.98 now, touched a low of 0.96. Wait and see for rebound, no buying but intention to clear or hold for a while.

10.40 am : KEuro at 0.96 now, moving lower. It could be profit taking day, it could be some syndicates pushing it lower to create a panic selling, only to buy into it later before pushing it higher again for ikan-bilis traders(like me) to be trapped. So, be cautious ... it is going into over bought level ... looking to clear, not buy.

Money Management : How much we are willing to risk, and what stop-loss level strategies should we be applying?

Faber : At 2.63 now, intraday low.

HaiO : AT 3.75, intraday low 3.70. Support at 3.60

2.15 pm : KLCI is flat too, but profit-taking going on in KEuro and I m clearing some for profits but at 0.96, should I clear all for small losses now?

2.35 pm : KLCI losing 3 points afte rlunch. KEuro bought at 0.93 done, at 0.925 now.

2.40 pm : KEuro is diving. 0.92 is done too. Left 0.91 queue now.

4.05 pm : KEuro 0.91 done too. It touched 0.90, KLCI down 7 points.

KEuro : Sold some KEuro at 0.905 and 0.91 as I m not feeling comfortable with the amount I m holding. My cut-loss is at 0.90

Stalk : HaiO, LionInd, Measat, 3A and Faber.

9.45 pm : DOW down by 130 points, with crude oil retraces 3%. BP staying at 27 level.

9.50 pm : DOW down 200 points, well below 10,000 level now.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday : Back to work after 2 weeks off. Will be busy to monitor.

KEuro : Queueing to buy at 0.93(4k units) and 0.92(6k units).

Target : New high, wait for reversal

Stop loss : 0.90

Strategy : Resistance breakout.

Look for : High volume, buying momentum.

Beware of : KLCI to re-test the resistance in few days time, look toppish.

Check on : TenCent.

Technical Analysis Indicator MACD part one

One of the comments on the clip : you can not use any one indicator by itself. It is explained clearly in part 3 movie. You must use MACD signals in conjunction with other TA indicators. MACD is great for defining trend and momentum. I also use overbought/oversold indicators as well as fibonacci tools. Add Candlestick patterns and conventional western chart patterns. Add support and resistance and price action interpretations, then you will have a more complete technical outlook in which to base your decisions

TEH : Agreed. At the moment, I will be using MACD to track trend(short) reversals, with volume analysis giving the confirmation. RSI and stochastic could be useful to see if we are buying at oversold level and selling at overbought region. Adding in ADX and momentum analysis, we could trace the strength of the trend, giving us higher probability in our trades. I shall add the candle-sticks analysis to give me a higher confidence in my trades. By then. I shall focus in only one or two counters to trade and buy hughely into it.

10.05 am : KEuro shoots up in early trade, but back to 0.945 level. I have a queue at 0.94, 0.93 and 0.92. Since I m having a break now, I have to decide what's next, right? IF it didnt recover/bounce later, it will form a shooting star? Isnt that reversal? Tell me, at 0.945, up 30+% since last Monday, can we still buy high and sell higher since there is a bullish cross0ver seen in MACD?

KEuro : Grabbed some at 0.945.

KEuro : Grabbed more at 0.955.

10.25 am : KEuro is moving ... queueing at 0.965.

10.35 am : Chasing it higher, bought at market price 0.975. It touched o.98 so far. Will go for the last buying on averaging-up at 0.985. Watch it ...

BJToto : At 4.27, will grab more below 4.20? Be patient.

10.41 am : Grabbed KEuro at 0.985. Done for the day with lower queues maintained.

11.25 am : KEuro retraces to 0.975. Well, when averaging up, reduce the no of units, buying larger at lower levels.

Stalk : Faber and LionInd

12.00 pm : Lunch time ... dont know if KEuro will be done later at 0.965 and 0.955?

3.35 pm : Faber at 2.70. KEuro at 0.99, and a break of psychological RM1 later or tmr will see me selling again?

4.10 pm : KLCI down 1.77 points now. HSI up a little but strong sell down in YanZh0u which down 7% today, and many more coal-mining stocks moving lower with it.

KEuro : At 0.99 level, I dont think so my queues at 0.965 and 0.955 will be done, so I hv just cancelled it. Now, with 10k units on it(planned to grab 15k units today), should I continue to grab some at 0.99? I have not learnt how to size my positionsandf that will be learnt soon once I m done with my TA. That is to maximise my profits further, while minimising my losses.

4.30 pm : Grabbed more at 0.995.

4.40 pm : Getting greedier with a buy at RM1.00

4.50 pm : Bought at market price RM1.01, making it 15k units as planned. Done. off.

TA indicators and oscillators : MA, MACD, RSI, Stochastic, Bollinger bands, ADX, Parabolic SAR ... I m revising all these in a more properand serious manner.

Candlesticks : I have not learned this well so far ... hope I could done with these by end of NEXT month.

For this week : Waterfalls to watch

1. LionInd
2. Measat
3. 3A
4. Faber

All the above will be good to stalk to trade next week or so as they are STILL retracing. For new 'readers', please understand that I like waterfalls.

TK : As for KEuro, it is plainly for trading. Please do not buy what I m buying. Also, to be honest, I do not know much about its FA. I m practising my TA skills. So, as I m still VERY raw, please do not 'trust' my analysis. If there is any TA-master want to correct me, I will be glad to learn.

Jose Mari Chan

For Mrs Aquino ... beautiful poem.

Jose Mari Chan - beautiful duet with Regine Velasquez

Cant remember that I was a sentimental person before ...we are what we listened! Hehe


Sunday, June 27, 2010

20th minute : Germany 1 England 0. Klose scored.

32nd minute : Germany 2 England 0. The better team deserves to win.

35th minute : Upson scored : 2 -1

Lampard just scored but the blind referees said NO. Look at the reply, blind referees.

67th minute : Germany 3 England 1. Game over?

70th minute : Germany 4 ENgland 1. Yes, game over.

Stock Analysing : Tencent(

Technical Analysis

Historical Charts

1.Monthly chart : Uptrend intact but double-top formed. Increased in the volume over the month, showing selling pressure is extremely strong. RSI shown overbought level as it has moved up since Mac 2009 without correction till recently in Jan 2010. MACD histrograms in reds, and moving below zero level soon, to be confirmed by the bearish crossover. One may use the 20MA(the red line) as support or the next strong support(monthly) seen at HKD72 level. Use the monthly chart for INVESTORS. Investors should have exited in Jan10 when MACD showed bearish divergence or exited at May10 when double top seen. More downside seen.

Conclusion : For investors, be patient and WAIT. As DOW is overbought and with HSI has been shooting higher for the past one month, it is NOT time to move in yet. With that said, it is wait and see.

2.Weekly Chart : As seen above, it is still retracing but finding a support at HKD122 level, with the next support seen at the psychological HKD100 level, which is also coincide with MA100(green line). It broken MA20(red line) and MA50(blue line), and we might see the bearish crossover between these two lines. MACD showing it is still below zero level, with many reds registered. RSI and stochastic showing it is technically going into oversold region. But the decreased in SELLING volumes(three high volume bars seen) is a GOOD sign, showing selling might exhaust soon. So, look into further decrease in the selling volume, MACD starts to show a green histogram with RSI going below 30 but hooking upwards.

Conclusion : Weekly chart could be used for mid-term investors who which to position himself/herself for the reversal in the current downtrend. It needs another 2-3 weeks to confirm buyings. So, wnait and see ... I will like to see myself in this category and will position myself to buy once there is a confirmation of reversal. Overall market outlook still NOT good, so without that 'good' sentiments, it might not reverse soon.

