Friday, April 30, 2010

DOW up 120 points ... we shall see KLCI dancing .. TGIF!!

GTronic : Bought some at 1.57 yesterday, will release it off if it jumps up, say, to 1.65 or so. I hv tried it last week ... bought 1.58, and sold 1.70 two days later. I earned me a dinner. Will I get another dinner at TGIF tonight? hehe.

10.05 am : KLCI up 10 points ... anything to SELL?

BJToto : Shooting higher, at 4.60 level now(touched 4.67) and looking to sell IF there is a breakout, say to 4.80? Cost at 4.20 hmm ... this one I bought for my aunts. A nice 10% for 3 months? Perhaps, they might believe me that markets(if u know how) will give them better than their FD?? BJToto is one of the many no-brainer way of investment. I will swing trade it for greater profits. And all my profits will go to my aunts(happy mommy's day!!). :-)

Say, you dare yourself to buy a stock when it dived(KLCI lost 10+ points that morning), will you sell for small profits tmr?

Say you bought 10k units of GTronic at 1.57 yesterday(you are lucky as that was intra-day low), will you sell it at 1.65 for profits? How much is that? Hmm ... cost RM15,700. Current RM16,500. That is a cool RM750+ of profits for a day. What are you waiting for? Hmm ... then, we started to feel GREEDY. I think it will go up to 1.70. Afterall, I sold it for 1.70 last week! Heck, it touched 1.73, indeed. These are emotions inside us, little voices that might 'stop' us from carrying out our plans.

Will you sell it at 1.65 as planned and NOT looking back if it shoots to 1.75 or higher, and then you will start to feel emotional again ... looking at another RM1k that you COULD HAVE profited? If only I didnt sell it at 1.65, your little voice whisspering, with a looong sigh. You might even think it is a lesson to learn and trade it THAT manner in your next trade. Traders went thru all these in daily basis!! Wow ... a rollercoaster ride for our hearts wont be good ... right, doc?

10.35 am : Lets say I didnt sell it at 1.65 as planned, and it is moving lower at 1.62 now. Should I sell NOW? Never mind, I still have RM500 profits, u said. Every 1 cent is RM100 difference. FEAR that it might go lower than your cost value starts to seep in ... you started to feel scare. Your little voice trembling, pestering you to SELL SELL SELL ... otherwise, I will lose my TGIF dinner with my friends tonight. I hv called them and told them that 'dinner on me'. Oh my oh my ... what should I do? SELL or HOLD now? Decisions need to be done quick!

Hmm ... may be I should buy more at 1.62 now as it is moving lower. PERHAPS, it might shoot back to 1.65 and beyond later. You are thinking ... trying to recall you little experiences trading in stock-market. Then, you crossed your fingers or your toes ... hoping that you dont have to give excuses to your friends that you cant make it tonight for the steak-dinner at TGIF.

2.31pm : KLCI up 10 points ... BJtoto, Genting, Axiata ... up up .. but TopGlove at 12.50. TopGlove-cc at 0.160. As I sold it at 0.18, should I think of grabbing it back at 0.15?

Genting : Too late to chase? I m queueing for Genting-CP at 0.21.

GPacket : I like this waterfall now. Going below RM1? It is testing its strong support at RM1, to be a penny stock!

11.50 pm : DOW down a little - GS making headlines.

GTronic : Closed at 1.59 ... so, there goes my dinners. Hopefully it could rebound to 1.70 next week and I could bring my whole family for TGIF, mommy's day verse. Hehe.

Genting-cp not done.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thu is my most busiest day, with only an hour break from lunch ... classes from 8am till 7.30pm. Arrghh ... market rebounds. If you bought anything yesterday when it dived 10+, then sell today for short-trade(s) and small profits, going into MAY ...

KNM rebounds today ... some syndicates decided today is the day to push it up(oversold, anyway) and to drop it again when ikan-bilis traders went in. It will not be good ... are u an investor or speculator?

KLCI up about 3 points, closing for lunch.

TopGlove(cc) : I sold Topglove at RM13, and it is at 12.50 now. I also cleared her baby at 0.18, and it is at 0.165 now. Yes, I m lucky to take profits and run ... it is moving lower. Of coz, if it shoots higher AFTER I sold it, then you might label me as 'unlucky'? That is trading ... you need to see your 'stars', zodiac or ... perhaps 'feng shui'?

As I m wearing a green shirt today, it should be a green day? Hmm ... I wont mind wearing green everyday then. Hehe

Will China crash economically?

CHINA bashing by now must surely be the most popular sport among Western investors, mass media and institutions. China crashing now, China crashing a few years later, China crashing anytime and crashing forever is the mantra.

A mantra is like a hymn. If you chant it endlessly and repeatedly, it gets stuck in one’s head. However, the fact that it may get stuck in one’s head does not mean that it will happen or that it represents the reality.

In fact, a mantra based on superfluous analysis or worse, an inherent bias, would block the real realities from surfacing. An objective analysis of the global economic conditions would show that this is what is actually happening.

With all the high profile, high publicity given to China bashing, all eyes are centred on China in general and its property sector in particular. Will China crash? When will China crash? i Capital’s managing director gets these questions all the time.

In contrast to all the dire predictions about China, i Capital expects China’s economy to nicely soft land this year. When the Lehman Panic broke out in September 2008, and almost collapsed the world economy, China was ahead of every other economy in implementing economic expansion measures.

China very quickly bottomed out and pulled the global economy out of its worst conditions (which, of course, no Western country has given China any credit). While the US led the world economy into possibly the worst recession in a long time, China and the rest of Asia quickly pulled the world economy out of a US-created catastrophe (see charts).

As China’s economy recovered quickly and strongly, the Chinese government has subsequently acted very quickly and effectively again. Measures to cool the hot property sector down have already been announced months ago.

China’s government is ahead of the property “bubblet” curve. However, it takes time for the impact to be felt, which is expected to take place in the coming months.

Selected segments of the property sector will cool down but the rest of the economy will still be performing well. China’s economy is huge and a cooling of the property sector will not crash the continental economy.

The decision by The People’s Bank of China not to raise interest rates so far is correct. Why kill the rest of the economy when there is no need to? There are many other effective ways to tackle the property “bubblet”, especially when the cause of the rise in property prices is not low interest rates.

Another unnoticed development that favours China soft-landing this year is that the current global economic recovery is not synchronised. The recovery in the United States is behind that of China and the rest of Asia but it is gathering momentum.

The growth in US exports and the recovery in the industrial sector have led the US recovery. Consumer spending is also recovering and will gather momentum as the US job market improves further. The US housing sector is also expected to contribute positively this year.

As 2010 progresses, the US economic recovery will play a greater role in global economic growth. This is ideal, as it will allow China to turn to other economic sectors for growth while it tackles its property bubblet.

In short, as the US economic recovery gathers momentum in 2010, China’s GDP growth would slow to a healthy, high single-digit rate.

Based on the economic outlook of the United States and China, i Capital sees a benign global economy. Unlike 2006 or 2007, 2010 will see a healthy unsynchronised global recovery. This upbeat view can, of course, be turned topsy-turvy by unexpected events. There seems to be plenty nowadays.

One, while the currency pressure on China seems to have reduced somewhat, the United States is now cleverly turning to other countries and US-dominated global institutions to crack China’s position. Apparently, even India and Brazil are now joining in the bandwagon as prominently headlined on the front page of the Financial Times.

So, although the currency pressure cooker is not boiling over for now, the threat of a trade war needs close watching.

Is China crashing the real worry? Or is the eurozone breaking up the real worry? Actually, an economy that has crashed but that has not been described in this way is the eurozone a.k.a a continent of discontent.

First, it was the PIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain). The budget deficit for Iceland is 14.3%, Greece 13.6%, Spain 11.2%, Portugal 9.4% and China 2.2%. The China bashers say that China’s budget deficit is actually higher because it does not include the local governments. We wonder why the clever Greeks did not think of this simple trickery.

Anyway, the Greek civil servants are on strikes and the budget deficit is running at unsustainable levels. No wonder the Greek economy is not in a sustainable mode. This continent of 35-hour working week but with wages paid equivalent to 350-400 hours of work in China or India is declining fast, faster than what is generally realised or acknowledged.

Greece, supposedly the birthplace of democracy, has transformed itself into a “debtmocracy”. Will China crash, as we all are led to believe, or will Greece be the Sword of Damocles for the eurozone and thus the global economy?

Then, as if Greece et al is not enough, as if an evil spell has been cast on Europe, we all discovered that cash-starved Iceland is actually rich with ashes. Imagine Iceland, more than 1,800km away from London and more than 2,100km away from Germany, taking revenge on the eurozone. Who would imagine that?

The hiatus caused by the volcanic eruption is not small. That a volcano from Iceland is causing so much havoc in the eurozone is symbolic of the very difficult period that this fledgling economic bloc is undergoing.

Almost every economy in the eurozone, including that of the United Kingdom, is in trouble. As i Capital wrote above, this is the reality, this is what is actually happening.

China and the rest of Asia are not crashing. The United States crashed and the eurozone has crashed. Should the East follow the West?

i Capital does not think so although there are many out there who would want to see this happening.

3.45 pm : Perisai, GPacket or Gtronic?

4.30 pm : GTronic done at 1.57 moments ago. Off.

10.15 pm : DOW up ... looking at a rebound tmr for KLCI.

