Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday 6.40 pm : Due to the flight delay last night, I reached home in midnight. Tired. This morning I have claases from 8 am till 6.30 pm. Now, I need to rush my dinner, for the next class at 7.30pm to 9.30pm.

Tmr morning, I will be flying off to KL with my family. Many of my relatives/friends wonder why I will still continue to travel to KK to teach the kids(30 of them) ... is it worth the TIME? Forget about the tireness I m going through ... but is it worth the time? Time = money?

If I calculate and think merely in $$$-sense, then it is NOT worth it. I get better paid per hour teaching in KL/PJ and over here, I need to pay the AirAsia's flights!! I hv to continue to rent the whole house just to continue to teach my students in KK!! The fees I collected barely enough to cover my expenses!! So, basically I m financially stupid!!

Wait .. money is occupying my mind, but a plan for longer terms. At the moment, I hv obligations and responsibilities towards these students who need me very much to coach them in their coming exams. MONEY could not buy me that ... I m no longer taking in new students from KK, as once I finished the syllabus with these students ... I will be relieved to enjoy my weekends in SJ, with my family. At the moment, I hv to 'sacrifice' my time for these students' sake. I m doing what I feel I need to do, whether they appreciate or not is not my concern.

Similarly, it is applied to my blog. If some following my blog(noticed that I hv personalised it and it no longer THAT relevent to KLSE or markets!!) ... I do not hv any expectations or the so-called ulterior-motives. Not all human are 'bad'. Not all human want to exploits other human-being. Not every human dont know how to appreciate lives. I think I still hv few dinners invitations from some readers! Hehe ... please wait till I m settled with KK, no longer flying like crazy .. I will be glad to hv dinners with those willing to share opinions.

I used the term SHARE opinions, not teaching. Please understand that I m NOVICE, I m not qualified to teach(just yet) and I m still recovering from the pain of teaching Dr Julian Lim(of Sabah Medical Center). I dont wish to be used like what he done to me. And being a friend(of 5 years), I dont even realise his intentions!! I was foolish to trust him. He still owes me RM8k+, and he just bought a RM300+k condo. What a human! Sigh .. drop-it.

Time to go again ...


Friday, January 29, 2010

DOW down another 115.70 points. Hmm ... going below 10k level soon. How KLSE will re-act to this later? I will be too busy to watch, flying off today.

The Sign - Ace of Base

1.45 pm : KLCI closed 8.82 points lower. Hmm ... the sell-down is not over? Today, LCL taking the stage - goreng-up. Gadang gorenged up too, too bad I sold it 'earlier', as usual.

We do need The Sign to see if it is just a mere pullback or a reversal. I dont know ... I do hope it is a pullback, as I m collecting. Otherwise, I will becoming one of the loooooong term investors(some have been holding for 10-20 years!!).

AMMB not done at 4.80.

5.05 pm : My AirAsia flight delayed AGAIN ... this time by an hour. AirAsia closed at 1.36 ... and MAS going lower, to 2.61. I shall collect MAS at 2.50 level and below, if permits.

Now, I have whole 3 hours to blog. Haha ... Where can I find a place for a nap? I know what I can do ... list those waterfalls!! Haha

Waterfalls that I like currently :-

1. MAS - bought at 2.70, and next buying at 2.50.
2. AMMB - queue at 4.80 not done, touched 4.81.
3. IJMLand - at 2.15 level will be a good entry point.
4. IOICorp - with RSI below 30, this is a good buy.
5. Genting - at 6.90 level is a buy to me.
6. MMCCorp - will like it at 2.20 or below.
7. AnnJoo - consodilated at 2.80 level before a strong breakout. Back to 2.80 now. Grabbed some of AnnJoo-wb
8. GPacket - going below 1.20 will be very nice.
9. Muhibah - going below RM1 will be a buy for me.
10. Evergreen or Hevea? Both might rally again once market rebounds.

I will jot these top 10 down, and see which one will gain 12% profits first. To me, it is still a CNY buying.

If I were you - Hoobastank


Thursday, January 28, 2010

12.05 pm : Post #666 ... too busy since morning.

12.35 pm : KLCI is flat but Adventa and Supermax up due to some bargain-buying. Steel counters up too, but my MAS is flat, going below 2.70.

Recent purchases : MAS, Kinstel and Supermax. This morning I grabbed some Geely, as planned.

Currently, I like AMMB after a dive yesterday. It is still in RED - I m glutton, I will move in to grab some.

4.05 pm : KLCI losing 2 points. Nothing is done.

5.15 pm : KLCI closed lower again, lost 1.26 points. I m at Sri Hartamas, going for next tuition class. Phew.

8.30 pm : Venue : Wendy's at Jalan Sultan Ismail.

AMMB is not done at 4.80. So far, I hv been discipline to buy what I want to buy at the levels I placed. Geely done at 3.40, Kinstel at 1.00, MAS at 2.70, Supermax at 4.91 and AnnJoo-wb at 0.75. But, I did not grab Genting at 6.95(planned last week) or Muhibah/E&O at RM1.00. Perhaps I feel I m overly exposed again ... going into 3-days buying spree.

So, the next one I might consider is AMMB, but I need to clear some of my holdings. Buying AMMB below 4.80 will be a good entry point.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

9.15 am : KLCI down by another 5 points, lead by CIMB. But many top 10 active counters goreng up. Fantastic.