3.Daily Chart : Now, in short-term basis, the chart showing signs of reversal, with support at HKD122. Indicators pointing up ... but overall market could be moving down. It is trapped in the HKD 122 - HKD 135 level at the moment. The buying at this point may pose a higher risk. Trading HK's stock is also much more expensive than KL's stock. So, a short term trade on this one is not really worth the profit/risk ratio.
Conclusion : No buying for short-term trade to me. Unless riding on its call-warrants for short-term rebound?
Taken from Conrad Lim

Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – Back To Basics
Chapter 3 – Buying & Selling*

Chapter 4 - Monitoring The Market
Chapter 5 – Trend Watching
Chapter 6 – News Watching

Chapter 7 – Essential Guide To Charting
Chapter 8 – Basic Technical Analysis
Chapter 9 – Indicators & Oscillators**

Chapter 10 – Candlestick Pattern Analysis
Chapter 11 – Breakout Pattern Analysis**
Chapter 12 – Fibonacci Basics
Chapter 13 - “PHI-Bonacci” - The Divine Proportion*

Chapter 14 – Sector Rotation
Chapter 15 – Cycles and Seasons**
Chapter 16 – Minimal Risk Entries
Chapter 17 – Stops For Exits

Chapter 18 – Fundamental Research
Chapter 19 – Research & Plan
Chapter 20 – Momentum (Sector) Trading
Chapter 21 – The 5DPEG

Chapter 22 – Understanding Options
Chapter 23 - Trading With Options
Chapter 24 – Currency Trading

Chapter 25 – Day Trading & Scalping*
Chapter 26 – Introduction To Futures*
Chapter 27 – Financial Management
Chapter 28 – Trading Checklist And References
Uruguay vs South Korea 2 - 1 and Ghana vs USA 2 - 1. So, Uruguay and Ghana will go to the quarter-finals.

Chart Nexus's support group

As I attended the CN's meeting yesterday, I will want to slowly get to know those SERIOUS traders who want to learn and share their view on TECHNICAL ANALYSIS. Analysing a chart should NOT be too subjective as it is technical. It should give a similar conclusion(to buy, to hold or to sell ... or to wait and see).

It will be difficult to identify those who are serious learners to those who are there because others are there(herd mentality). I m in a hurry ... so, I do not really have time to know too many just for hee-hee-haa-haa, so I need to be selective. Those who wish to learn from me(I m just as raw in TA, ok?) need to treat me teh-tarik. But those I can learn or share wwith them, teh-tarik on me!

BY : A young technical person. Thanks for having a drink with me and I do view you as experienced and serious trader. So, yes ... I do hope to get to share with you more. Dont know if you are reading these lines, I can say you are much better in TA than me, certainly. I m trading stocks at the moment, will go into trading indices once I m confident with my TA. Hope to draw out an agenda in our next meeting. If you know one or two SERIOUS trader(TA person preferred), let us group them together to learn from each other, ya. It is my plan to have a group of 4-5 traders to meet regularly to discuss the finer point of trading.

Mr C : He is another serious trader who has been diligently participating CN's meeting to learn more from the trainers. As he is a veteran, getting to know him is my 'honour'. And he is kind to share his knowledge. In fact, it will be good to get him to lead the TA group. To know a knowledgable, committed and generous person like him will certainly enhance my learning of TA further.

As I have only 2.5 years of experiences trading stocks, mainly KLSE's stocks ... I m humbled by these two individuals I gladly get to know yesterday. Yes, I m determine to learn and share with these serious and committed people. I m very hard working and willing to learn with those willing to share. There are a few more bloggers(TA) who I wish to know them soon. It is a win-win situation getting to know each other and learn from each other.

Jackie Lee : Hey bro, are you reading this line? I m thinking of meeting up with you too and hope we could get to know each other and share our views about financial markets, ok? Shall I go to see you for bah-kut-teh? hehe. Yes, you are a person I will like to get to know :-)

KEuro : At it broken the 0.92 resistance, I will queue to buy at 0.91 and 0.92 tmr.

Stalk : 3A, LionInd, GPacket, JCY, MAS, ZhuLian

Penny Stocks to stalk : KurAsia, Jaks, RCECap

Warrants : GPacket, AnnJoo, WaSeong, WCT, SPSetia, Sunway, IJM

Black Hammer : SEB, also at new low.

Last Week : Stock Watch (20th June to 25th June)

1. Measat 2.98 to 3.11 --- up 4.7%
2. WCT to 2.82 ---
3. KEuro 0.705 to 0.94 --- up 33.3 %
4. Proton 4.51 to 4.57 --- up 1.3%
5. BJCorp 1.46 to 1.41 --- down 0.3%

The winner is KEuro which still moving higher, and I will continue to grab it tmr at 0.91-0.93. Traded it 3 times with good profits. Measat went up to 3.30 level before moving lower. My profits for this counter whipped-off as I re-enter at the high and it dived down. Sold off one day late, registered a huge loss!! Proton reached 4.70 level in mid-week before retracing too. BJCorp down due to the licensing news, dragging down BJToto which I m moving in for its dividends, and the current selling pressure might see me buying more at 4.25 level or lower.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Navigating Trafics in KL = Navigating trades in KLSE

When I was driving to Bangsar here(from Subang Jaya), I have this piece of 'idea' to write about. It is relating driving in Klang Valley!! If you have drove here before, you will have a better picture of what I m writing. This is called hands-on experiences! Haha

to be continue tonight ...

Stamford College : I was there teaching for 10 years after graduated. I m not interested to relate my teaching experieces there BUT ... look at Stamford share yesterday!! Actively traded, closed at 0.49 up 63% in ONE DAY. Ooppss ... that could make me VERY rich in a short time!

YJ commented that Education stocks, namely SEGI and HELP have been up for past one month plus. Wow ... suddenly our education system is the best in the region, and these colleges are being recognised. Hence, the stocks jumped as INVESTORS attracted to their 'cheap' valuations. WOW. It is impressive, right?

SO, which edu-stock is lagging behind? Stamford!! Well, tho it is a PN17 stock, many investors jumped into it yesterday as it is IN the Malaysian education system, which obviously will benefit from the booming of the industry!! Not only that, investors might see that it will be OUT of the dragged PN17 status pretty soon ... giving Talam and many more managed to sneak out! Haha.

p/s : I like the way I write as I m in education line for 20 years now. LOL

2.50 pm : Chart Nexus Traders Meeting

Stalk : 3A, LionInd, Faber and Topglove-cc

Buy : KEuro and BJToto.

3.50 am : DOW edges higher ... BP at USD27, touched a new low of USD26.84.

Spain is leading 2 - 1.

4.35 am : DOW flat. Spain won 2 - 1 to top the group.

Stalk : Faber, LionInd,


Friday, June 25, 2010

BP going to USD27 now. I bought at USD37 only to sell for a loss at USD30,about RM2k days later, admitting mistake. Today, it is at USD27, down another 5% which I m watching to see if I will stick to my plan to start accumulating at USD25?

IF = Jikalau I know that BP have more down side, I wont buy it at USD37. If I know it will rebound to USD34 after I sold it off, I wont be taking a big loss, right? Today it is at USD27, then will you say that I know it will go lower? IF I know it will go to ... say, USD20, I wont be thinking of buying it at USD25, right? What IF it goes bust as many FEARing now? IF they know it wont go bust, and shoot back up to USD40-60 level, dont you think so we should be BUYING it NOW? IF ... no one should be saying "IF I KNOW ..." in stock market as that shows REGRET.

REGRETTING is a negative thought which I will NOT allow it to be in my trading or rather in my life!! Try to look forward ... rather than regretting what we have done or not done. IF ... a two letter word which playing in everyone's mind. IF I know this road will be so jam-up, I would have taken another route? Sound familiar? You wont hear me saying such as I do not believe in IF ... IF I didnt go to SABAH ten years ago, I MIGHT be a very successful Maths tutor in Klang Valley and earn loads of money. IF I have the knowledge that I m having now in 1997-1998, I could have earn loads of money? Hmm ... that were just a few lines people(friends/relatives) posted to me. IF and only IF ... I could go on and on ... as we are living in the IF world, the world that like history or some like to dream about future, forgetting that all they have is TODAY. Learn to live your life in PRESENT as present is a gift!! Heard of it?

Slovakia beat Italy 3 - 2.

DOW is down 100+ points with BP staying below USD30.

Unico : Done simple scanning, showing Unico still in uptrend, testing high at RM1 now.