CMSB : A rebound of 3% shown today. I wrote about this waterfall last week. Time for a short-trade and small profits tmr.

Tebrau : At strong support of 0.63.

GPacket : At strong support of 1.02

Once again, we have to say, In China We Trust. As i Capital advised previously, “This decoupling is here to stay”.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

DOW lost 200+ points and at 10,991. Yes ... 991 ... it is a warning. Perhaps the last siren ... run run run ... we might see some panic selling later on. If MASor Adventa dive 10% down, I will make a commitment to start buying again. I might take profits on Supermax and BJToto soon. It is time to preserve cash. As for my others(TA, TAGB, TAS, E&O ... left only small portions which wont be buying or selling - stuck inside the hole).

What's in a colour?

Are you a believer that COLOURS represents our characters or attitudes? For example, those who like RED, they are those envy/jealous type? Or it is represnts anger? What colour do you like most? What if I said I like YELLOW? How will that be interpreted?

In markets, we like GREEN, not RED. Today, we will see more REDs.

9.10 am : KLCI dives 15 points lower. Wow ... is the game over? Time to buy again?

GTronic : Back to 1.58 level which I bought last week and sold at 1.70 just two days ago. Wont buy any, going into MAY.

MAS : Touched 2.09 ... wait ...

Nothing else I can say (the font of the lyric is in RED)

11.10 am : KLCI recovers, but still down by 6 points. GTronic bounces back to 1.65 level. To me, it is not time to buy yet ... this correction in May may be deeper than expected. Lunch time ... I m very tired. Wish to rest ...

Rest when you are tired but dont you QUIT.


p/s : I m wearing YELLOW shirt today :-)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

DOW flat but still staying above 11,200 ... if we are seeing DOW at 11,700 ... then, that is peaking. Time to hibernate?

Should we be normal?

There is a award-giving ceremony going on around. Students who scored more than 8A's were given 'discounts' on their fees. Many of them, indeed. SPM is becoming mundane ... scoring A is becoming a ritual, and most students(with little brain and little work) could achieve that. I m not saying it is simple but generally ... it is achievable, if one wants to!!

TEH : If I m not mistaken, I only obtained 4A's for my SPM. Maths, Add Maths, English and Geography. So, I m certainly below average! Hmm ...

Is there an award-giving for those use the correct techniques to trade or invest? Correct strategies or the so-called best way of investing? Have you read enough to know there is no such award? The reward(rather than award) ... is profits/gains from our trades/investments. With the statistics showing 80-90% of them losing money in markets, is that a consolation that I m just being normal? NORMAL?? What?? Herd mentality prevails ... that is how we lose money in markets, actually.

Instead of teaching FA or TA or whatever 'A' they are still arguing about, lets be practical. We should teach market psychology, in my humble opinion. FEAR and GREED (by Pauline Yong ... err ... am I promoting her book again? Perhaps I should call her and ask for a doughnut too? Hehe) ... being played again and again in markets. The rush for profits when a stock shooting higher or the fear of seeing a stock tanking ... arrghh ... that is painful, real pain I could tell you.

So, with that in mind ... do you think FA or TA is more effective or still arguing how many percent of FA and TA should be applied? Hmm ... Lets get to the bottom line. IF YOU ARE PROFITTING from markets most of the time, then use your systems as it suits you. Congrats ... you are the minority of 10-20% who manage to profit from market. You are ABNORMAL. Huh? Abnormal in what sense? In you systems that you are applying ... because most of them in markets are RANDOM - no system or little of thinking used. NO discipline as rumours/tips easily available. No readings needed as who cares what the stock XYZ business is about. NO experience needed ... err ... you will get your experiences hand-ons? Hmm ...

What is the main reasons traders/investors fail in market? WHY normal people around us will see going into share-markets is like GAMBLING? Is it? Well ... I read Ho Kok Mun's book(please send me my doughtnut, Mr Ho for promoting your book here? Thanks) regarding this. I could say I m only partial agreed with his short answer. Perhaps, he knew that he is writing to the majority normal investors/traders especially those new ones. ME?? I m new too ... only 2 years old in markets!! Those 10years and above are still losing money!! But ... we believe, ONE FINE DAY ... we will win big, we will beat the markets with our ... err ... strategies?

Well, I always feel that being 'normal' will not let us go far ... we could NOT do the best in whatever by being 'normal'. NORMAL people do not do these or those things. We heard of these words since young. As our brain channelled to be NORMAL, then ... normal people should NOT be in markets!! Afterall, we dont wish to add to the high % of market failures, do we?

TopGlove-cc : My TopGlove baby which I subscribed last week will be trading today. The price was at 0.15. I just check that many PUNTERS and BUAYA queueing at 0.19. Me?? I will sell it at 0.20!!

9.55 am : I sold TopGlove-cc at 0.18. Real kiasu-la ... it touched 0.195. Ok, content with the profits and learning the trades. GTronic at 1.64, E&O at 1.00, Efficient at 0.205, EPMB at 0.51, Adventa at 3.38 and MAS at 2.17. So, is it 'luck' that I sold my GTronic at 1.70, E&O at 1.08, Efficient at 0.23, EPMB at 0.54, Adventa at 3.52 and MAS at 2.35? (If I m not mistaken or if you are so busy-body, please check my previous post on my selling la).LUCK? Not really ... I m seeing weakness and want to realise some profits as some still moving lower.

11.15 am : TopGlove(the mommy) also done at 13.06. Left Supermax and some Adventa to hold for rubber ...

12.25 pm : KLCI closing for lunch, lowered by about 2 points.

KNM ... KNM .... KNM ... at 0.54, down another 7%. It is highly in my stalk list as it is diving down. But, I wont move in yet. Perhaps I m waiting for Mr Lee to make some statements? It is technically oversold. Another down will bounds up? newton 3rd Law?

WCT : Testing Rm3, OSK reported more upside for her. I do like WCT. If you owned an old KL's plate car "WCT" then you should BUY WCT, ya. Haha. Ok ok ... that is kinda lame joke. I m actually looking into WCT-wb as it is retracing from 0.60 level.

GPacket(wa) : Another high in my stalk list.

Rubberex : Going below 1.20, at 1.19 now. Noted.

Genting : It is moving ...

6.00 pm : KLCI closed merely 0.35 points below. Hong Kong down 1.5% and Shanghai down 2%. Is it the MAY effects?

Jerneh, POS, Affin, MRCB, KPJ, Unisem, Notion, LionInd ... and many more showing in bloomberg as top-lossers.

O&G : KNM at 0.525, Scomi 0.455, Perisai 0.615.

Jaks at 0.81. I remember I bought at 0.84 for quick trade and gained some dinners. Today, at 0.81, I wont even think of buying it ... sell in MAY, I m reminding myself.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday : End of April now ... will you sell and go away? Mr Tan said selling in May only for those who time the markets. Investors shouldnt be bothered much as they are holding to good fundamental stocks, and should be glad to buy more if it retraces. I think that is VERY true ... rather than chasing and worrying if markets going to correct or how far markets could go, one can adopt this investing mind-sets. Hmm ... but, if the could get in and out once in a while(timing needed?), they could earn much more. Again ... who could precisely tell what stock could move up or down in short term, right? That is left for the speculators!! For those into TA, and I m going into that direction, swing-trading or momentum-trading could give huge profits too. These days ... it is HIT-n-RUN. haha

11.20 am : KLCI up a bit. Many mentioning Perisai ... it is still red today.

It is lunch time for me but KLSE's turnover is merely RM275m. A check on Adventa and MAS ... both going lower. When they surge up, time to sell. When they retracing, think of buying. But, as it is approaching MAY and a significant correction expected, I wont be buying anything much ... cutting more of Adventa soon. Even thinking of clearing my TopGlove.

4.35 pm : Running again ... a check on queues - sold GTronic at 1.70.


After toughing out "the worst recession the semiconductor industry has seen since its inception", things are going the way of the semi manufacturers. Strengthening consumer confidence, a growing global economy and reported increase in corporate spending have helped push the sector into positive earnings and that continued profit could have the same effect on portfolios.

Positive Circuits

Semiconductor sales fell more than 9% throughout 2009, but analysts are now predicting a wave of nearly 20% growth in sales for the sector in 2010. Consumers are parting with their hard-earned dollars in the tech sector. Research firm IDC, reports that shipments of personal computers have risen by 24% in the past quarter. The rise in e-book readers popularity, such as Amazon's (NASDAQ: AMZN) Kindle, are also having positive effects. Global e-book reader shipments are predicted to increase from 700,000 units in 2008 to more than 28 million units by 2013. Also the push for consumers to be more "green" could help the semi industry profit. As consumers buy more energy efficient appliances, the more complex the chip sets need to be in performing their functions.

TEH : I want to buy a 'Kindle' or should I go for iPad?

The average age of a computer in corporate America is nearly five years old. While companies reduced IT spending during the downturn, these older machines are at the point where it becomes more costly to keep them running rather than buy new. Tech companies are typically one of the first recipients of increased corporate spending as their products or services help increase efficiency and growth. Analysts predict that CAPEX spending will rise by over 14% in the coming year.

The contract prices of 12-inch wafers grew 10% in the fourth quarter of 2009, 5% in the first of 2010 and the Semiconductor Industry Association announced that February sales increased 56% year-over-year. Both Texas Instruments (NYSE: TXN) and LSI (NYSE:LSI) raised their guidance, and tech bell-weather Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) reported soaring earnings, topping estimates by 13.2%.