9.35 am : KLCI losing more than 10 points. Looking at Genting below 7, Kossan below 6 and Supermax below 5. MMC to go lower?

9.50 am : KLCI is diving, losing 16.5 points now!! Kinstel done at Rm1.00.

Happy Nation by Ace of Base

4.05 pm : I m surprised that KLSE didnt recover after lunch. Genting going below 7.00. Yes, I will like to get into it but Geely move to 3.30 looks more attractive. So, I shall reserve the funds for Geely.

While Kinstel done at RM1, E&O and Muhibah also moving to RM1 level. Which one should I grab? Hmm ...

4.35 pm : KLCI losing 19 points. What a sell-down ... the bear is back? A pullback or a turn?

Supermax : Ok, time to collect some ... it is going below RM5. Looking at GenS at SGD 1.03 now, going below SGD1 will be my target.

Supermax done at 4.91.

AnnJoo going to 2.80 with AnnJoo-wb below 0.75 now. IJMLand at 2.17(touched 2.14) requesting me to re-look into it. I hv to focus ... too many to buy at the moment. WHAT IF ... it is a reverse, and KLCI going to 1250 by tmr?

So, for rubber ... I shall collect Supermax and Adventa. For steel, Kinstel, AnnJoo-wb and LionInd. For property, I will collect E&O and TAGB. Thinking of IJMLand.

At the moment, Sunway-wc is also 'attractive'.

KLCI closed at 1265.77, lost 17.25 today. HSI went below 20k level, before managed to close slightly above 20k.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

DOW up a little after days of hammering. Today we might see some bargain-hunting activites.

Rubber: Sold some Adventa at 3.80(done!!) which I bought at average of 3.50 level. Still having part at the average of 4.00, which I will hold. Will continue to collect below 3.50, and below 3.20 levels. I have cleared Supermax at 5.80 to 6.00 levels recently, and still like to buy back into this one - it touched a low of 5.12 last Friday, and closed strongly at 5.62. Will wait for it to go to 5.00 level, and at 4.68 strong support level will be the 'ideal' entry point.

Yes, I do still believe rubber stocks will be performing well, even tho many shot to their new highs.

Steel : Kinstel not done at 1.00, and will continue to queue at this level. AnnJoo touched 2.91 yesterday morning, and closed at 2.98. Will wait for 2.80 level to buy(and its baby too). AnnJoo-wb touched 0.78 yesterday, and my queue at 0.75 not done. LionInd stands at 1.68, with my initial buying at 1.70. So, nothing is done just yet.

SL : Thanks for the nice dinner ... next round on me, ok? Well, be conservative and playing it safe, I do like the way your hubby think about investing. Buy into good counters, buy the leaders of the sectors and buy good dividends paying stocks. It sounds 'good' and with some holding power, these strategy will definitely better than those money in FD. As at today, nothing is so-called cheap anymore, but there are still upside in some sectors - property and plantation are in my mind.

We all have different risk appetites. Some do not dare to drive a car in KL busy road, while someone like me will rather ride a bike than jam in the road for hours!! Same in investing ... some put their money in FD(no matter what u said) but some dare to take a plunge into KLSE(no matter what u said too).

11.20 am : Adventa touched 3.84 this morning before diving back to go below 3.70 now. I sold some off at 3.80, only to buy again below 3.60. So, I just queued 3.60 moments ago.

LionInd up above my 1.70 level(touched 1.80), will just hold and top-up in next break-out.

RM1 shopping : Kinstel, Gadang and E&O going lower. I cleared some Kinstel at 1.18, all the Gadang at 1.12 and some E&O at 1.20 recently. So, I will start to buy some if any going to RM1.00 or below. Shopping when we have days of REDs, ok? Muhibah is in RM1 category too.

MAS : Placing back MAS into my radar as it closed at 2.75 yesterday. I was talking about MAS with SL and hubby last night that I will buy it at 2.70 level. I bought it at 2.70 and sold at 2.98 recently(took 10% profits) ... and it is back to 2.70. So, I queued at 2.70, as planned. But but but ... JAL collapsed? If the collapse of JAL affecting MAS at the moment, then it is a buy to me. Looking to buy more at 2.40, next support level.

4.00 pm : Adventa at 3.60 is not done before lunch. It went below 3.60(touched 3.55) before climbing back to 3.60 now. Should I buy?

KLCI losing 13 points now ... at 1283. Wow ... time to ready to buy? If one didnt buy anything yet, today is a 'nice' day to grab some of your fav stocks. If market goes against u, ready a cut-loss.

Genting : Looking at Genting going below 7.20 level.I bought at 7.20 and sold at 7.70, and I hope my friend LL(in KK) sold hers as she followed me to buy at 7.20 level too last month. GenM bought at 2.90 and sold at 2.92 just last week or so, and it is at 2.83 now. GenS at SGD1.14 today. Time to consider these babes. I like Genting the most, going below RM7.00 will be time for me to consider.

Gadang : At 1.03 now, just 2 days ago I sold it off at 1.12 at small losses.

MMCCorp : It is going below2.30 level now ... aiming this one too. Arrgghh ... too many to grab at the moment.