如果 = ru kuo = if = jikalau

IF I know GPacket will shoot so much higher, I will hold on to it for huge profits(bought at 0.82, k?) IF I know KEuro will reach 0.92, I wont even bother to trade but to keep buying hugely into it(bought at 0.72, ok?). IF I know Sapcres will go up to 2.25 now, I wont be selling for a loss at 1.90(bought at 2.00), ok?. IF? IF and ONLY IF? JIKA and KALAU = JIKALAU? Yee-kuo, in cantonese. I could laugh it out each time some say "IF I KNOW" ... if you know, please let me know. I will buy HUGELY only on ONE counter, and no need to read biz-news or whatever anymore. IF I know FA is the only way to buy/sell a stock, I wont be so tak-ada-akal to learn TA. Hey, I may be novice and naive but ... I m not stupid? IF I know I m not stupid, then I shall be learning more?

9.05 am : KLCI down 2 points. Japan done Asia proud. Measat ... satelite is down.

KEuro : Continue to go up, glad to grab 7k units of it yesterday

Fajar : Failed to clear at RM1, today lowered.

Measat : Still moving lower? Will see if I need to cut.

10.30 am : Just finished a tuition class. Selling many of my holdings for small losses : WCT-wb, Fajar and part of Measat. KEuro cleared too at 0.91 for some profits(third time in a week!!).

Losses : WCT-wb cleared at 0.490, Fajar at 0.975 and some Measat at 3.15.

The clearing spree ... as market look toppish again, or rather I will have to start working next week. So, I wont have time to monitor. But I will do some homework on Sat night to see what stocks I should be aiming at for next week trade. May be I need to take a break after actively trading during the 2 weeks break!!

BJToto and MAS are in red. I will watch to BUY(and hold forever? haha)

11.30 am : KLCI still 1+ points down, KEuro slide back to 0.88. Wont be greedy to grab for the fourth time in a week? Nope ... time to rest ...

Measat : Sold more at 3.12, still holding only 1k units.

BJToto : Added another 1k units at 4.35 moments ago. So, I have 2k units now.

3.10 pm : KKB moving.

5.10 pm : KLCI managed to push back up. Measat cleared the last one at 3.11, registering my biggest loss for the two weeks! I did not chase KEuro or KKB.

Haha ... just for a laugh. LOL

MAS : Showing second red today. Wait.

LionInd : 1.50, 4th red now. Steel sector will go down lower, read the China's news.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

DOW managed to close slightly higher. BP still below USD30.

GPacket : Depending on your time frame, GPacket is a good trading stock to me. I have bought and sold it for few times for the past few months. This is so-called growth stock, with 'high' potential in their brondband services. It is still losing money, so for LONG term investor or pure value investors, they wont buy into this.

At RM1 now, for mid-term players ... having a position around RM0.80 - RM 1.20, anticipating more 'good news' by end of year for the sector(look into YTL-e and Redtone too), the sector may be re-rated and the sector might rally again. Will it move back to RM1.50? I dont know but that is the target and be glad to sell it at RM1.50 level for good profits. I do not think so it will go below RM0.70. So, for mid-term, more upside that down side.

For short-term players ... this is for traders. It is a MUST to learn TA(technical analysis) for this counter(as there is no fundamental analysis needed for this counter - FA only be used for good established fundamental counters). At RSI 68, going into overbought level, I will rather WAIT for it to retrace AGAIN(and it will) and will buy when it starts to reverse again(and it will). Volume wise, this is a good counter to trade. We do need volume to trade, ok?

So, when a person asked about a stock, it will be very difficult to answer. There are so many aspects we need to know before we could even comment on the particular stock. Seriously, others opinions certain defer from yours. So, before we buy a stock we need to think, plan and decide WHY we buy into it. Investing or Trading? FA or TA? It matters what you buy, when you buy it and WHY you buy it. Then, when to sell(i always take profits too early and sell those losing ones too late - my novice's mistake) and WHY you sell it.

GPacket, I bought at 0.82-0.84 level to clear at 0.90-094 level. Then it shot up to RM1.05 level before retracing back to 0.90 level where I bought again at 0.89-0.90 level. I sold it at 0.94-0.98 level recently only to see it is at RM1+ now. When it moves lower, I m GLAD as I m stalking to BUY. The ...

9.15 am : KLCI down 2 points. Measat at 3.26 now, moving lower.

9.18 am : Bought more of Measat at 3.28. Now, wait to clear ...

11.45 pm : Just arrived home, watching Italy losing 3 - 1. France out, Italy out too?

Measat : Ouch ... back to 3.13, trapped. So, clearing tmr will give back the dinners. Hmm ...

Fajar : It shot up above RM1, but retraced back. Will only check on its charts tmr morning to decide.

KEuro : Yet another 'mistake' of clearing it yesterday at 0.820 and it touched 0.90. Grabbed back at 0.87, average.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

22nd minute : England 1 Slovenia 0. Defoe scored.
12.05 am : England and USA qualified for the next round as Donavan of USA scored in the injury time. What a dramatic change of fate for Slovania who tops the group before tonight's games.

DOW down by 150 points, BP below USD30.

8.55 am : Breakfast at Jalan Macalister. Wish we could find these nice food everywhere in KL.

Measat : Queue to clear at 3.23 and buy at 3.05

Keuro : B0ught back at 0.82, market price. It touched 0.805

1.10 pm : Hydro Hotel, Tg Bungah Penang

It is raining, otherwise I wont be 'stucked' in the hotel for the lunch. Measat and KEro not done.

KLCI recovered from morning sell-down, but still down 2 points. Yesterday and today are profit-taking days for many contra-players who bought last Friday and Monday.

2.50 pm : EPMB moving, up 9% today. At 0.515, buying in market price.

BJCorp starts to move too.

KEuro : Price still inching up a little but volume is low now. Sign of buying exhausted, time to sell soon.

Measat : Nice movements so far, at 3.17, intraday high 3.20.

Fajar : No energy to move further? Wait to see if it could form a 'flag'.

3.30 pm : Cleared KEuro at 0.820, taking all my profits. EPMB done at 0.515

4.10 pm : You need to be a casual Malaysian to enjoy 'cempedak goreng' by the Malay stall on the roadside while sipping your teh-tarik by the mamak stall, while thinking of where to get the Hokkien Mee(Prawn Mee for non Penangites) with Durian as dessert!! Yeah ... food feast here in Balik Pulau. Hehe

Clearance sales : Yes, I m clearing many as this rebound will stop soon, except for some counters like Measat, Proton, Gamuda and such. Few more days, may be. KLSE still at overbought level tho it is RED for second day(due to people like me who take profit and run) ... While I prefer to watch tonight's game, and enjoy the next round of football, I do not want to be heavily in a market which overbought. 2-3 weeks ago we could see SO MANY counters reversing UPWARDS ... and should be glad to buy buy buy ... now is sell sell sell.

I will hold on to Fajar to see the formation of the candlestick, while EPMB will be for short hit-n-run. While MAS is still in my stalk list to collect more, BJToto and Measat inching up ...these are few to watch for me.

4.30 pm : KLCI recovering .. flat now. Measat inching up, 3.19 now. My SELL queue at 3.23, its resistance. Dont worry, I wont regret even if it shoots to 3.49(next resistance) after I sold it for profits at 3.23. I bought 2k at 3.04 and 1k at 3.14 so far. Selling at 3.23 will earn me good dinners, right?

Measat : Cleared at 3.23. Wow ... it touched 3.24 now. Thanks for the dinner.

Measat : At 3.26 now, clearing resistance convincingly will see me moving back in! Hmm ...

4.40 pm : Measat bought at 3.28 for 1k.

4.50 pm : Measat bought another 1k at 3.31, closing price. Queue at 3.27 and 3.26 wont be done.

EPMB : Bought 0.515, sold 0.515. I want to enjoy my hours here, so wont watch. So, clear clear clear!!

Theme that I did not watch : UEMLand, MRCB, Tebrau, IJM and such moving up ... what do they have in common?

5.45 pm : KLCI 'last minute" shot up again ... yeah yeah ...