A Chipper Portfolio

The semiconductor industry is one of a cyclical nature. While Intel's blowout earnings have caused the overall sector to spike over the past few days, it's not too late to ride the next wave in the sector. A growing global economy and increased tech spending should keep the upsurge going. Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) can provide an easy way to own a basket of various semi manufacturers with the ease of holding a single ticker.

The iShares S&P North American Tech-Semiconductors (NYSE: IGW) is the second largest ETF in the sector based on assets, and holds 52 stocks. This includes an 8.5% weighting towards Intel. The equal-weighted SPDR S&P Semiconductor (NYSE: XSD) might be a better choice for investors with its lower expense ratio and more concentrated 27 stock portfolio. The SPDR's portfolio has outperformed IGW over the last year ending in March, by nearly 16%. The SPDR charges 0.35% in expenses.

The most heavily traded choice in the sector is the Semiconductor HOLDRs (NYSE: SMH). The Holding Company Depositary Receipts is made up of a basket of stocks that never get rebalanced or reconstituted. The current mix contains 18 stocks, including Analog Devices (NYSE:ADI) and Applied Materials (NASDAQ: AMAT). The HOLDRs' interesting structure could be a boon or bust depending on the sector it tracks - just ask investors in the B2B Internet HOLDRs (NYSE: BHH). SMH trades in units of 100 and can be unbundled into the individual stocks. Investors get to keep the voting and dividend rights of the underlying stocks.

Bottom Line

Things are looking quite chipper in the semiconductor sector going forward. The semis are poised to capitalize on the growing global trends and increases in corporate and personal spending. Recent knockout earnings from a few of the leaders in the sector have helped point the way for the next bull market cycle in the sector. Adding a dose of chips to a portfolio via ETFs will help investors cash in on this growth.

TEH : Reasons to buy into JCY, Unisem, Notion, Dufu, GTronic and such? Hmm ... ride the trend, I would say.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Adventa : The first chart I m posting here using Chart-Nexus. By the way, Chart-Nexus didnt pay me anything to 'promote' its products. Hmm .... should I ask from them?

11.00 pm : TV is watching me - 0 - 0 for first half, against a bottom team of Burnley. Yes, dont get burrrnnn.

The Edge : Brokers' digest

BUY : Scomi, Supermax, Green Packet, Tenaga and Axis Reit.

SELL : TanChong.

From the above list, I will like to arrange them in my liking order : SuperMax, Tenaga, GPacket, Scomi and TanChong. I do not buy into REIT yet.

Supermax : The recent correction given me opportunity to collect more. I bought at RM7.00 when it dived and bought more at RM6.68. So, at RM7.20+, I might want to trim my holdings. Supermax is my fav of the rubber stocks currently. Hmm ... perhaps I like Thai food?! Haha. I know some do not get the joke. Never mind ...

TanChong : This stock playing on the news of the their landbank at Segambut, venturing into IndoChina and such. Good news ... to push the stock higher. So, I wont move in unless I m to day-trade, which is not possible with my work loads. I do not see TanChong worth more than RM5? How do we value a stock again? SELL on GOOD NEWS. SELL when it reached overbought level. SELL when markets reaching new heights. SELL in MAY and go away?

11.20 pm : OK, Gerrard scored. 0 -2 now. Should win, wont get burnt then. Hehe

Mockingbird by my fav 'white' rapper

11.35 pm : Ok, so it is 3 - 0 now. Game over.

I would like to write about RINGGIT. But too busy and lengthy. I want to write about Genting, but have not done my 'latest' homework on the group. Hence, I will drop the topics in my mind and rest ... night.

Blogger of the week?!

From Philip

1.Hi Teh, can you please tell us a bit about yourself?
2. Do you consider yourself a trader or an investor and are you in it full time or part time?
3. What other market do you trade besides Bursa?
4 Why do you blog and what do you blog about?
5 What tips or advise you can share with us.

You can add other questions if you like.

Answers by me.

1. I m a maths lecturer. I m from science based, so no knowledge about economics, business, financial, accounting, management etc etc which needed in analysing markets. That was merely 2 years ago. I read a lot ... and gathered much knowledge about these subjects related to markets. Being just 2 years, I m definitely a novice with much to learn. As I m getting busier, I no longer read much either. I like songs and humour. I do like bowling. I watched ONLY Liverpool's games, if worth the time.

2. I m a trader, rather than an investor. I m both, actually as I m still experimenting on both, some to buy&hold … some for short trades, others using different approaches. Not many in markets will be as ‘stupid’ as me as I m using real money for experiments!! Haha. But I believe, whether u r traders or investors, you should learn to KNOW YOURSELF. And trade or invest according to your own system(s). I m definite a part-part time traders. I no longer trade as often as I m no longer monitoring markets. I will buy to position myself, if it hits my buying point and sell(without regrets or looking back) when it reaches my targets.

3. I have bought into HKEx and SGX stocks. I only bought some US stocks for trial. Basically, I m experimenting. I even bought call/put warrants in HKEx before. That requires different mindset. Then only we could compare the differences between stocks and warrants and/or call/put warrants. At the moment, I have sold all my holdings in other markets. My next learning will be into US option markets and our FKLI/FCPO. Future markets will allow us to short. BURSA’s stocks can only long, unless we buy some put-warrants which recently re-introduced into Bursa. So, am I a trader? Yes … but I m an Investor too.

4. The main reason I blog WAS to record my trades but I traded too fast than I blog. Haha. Ok, it is my footprint in markets, if u know what I mean. Also, I WAS a blogger … instead of writing about my teaching and views on issues, I channeled my focus to financial/stock market blog.

5. I will want to see myself well-verse in different markets, different way of investing/trading, seeking opportunities when it comes. I may want to TEACH investing/trading someday and believe I could be a good teacher. Hey, I teach Maths well … can I teach trading well too? Or investing?

No tips … but the advice I could share will be LEARN LEARN LEARN. We should never be too ego/proud to learn from others. We should never say we are too old to learn, too busy too whatever excuses … as we are involve in MARKETS, which will crush us if we have no or little knowledge. Never give up. Use our own instinct and our own opinions to make decisions. Never to blame on others as you have made decisions to ‘follow’ or influenced by others.

May God bless.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

CMSB : I m looking into this one as it is diving lower. RSI at 50 level. Wait till support at 2.35(MA50) if there is any interest in accumulating this one. SCORE noo longer scoring?

DOW up 70 points. Another bull day on Monday for KLCI?

4.45 pm :

TradeSignum is one site which I like for technical analysis of charts. Now that I have ChartNexus with me, I will slowly change to use it. I think Chart-Nexus charts are more advanced( I m also familiar with my OSK's charts) ... I will learn more of it and learn to SCAN for good charts formation. At the moment, I will rely on few of those active in Chart-Nexus forum and related their chart anaylsis here(together with my reports and FA).

GTronic : This is the first counter I bought when I joined Chart-Nexus last week. They analysed many charts, including Supermax(will write more about it). I was waiting for breakout before I grabbed some of it. It is ONE DAY late ... I should have sold my Adventa when it shot higher, say at 3.60 and grabbed GTronic at 1.50+ level. As the results of one day late, I sold Adventa at 3.52 and grabbed Gtronic at 1.58 instead. These are lessons in my ... Trading Adventure!!

Cash vs Stocks : I will be clearing more of my holdings to preserve CASH. In May, dont play-play. While I might hold on to BJToto or/and MAS, others will see me clearing, even at some losses. I will also see any short rubber-rally to clear most of my rubber-stocks too. After May or June, I shall be 'free' to watch markets. By then, I wont be flying KL-KK ... and also attending Chart-Nexus courses in TA.

Being a trader with two good years of experienced in KLSE, and with Maths brain ... I m confident that I could 'catch' better what the trainers try to show us. Just hope they are professional and consistent. I could be their 'difficult' students as I m certainly inlike many aunties/uncles I met during the traders' meeting. 80% only understood 20% what is being taught, I believe. Yes, I m a believer of 20/80.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Too busy today - glad I bought some GTronic to ride on the trend yesterday. I will continue to average up and need to be alert to sell as RSI showing overbought level now.

Rubberex : At 1.20 level, oversold

Flying to KK later ...

5.40 pm : LCCT - KLCI is flat. Adventa at 3.48 and MAS at 2.20. I hv trimmed my holdings in these two - MAS for TopGlove and Adventa for GTronic.

The two Es : Efficient and EPMB which I hv cleared have not gone below 0.20 and 0.50 level to trigger my buy-back. So, I m letting go of these two. My third E is E&O, which going below RM1 again, and might trigger my buy again, looking at 0.95 level.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

6ixth Sense

6ixth Sense - Khatimah Cinta (for those who will like to download this song, please let me know and I shall share with you the link. Thanks)

Oh tidur malam
Nyanyikan lagu
Rindu hatiku
Yang terpendam

Oh bintang malam
Lukis wajahku
Katakan aku

Genggamlah cinta
Yang kuberikan
Simpanlah slalu
Dalam hati

Ku akan slalu
Dalam mimpimu
Menemani tidurmu

Sudahlah sudah
Kuharus pergi
Jangan kau tangisi
Aku lagi

Biarku bawa
Seluruh cintamu
Ku dakap dalam
Tidur panjangku…

Peluk tubuhku
Kecup pipiku
Relakan saja
Aku pergi


The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) is approaching the Tech Bubble peak, or the 11,750.28 pt-level, a level we referred to a year ago in our report, “DJIA: Oversold on Record Volume” when drawing up our best-case scenario for a rebound. The index has rallied some 70% without a meaningful correction. It would be extremely difficult, although not impossible, for the market to push beyond such a significant peak after an extended run in just a year. We are starting to feel as if the stock market is slowly turning into a game of musical chairs as it gets closer to the 11,750.28 pt-level. The music could potentially stop anytime in this vicinity, and when it does, there will be a wild dash for the chairs. And ironically, we are now only about 5% away from this level.