HSI lost almost 500 points and mostly in REDs and I m looking into Geely Auto again. I mentioned to SL that I like China Auto industry and they will be monopolising the car market in future, if they(the Chinese) get it right.

5.05 pm : Bought some MAS at 2.70. I forgotten about Kinstel, it did touch 1.00. Well, will grab some tmr. AnnJoo-wb not done at 0.75.

Looking at Perisai and EPMB. Perisai at 0.505 and EPMB at 0.52. These will be for trading, but at 0.50 level, then.

IJMLand (and IJMLand-wa): Closed at 2.23, another day of red for this babe. RSI reaching 30-level, time to BUY again into this one. Long time I didnt get in touch with her. Buying at 2.15 is the ideal entry point.

Sunway (and Sunway-wc) : At 1.33 level, I wish I hv enough bullets to shoot this one at 1.30 level or grabbing its baby.

Yes, I will be busy looking into more ... before I decide which to buy SOON. I m only VERY busy about markets when IT DIVES lower. Those following my blogs for a year will know that I write more when waterfalls forming ... so, I did not look at market much since I had my selling-spree 3 weeks or so ago. Today, it requires me to look seriously to start to collect those I hv been waiting, for good discounts.

Another red tmr will be well for a greedy person like me. I remember when KLCI shot above 1290 to 1300, I was busy selling ... so that I could get the funds back to BUY like today ... today is a buying day. If tmr go down another 10 points, I shall BUY into one/two counters I listed above.

If DOW going below 10k level ... and HSI going below 20k level, markets will be shaken. KLCI might be seeing 1250 level ... and CNY rally is over!! Take the angpow(if any) and run ...


Monday, January 25, 2010

4.22 pm : I m so busy that I could check anything, and stranded here as it is raining heavily. I m supposed to rush for my next class at KLCC.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Salah Apa - Five Minutes

Live without regrets

Whether in lives or in markets, it is so common to hear "I should have ..." or "I shouldnt ...", a voice of regrets. In lives, we made mistakes along the way. For example, I WAS financially-retarded ... I dont bother or even care to count dollars&cents - how much in and out etc etc ... I m the EXTREME, the very few lecturer who DO NOT BOTHER about money in my lives. As the results, I accumulate NOTHING before I got married. Everything I earned(I dont even know how much I earned per month, honestly) ... 'given' away.

So, when I moved away to Sabah ... I followed my heart. I love KK(still and will always do) so much, that I see living in KL city is meaningless. Serious ... people work for MONEY? How stupid a person can be? MONEY? No way, I said to myself. I have always been passionate about Maths and teaching, so it is only natural that I wont opt for other so-called better paid job. With my so-called good Mathematical brain, many see it as a 'waste' to teach Maths. How many males in teaching line, anyway? Especially u r capable in using your Maths brain? If u need to know, my Maths was one of the best around. That I wont deny, and many telling me that for years ...

But, I took a turn to KK when I was on my way up(being sought after for tuitions and colleges). I was in my early 30s then. Just ten years ago, I was ignorant of markets, and in fact lost some RM10k ... letting my friend to buy a stock. It crashed in 1997 ... remember? Me? I dont bother, I dont even know what stock he bought!! Well, I could continue to dig and reflect on my retardness ... some cynics might enjoy reading these 'stories'.

As I meantioned, I never regret. I dont see the point on filling our minds with regrets!! You mean you can change what have been done? You mean ... turning the clock, wishing I am still in 1997, and with my current knowledge, I could profit handsomely? You mean, IF I did not go to KK, I might be one of the famous Maths tutor in town(the possibilities were very high as I was good), earning tonnes of money, while investing in markets in 1997/1998? Wow ... of coz I know I might be staying in one of the semi-d in USJ now, rather than renting an apt, instead?

What is the point here? Sitting here regretting? Cant u see that my mind was NOT channelled to earn lotsa money at that moment? Do you know that the majority of public are ignorant when it comes to MONEY? Dont even go to KLSE, they view that as gambling and for all all the dooms.

I m remaining quiet ... as I know I m no longer who I was 10 years ago. In fact, I m in another extreme. I wish to say I m not money-minded, but I couldnt anymore. I am. I woke up with calculations of how much I used yesterday, how much I m going to allow myself to use today ... and till what I m going to do with my current portfolios - what am I buying/selling this week? How am I going to increase my income further?Are there any unnecessary expenses I m indulging in? etc etc ... MONEY. I even dropped a tuition class which I started for a week, because the rate is much lower and it is NOT money-wise to travel to his place, taking my TIME. My TIME = MONEY at the moment. Instead, the next day, I took in another tuition class which paying me double the rate he offered. It sounds LOGICAL ... but, that is simply not me, at least just a mere 4 years ago.

Fine ... I dont regret ... I m moving forward. If there is one good reason WHY I m shifting back to KL, it is also financially driven. I m very good in my job, I know it too. So, the market is HERE in Subang Jaya, to teach tuition. My new college paying me 25% higher that what in KK ... and the tuition rate here is about 60% higher than in KK. Given a year, I will be known as a good Maths tutor ... I will slowly setting up my own center in 2/3 years time. That is business now ... generating higher income, and by end of this year, I m expecting to double my income of KK.