10.05 pm : England in red vs Slovenia. England needs to win or expect Algeria to upset USA while Slovenia needs a draw to quallify.

10.50 pm : I will trade with more confidence once I TRUST my own TA(+ FA + EA). Then, once I focus on the FIVE stocks I analyse, I shall NOT 'sway' away from that.

For example : The five I analysed over the weekend were Measat, KEuro, WCT, Proton and BJCorp. As I bought into Measat and KEuro successfully on Monday and letting go Proton which I missed her ... I should continue to focus only on WCT and BJCorp. Changing BJCorp with BJtoto is not right, and dropping Proton simply it shot up one day is not right too. Buying into EPMB as it shot up to is immorally wrong in trading!!

Stock Watch (20th June to 23rd June)

1. Measat 2.98 to 3.31 --- up 11.1%
2. WCT-wb 0.50 to 0.50 --- unchanged
3. KEuro 0.705 to 0.820 --- up 16.3%
4. Proton 4.51 to 4.75 --- up 5.3%
5. BJCorp 1.46 to 1.47 --- up 1%

KEuro : Cleared at 0.84 yesterday and also at 0.82. Buying back into it at 0.82 showing greediness. So, I discipline myself to clear all at 0.82. Good profits for 3 days trades - buy Monday, clear half on Tuesday and all on Wednesday.

Measat ; Moving in on Monday too, bought more on Tuesday ... cleared for profits today, only to see I m moving back at higher level before closing anticipating it to move higher in next 2-3 trading days. Will collect more again and clear again ...

Proton : Up to 4.70 level on Monday, down to 4.60 level yesterday but moving back to 4.70(last minute pushed up to 4.75) today, up 5% so far. Well, more upside seen in these coming two days. As KEuro cleared, I might top-up Measat or move in Proton??

BJCorp :

Support giving me a signal to BUY here. At 1.74, the buying momentum was very strong today. Bullish candlestick shown too.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

MEASAT : Still on the move, will see it breaks 3.20 convincingly before I add my positions.

11.45 am : Ipoh, Perak

I m having lunch, checking on my queues which DONE for KEuro, sold 5k at 0.83. It even went up to 0.855 ... next stage of clearing at 0.86.

Measat : Flying today too, bought yesterday ... and collecting more now. Arrghh ... I want to have my Ipoh Hor Fan first.

MAS : Still holding, queue at 2.20 not done.

GPacket : Breaking RM1 now.

Measat bought more at 3.14 = pi

5.45 pm : Georgetown, Penang

KLCI shed 11.85 points after 2 very bullish day, as contra players taking profits today and expect some profit taking tmr too.

I forgotten that I asked my dealer to help me to clear MAS(partial) at 2.17, and it was done. Also, KEuro done 5k at 0.84, not 0.83. So, as MAS cleared ... I bought more Measat.

KEuro : Will hold to clear at 0.89.

Measat needs to break 3.20, then I will look to sell for 8-10% profits.

9.30 pm : Cendol at Penang Road. Dinner at CF ... very nice food in Penang. Yes, I m from Penang but resided in KL since young.

BP : AT 29.55, going below 30 now.

To clear : KEuro and Fajar. Look to clear AnnJoo-wb for a loss too. Yes, I m using mor TA now.If you know how to use TA, it will definitely give you the edge. Add some FA, EA, PA, AA and LA ... well, you have most of the analysis included. Haha.

MAA and Proton : More upside seen in short term but as markets WILL retrace pretty soon, time to clear rather than accumulate.

To collect more : Measat.

Monday, June 21, 2010

8.50 pm : Portugal 4 North Korea 0 ... the biggest margin, with Germany beat Australia with the same score margin too. But, the game is still on ... will we be seeing 5th goal?

I m going to Penang tmr, driving early in the morning. Anyone in Penang kind enough to bring me to a good makan place? hehe. Have not decide where to stay, but as I missed beaches since in KL, I think I will opt for Batu Feringgi.

9.20 pm : It is SIX GOALS now ...

What?? ... it is SEVEN now!!

10.00 pm : DOW up 100+ points but BP down, at USD30 now.

Monday morning ... full of anticipating that KLSE will go higher after a bullish candlestick on Friday? Wait a minute ... did you see someone done a magic with their invisible hands to push KLCI up in the last half hour of trading and there are gaps in many counters being used to pump-up the KLCI artificially? So, do not be 'conned' by the charts. That is the weakness of candlestick, actually. It could be manipulated and planted. If I want to let u see a solid strong bullish candlestick, I can. I can buy a small amount of a certain counter at highest of value of the day!! Yeah ...

9.30 am : KLCI up more than 10 points just now, still up 7 points now.

MAS : Added more at 2.15 ... going into 2.20.

Measat : Moving in at 3.01 as it is moving. Wont be done at 3.01, bought at 3.04 instead.

Measat : Today is the second green histogram, every indicators pointing up/positively. Will clear MAS and add on this one in stages once confirmed.

10.10 am : GPacket : Clearing it at 0.980 done moments ago.

KEuro : It is moving now 0.725, queueing to buy at 0.72

KEuro : Technically, I was watching it in the morning ... and when it moves, I started to grab at 0.72(5k), and after my tuition class ... it was at 0.745(5k), confirming the 4R1G criteria to BUY. Then with a high volume registered, checking on the MA20 which at 0.76 after clsoing higher at 0.80(touched 0.815), it is breaching the MA20 resistance to confirm that it is on uptrend in short-term. Stochastic showing bullishness ... grabbed more at 0.77(4k) and 0.785(2k). When I average-up, normally the no of units I acquiring reduces. Till I sell it for profits, it is only paper-profit. I m seeing to top-up more if the buying still strong but ready to sell in stages too.

10.30 am : KurAsia cleared at 0.515, market price as I m moving into KEuro.

Fajar : To hold till above RM1.02

12.10 pm : Done with a tuition class - one-to-one - and grabbed more KEuro at 0.745, market value. I never buy KEuro prior to this one as I m using TA for it now.

KLCI up 15 points going into lunch. I will have a nice lunch later ... Nasi Briyani chicken. Anyone wanna treat me for a lunch, I give u some tips on stock-markets? Haha

WCT : It is up 2% now, ok ... grabbing WCT-wb now at 0.505. Today is a buying day for me as I cleared GPacket and KurAsia for profits. Thinking of Fajar too as I m holding on to too many now ...

WCT-wb : Bought at 0.505, riding on mommy's back.

2.00 pm : AFG is flying above 3.oo now

2.40 pm : Proton starts to move ... reversal confirmed.

KurAsia : AT 0.525, cleared too early this morning at 0.515. Noted.

Proton : At 4.70 now, queueing to move in at 4.65.

3.30 pm : MAS going to be overbought soon ... will hold till reversal, and take profits as I m holding 'too much for comfort' of it. Will shift half of it to Measat. Letting go of Proton.

KEuro : Added more at 0.77, current market price. Intra-day high at 0.785.

3.45 pm : Added KEuro at 0.785 for last 2k units for today. Will clear by stages later or tmr. This is for trading.

4.35 pm : KLCI up 17 points ... I m so focus only on few counters today ... the one 5 counters I listed yesterday(bought WCT-wb, KEuro and Measat) and those in my holdings. Cleared KurAsia and GPacket one cent too early. One cent could buy me dinners, u know.

4.50 pm : MAS under-perform for today, will wait for tmr to see if I need to clear and collect more Measat. Fajar is taking a rest.

5.10 pm : KLCI up 17.60 points.

Stock Watch (20th June)

1. Measat 2.98 to 3.03 --- up 2%
2. WCT-wb 0.50 to 0.51 --- up 2%.
3. KEuro 0.705 to 0.800 --- up 13%
4. Proton 4.51 to 4.70 --- up 4%
5. BJCorp 1.46 to 1.44 --- down 1%

So, will continue to watch Measat to accumulate, KEuro to take profit and WCT-wb to clear too. Dropping BJCorp from my list as it is still retracing and replace it with BJToto which shed 2% today. Dividend 8 cents. Dropping Proton too as it has moved up today.