WCT : Shot above RM3 today ... failed to check on WCT-wb. Can still ride the tide?

3.45 pm : Sold some Adventa at 3.52 as I m grabbing GTronic. The huge exposure of rubber-stocks is putting some heat on me.

Peter Pan

7.50 pm : Dinner with charts : TopGlove in my main focus as TopGlove-cc will be listed and I punted into it. Subcribed at 0.15, premium will be low at it was priced during the correction on Monday. Lets see ... hmm ... (0.15 x 15 = RM2.25) + RM 11.80 = Rm14.05. Closed at 12.96 now, I will clear the mommy soon, but to ride it with its latest baby. Will Topglove go back to RM14 level? We shall see ...

11.10 pm : Someone bought at closing at RM14.08 for 416,300 units CIMB. In fact, I think the queue was for 700,000 units. Hmm ... how much is that? 1000 units = RM14,080. Certainly not ikan bilis traders!!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

12.15 am : DOW up 43 points ... time to sleep. Another leg-up for rubber-stocks will see me taking profits again.

Tong Hua (if you never heard of this song, u r not Malaysian. If you dont like this song, u dont have good taste in songs/music. If you dont think the clip is cute, you are getting too old. If you are sad and angry after seeing the clip and feel like cursing me, your system is imbalance - you are losing money in stock markets!! haha ... hope u enjoy it as I do) : A real crazy week ... with so many things going on and needing my attentions.

TopGlove-cc : Offered by OSK, I m subscribing into it. It will be listed on 27th April, next Tuesday, at 0.15. Excercise price at 11.80, ratio 15 : 1, tenure 9 months.

Rubber-stocks : TopGlove, Supermax and Adventa still moving higher. As I m moving to grab some Topglove-cc, I m dropping Ruberex. Perhaps it is due to my friend who hinted to me about their business, I dont know. Well, I think I have quite an independent thinking. It is actually OSK is offering Topglove-cc, which I see a more favourable punt. I have used most of my funds for rubber ... feeling the heat of over-exposed but riding the trend. Make the trend your friend, as they quoted.

Adventa is moving today, lagging behind the bigger babes. Adventa at 3.57 now ... will sell at 3.70+ and watch closely.

8.00 pm : KLCI down 2.26 points on profit-taking after rebounded so high yesterday. TanChong flew off. I was too busy to trade, otherwise I will day-trade on it ... look at the volume.

Adventa at 3.59, should it shoots 3.70+ tmr, I will discipline enough to clear some. TopGlove testing Rm13.00 with Supermax in red(profit-taking) as it has shot so high, so fast from the rebound.

KNM : At 0.60 level now ... how can anyone write about KLSE not mentioning the most sexy babe? KNM ... we all know very well why it dives and retracing. First of all, when it was at 0.70 level ... you should know too WHY it shot to 0.80 level(and amazingly ... WHY would anyone selling if you could be paid 0.90, right?). So, at 0.80 level ... I asked my cousin-bro to EXIT(I have written about it) as I DO NOT think so the 'deal' will be done. Hey, it is a cool RM3.6b, ok? THINK.

Speculators took the advantage of the news to buy/sell for quick profits. I could only watch as I do not have time to day-trade. It is very risky, actually. Today it is at 0.60 ... why am I mentioning it NOW? because ... i like waterfalls!! Yes, I placed KNM in my stalk list now, breaking 0.60 could see me 'speculate' on it. I missed Scomi and Perisai, ok? Do you think we should discuss more on thd fundamental of KNM? Hmm ... how about the good news on Borsig? Heck, it is a speculative counter, ok? Throw your FA away, please ... not on KNM, the sexiest babe.

Note : Be greedy when others in fears. Can we apply it here on KNM?


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday ... will be very busy, as usual. I m behind schedule in my over-loaded works and will stay back for few hours to complete whatever I could ... tiring.

As I just got my car last week, next buying will be a place to stay ... to place to call 'home'. And after viewing many units around, I have finally settling for a RM195k unit. Ouch ... it will cost me $$$ every month for the purchase. Can my stocks gain me some $$$ or are we seeing markets to dive and get stuck? I will sell many of my holdings. Sell in MAY and go away? Then, wake me up when September ends?

Vivien : I m wearing lighter red today(yesterday's was really red. Haha). So, expect KLCI to be flat and rebounding tmr, if there is a follow-through in DOW.

Warrants : I will continue to queue for WaSeong-wa and AnnJoo-wb. As IJMLand-wa attracting me, I might go for quick punt. well, I like GPacket-wa too ... 0.50 possible? SPSetia-wb at 0.50. How about WCT-wb? Hmm ... these are few warrants I m stalking closely, with the main focus on WaSeong-wa and AnnJoo-wb, looking into recovery of O&G and Steel. WaSeong is also in news, in buying an ailing Italian company, and positioning herself to be 2nd largest leh. See if the news could push the prices of WaSeong ... and hence, WaSeong-wa?

Dialog : Yes, it shot lower and formed a hammer(many too) yesterday. Buying at 1.07?

潘越雲 情字這條路 ( a hokkien number, for a change!)

潘越雲 - 我是不是你最疼愛的人 (A more popular hits from her)

4.05 pm : KLCI up 6points, rebounds today(not tmr). I think I m biased towards 'rubber'. Yes, I grabbed some TopGlove and added Supermax into my positions, making the huge portion of my portfolios are rubber stocks - TopGlove, Supermax and Adventa. And I m still thinking of Rubberex.

Dialog is in O&G sector, not under Axiata. That is a different Dialog.

5.30 pm : KLCI up 9 points. wow ...

Sapcres : Buying at support at 2.25.

10.50 pm : DOW at 11,100 level ... slightly green in the early trade. I wanted to write longer about my affairs with rubber-stocks. Do anyone remember plantation-stocks ... the long rally of CPO, reaching above RM4k level? ANY stocks in the plantation sector shooting higher and higher ... Dont we all know that Malaysia is one of the largest oil-palm producer(after Indon, right?) and SIME, IOICorp or KLK are one of the largest listed companies in KLSE? Do you know that when foreign investors were here in KLSE, plantation stocks are most 'wanted'?

How about rubber-stocks? We all know that TopGlove sitting on top of the world, right? We all know that the demands are above the supply. Do you think the demands will slow down? Even those industrial gloves, or tyres or ... condom. Anything related to rubber. Do you think we have top class rubber companies? How do u like the expansions of many companies and the outlook in future of these companies? etc etc ... add-in cases why rubber-stocks outperform KLCI or any sector in 2009. H1N1 is 'over' ... or will the second-waves news making waves? I dont know ... but I do know that we can continue to collect some rubber-stocks, moving forward. PE < 20 is still not over-stretched.

My cousin brother bought Well-Call ... which recently rallied(after laying low relatively to other rubber-related stocks). Well-Call is making rubber hose company, I was told. I dont know much, so I dont(and wont) buy Well-Call. As traders, high volumes are ver important.


Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday ... will a very long tiring and busy day. Wearing red as expecting KLCI to move much lower today ... whether there will be a panic selling, I m not sure. I have been clearing many ... and will cut some Adventa later.

SELL in MAY ... and go AWAY. Applying this 'motto' this year ...

11.05 am : KLCI down 6 points, I m too busy. RED-blood everywhere except Vastalux(good news out).

12.30 pm : KLCI down almost 9 points, and I missed the show. Well, will try to cut Adventa again. MAS is down, at 2.22(touched 2.17) ... and I 'luckily' cleared half at 2.35 last week??!

TanChong : I did not buy Livina as my best-friend suggested but bought Proton instead. Well, TanChong and Proton stocks have moved to higher ground. Sales increased? Today, TanChong down 6% to close(for lunch) at 4.41. It was posted in Chart-Nexus forum as it formed a 'flag' last week. But no confirmation today, instead the trend reverses. Can buy at next support?

4.02 pm : Rushing for another hour or so of 'training'. Arrghh ...

5.05 pm : KLCI down 6.10 points today. KLCI chart formed a 'hammer' today.

Stalk: Rubberex at 1.22(support level) with RSI at 30 level now. IJMLand-wa at 1.07(support at 1.05) with RSI going to 40 level today. GPacket at 1.07(strong support at 1.00) with RSI going below 40 now.

6.50 pm : Chart-nexus trader's meeting - I m seeing many rich tai-tai talking about stocks!!

8.45 pm : Rubberex being analysed. Different from what I hv in mind, but it is still a buy at 1.22, upon confirmation. Being a "rubber-man", with 'bad' news about ringgit-strengthening ... well, Rubberex is a buy to me - got confirmation or not, I will queue la.