Lets talk about MONEY ... my main interest. But, IF I m without passion ... money itself is meaningless. If we chase money, money will further away from us. What needed is ... do what is needed to our best abilities, money will take care of itself.

I never regret ... if there is one ... it is personal, close to my heart. Perhaps I regret I did not be a good grandson to my late grandma ... or not being a good nephew to my two caring aunties ... or a good bro to my siblings. REGRETing means ... too late? I m back here in KL to be just that ... a good bro and a good nephew. Besides, being a good husband and father. I dont live with regrets ... for I know I have tmr to take charge of my lives. I m a positive person, and refuse to give into those regret-feeling.

I m applying it in markets. I dont regret when I bought XXX and it went lower/down or sold YYY and it continues to shoot higher the next moment. It is STUPID of my to regret ... about my financial retardness previously, and it is also stupid of me if I m repeating my ignorance.

I m here today in KL ... without regrets. I have my investment goals firmly written in my head 2 years ago, when I started to venture into markets. Today ... I still didnt regret or give-up, and I dont think so I will ever.

Read : Rich Dad, Poor Dad ... immense the concepts, apply it into our personal financial lives. Do not look back with ... regrets.

4.50 pm : Venue : PJ Section 14

PJ Section 14 changed so much in 10 years time. But, I m in this 'old' mamak stall which renovated with huge LCD TVs. Well, I m watching badminton. Couldnt watch live in the stadium today as I was having lunch with my bro/sis at CenterPoint, BU.

Chong Wei easily won against Boonsak. Mixed double now, so time to check on my markets.

Steel : To buy AnnJoo at Rm2.80 and Kinstel at Rm1.00.

Mungkin Nanti - Peter Pan


Saturday, January 23, 2010

DOW down by another 200+ points. Is KLCI at 1,300 the peak, and we are seeing downside sliding for coming months, rather than the so-called recovery? Many of times, when markets bullish, we might tend to THINK that economies are really recovering and all the GOOD news we read(in media) are true ... but, when markets retraces sharply(look at DOW ... the worst performance for past 3 trading days in months!!) ... then, we started to read(in that same stupid media again) that the recovery might be bumpy or will not be strong. All the negative news started to be aired too ... blah blah blah ... sell sell sell? The markets taking a turning, cut loss etc etc.

So, that is the dis-advantage of us, the ikan-bilis traders/investors ... who rely on MEDIA for information. The 'lack of integrity' analysts flip-flop their opinions over-night like they know the directions confuse us further. To compound our fear, we will be hearing more from our friends or people we know getting in the markets. This is a serious crime, I would say.

How a person telling us to BUY the stock of XYZ at a given target price, only to tell us to SELL next week or so? What about accountability? Wait wait .... what am I talking about? Integrity and accountability in broker's reports? Haha ... they are, after all, WORKING for their respective investment banks or securities co.

Markets are the only place that we are 'allowed' to change our view overnight!! I cant do that in my teachings, especially Maths. If the trajectory of a projectile is parabolic, with assumptions made ... it is FIXED. I cant be telling my students about my opinions about the trajectory or those assumptions shouldnt be made in the first place. Haha ... I do laugh at times when I read some broker's reports.

Those pointed out to buy ... say, LCL 6 months ago, might be crying sell today? Selling today is far too late, my friend. The boss also sold his stake at 0.60 level, ok? Selling at 0.20? Hello?? I thought when the boss start selling, something VERY wrong inside there ... and the best person to know what is going on should be the boss, ceo, owner or founder, right? If one read an investment book(please read more), definitely we could find a part about CEO's selling/buying. Or by using some 'common' sense, we could highly suspect something is amiss if CEO selling his stakes.

Question : What should I do as I bought LCL at 0.45 level? If I m to clear it now, I will be losing more than 50% of my capitals?

Honestly, I dont know how to answer you, my friend. I could only hope you did not buy one and only one LCL with ALL your savings at that level??! Personally, I hv cut few about 50% losses too. Yes, I do not buy only one - if I m not selling, I hv intention to accumulate in stages then clearing in stages too. But, I m a novice, I made many trading mistakes(and still do) too. We all learn from painful mistakes. Jot it down ... remind ourselves before our next buy/sell. Are we repeating the bad history? I admit I did ... once bitten, twice shy? Nah ... novice ikan bilis traders get burnt again and again, until they GIVE UP on markets!! We might blame in on luck etc etc. How about start with blaming ourselves?

Did u read enough investments, learn enough strategies, listen enough ... and experience enough to dump your money into a particular stock? Did you plan to SELL your babes or falling in love with it as it is giving you an unrealised profits? BUY and HOLD? Well ... even buy in Mac 2009, it is about time to sell once reaching your target(very huge, indeed).

For novices, dont we heard before that we suppose to buy into good fundamental blue-chips? Those giving good dividends. Oh yes, I just bought a book "Dividends dont lie" listing 21 companies in KLSE which give 'good' dividends yield.

For me, I will drop LCL, cut it off ... lick my wounds, and determine to crawl back into actions. I dont really like the pain, but it is the pain that makes me strong - more determine - to learn more and gain more experiences.

This is an e-mail seeking my opinions about his/her LCL. Obviously, he/she has been asking around ... and sorry for my very late reply. I really dont know what to say as we are VERY DIFFERENT individuals.