Stock Watch (21st June)

1. Measat 3.03 to
2. WCT-wb : 0.51 to
3. KEuro 0.80 to
4. Proton 4.70 to
5. BJToto 4.34 to

Clearing : MAS(partial), Fajar and Keuro.

Overall market outlook : DOW overbought. KLSE overbought. It will retraces any day soon ... so, if you are NOT buying last Friday or today, buying tmr will be jumping in a fast moving wagon. Be careful. I m also aiming to take profits in these few days. So, it is for short trades, anticipating correction. Wait for corrections if you are NOT in yet. Short-term trading ... otherwise, WAIT.

Strategy for late-comers : While waiting for KLSE to retrace(soon?), do some homework on your fav stock and be ready to buy into your fav when markets in profit-taking mode. Today, high volume registered, many are contra-players. So, selling might be seen on Wed(I will too). Accumulate during World Cup, especially those good lagging fundamental stocks at the moment. Be safe than sorry. Treat me a dinner, I shall do some homework on that for you. haha.

Office to let (for tuition)

I will look for a small office to let and use it for my tuition. It must be walking distance from INTI/TAYLOR/METROPOLITAN/SRI KL colleges. And also I could be giving tuition at nights too. Need to increase(double) the number of students/classes from the current 5 classes per week. Need to utilise fully the 'office' lot and use fully my Saturdays too. NOTED.


Facebook : Your view?


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Taken from :

One of the dumbest thing man does is to buy or avoid a stock because of its name. Yet many smart men and women sometimes commit this fault. We all make mistakes. There are none so smart who do not err and none so stupid who are never smart. The difference is that the smart make the right moves most of the time; the stupid do the opposite.

Failures in the stock market fail because they just listen to tips. They fail to do a due diligence before they buy. They are either too busy or simply do not have the knowledge to do a fundamental analysis on the stock. Here are some common mistakes people make:

1) Holding on to a falling stock just to get out even.
2) Taking profit too early.
3) Listening to a hot tip without doing a due diligence.
4) Allowing small price movements to frighten you out of an investment.
5) Depending too much on the PE Ratio when looking for a good stock to buy.
6) Confusing low-priced stocks with cheap stocks.
7) Changing your strategy when it works.
8) Going for the laggards rather than the leaders.
9) Thinking that big is safe and not realizing that small-cap stocks have great potentials to become big.
10) The worst mistake is that you do not know that you do not know.

My Comments :

1. Yes, sound familiar as I WAS one of them in some of my stocks previously. I hv learned to cut loss and change my strategies. Worth to note this mistake as a reminder to myself that I should NOT following the herds.
2. That is me ... and happened many many of times!! I used to take 10% profits but those stocks shot up another 20% after I sold it. A few I sold at almost the peak, but that is rare. I admit I made this mistake the most. I m learning TA to give me a better view WHEN to SELL.

3. It happened to most novices, and I m no exception. When I was 'very raw', tips on stocks do influence my buyings. Normally, it could be tips from broker-house reports, the EDGE paper recommendations or some bloggers wrote about my 'fav' stocks!! Today, I no longer rely on any such, tho I m still biased to certain stocks which covered by OSK. I do have CIMB and RHB a/c too ... and at times, will read some reports there. Be your own guru ... do not listen to tips. And the writings in THIS BLOG are NOT be taken as tips.

Not Fair

I need to re-fine and re-define my plans to 'coach' - i m too raw. Haha.

To place into categories, different characteristics.

Age group : 20s, 30s, 40s and 50 above ... different points in their career giving different financial needs/wants. Maturity(financial) is in different levels too.

Investing vs Trading : While everyone wants to gain $$$(profits) from their investments/tradings, many do not know much of the difference. The more you read, the more confusing you are becoming. That is where I should step in : to differentiate these two. They could be over-lapping too as more people using FA + TA.

Fundamentals : Learning the terms and search for resources. Where and what to look for. These are basic of investing - and choose a corrct vehicle/instruments to suit their personalities.

Technicals : As more and more so-called fundamentalist(mostly losing money uncles/aunties) attending those TA courses(Chart Nexus is just one of them and I m not promoting CN as they didnt pay me anything yet! Haha) ... what to look for when we analyse a chart. How do we increase our 'probabilities' in our trade using those indicators? Chart Nexus teaching E, P and S but how many will really discipline enough to follow?

Market Psychology : These should be for those been trading markets or at least monitoring markets for sometime to understand WHY there is always a buying/selling at a same level. Why certain counters moving the opposite directions of the overall markets and how we interpret it, psychologically?

Mental Analysis : To know ourselves before getting to know others. I m not a psychologist or a 'mental' guru, but I think it should be given due importance. Recently I posted WTF and test to see how others seeing it. Failing to see such simple psychological test showing we are not mentally strong. We could be easily 'swayed' by others. That needs another whole one month or more to learn! Analysing our own mental capability is also to accept ourselves - what we could take or could not take.

Having said all the above, I believe I m not ready to coach anyone just yet. Hence the meeting the readers 'sessions' is closed before even it opens! Haha. Yeah, I m just a novice and want to remain in this novice category for another year or two. Though markets have been 'kind' to me, I will want to acquire more knowledge before I could proceed with my plans.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

HKSE's babes

Stock watch

1. Anhui ( : At 4.30 now. Watch support at 4.20 level, seen in AUG 2009. RSI at 33, buy below 4.20 with RSI below 30. PE 9.40 now ... this is better than PLUS. Good for investing.

2. CP Procurement ( : At 0.86, RSI 33.2, this is for trading. Chart showing bullish divergence, with prices going lower while MACD histogram moving up, in green!! Look for reversal.

3. Hidili Ind ( : At 6.02, PE 27 level, RSI 37, MACD bullish crossover, looking to rebound. UP from HKD2 in last year Mac to recent high at HKD10 before retracing to current level, looking for the floor.

4. Maashan Iron ( : At HKD3.53, touched recent low at 3.27 twice to form a W-shape(short term). Prices edging up with increase volume. RSI 44, if HSI recovering further, the rebound is very likely. Generally steel-sector are having corrections.

5. PetroAsian ( : RSI at 28 level, touched recnt low at 0.70. PE at 24. Weekly chart showing many REDS, waiting for first green. Selling weekly volume reduced, sign of reversal. Watch closely.

These five will be my top stock watch for next week. I will only focus 5 in KLSE and 5 in HKSE in every week and will use TA to analyse stocks that in my stock list, with a view to BUY one/two in a week for short/mid term trading. Yes, will spend my SATURDAY nights for this activity, and sharping my TA skills.

Meeting with readers sessions

Open to readers : Those NOVICES(those who NEVER been trading/investing or those still in reds) who wish to join me on Saturday Nights stocks scanning and picking, to share and learn from me, you are invited and may e-mail me personally to indicating your intentions. I m learning to coach. Only for those who are interested to be my 'students'. Limited to 5 person per session. Priority to Chart Nexus graduates as we could use the same search engine.

Day : Saturday
Time : 8.30 pm to 10.30 pm
Venue : My place, Subang Jaya
Payments : You may DONATE freely an amount(not less than RM20 please) as all proceeds will go for Kechara.

Will post the above on the side later.

AUZ 1 Ghana 1.


p/s : Add in TenCent. 1G seen last Friday in a very active trade, up in the second half.
Proton : Bullish Divergence? Proton not discuss during CN meeting, but it satisfied my scanning criteria.

STALK : Measat asking me to buy her ... should I grab on Monday? I m 'greedy'. Hmm ...

USA managed a draw ... could have won as a goal disallowed.

Nokia : at its new low, going below USD8. Nokia's smartphone, anyone?

3.00 am : England is playing ... still 0 - 0.

11.55 am : I m blur ... lack of sleep. Now at Bangsar to attend the CN's tutorial meeting. Yes, I do not give excuses to miss classes. Wish I could be home sleeping!!

12.50 pm : Many here ... 40+ I guess ... I m just one of the uncles/aunties here in Chart Nexus.