Ramunia : Nope, I wont touch it at all ... it is a speculative counter, playing on news. Dont tell me they dont knowing ar ...

Parkson : Signal to buy at 5.75. Arr ... this one I like the charts.

Kossan : Enter at RM7.40 ... no signal, so wait ...

GTronic : Nice chart, forming a ascending triangle(being a Maths lecturer, the word ascending and triangles are being used so often!).

3A : Support at 1.78, a buy once confirm tmr.

Banking stocks : Well, the trainer pointed out correctly about our banking stocks which I noticed when I was having my dinner. Maybank, CIMB, AMMB, Affin ... pulling the KLCI lower. Should there is another retracement tomorrow on these stocks, KLCI will break its support at 50MA.

11.35 pm : Ok, with so many charts being analysed ... which one will you buy tmr IF KLSE rebounds? I m queueing for WaSeong-wa at 0.35 and AnnJoo-wb at 0.68 today. Nothing done as I was too busy the whole day!!

From the above, I think I will queue for Rubberex or GTronic. Ok, will wait for confirmation tmr.

At the moment, Citi up 5%, DOW up slightly but crude oil retraces to USD81 now.

BRDB : Many are at support level, I m looking at 1.65 for a good entry point, as RSI at 34 level now. For higher risk taker, BRDB-wa could be a good punt.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pauline Yong : As I was re-reading her book "Fear and Grred" for past few days, I looked into her site, and 'discovered' her blog!! And surprisingly to know that she linked mine. Ghee ... I m flattered. Why such a successful investor, author and lecturer will read/follow my blog? Hmm ... yes, for pleasure reading, I do sometimes write in the light manner. And refer to her books!! I see those authors as my 'sifu'. So, thanks for the link, sifu-Pauline. Hehe.

So, readers ... please help yourself to get a copy of "Fear and Greed" or buy a copy for your friend who are investing, particularly in KLSE. I think I like the book very much as it speaks about market PSYCHOLOGY and brief. I could bring it anywhere I go, even when I do some business in the morning. Hehe.

Below is a writing taken from her blog about British Pound. The BIG difference between hers(or other financial sifus) and my 'writing' is ... theirs are fully with KNOWLEDGE of the subject, while mine ... err ... just for entertainment la. Understand arr? More reason to read my blog the last(after you read all the 50 blogs around) and when u need some entertainment, perhaps for laughter(the best medicine, u know) or if u need someone to err ... up to u la. Haha.

British Pound by Pauline Yong (22.03.10)

For those who has been keeping track of the British pounds will notice the recent rapid depreciation of the currency. Over a period of two years, the pound has fallen almost 30% against the ringgit. How nice if I could delay paying my MBA tuition fees!

There are many factors affecting the British pounds. The following are some of them:

1. Current account deficit

Since 1997, UK's current account has been in bad shape. Having a current account deficit means that the country is spending beyond their means, or they are importing more than what they are exporting. This will increase the supply of British pounds that subsequently reduce the value of the currency.

2. Fiscal policy

Over the years, the British government has been proposing a national budget that is bigger than before. The 2009 public spending on welfare and social security stood at 650 billion pounds which was equivalent to about 46% of the UK GDP. The unprecedented size of the UK budget deficit has in fact balked by many economists as that means more public debt to finance the budget deficit. As such, many believe that the sterling pounds will remain weak and it may eventually reach parity with the euro.

3. The Greece effect

As UK is located in the Euro zone not far from Greece who also has great appetite for debt. Many people suggested that UK will be the next Greece. However, that's not the case. Although UK is highly debt ridden with a debt of 60% of its GDP, but compare to Greece, this is much better as Greece's debt is recorded at 130% of its GDP!

Overall, the above are the economic reasons for the weak pounds, however there are other factors such as political scandals, the purchase of AIG by Prudential and so on that will definitely aggrevate the problem.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Liverpool for sale

If I have 500m(british pound), I will buy over Liverpool. It is good that the pretender Americans OUT of Anfield. They are purely business-men who suck hell.

Taipei Financial Center, also known as Taipei 101 is a spectacular building.

DOW down 125 points. Crude oil traded lower ... gloomy situation ...

Crash, Boom, Bang


Friday, April 16, 2010

DOW up again ... so how is KLCI?

MAS : I sold some of MAS as techinically its RSI reaching 70 yesterday, and historically MAS charts rarely reach RSI 70 level. If one exercise the rights at RM1.60, bought more at 1.90 level, at 2.35(with RSI at 70) will be a good time to take profits. If it still shoot up 10cents, I will clear my remaining. Well, I will want to buy-back MAS as I said it is a no-brainer of investing for me. Now, as I m selling it at the moment, that doesnt mean I m speculating on it or am I? I view keeping MAS differently from my ... Efficient, for example. I want MAS to be in my portfolio for 'longer' terms' while I will be glad to sell Efficent(for the 3rd time) for 10-20% profits, and wont buy it again unless it goes below 0.20. As for MAS, I will buyback when it corrects, even at higher level. So, why do I need to learn TA? So that I could maximise my profits ... and stock picks with some FA. Since I m busy to monitor, more reasons for me to position myself to buy/sell with mid-term veiw, rather than touch-n-go.

p/s : i m selling MAS for technical reasons, and not indicating a sell, for those holding to MAS at RM2 level. It is up to you, you make your own decisions, ok?

Technically, it will reach a BUY for me ... looking at TopGlove or Sapcres. I like waterfalls rather than chasing some momentum stocks. I m growing too old to keep up with the pace. haha

9.35 am : KLCI down by 1.5 points. Adventa at 3.42

Jaks : At 0.85, I bought 0.84 and sold when it shot up. Retracing again ... wont touch till 0.80 or below.

GPacket-wa : Back to 0.54, waiting for 0.53 or below.

10am : KLCI down 4 points now, with Supermax and Adventa moving lower ... oh boy ...

10.20 am : Geely going below 3.60. Its minimum lot is 5k units. So, Queueing at HKD3.50 = RM(3.50 x 5000 x 0.41) = RM7175. And the brokerage fees is high too. Worth buying?

NSTP : For Mr JK, in my opinion it is time to SELL to lock in profits. If I m not mistaken, you asked me when it was at RM2. Target of 2.40 acheived, at 2.50 now. It happens that I was checking on the top gainer, and noticed NSTP also remember you. Hey, can u buy me my doughnut, please?

12.10 pm : KLCI down 6 points now ... lunch time soon.

Chart-Nexus's forum : It is kinda active platform where members talk about KLSE's stocks. Interesting but I m too busy to view or post any, yet. Being a 'newbie', I rather watch ... will post more charts and my analysis once I m into these TA.

For example, Geely forming a double-top and on reversal now.

12.26 pm : MAS at 2.29 and EPMB at 0.515. Jaks at 0.845. LionInd at 1.85. GPacket-wa at 0.54.

Stalk : Sapcres at 2.30 and TopGlove at 12.40

MAS : At 2.27 now, queueing at 2.25 to buy-back.

EPMB : At 0.505 again ... time to collect below 0.50.

Efficient : Cleared at 0.210 moments ago.

10.50 pm : KLCI down 6.06 points ... SELL IN MAY, GO AWAY ...?? HSI down almost 300points.

Geely : It touched 3.52, so my queue at 3.50 not done. And it rebounded to close at 3.64, instead. I might consider to move in next week. Clearing my Efficient so that I could have more funds for Geely. Will like to clear Adventa too to buy into Geely. At the moment, it looks attractive.

KYM : Down 7% today, closed at 1.19 ... support at 1.14 and 1.03. RSI at 46 ... can still wait. KYM not in my list but someone alert me that it is diving, knowing that I like waterfalls?

MAS : My queue to buy back at 2.25 not done, it touched 2.26. Hmm ...

Sapcres : Also queueing at 2.25(told one of the investor from RHB's forum), not done too. Its support at 2.26 level. It closed at 2.28. Can buy?? Crude oil going below USD85 now. It is a BUY at 2.25 for me.

Technical Analysis

Searching for a 'flag' ... can you identify a flag forming when u see one?


Thursday, April 15, 2010

12.05 am : DOW up 50 points ... about 20 attended the chart-nexus preview and I think I m the only person registered to join their next training course!! Yup, another level of training and learning the TA ... and it is an investment on myself! The knowledge will do me good ... over the past two years, I hv invested RM1-2k for books and materials. I was in KK, so I know I could not attend courses, unless I m in KK. Bull-market in 2009 helped to re-coup my losses in 2008, and into 2010, I hope by bringing myself to the next level(of knowledge), I could trade more professionally, knowing more traders alike, I could share knowledge about certain stocks. Well, I m certainly a novice with much to learn ... the course doestnt come cheap, tho. It is about 5k. But, I know I shall make my investments worth ...

3.45 am : DOW up 90 points .... wow. Another bullish day anticipated later.

4.50 am : DOW up 100 points ... time to continue my sleep.

8.25 am : I will clear a few more of my holdings in order to preserve cash and learn from the Chart-Nexus group to buy into those stocks that they pick.

11.25 AM : KLCI in REDS. Adventa done more at 3.50, clearing some soon. MAS cleared some at 2.35.

TopGlove : Currently I like this large babe the most ... as it is moving lower.

12.45 pm : KNM making headlines again in KLCI today ... diving about 10% down. Must be the 0.90-deal not materialising. Or EPF releasing their holdings?