Just learn the lessons, markets will always be there(we might not be) ... carry on to learn. To me, I dont give up, I do things passionately. I m NOT successful yet, as I m only 40% into my trading/investment education. I m self-educated. Haha.

Note : DO NOT listen to the analysts - take it with a pinch of salt.

4.35 pm : I m to buy Adventa on Monday IF it is going to be red again and reaching 3.20 level. Noted.

Jaks : At support 0.75, BUY. Next support at 0.55. Buy?


p/s : I m gullible for food - treat me a nice dinner, I will listen. LOL

Friday, January 22, 2010

10.30 am : So busy that I didnt manage to take my breakfast this morning and only now I m off a little. KLCI dives ... losing about 10points now, with Gadang, LionInd and Adventa moving lower. I m looking at Gadang now, and will like to collect more around RM1 level. It is going below 1.10 now.

Gadang : For trading purposes, we may 'throw away' the PE values and such. Personally I wont say I like Gadang(I like many such as rubber-stocks and O&G etc) ... but support at RM1, so I will collect more at that level, HOPING it will rebound. WHAT IF it wont rebound, and collapse etc etc? Well, hard luck then ... then, cut cut cut. Sudah potong ar?

Adventa : It is moving lower ... touched 3.37, time to collect more perhaps at 3.20 or a few more days of REDS will be nice. Supermax also moving lower ...

LionInd : Going below my purchase value at 1.70 level, I will look to buy into it at 1.55 level or so. Still hold on to my dear lives ... while busy earning more to collect more ammunitions to SHOOT on this babe, again.

Kinstel : Well, I like it at 1.03 again ... will buy at RM1 or below again.

AnnJoo : Going below RM3 today, its baby going below 0.80 too. Good ... c'mon baby, go to 0.70, please? How sharp will this contraction be? Hmm ...

E&O : It is going below 1.10 again(sold some at 1.20 recently), and might get more of it at 0.98 level. In order to grab more of this, I will release Gadang. Have not decide on this.

5.05 pm : KLCI lost 7.91, and I cleared Gadang in the last minutes at 1.12 for small losses. I m more interested to buy more of Adventa and looking at Supermax. Also, to accumulate more of Kinstel and LionInd.

HSI is also down ... CWP at 0.79, and keeping some bullets to buy at 0.70 level(historically I bought at 0.70 and sold it at 1.00 ... will history repeats? We shall see).

Qinfa at 2.23 ... so, should I buy at 2.00 level again? I hv sold all my units at 2.60 recently. Still looking to buy it at 2.00, but prefer the strong support level at 1.85 level.

Tonight I will want to watch Malaysia's Open(badminton) but I dont know the schedule. Otherwise, I shall surprise my bowling kaki at Cheras, and join them for the game!! TGIF ... well, free as I m not going back to KK. Miss my wife and babies, tho.

9.00 pm : Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil

Lee Chong Wei playing Chen Jin going to start in a minute time. It is still raining outside.

11.00 pm : Koo and Tan leading 4 -1, the only game in the stadium now. Chong Wei won in rubber and the girls won too.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

12.05 pm : Finally I could sit for awhile, and have my lunch!! Very hectic schedule and busy!!

KLCI unchanged, tho DOW and HSI down this morning. Adventa and Supermax are still retracing, and I m still waiting ... while seeing LionInd, Kinstel and AnnJoo-wb retracing too ... just hold on, be patient ... and start to accumulate again.

Gadang at 1.13 level, still waiting for below 1.10 level to enter. Other than that, nothing much.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

12.40 pm : I m too busy to even on my pc - short quick lunch, a check on KLCI, breaching 1300 this morning. GenM breaks 2.90 too. Will buy more when it breaks 3.00.

AnnJoo-wb touched a high of 0.95, but closed at 0.90. I will SELL around RM1. Kinstel did not reach my selling price of 1.20(accumulated around 1.03-1.08).But, today LionInd breaks 1.80 level. Wow ... I might want this babe again, so, I m queueing now.

Rubber is quiet today ... as STEEL taking the stage. I will ride on it with Kinstel, AnnJoo-wb and LionInd.

Gadang up slightly, and will only look to accumulate below 1.0-1.1 level. If it breaks 1.20, then time to top-up.

5.05 : KLCI at 1306.62. Rubber in reds today, but the bigger-rubber up. I grabbed some LionInd at 1.71.

Topglove, Harta and Kossan up. Adventa, Supermax, Latexx and Rubberex down. IRCB, Luxchem and Wellcall down a little too.

Time to jog ... I need the exercise. They hv a gym here too, so might as well use the facilities. I have not bought the ticket to KK for this weekend. So, I might not going back to KK this weekend. But, I hv so much things to teach my students back in KK, and also miss my wife&babies.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

7.03 am : I was checking on rubber-stocks, many recovered from the morning dive yesterday. Perhaps, i should queue at yesterday's low later.

So, I will grab more Gadang and Kinstel, while looking at Adventa and Supermax.

Telephone - Lady GaGa (SX18)

I enjoy this number a lot. Upbeat and cool.

Telephone - Lady GaGa

Hello, hello, baby;
You called, I can't hear a thing.
I have got no service
In the club, you see, see
Wha-Wha-What did you say?
Oh, you're breaking up on me
Sorry, I cannot hear you,
I'm kinda busy.