Analysing a stock by William, CN's trainer



1. Uptrend : High Low, MACD above 0, MA20
2. Price moving down with lower volume
3. 4R1G, reversal sign ... BUY BUY BUY?
4. Resistance at 3.23
5. Lookout on Monday - HIgh Volume ... BUY BUY BUY?


1. Uptrend : Solid white candle formed
2. Resistance 1328

AFG : Bullish with resistance 2.93

BStead : Reversal possible - take profit.

Gamuda : If break 3.08, then good profits seen.

Bullish Divergence : Price down, Histogram UP : BUY
Berish Divergence : Price UP, HIstrogram down : SELL

1.40 pm : In my mind now : Monday, clear of GPacket and KurAsia, ride on Fajar. Grab Measat!!

Laggards : I agreed with him ... when the whole sector is moving, grab those laggards as they will follow their sectors. He gave BANKING as example, which CIMB, MAyBank, PBBank and such moved in beginning of June ... which one is still lagging? Do some homework.

WCT : Nice uptrend now ... go for baby too. Can remember so many things arr?

Keuro : Wait for one green histrogram, STALK to BUY ... high profit seen. Strictly for short-term trading only, k?

White Hammer : BJCorp

Oversold : DBhd and Proton. Proton is a BUY to me next week ... watch if it moves.

Stock Watch

1. Measat
2. WCT
3. KEuro
4. Proton
5. BJCorp

Clear : GPacket, shooting star seen on Friday. RSI at 54.7 .. I shall wait for confirmation on Monday. Thinking of taking profit to enable my funds to be channelled to any of the 5 picks above. Measat or Keuro are my focus, tho I like others too.

Hold : KurAsia and Fajar till sell signal(s). KurAsia at resistance 0.515, at MA50, RSI 58. Break this resistance with high volume on Monday will see me selling. Fajar will see RM1+, RSI 56 now, two more days of holding will see me take profit if candlestick showing sign of reversal.


Friday, June 18, 2010

DOW up a little again, BP down a little.

South American teams are doing well ... Mexico beat France 2 - 0. So, with Spain lost, Portugal and Italy drew ... we shall see how Germany and Netherlands doing then. England? Hmm ... Unless Switzerland is to represent Europe, otherwise we shall see crisis in Europe in South Africa. At least they brought the crisis to Africa continent, away from Europe!!

Excuses by Jay

KurAsia : More space to move forward, and I m holding 18k units now. Might average up further?

JCY : This is nervous ... JCY showing a shooting-star, and reaching its resistance tho not overbought.

GPacket : More upward seen ... will wait for sell signal to make decision.

MAS : Added MAS at 2.10 as it is moving.

9.35 am : KLCI up 7 points, GPacket reaching 0.95 ... nice. Thinking of selling now, just two days ago I grabbed at 0.89-0.90, targetting 5-10%, reached and ripe to sell? yan-yan-yan

GPacket-wa : As I sold my holdings yesterday at 0.41, now it is at 0.425. I was uncomforatble as I m holding too much of GPacket(wa). So, I reduced my exposure by taking profits on that, letting GPacket to run, instead. I m queueing to trim at 0.96 as it is at 0.955 now.

9.45 am : As I was writing above, GPacket sold half at 0.960, at 0.965 now with baby at 0.435. Very bullish ... will hold to the other half and sell when it reaching 0.98 today!!

2.55 pm : Just done with 2 tuition classes. Busy with marking too.

JCY : Sold 2k units at 1.56 in the morning as I m nervous, and clearing more at 1.54 for small loss now. It was a wrong trade as I did not look into the TA. Time to focus and change into a more tech-person.

KurAsia : At 0.51 ... not moving much. Wait wait wait ... should I top up again?

GPacket : Another good trade ... but still holding and didnt sell at 0.98. At 0.96 now ... hmm ... hold.

Moving : Fajar and Tebrau are moving in my list.

MAS : Will continue to top-up MAS ... mesti-ada-sistem.

Fajar : Grabbed some at 0.97, market price now. Next week I m still on holiday,, so I m still avalible to trade. Normal working days I wont trade much as I could monitor the queues and such. It is important to monitor many 'signs' in daily basis if we are trading. I wrote about Fajar last night when I was do my 'scanning' and found the chart is 'nice'. So, as it proves me to be right, I m moving in for short trades.

3.15 pm : JCY sold at 1.54. Done. Why sell after only 2 days? It was a not-s0-right trade, but a good fundamental stock. IF could hold, I think there is an 20% upside(or more). I m eyeing back to LionInd as it is retracing. Wont buy today as I m focusing on Fajar and GPacket.

3.50 pm : Added Fajar at 0.980.

KKB : This is a winner in my stalk list today but I m not moving in as my heart cant take the pounding ... up/down very fast. LOL

4.15 pm : Wow ... Buying in Fajar is stronger than I expected ... at 0.99 now, but I m not chasing. Queueing to collect more at 0.980 now. Tell me ... how am I going to alert anyone what I m going to buy? I used it for trading ... how am I going to convince that those 'following' will sell rather than buy-n-hold? Sorry, I could not be a your stock picker. I m using PA = punting analysis, LA = luck analysis ... which are random!!

At least I wrote about KurAsia few days before I bought her at 0.47-049, right? Or I wrote about GPacket when it was at 0.86, bought at 0.89-0.90 when it gives me the signal to buy(PA + LA) .. and using a little of TA(lots of PA + LA), I m moving into Fajar which I wrote last night, ok?

Please understand that I m NOT selfish ... I wish I could help but following my buyings are simply too random and risky. DO NOT BUY what I m buying. All the writings here are FICTIONAL. Sorry.
For example, when I write a lot ... I m not buying. I m observing the queues, the charts, the news ... together with my little knowledge in FA + TA, I will try to make a 'guess' what will be the best time to move in. Yes, I m slowly adding more TA into my stock picks. :)

I bought JCY, I cut if off for a small loss as I m looking into LionInd again. How do I explain ar? Do I need to explain or should I? I do at times wish I DO NOT write about my trades!! And perhaps, I should write more of my so-called PAIN of losing in many trades.

For example : Sapcres which I bought at RM2 ... it went up to 2.10 then markets went bad and retracing to 1.90, my cut loss point and I sold it off at 1.90 as planned. Then it went below 1.90, only to see the current rebounds ... went all the way to 2.20. THINK ... if I do not sell, how am I going to buy others with my limited funds? By the way, I m controlling myself not to use more than 50% of my capitals, which I reserve for HKSE and my BP.

To answer yesterday question : Stock market is gambling too, you know. NOPE ... it is not, in my view. GAMBLING is something we COULD NOT control, like betting on a football game or buying a 4-digit, ok? I believe he knew what he was saying as he is a veteran in market. GAMBLING is 50-50 .. or rather, in longer run, the odds against you. Stock markets benefit those who 'know-how' and I m still TRYING to learn the trick-n-trades. Otherwise, I wont be paying good money to Chart Nexus, right? What?? For stock pick?? Haha ... how about u pay me RM200 per month and I give you 3 stocks that MIGHT move higher in that month?? Haha.

But, many trying to learn ... yet, 80% failed to learn well. Honest, I m such a novice in TA and FA. I was FA .. started with reading those reports ... now applying TA, if I know-how. For the time being, I use RA = rojak analysis. Haha

4.40 pm : CMSB ... I saw it moving for the past 2 days, and wrote it somewhere if I m not mistaken.

What is in my mind now?

Too many things. KLSE ...Hmm ... to stalk LionInd closely ... look into my 3-Es : E&O, EPMB and Efficient. To clear GPacket and say 'thanks for the green angpow'. KLSE overbought, so retracement soon ... watch out. No more buying but prepare to clear KurAsia and Fajar too. MAS is to collect and it will make it to the top30 soon. Look for breakout and happy to sell??!

I could not really write what in mind as it is FULL with ideas, trades, thoughts, imaginations etc etc. Tired.

9.20 pm : GERMANY LOST to Serbia. What an upset.

10.55 pm : DOW up a little, BP still up a little. USA down by two goals going into half time.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

DOW is flat with BP up 1%, reaching USD32, after agreed with the USD20b to be used for the cleaning process. OUCH.