5.10 pm : KLCI up 2 points. Bought more of Adventa at 3.44. Bad day for rubber after a short rally yesterday.

Geely closed at 3.64, RSI at 34. Noted.

Sapcres : Down another 2.13% today, closed at 2.30, with RSI at 39 now. Support at 2.26, so it is a BUY. Will queue at 2.25 tmr. Noted.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rubber expected to move lower again today ... The Star yesterday written the reports by Am giving reasons WHY rubber-stocks retracing.

Speculator or Investor by S.Dali

I came across an interesting article on the same topic in the link below. I have spoken about the same topic during my talks. Its funny how we use those two words liberally without thinking too much about what they imply.

It would be the norm to categorise someone who does short term trading as a speculator and to put a long term player as an investor. However, the term speculator implies high risk, while an investor implies more knowledge based and careful ways in investing.

TEH : That was what I thought the differences between speculators and investors. But not many really understand the differences, actually.

What is the difference between a long term and short term investor. In Malaysia, a long term investor is someone who cannot get out profitably within the contra period ... "damn, guess I will just park it in my margin till it recovers".

TEH : Haha ... why I feel he is speaking about ... me? Haha.

Getting in and out quickly cause many to label them as risky but as recent history have shown, failure to cut your losses is the biggest risk you can have.

TEH : Agreed. I hv always fail to cut loss early, costing me an arm and a leg. Ouch!!

Wikipedia says that: Speculating is the assumption of risk in anticipation of gain but recognizing a higher than average possibility of loss. Benjamin Graham state that being an investor meant that: “An investment operation is one which, upon thorough analysis, promises safety of principal and an adequate return. Operations not meeting these requirements are speculative.”
People get too caught up with the time horizon thing. You cannot be buying and holding a stock for two years and call yourself an investor. Time does not allow you to qualify as an investor. You can be a big speculator even when you hold the same stocks for years. When your mindset is plagued with "hope (that things will turn around)" or "pray (that somehow things will be better)" ... you are a speculator.

TEH : Then, I m a speculator ... hope my luck will be better this year!!

I can be an investor with a short time horizon as I may be buying on solid fundamental information and analysis, but I also go in only when other timing factors are in place (e.g. when I can sense catalysts that would rerate the stocks). Is that wrong when you buy and sell within a short period of time?

TEH : Buying Genting and selling Genting. I dont see it is wrong if I profit from the trades but if I get caught as it dives, then I turned into loooong term investor! See the magic?

The main difference in terming a person as a speculator or an investor is how many fundamental variables of the stock, the business model and the macro side do you have in your grasp when you decide to buy. The lesser of the variables you have when you decide to buy, the closer you are to being a speculator.

TEH : In a scale of 10, I m at 8, as a speculator. Not totally as I do know the businesses of the stocks I m purchasing. I wont touch ANY stock(even being recommended by some sifu, friends or remisier) if I know nothing much about the fundamental of the comapnies)

If you cannot even tell me what a company does or where the company is going strategically or how they are going to be able to maintain their growth and margins, you are speculating in the stock.

Trading in and out for 10% or 20% within a short period of time (say a few weeks) does not make one a speculator. Holding stocks that you don't even know what the heck they are doing for years would be speculating.

TEH : Argh-ha ... this is a relief for me. At least I sold many for 10-20% profits and knew a little of the fundamentals of the stocks that I speculated!! Weird, suddenly I feel that I m an investor! Or ... am I confusing myself again?

Above written by Dali and something I wanted to write for looongest of time but never be able to collect my thoughts. I will like to add my comments and views later.

Supermax-cb : Bought at 0.17 and 0.165 yesterday for 80k units, selling at 0.18 ... that is about RM900 profits for ONE day trading. Well, it is simulation ... showing my punt for yesterday(I think I written about it somewhere or perhaps I was just thinking of writing?). I m seeing Supermax-cb to be a good punting-trade. :-)

Transmile : It is diving. Watch for it. It is punters fav but need to monitor as it shoot up/down frequently, very fast pace.

Geely : At 3.70, down another 2%+. Now, I bought at 3.40 and sold all at 4.10 level. Then, it touched 4.25 before retracing till yesterday it DIVED to 3.80 level ... with FEARs around, selling pressure amounting and at 3.70 level today. I m looking to BUY again at 3.50 or RSI below 28. AM I SPECULATING or am I an INVESTOR? Hmm ... do u think I care what you said about me? Haha. Bottom-line ... lock-in profits and run, then wait for opportunities again. Mind you, I hold Geely for 2 months plus before selling. RANDOM? Then, I m lucky, honestly.

Qinfa :It goes the same for my Qinfa which I bought at 3.10 and hold for 3 months plus before released it at 3.60(as planned). It touched 3.65+ before retracing and dived to 3.20 level again(but I was greedy to wait for 3.00) ... today it is at 3.40 level. BUY? I wont.

CWP : Bought in stages at 0.70, 0.85 ... sold at 0.95. It dived yesterday to 0.87. I will look into it again at 0.70 level. I m clearly a SPECULATOR? If I claimed I like wind-powered stocks and CWP as a plyer, shouldnt I be buying and HOLD on to it? Afterall, I bought at 0.25 and finally sold at 1.03, right? WHY SELL? As investors, we should be buying and hold FOREVER? Hmm ... I think that is silly. Why bother how other see us?

Ok, ok ... I m a speculator. That wont change a thing of what I m planning to do or what I intend to learn. I m going for Chart-Nexus talk tonight ... and seriously thinking of learn the finer details of using TA for trading. Wait ... do u think I care if u said I m a FA or TA or what-ever-A? Hmm ... I dont. :P

WCT-wb : At 0.57, flying off today. It was at 0.48(I queued but didnt get it) ... today is a SELL for me. Err ... you mean you are an INVESTOR and you will hold till it reach RM1? Or forver till it expires and convert it to mommy WCT, and hold longer? Wait wait ... INVESTORS do not buy warrants as they dont give you dividends? Or err ... I m confused.

Same goes to:-

GPacket-wa : Bought 0.535, sold 0.60 level ... yesterday it went back to 0.535 but I did not look into it, today it jumps back to 0.57 level now. How to time the market when it is random? I feel it is not possible to ask anyone what

3.00 pm : Jaks cleared. Wow. Earned some dinners. hehe

Supermax is back to RM7 level, do look at Supermax-ca or Supermax-cb. I was 'happy' to sell Supermax-cb at 0.18, but it is at 0.19 now. Hmm ... many of times I sold too early.

5pm : KLCI at 1336 level. Adventa at 3.51. Hoping that it goes below 3.30 today to buy, but it rebounds. Rebounds another 2 days, I shall clear some of my holdings. Yes, I m clearing my stocks ... cheap sales?! Mega-sales? Sell before market dives? It wont? Hmm ... I m a looong term investor in TA, E&O, MAS and many more as I m 'stucked' with them!! Hey, MAS moving up, why AirAsia is landing? Will look into AirAsia when it moves to 1.25. Noted.

6.50 pm : I m at UOB Bangsar. Wow ... huge building here. Long time I never been to Jalan Maarof. It is like .... 10 years or so ago? The place here changed much! I m to attend a TA talk, hope I will be alert as I m tired, actually.

Here is the reason I m back to KL too ... to attend more of these talks, get to know few 'sifus' and let them guide me. I need to learn how to maximise my profits while trying to minimise my losses. Could learning TA helps? I believe so ... I do believe out there, there are someone profiting hugely using only TA. Whether TA = tak akal or not, we shall see later ...

EPMB : At 0.53 now, I sold it days ago at 0.545 levels. Will buy back at 0.505 level.

Efficient : At 0.205, I m thinking of clearing this one for small profits(bought 0.195). How? Why clear? As I m having the clearing sales mood ...


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

9.05 am : KLCI up one point ... rubber-stocks going down ...

Adventa : At 3.38 now, I failed to clear it yesterday at 3.58 level, and failing to do that will see me 'hold' forever. I wanted to swap Adventa to Supermax. Supermax is diving too ... touched 6.71 moments ago. So, I m looking into Supermax-ca and Supermax-cb for punting.

9.25 am : KLCI down 2 points now ... while REDS allover in my rubber-stocks list.

SL : If you both really think rubber could perform well this year, then be prepare to BUY into the one you like most when it is almost at over-sold level. Currently, MYR up ... but glovemakers companies stating that the 'costs' will be passed to customers/consumers. Some have future contracts which will register a 'forex-losses', such as Adventa. Hence, the selling pressure is HERE - time to consider to BUY. p/s : Buy at own risk la ... but gain already, dinner on you again. haha.

9.30 am : KLCI down 3 points plus now ... I need to pack my things and catch a flight soon.

9.40 am : TopGlove, Kossan, Latexx, Supermax, Adventa, Harta, Rubberex, IRCB ... in this order of % of discount. Please note that rubber-rally has been VERY strong and time for many to take profits. Time to move into rubber? soon??

Adventa : At 3.38, touched 3.33. Yesterday, RSI at 43. If not recover later, RSI should go to 30 level, and time to buy more. I shall wait for RSI below 30. Noted.

Supermax : At 6.71 now, touched 6.61. Yesterday, RSI at 58. Long way to go for the next buying level. But, will look into its CWs too.

Supermax-cb : I used OSK simulator to buy it 30k units @ 0.17. Will continue to buy at 0.16, 0.15 ... to see if my theory in my mind now is 'right'.