K-kinda busy
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Sorry, I cannot hear you, I'm kinda busy.

Just a second,
It's my favorite song they're gonna play
And I cannot text you with
A drink in my hand, eh
You shoulda made some plans with me,
You knew that I was free.
And now you won't stop calling me;
I'm kinda busy.

Stop callin', stop callin',
I don't wanna think anymore!
I left my head and my heart on the dance floor.
Stop callin', stop callin',
I don't wanna talk anymore!
I left my head and my heart on the dance floor.

Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh
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I'm busy!
Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh
Stop telephonin' me!
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Can call all you want,
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Out in the club,
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But there's no one home,
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Boy, the way you blowin' up my phone
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I shoulda left my phone at home,
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Callin' like a collector -
Sorry, I cannot answer!

Not that I don't like you,
I'm just at a party.
And I am sick and tired
Of my phone r-ringing.
Sometimes I feel like
I live in Grand Central Station.
Tonight I'm not takin' no calls,
'Cause I'll be dancin'.

'Cause I'll be dancin'
'Cause I'll be dancin'
Tonight I'm not takin' no calls, 'cause I'll be dancin'!

Stop callin', stop callin',
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I left my head and my heart on the dance floor.
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I left my head and my heart on the dance floor.

Stop callin', stop callin',
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I left my head and my heart on the dance floor.
Stop callin', stop callin',
I don't wanna talk anymore!
I left my head and my heart on the dance floor.

Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh
Stop telephonin' me!
Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh
I'm busy!
Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh
Stop telephonin' me!
Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh

Can call all you want,
But there's no one home,
You're not gonna reach my telephone!
'Cause I'm out in the club,
And I'm sippin' that bub,
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Call when you want,
But there's no one home,
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'Cause I'm out in the club,
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My telephone!
M-m-my telephone!
'Cause I'm out in the club,
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My telephone!
M-m-my telephone!
'Cause I'm out in the club,
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And you're not gonna reach my telephone!

We're sorry the number you have reached is not in service at this time.
Please check the number, or try your call again


IW : Thanks for your offer of your place for me to stay. I hv found a place at USJ. It is very nice of you. We shall meet for yam-char, ya.

GT : Thanks for your offer to help me in any way. Well, I could still cope, but at least I know who to call when I really need a helping hand. Hehe. Thanks, again.

VC : Thanks for your offer to help too. Will meet with you when I m settled, ya.

Thanks for many more who is concern and those best wishes. I m still trying to cope to KL's craziness. Haha

10.55 am : KLCI at 1300 level. Breaching this psychological level is crucial as we lookingh forward to the year of Tiger. Will it roar?

12.15 pm : Collecting more of Kinstel, but AnnJoo-wb shoots higher, so the queue at 0.80 not done. Gadang not done at 1.10 too. Rubber not moving much ... I m too busy to monitor. I might want to clear some Kinstel that I bought at 1.05 level at 1.20, and sell more at 1.30 level plus, if it still moving higher. Anything moving higher too fast deserve to be sold-off, while accumulating those moving lower ... that is basically what I m doing, since I dont have time to monitor, but still gullible to profit some dinners. Hmm ...

4.40 PM : Queuing for EPMB at 0.555. I m off.

5.30 pm : EPMB not done ... need to place a note, to queue to BUY into it tmr. Gadang at 1.13, looking at 1.10(and below to collect). Kinstel and AnnJoo-wb still strong, hold on to clear. GenM not moving much since I bought her, might clear it off to have funds in hand. Adventa in red, but will only collect more after the rubber-retracements. At the moment, rubber stocks are still in correction-mode, which is expected after huge jump up. BJtoto still hanging at 4.30 level, and will buy into BJToto-cd at 0.05 again. While I m still holding TA and E&O, I will only buy when they move 10% lower than the current level.

I also noticed LionInd down by 3%, to close at 1.60. I will only buy into this babe(one of my fav, ok?) below 1.55 or so(afterall, I sold off mine at 1.60 two weeks ago).

How about PJDev? It is also in red ... can consider below 0.80 level. It closed at 0.815.

Perisai : Another for me to consider, it is at 0.545(touched 0.54). I will start my queue at 0.52, then.

Other than that, I m not focusing on others. Too many in hands, and due to my busyness, it wil be difficult for me to monitor.

巫啟賢 - 團圓


Monday, January 18, 2010

8.30 am : Monday morning ... I hv classes from 9am to 4 pm in college before travelling to KLCC nearby to teach a very rich man's daughter. A short dinner, will see me travelling to Kepong to get some of my items back to USJ. By the time I reach home to rest, it should be around 10pm again. I m already here before 7 am just now!! And I reached USJ home around 12.30am - yes, midnight! Am I complaining? I m not, actually. People cares for me started to concern about my health(I am too) as I m moving around the clock.

I m having my bfast, being planned at 8.30am so that I could eat while write here, and watching the queues.

11.20 am : Done nothing but just queued for Supermax at 5.30, as it dropped to 5.36 this morning. I was away, of coz. Lunch time as i will be too busy till 7 pm later.

11.45 am : I saw Gadang in reds - ok. grab some at 1.15 and collect more below 1.00-1.10. There is a sharp traction at the moment. Technically it will rebound.