BP : It is a BUY for me, but I dont know if I oculd get it at USD25-27. So, I do hope for another 'bad' news to pull it below its current low of USD29. No intention to trade on it, but looking to accumulate as investor point of view. CRISIS = OPPORTUNITY.

Sudirman - will always be my fav solo local Malay singer.

JCY : No intention to sell ... just watch and collect more at lower level. Dont mind get stucked for a while with this one as I m not holding much. But if it shoots 5-10% in a short period of time, I will trim my holdings. Queue at 1.50 now.

KurAsia : With only 10k units in hand, no intention to clear either. Will see if it could breach 0.52, its recent 'high'.

GPacket(wa) : Use for trading ... a shoot up of 5-10% will see me clear too.

Stalk : BJCorp at 1.45 ... rebounded from the strong support at 1.35. Worth a punt?

9.30 AM : KurAsia touched 0.52 .. we shall see ... might average up. hmm ...

10.15 am : Queueing for KurAsia at 0.505 now.

3A : Nice moves ... been observing for past 3 days. It is starting to move ...

10.15 am : GPacket is moving ... I might be lucky again to have a nice dinner tonight. Well, when I walloped the GPacket and its baby yesterday, I do NOT know it will move up, ok? So, I m LUCKY. LA = Luck Analysis

JCY : Nimbled 1k units at 1.56, 500 units at 1.57 and 4k units at 1.54, as I changed my 1.55 queue(2k units) to 1.54 in last 20 minutes of trading yesterday. Yes, I could do such as I m on holiday and facing the monitor!! So, I hv 5.5k units of it now, will trim some .. at 1.60+.

ECS : Starting to move too? My brother not working there, he worked with EDS, an American Company. Haha ... hmm ... have not check on its fundamental to warrant me to buy.

11.00 am : Cleared GPacket-wa at 0.41 for tonight's dinner. Feel more comfortable with GPacket. Queueing to clear mommy at 0.940, anyway.

12.06 pm : Grabbed some KurAsia at 0.510. More queueing at 0.505 and 0.500.

KKB : Was shooting higher in the morning but retracing now. Watch to see if it will form a 'flag' in this few days to move in. Otherwise, forget about it.

2.33 PM : CMSB moving ... i m not chasing.

GPacket moving. Cleared GPacket-wa too early, otherwise I could hv my steak tonight instead of char-kueh teow. Ok ok .. thankx, anyway.

2.50 pm : GPacket queue to clear at 0.95 not done, touched 0.945 so far.

3.25 PM : More of KurAsia done at 0.505, see if my queue at 0.500 will be done too?

World Cup : Time to accumulate?

yES ... it might be a good time to collect in stages some good stocks that you like. I think I m collecting JCY and wait for 'recovery'.

4.20 pm : KKB diving ... at 1.64 now. Tempted but will control. No punt.

4.55 pm : KLCI up 1+ points. I m off.

Added : KurAsia

Cleared : GPacket-wa

Maintain : JCY and GPacket

Others : Hold forever ... haha

7.45 pm : Chart Nexus here.

Man : Do you bet on football game?

TEH : No, I dont. That is gambling. I dont gamble.

Man : But, stock market is gambling too!!

TEH : (Calmly) .. nope, depending on how u see it. Many do, I hope I do not as I do not gamble

KLCI up for days now. RSI showing over-bought, so expect a bumpy KLCI in days to come, and SELLing is in my mind for my GPacket and KurAsia.

Note : I must be more discipline to use CN for my analysis before I buy/sell any stocks!!

For example : JCY bought too late, and today showing shooting star, confirmation tmr. GPacket and KurAsia to hold till sell signal, ok?

Stalk : Measat, Fajar and BJCorp-LC


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

CWTR : Technically, this stock is worth watching waiting for rebound. At 4.20, down 2%.

9.30 pm : DOW down a little but BP continues to move lower ... at USD29.7, down 5% now.

HTM : This 'green' stock touched new low at 0.66 last week and at 0.92 now. It was at 0.80 when I started to stalk it last year ... moving all the way up to USD2+ before stablised at USD1.50. Today it is below USD1 again ... can buy ar?

DOW up 200+ points with overall most stocks see gains ...including BP, closed higher at 31.40

North Korea given a respectable result, and even scored against the mighty Brazil. Well done, Asians.

Lady Gaga : Cant be a 'normal' singer to hit such popularity?

8.50 am : Tho I m having my break, I hv tuition classes almost everyday. Plus my marking ... so, I m stucked with work-work-work. Will go off to Penang for holiday next week.

GPacket : Moving in, bought at 0.900. Queuing more at 0.890

9.45 am : KLCI up 7 points.

BJToto-cg : At 0.085 now, was from 0.07 days ago. BJToto-cg is a good punt, giving us high leverage on its mommy's moves.

JCY : At 1.55 now, a good stock to have. Good for trading too as players still eyeing on it.

11.25 am : Just done with a tuition class. KLCI is in bull-day ... leads by CIMB.

12.20 pm : KKB flying off today, gaining 12%. I hv KKB in my stalk list 2 days ago.

KurAsia : Queue to sell my remaining at 0.51, might not be done today. Today is a good day to sell many, if we have been accumulating. The volume increases ... a good sign that KLCI to move higher ... breached 1300 level now. I m not buying anything much, except to sell KurAsia and change it with GPacket, which moving today. It was at 0.86.

3.00 pm : KLCI still up 12 points. GPacket queueing at 0.890 and 0.88 not done yet.

JCY : As LionInd continues to go higher, I shifted my focus to JCY, queueing at 1.54 now. More to collect at lower levels.

GPacket-wa: Bought 15k units at 0.40 market price moments ago.

JCY : Nimble a little at 1.56, queueing at 1.55, 1.54 and 1.52.

JCY : Nimbled a little more at 1.57.

Jaks and Perisai is moving in my list now ... still will focus in GPacket and JCY.

JCY : Queue at 1.55 cancelled, and grabbed more at 1.54. Queue at 1.52 wont be done as market is closing.

GPacket : 0.89 done.

Faber : Going above RM3, someone bought at 3.40+ should be gaining much now.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

DOW up 110 points. Green day tmr for KLSE?

BP : Taken from ---> here


The One Stock I Regret Buying (June 14, 2010)

I'm not always right... In fact, if any investor claims a 100% rate of success, they are either lying to you -- or they only invest in pathetic low-yield fixed income stuff. Those on the path to great wealth, on the other hand, are comfortable with taking measured risks.

My purchase of BP plc (BP) shares after the oil disaster in the Gulf turned out to be a perfectly reasonable bet that didn't pan out. At least I cashed out relatively early (at around $47.19 per share) and avoided most of the losses the company's ADR stock has suffered since then.

At the time, my thinking was that BP would have the leak sealed in a reasonable amount of time, pay out some damages to those who lost work as a result (fishermen, tourism companies), and slowly inch back toward $60 per share or higher.

Of course, things didn't work out like that. The company's management style has come under fire, several radically different attempts to fix the leak were not successful, and some of the oil has already washed ashore... destroying beaches and killing wildlife.

What did I learn from this recent speculative investment? Always, ALWAYS stick to your psychological stop-loss. I told myself that if the stock went below $48, I would close out my position. And that's exactly what I did. It saved me a lot of money.

If you're interested in whether BP plc (BP) has become a buy yet, read the fascinating reader comments on this post.

copied by TEH
DOW down slightly with BP lost 9.71% to USD30.67 now. I will move in when it goes below USD27 or so.

World Cup : I m glad that both Asian countries showing that they could match the physically stronger European or African. South Korea beat Greece 2 - 0. Perhaps Greece's players could blame on their country's debts bothering them. How about Cameroon, who lost to Japan last night? Eto almost non-existance in the game? Japan beat Cameroon 1 - 0, the solitary goal by Honda. Yes, Honda played, Toyota didnt.

8.55 am : There is an AGM in Sunway for KurAsia this morning at 10am. I m too busy to attend, otherwise it will be an experience to attend such AGM as a shareholder!!