Will like to check the technical landscape tonight for these rubber-stocks.

Geely : At 3.85 now, I sold at 4.10 last month or so. I m not holding any HK's babe, so ... with MYR strong, it is cheaper to buy H-shares now. If I m to buy, Geely will be one of my fav babes in HK to trade. I m still waiting ... will buy when it is oversold or at 3.30 level. Noted.

Enjoy this nice Indon hitz. Markets could be a stressful place, so relax will make us think more rational.

Kau membuat, ku berantakan.
Kau membuat, ku tak karuan.
Kau membuat, ku tak berdaya.
Kau menolak ku, acuhkan diri ku.

Bagaimana, caranya untuk,
meruntuhkan, kerasnya hati mu.
Ku sadari, ku tak sempurna,
ku tak seperti, yang kau inginkan.

Kau hancurkan aku dengan sikap mu,
tak sadarkah kau telah menyakiti ku.
Lelah hati ini meyakinkan mu,
cinta ini, membunuh ku.

[#] ~~ [Reff]
Woo Hu~u Haa
Lelah hati ini meyakinkan mu,
cinta ini, membunuh ku.

1.05 pm : Mis-read the flight time - I will be stranded here at KKIA-T2 till 3.30pm!! So much time in hand to read and blog, finally. Haha.

KLCI closed 4.63 points lower to close for lunch at 1334.98. It was dragged down by Tenaga. Tenaga lost 17cents this morning, losing its energy.

I was re-reading The Edge and found this piece of information to share :

1. 40% of Malaysian households are still earning below RM1,500. I m the lucky one to be with the majority of 60%. I think I m in the higher-income bracket(as I could afford a Proton Saga and an apartment) that Najib suggested. Thank God.

2. 80% of the workforce have qualifications up to the SPM only. Thanking God again that I have a degree(and proud that it is a LOCAL degree).

3. In recent years, Malaysia charting only 4.5-5% growth compared to previous years. If Malaysia wish to accomplish its GOAL to be a develop country by 2020, then a total MENTAL revamp and changes needed. Malaysians are becoming lazier as we are too dependent/relying on 'cheap' foreign labours.

We have Nepalese, Burmese, Vietnamese, Indon-Chinese, Africans ... besides the existing Thais, Indonesians, Filipinos, Indians(of India national), Chinese(of China national), Bangladeshi, Ceylonese .... damn, my list could expand longer. I definitely miss some other ''foreigners". Look, I see myself as MALAYSIAN and proud of being one!!. If some politicians in Dewan asking me to 'balik china'(China wont accept me without passports/visa la, bodoh), I will be very pissed off. But, more and more foreigners will be Malaysians too. We are a very accomodating country. Any nationals from any country want a good and safe place to stay, come to Malaysia. We form a ONE-MALAYSIA, we shout it loud ... and we ACT that we are one. If we dont like them someday, we can yell .... BALIK KAMPUNG lu la. Haha ... sigh.

Anyway, NEM is more of a 'political' tool to gain fame ... to show the gov are TRYING to do something. I do admit credits should be given to Najib's and his gang for TRYING to make investments in Malaysia more liberal and transparent. With the similar workforce(corruption is near ZERO in Malaysia), how can you expect them to do DIFFERENTly??

Perisai : 3pm now ... Perisai shooting higher, goreng-ed up. I did not punt into it yesterday, busy with Jaks instead. yes, it will give us the sheild that needed. Hmm ... nope, not going to punt now as I will see that it will go back to 0.57-0.58. At 0.605 now.


Monday, April 12, 2010

It is Monday again ... but I m on 'holiday', yet having classes after classes. I hope to finish my 'job'(responsibilities) in KK before I could settle down in KL. At the moment, everyone could be seeing me flying here and there. Well, cant wait for June, actually.

I m flying AirAsia. So, I re-looked in AirAsia's charts. I prefer MAS rather than AirAsia, but as AirAsia retracing one could buy it for a trade. I m looking at 1.25 level, but doubt that I will execute my buy on this.

EPMB : Queuing to sell at 0.545.

Supermax : Continue to queue to buy at RM7

Adventa : Clearing all my Adventa at 3.65-3.70 level.

9.10 am : KLCI up 8 points in 10 minutes trading. CIMB for grab.

Perisai could give us the shield that we need ... grab some for trade?

10.00 am : Someone bought WaSe0ng-wa 200,000 units at 0.395. That is about RM80k, ok? I was thinking ... is that REAL? Shouldnt I be buying huge in one or two counters rather than 10 counters!!

EPMB at 0.54 now. As I bought some at 0.53, and larger portion at 0.50, I wonder ... shouldnt I buy ... say RM50k(100k units) on EPMB at 0.50 and sell today for few thousands profits?

2.05 pm : EPMB sold all at 0.545-0.555. It touched 0.56!! Supermax done at RM7, something I dont expcet too. Adventa moving below RM3.50 now. So, I failed to clear it higher. Failing to clear it ... mean, I m going to HOLD and buy more at lower levels. Rubber-stocks should be in selling pressure as MYR appreciate further besides rubber price up too.

Rubber-stocks : As many in reds, be ready to buy what you like most. I like Supermax the most and as it is overbought, it is understandable that many selling for profits. Hence, I will continue to buy in stages.

4.45 pm : Bought Jaks at 0.84, as I sold EPMB.

Another draw ... it is mathematically of low probability of them clinching that fourth placing - sigh - another failure season. If they could raise 60m pund, who will they buy? Are they 'forced' to sell Torres and Gerrard. Without them, Liverpool could never be a threat ... forget about football. Forget about liverpool.

How to Become Wealthy

Nine Truths That Can Set You on the Path to Financial Freedom

#1: Change the Way You Think About Money

The general population has a love / hate relationship with wealth. They resent those who have it, but spend their entire lives attempting to get it for themselves. The reason a vast majority of people never accumulate a substantial nest egg is because they don't understand the nature of money or how it works.

Cash, like a person, is a living thing. When you wake up in the morning and go to work, you are selling a product - yourself (or more specifically, your labor). When you realize that every morning your assets wake up and have the same potential to work as you do, you unlock a powerful key in your life. Each dollar you save is like an employee. Over the course of time, the goal is to make your employees work hard, and eventually, they will make enough money to hire more workers (cash). When you have become truly successful, you no longer have to sell your own labor, but can live off of the labor of your assets.

#2: Develop an Understanding of the Power of Small Amounts

The biggest mistake most people make is that they think they have to start with an entire Napoleon-like army. They suffer from the "not enough" mentality; namely that if they aren't making $1,000 or $5,000 investments at a time, they will never become rich. What these people don't realize is that entire armies are built one soldier at a time; so too is their financial arsenal.

A friend of mine once knew a woman who worked as a dishwasher and made her purses out of used liquid detergent bottles. This woman invested and saved everything she had despite it never being more than a few dollars at a time. Now, her portfolio is worth millions upon millions of dollars, all of which was built upon small investments. I am not suggesting you become this frugal, but the lesson is still a valuable one. Do not despise the day of small beginnings!

#3: With Each Dollar You Save, You Are Buying Yourself Freedom

When you put it in these terms, you see how spending $20 here and $40 there can make a huge difference in the long run. Since money has the ability to work in your place, the more of it you employ, the faster and larger it will grow. Along with more money comes more freedom - the freedom to stay home with your kids, the freedom to retire and travel around the world, or the freedom to quit your job. If you have any source of income, it is possible for you to start building wealth today. It may only be $5 or $10 at a time, but each of those investments is a stone in the foundation of your financial freedom.

#4: You Are Responsible for Where You Are in Your Life

Years ago, a friend told me she didn't want to invest in stocks because she "didn't want to wait ten years to be rich..." she would rather enjoy her money now. The folly with this school of thinking is that the odds are, you are going to be alive in ten years. The question is whether or not you will be better off when you arrive there. Where you are right now is the sum total of the decisions you have made in the past. Why not set the stage for your life in the future right now?

#5: Instead of Buying the Product... Buy the Stock!

Someone once asked me why they weren't wealthy. They always felt like they were putting money aside, yet never seemed to get any further ahead. The answer is simple. I told them to stop buying the products companies sell and start buying the company itself! A survey of America's affluent (those who make over $225,000 a year or own $3,000,000 in assets) revealed that 27-30% of all the income the wealthy earned went into investments and savings. That isn't a result of being rich, that is why they are rich. When the pain of getting out of the bondage of financial slavery is greater than the pain of changing your spending habits, you will become rich. Either change, or be content to live as you are.

#6: Study and Admire Success and Those Who Have Achieved It... Then Emulate It

A very wise investor once said to pick the traits you admire and dislike the most about your heroes, then do everything in your power to develop the traits you like and reject the ones you don't. Mold yourself into who you want to become. You'll find that by investing in yourself first, money will begin to flow into your life. Success and wealth beget success and wealth. You have to purchase your way into that cycle, and you do so by building your army one soldier at a time and putting your money to work for you.

#7: Realize that More Money is Not the Answer

More money is not going to solve your problem. Money is a magnifying glass; it will accelerate and bring to light your true habits. If you are not capable of handling a job paying $18,000 a year, the worst possible thing that could happen to you is for you to earn six figures. It would destroy you. I have met too many people earning $100,000 a year who are living from paycheck to paycheck and don't understand why it is happening. The problem isn't the size of their checkbook, it is the way in which they were taught to use money.