Gadang closed for lunch at 1.22, queue more at 1.10 not done. I only have 3k units of it at 1.15. Will see at 4pm to decide if I need to buy more, while the queue at 1.10 will stay for the day.

Adventa at 3.95 level now, it went down to touch 3.70 level this morning. I missed all the 'shows'.

That is all for today till 10pm.


p/s : Sorry as I could not reply to any e-mail.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

6.50 pm : Venue - T2, KKIA

Finally I could rest for a while, while waiting for my flight back to KL. Yes, I dont even hv much time to play with my kids. Definitely wont hv time for other things(as playing with my kids is my top priority) ... I dont even touch my netbook since in KK!!

Ok, I shall spend some time to check on my stalk-list, especially the rubber stocks, before I could hv a rough idea what I will do this week. I do hope for a SHARP correction in rubber-stocks, especially Supermax and Adventa. These two are still my fav rubber-babes(they are more elastic, I guess. Hehe).

Rubber stocks : I could only say that I hope many more will SELL ... let it dives, I will be glad to collect. As I exited most of my rubber, I m as eager to WAIT for a level to buy again, and HOLD. I m no longer a trader, I hv no time to check etc etc ... but I still like rubber stocks. So, I will like to collect more ... of Adventa and Supermax.

Flying in 5 minutes time. Bye, KK

Valentine Day - Linkin Park

Friday, January 15, 2010

6.15 am : I m already in office, as I m really busy with my current new teaching job(24hrs/week plus loads of paperworks). So, I really dont hv much time left to even read an article from any biz-news.

But, I read about Bridget Lai's case yesterday ... she has to explain and answer some questions, it seems. Then, I checked AFG's price movements ... at 2.50 level now, someone seems to be collecting it below 2.50. Hmm ... we dont know the REAL stories behind, and the 'fear' of not know might put us aside from acquiring AFG at 'cheap' prices at the moment.

I think that is the only article I read for this whole week!! Well, by Chinese New Year ... I should be more or less settled-in. Hopefully, I could get myself back into my routine of reading biz-news, sniffing for opportunities ... buying into those 'waterfalls' and profit from it. :-)

Currently, the rubber rally is strong but profit-taking could be in soon. So, I m slowly exiting rubber-stocks, while moved into steel rally yesterday(late entry due to lack of focus in market!!). Kinstel and AnnJoo-wb up about 5% from my purchasing price yesterday morning at 1.03 and 0.86 respectively. I will ride on these for a while but should clear most of it by CNY. Well, CNY needs to give angpau, I do need to raise some cash.

Jaks flew off yesterday too. I saw Jaks at USJ near Summit/Mydin USJ here ... oh, I never knew they are located here. These days,when I passed by so many brands/companies ... I could identify their businesses and it stock prices. Hehe ... but there are simply too many in Klang Valley here, unlike in Sabah!!

Well, I have keyed in to SELL my rubber, and collect more Kinstel. LionInd at 1.70+ now(I sold at 1.60 level). Besides AnnJoo, Southern Steel's momentum is strong too ... it might move higher again today. I wont hv the time to watch. Too bad.

6.10 pm : LCCT, Sepang

KLCI reaching for the psychological 1,300 level ... while main losers for today are RUBBER stocks. I hv exited rubber this morning with some small loses. In fact, early in the morning I sms-ed two of my friends(SL bought Kossan and TN bought Supermax) informing them that I m exiting rubber due to the expected dive. It did. But, I m not sure if they exit too.

Now, I still have some Adventa not done. Will keep this portion, and will move into Adventa again once it gives me the signals.

I m still looking to buy AnnJoo-wb at 0.75 level. Someone left a comment about AnnJoo-wb. I m simply too busy to answer or even write here. I m mentally tired too after working since 6.30am morning!! Well, when I m settled ... in KL, then I wont mind meeting those who wish to share the experiences or opinions about share markets. But, the treat is on you. I m gullible(LOL ... cant believe I m saying that. Hhaha) ... can I hv my char-kueh-teow and cendol, please? Haha.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

10.25 am : IRCB really flying ... KLCI up 2 points. I m too busy to even on my pc. Arrghh ...

By the time I could rest for awhile, it will be about 9pm!! That is KL's life.

3.15 pm : Adventa done at 4.10, as it dives. Grab more for short trades.

4.56 pm : Bought AnnJoo-wb and Kinstel this morning to ride on the steel-rally. Will hold awhile the rubber-stocks, and will clear again when it shoots higher.

Sinopec-c5 : I hv forgetten about this one, so ... as I will be too busy to monitor HKSE at the moment, I have cut with losses about RM1k. The 30k units done it mine. -ouch-


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

9.15 am : Too busy with classes - finally, I m experiencing working full-time. Haha.

Well, I m going to grab some Adventa at 3.95. It is in RED and at 3.96 level(touched 3.90) now.

Rubber stocks in RED ... about time to take profits. Sold some Supermax ...

Latexx done at 4.50? In fact it went all the way lower to 4.23. I have Supermax, Adventa and Latexx to ride on the rubber-rally, reducing each when it reaches 10-20%, or techinically extremely over-bought(RSI95?!). Only Ruberex not done at 2.90(touched 2.93). I m not monitoring, in fact I dont even have the time for my short-lunch!! Very hectic and busy schedule here.