Affin-wc : For punting purposes, BUY at 0.015 now. It was at 0.01 yesterday, touched the lowest possible tick at 0.005. Yes, it is 100% increment for punters as it is at 0.02 now!! These are for gamblers only. But using my PA + EA, it is a good punt. Expiring in 23 days, premium less than 1%.

Affin-wc : Done 100k units at 0.015 = RM1.5k. See if my PA + EA can guna or not. Clearing at 0.02 as I m kiasi ... that is RM500 plus minus, ok? I m using OSK simulation la. Done another 100k units at 0.015

11.30 am : KLCI is flat. Sold 5k units of KurAsia at 0.495, retaining 10k units.

Affin-wc : Ooppss ... no punting luck, it is at 0.015, failing to clear at 0.02. Queueing to buy more at 0.010. PA = Punting Analysis. EA = Experience Analysis. Haha

1.45 pm : KLCI is flat with RM345m turnover.

4.00 pm : KLCI up 1+ points. Affin-wc done 300k units at 0.01. We shall see if my PA can use or not. Yes, use the simulations to practice on our trades, for novices.

Isnt it logical to queue to BUY Affin-wc at 0.005, the lowest ticker and if done, that is great!! If you manage to sell it at 0.010, that is 100% profit!! But, say you failed to sell it before it expires, then you are the owner or Affin shares! It is a good 'gamble' ... so, we could see huge queue at 0.005. Now, who will sell it at 0.005?? I saw some quantities done at 0.005 yesterday and started to think about it, Affin-wc. Well, mind you I have bought it at 0.13 level before, selling for some profits. I do not touch it since then. It shot 100% up after that, to 0.26+ level before ... well, it is at 0.010 level. You dont hold it when its expiry date is nearing, ok?

Efficient : Queue to buy 20k units at 0.170. I dont think so it will be done today too.

LionInd : At 1.56 now ... touched 1.50 this morning. I hv to let it go ...

BJToto : Why I will like any aunties/uncles to invest in BJToto rather than FD.

PETALING JAYA: Malaysian Rating Corp Bhd (MARC) has assigned an AA-rating for Sports Toto Malaysia Sdn Bhd’s RM800mil medium-term notes with a stable outlook.

The agency said this was premised on the reliability of the company’s cashflow from its number forecast operations (NFO), leading and entrenched position in the oligopolistic NFO gaming industry and modest capital expenditure requirements.

However, MARC said these positives were moderated by the company’s historically high dividend payouts and substantial amounts owing to Sports Toto by Berjaya Sports Toto Bhd, which accounted for 75.4% of its current assets as of April 30, 2009.

8.05 pm : I have decided to buy a medium cost apartment in USJ here, average about RM175k. It is for staying ... and I might rent a place at Subang Jaya for my tuition purposes as the number of students increased. I certainly need a place nearby for the convenience of my 'clients'. Once that is establish by next year ... I will start to look for a property for longer term investment. I used the term INVESTMENT, as that is what in mind. So, for the time being 3-5 yrs, I will be content with a simple apartment, while continue to save as much as I could. I need to earn much more, with the target of doubling what I m earning at the moment. It is not impossible, tho ... just need to work hard, smart ... and plan well my strategies.

As for markets, the current correction is nice. BUT, I m waiting for a further DIVE in HKSE to move in largely in one or two stocks. KLSE? Nothing to buy much ... except collecting more bullets and wait for reasonable level say, 1220.

ECS : It is at new low, at 1.05 level. Need to check on its fundamental. I knew it is an ICT company in cyberjaya as my brother worked there as system analyst before!! Now it is listed and far below its IPO value. Oversold ... why?

BP : Tho DOW up almost 100 points, BP moving the opposite direction, back to the price I sold off my holdings. At USD30 level now ... watch for USD25?

Hainan : VISA free .. shown in biz-china a batch of AirAsia passengers landed in Hainan, China without VISA. Hainan will be make a tourism place ... hmm ... interesting if I could give my family a break there end of the year?


Monday, June 14, 2010

RCG : I like this huge waterfall, coming down from HKD12 to below HKD6.

DOW up 60 points but BP down 6.5%, at USD31.80 now.

10.35 pm : BP at 31.15, down 8.3%.

10.40 pm : Japan scored ... 1 - 0. Half time.

I m using my Chart Nexus to scan for RSI below 30 stocks for today. Found 5 in the KLSE list : BJCorp, BJCorp-lc, ECS, KKB and SLP.

Scanning for HKSE registered 13 counters.

To stalk : BJCorp and KKB

To stalk : RCG( oversold, PE 2.25, RSI 22.95. New low at 5.60 today, closed at 5.68.

MCC : Weekly chart showing the downtrend since IPO. Touched a low of 3.30, this is one giant worth investing. PE at 10 with ROE 24% level. RSI at 45, wait for market to collapse, grab this one, you wont regret?! This is also for few 'investors' who want a good recommendation for INVESTING. Recently Chairman resigned, and NO dividends announced. So, we have 'cheaper' level to move in ... you decide on your own entry level, ok? I have answered what I think of a good stock reaching for its new low.

Download its quarter report here : --->

MCC : Mong-cha-cha is still on downtrend. Please check the details, fundamentally before you make your decision, ok? I dont have enough bullet to buy this one!

Description : Taken from Google

Metallurgical Corporation of China Ltd. is principally engaged in engineering contracting, resource development, equipment manufacturing and property development, among others. The Company operates its businesses primarily through engineering contracting, which involves in metallurgical engineering, municipal engineering, transportation facilities and urban infrastructure engineering, among others; resource development, which includes mining business, smelting and processing business; equipment manufacturing, which provides metallurgical equipment, steel structures and other metal products, as well as property development, which involves in development of projects in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Wuhan of Hubei province and Nanjing of Jiangsu province, China. During the year ended December 31, 2009, engineering contracting accounted for approximately 82.31% of the Company’s total revenue.

MCC : What is MCC to you? To many of my young students, MCC is Mong-Cha-Cha. I asked my wife this morning ... she answered the same. MCC is a huge construction company in China to me, which in my stalk list.

Next question : How do you value a good stock?

Market Cap :For some, it must be a blue-chip with large market cap. MCC's market cap stands at HKD10.16b now, after it stocks down from HKD5.50 to current HKD3.50. So, it is about RM5b+, ok? Large enough?

Low PE : At the current price, its PE at 10.20, low comparable to its peers. I do like its valuation, in the view of being investor.

High ROE :At 20+% level, it satisfied most of the investors criteria.

Cashflow : A huge increase in CASH ... and decrease in its liabilities. Another good reason why investor will like to have her.

Net Profit Growth : At 41%. It speaks all.

Disclaimer : DO NOT LISTEN to me ... unless u want to treat me a doughnut and coffee, I wont give you more details! Haha

Germany whacked Australia 4 - 0 ... the team to beat?

9.10 am : I m having my break but need to do my marking. KLCI flat ... Many ACE market's counters occupying the top volume in KLSE, showing that only these being gorenged. Very low turnover ...

Talam : I was 'lucky' not to punt into it as it is lowered at 0.135 now.

10.10 am : KLCI-linked stock that I do like are BJToto and very soon, MAS. Besides these two, I do look into Axiata, AMMB, MMC and Genting ... which all in different sector. For plantation, I shall choose KLK or PPB(not IOI or SIME). The choices are yours ... this is just what I will grab, for investing. These stocks are no longer cheap(i m talking about valuations, not the stock price, ok?). So, I shall wish for KLCI to go to 1220 before thinking of grabbing some of these 'good' stocks.

11.05 am : KLCI up 2 points. LionInd at 1.50 now.

KurAsia : Queue to buy at 0.475 and to clear at 0.510.

Adventa : RHBInvest value it outperform with target RM5+. Buying at RM3+ is attractive, right?

2.30 pm : KLCI is napping ... with turnover about RM269m only for the whole morning. Many might just woke up now ... and we might see more volume increases later ...

KurAsia : My only focus at the moment ... at 0.485 now, queueing to collect more at 0.475.

LionInd : AT 1.52 now.

GPacket : At 0.86 now.