#8: Unless Your Parents Were Wealthy, Don't Do What They Did

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. If your parents were not living the life you want to live then don't do what they did! You must break away from the mentality of past generations if you want to have a different lifestyle than they had.

To achieve the financial freedom and success that your family may or may not have had, you have to do two things. First, make a firm commitment to get out of debt. To find out which debts should be paid off before you invest and those that are acceptable, read Pay Off Your Debt or Invest?. Second, make saving and investing the highest financial priority in your life; one technique is to pay yourself first.
Purchasing equity is vital to your financial success as an individual whether you are in need of cash income or desire long-term appreciation in stock value. Nowhere else can your money do as much for you as when you use it to invest in a business that has wonderful long-term prospects.

#9: Don't Worry

The miracle of life is that it doesn't matter so much where you are, it matters where you are going. Once you have made the choice to take control back of your life by building up your net worth, don't give a second thought to the "what ifs". Every moment that goes by, you are growing closer and closer to your ultimate goal - control and freedom.

Every dollar that passes through your hands is a seed to your financial future. Rest assured, if you are diligent and responsible, financial prosperity is an inevitability. The day will come when you make your last payment on your car, your house, or whatever else it is you owe. Until then, enjoy the process.

Copyright © 2001 Joshua Kennon


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nidji - Sang Mantan

dulu aku kau puja
dulu aku kau sayang
dulu aku sang juara
yang selalu engkau cinta
kini roda telah berputar
kini aku kau hina
kini aku kau buang
jauh dari hidupmu
kini aku sengsara
roda memang telah berputar

mana janji manismu
mencintaiku sampai mati
kini engkau pun pergi
saat ku terpuruk sendiri

akulah sang mantan
akulah sang mantan

sakit teriris sepi
ketika cinta telah pergi

akulah sang mantan
akulah sang mantan

mana janji manismu
setia sampai aku mati
kini engkau pun pergi
saat ku jatuh dan sendiri

mana janji manismu
mencintaiku sampai mati
kini engkau pun pergi
saat ku terpuruk sendiri

akulah sang mantan
akulah sang mantan

akulah sang mantan
akulah sang mantan

mana janji-janjimu

I like this song ... very much.

My counter showing : 141414

Note :If you are a Cantonese, you wont like this number. Haha

Cool 1980s dance hits

Maria Magdalena by Sandra

Dancing with tears in my eyes - Ultravox

Top Story: Gaming (by RHBInvest)

We are positive on any potential liberalisation of the NFO industry.

Maintain Overweight on sector.

No change to the recommendations of Outperform for BToto (Fair Value = RM4.95), Genting (Fair Value = RM8.95) and Genting Singapore (Fair Value = S$1.35); and Market Perform for Genting Malaysia (Fair Value = RM2.90).

BJtoto : I will like to clear BJtoto at Rm4.80, and wont wait till RM4.95. Buying at RM4.20, selling at RM4.80 will give me more than 10% profits for my aunties. Yes, this is not mine as I sold it to my aunties as I needed cash to buy my bike 3 months ago. I will be glad to SELL for 10% profits for them, and to show to them that BJToto, a no-brainer stock pick, earn us more than FD. How many % for the FD again?

Genting : I m still looking to BUY into this nice babe. It is retracing ... and I have sold mine at 6.60(bought 6.50) recently. A level of RM6.30 will be an alert point.

GenM : For defensive player, this might be a good holding. But, I dont see that it could give me my 10-20% profits pretty soon. So, it is a stock I will check for its relation to Genting(also Asiatic = GenP). Also, GenS, of coz. If I have tonnes of bullets, I wont mind buying GenM(Resorts) and hold ... forever?

MPHB and TanJong : These two nice babes not being mentioned by RHB. As we have seen. MPHB and TanJong being goreng-ed so high now ... still can buy? I will prefer MPHB, if I m to choose. Well, in fact I bought MPHB months ago at 1.80 level and sold for 'small' profits. Why cant I patiently wait for my 20-30%? Hai-ya ...

Muhibah by OSK.

It looks like Muhibbah has violated the mid-term downtrend line as is being portrayed in the above daily chart. That violation basically signals a major breakout. In fact, the breakout occurred after the stock constructed a “Double Bottom” at above the RM0.91 level. Traders can consider accumulating the shares at the current level and hope that the formidable 200-day MAV line will be taken soon. We are eyeing the RM1.30 to RM1.40 level as the upside target. Our cut-loss point is pegged at below the RM1.00 mark. The 200-day MAV line, which is now situated at the RM1.17 level, represents the immediate resistance. Another resistance is seen at the RM1.21 level.To the downside, there is immediate support at the RM1.04 level, followed by the RM1.00 level. A very strong support can be found at the “Double Bottom”, which was constructed at the RM0.91

TEH : Muhibah is a buy at Rm1.00 as it is one of my RM1-stock list. It is doing the best among other RM1 level stocks at the moment.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

1.20 pm : Will be spending my first 5 days of 'holiday' giving tuitions - for survival - before getting my new Proton next week. WOnder why Proton shoots higher to RM5? I bought proton at RM4 before and released it at almost the same level. I should time my buying of Proton stocks with a Proton car. Someone mentioned to me that Proton stock is 'lousy'. I know how negative we are with Proton as a brand. I m Malaysian, I should know too. I m buying Proton Saga as it is the most affordable car(thought of Kancil/Viva but it is too small with kids growing). I wont say I like Proton car ... but I do like Proton stock!! Look ... it wont be allowed to collapse(ortherwise, Dr M might cry foul again, we dont want that to happen to our Tun, right?). Somehow ... "investors" like to hold it stock. That is important, not to lose our capital. Do look into Proton stock price ... it even went below RM2, and now reaching RM5. A better bet than many ... say, Resorts or PBBank? Well, for auto stock, Tan Chong doing the BEST due to 'unlocking' their land in Segambut for development? Wow ... Tan Chong shot more than 10% again yesterday!

Are auto-stocks worth buying at the moment? How is EPMB doing? How are the car sales? Hmm ...


Friday, April 09, 2010

Will KLCI drop another 10 points? I will place a buy for Supermax and Adventa again. Perhaps my RM7 and RM3.5 are too low?

I m getting ready to fly to KK again.

9.45 am : LCCT ... KLCI was up 2 points just now but now is flat ... Scomi in profit-taking. Haisan's day today?

10.50 am : On the flight - EPMB moving. Clearing at 0.55.

6.05 pm : KLCI added 1.05 points.

50-cents stocks : Scomi, Mulpha, KHSB, LionDiv, Timecom, L&G, KUB

Supermax-cb : Worth to stalk to punt. Supermax retracing.

I was reading some blogs, which I did not follow closely anymore. But, I found that Sam(a 'good' stock picker) who favouring FA will always pour cold water on those TA-buggers(his term). Well, as a blogger myself ... I dont take side. I m not FA or TA. I m PA(punt analysis).I m too humbled compare to any of these sifus. I m no where near their knowledge and experience. I still survive, but I do not profit much to shout about. And ... I m the opposite : DO NOT BUY what I m writing here. Yeah, I do not wish to have followers, but take this blog a JOKE, a humourous reading material, someone cracking jokes on Bursa's stocks. Hehe ... Then, I will feel better ... knowing that no one actually take me seriously.

We all might have a similar goal ... profiting from markets or our investments. At times, when we read more(like reading my blog??!) of these noises, we will be confused!!


Thursday, April 08, 2010

KLCI dropping 7 points. I m still checking on rubber-stocks.

9.50 am : KLCI down by 10 points now. Placing my queues to buy Adventa and Supermax. Busy till 4pm.

GPacket-wa : Touched 0.545, and 0.53 is a level to buy for me. Next level to buy will be at 0.49. Will look into it. Noted.

IJMLand-wa : At 1.17 today, looking at 1.13 or below. I wrote about it last week to stalk at 1.20 and below and it is here now. Noted.

12.55 pm : KLCI closed for lunch, dropped 12.39 points. Is it merely profit-taking or EPF dumping their holdings for profits? Well, why is there a surprise that EPF is the huge player in KLSE? 50% of the trades? Perhaps bigger portion. Look ... Malaysian GOV have the say in EVERYTHING(almost tho) dealing in Malaysia-boleh-land. What? SOmeone suggested that SC to check on EPF trades on MRCB. Hmm ..., MRCB only meh? C'mon ... EPF paying us 5.6%, you know. Must say 'thank-you' la. Otherwise, if they not happy, they can always give us lower, what can you say?

Besides EPF, I passed by LTAT building the other day when I went to KLCC. LTAT is out local funds too but I dont know how many % of their funds involve in KLSE. What I wonder was ... why we seldom read about LTAT's holdings? I only read about EPF, some Tabung Haji news ... but how about LTAT? I want to do some simple research on them. We even have Kuwait Finance being mentioned in our local papers, right? LTAT? What is that?

5.30 pm : Done with hours of tuition classes. Tired. KLCI is tired too after days of climbing higher and higher ... today it closed 12.16 points lower. Today is SCOMI's day!! No ... I didnt observe her for quite some time now. Wow ... 0.50+ level now, it was from 0.38 level!!

Rubber-stocks : Supermax, Latexx and Adventa lost about 3%.

GPacket-wa closed at 0.54.