Otherwise, today will be another good trading day for rubber-stocks. Well, I m selling(take profits) as I m moving back in at lower prices. At the moment, I could only focus in these few rubber stocks. Kossan still up too...

4.45 pm : I m surprised that my Supermax cleared at 6.00. It shoots higher ... Adventa and Latexx are flying too. I m going for Rubberex, the laggard today.

5.45 pm : Damn it ... I missed my AnnJoo-wb. Steel-rally today and it flew off. 20%, man. Ouch. Too busy ... otherwise, I could grab it. I did not read biz-news for days now.

Never mind, still got rubber-rally ... Adventa, Latexx and Rubberex. Supermax cleared.


Steel Rally : Is it too late to catch any? I might grab Kinstel for some trades. Perwaja shot up today.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

5.55 am : Well, do you want to know what the advertiser of the developers means when they said "30 minutes relaxing drive from Kepong to Subang USJ?" and such advertisements? Try driving at 4 am ... you will have a nice drive in KL/PJ ... or even Subang which infamous for its well-developed traffic-jams!!

I woke up at 4 am ... so that I could beat the jams, and substantially reduce my fear of riding my kap-cai along LDP(bike un-friendly highway!!), transporting my things from Kepong to USJ. Then, I m done a little of cleaning/clearing this apt-unit - so that I could sleep here tonight, escaping the hell ride using LDP tmr onwards.

Enough of my miserable going-ons ... let me check the markets awhile. DOW up slightly and we might be seeing another green-day for KLSE. KLSE closed 1+ points higher yesterday but Genting downed by 14cents. Phew ... luckily I cleared it at 7.70, for small profits. At the moment, I will switch to GenM.

As I m only holding to Supermax, I may want to grab some Adventa but it is still flying high. Need to grab some when it consolidate and add into my positions for some trades.

Other than rubber, I hv no time to punt into others.

Will be too busy to write again ... I guess by the time I could rest awhile today, it should be around 9pm? Or 10pm?

9.25 pm : I had my dinner at USJ Summit, and walked around. 10 years past ... not much of change there, indeed. MPH still at the same place!!

Supermax : Technically, RSI above 90 ... it is a SELL to me. So, my queue at 5.99 not done too(touched 5.90), and I might hv to queue lower at 5.90 tmr then.

As for other rubber stocks, they are doing well too. Today, Kossan moved. Even Wellcall and Luxchem has been gaining momentum. IRCB certaily the best achiever(in % sense).


Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday : Subang Jaya

A very loooong day today - by the time I pause to rest, it will be 10pm tonight!!

11.30 pm : I was wrong, I m only available now at 11.30pm. Too tired to write, DOW down slightly. Nothing is done today, Supermax didnt reach my 5.99 queue to sell and AFG not done at 2.35 to buy. Will be too busy tmr to bother about markets.



Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday : 5.20 pm - KKIA - T2

I m tired. I dont have the time for my usual readings and such. Finally, I m at airport again, and could rest a while.

AFG : Tmr I will queue for AFG at 2.35 level, but I wont be surprise if it flies higher and wont see 2.35. It closed at 2.42 last friday.


Saturday, January 09, 2010

Saturday 4.25 pm : Taman Dah Yeh, KK

At 4.30pm, I will have another class tuition class(done with 3 classes since morning), and another at night till 10pm today. Tmr morning, I will hv classes from 8 am till 3pm, before flying back to KL at night. Then, ride my kap-cai all the way back to Kepong. Monday will be another long crazy day.

So, am I tired? Yes, I am as age is catching-up.

No writing during weekends. Happy weekend.

Simply Red - If You Don't Know Me By Now


Friday, January 08, 2010

DOW continues to move higher - at 10,600 level now. Will we be seeing 11k soon? Someone in wall-street is yelling to get out of markets before the imminent plunge in stocks!! Which side should we be at?

Markets and stocks have rallied for the past 9 months ... making us to believe that it is a bull run, and not the feared bear-rally. Many of stocks in KLSE have doubled/tripled ... but moved lower. It is still at the high-point. So, to be overly optimistic that stocks will have strong rally up again would be not so wise. I will prefer to hold half cash, while remain invested in more defensive stocks. Perhaps, riding the trend ... such as rubber-rally.

Supermax :I dont know how far Supermax could go - I m collecting each time there is a retracement or profit-taking. Then, slowly release some whenever it hike up in short few days!!

Besides BJToto, I will also like Genting or GenM. I have cleared my Genting but grabbed some GenM instead. RWS is opening soon ... will love to visit Singapore during my year-end holiday break!! Another heavyweight I will like is Tenaga, which is so-called defensive. Will the tariff-hike done by this year ar?

12.30 pm : Lunch break

Ok, I m "glad" that gov will still give some petrol subsidies to those lower income person like me.

Read this from The Star : "The move was based on the assumption that those in the lower income group(that is ME) would normally drive a car with lower engine capacity(850cc Kancil) and thus be eligible for the subsidy". Generally, it is true ... it is NOT stated at what level of cc considered as lower/higher. How about those riding kap-cai like me? Shouldnt we be getting petrol at the highest subsidised price? Hmm ... how about RM1 la, datuk?

On the other hand, those so-called middle class who want to show-off with big cc cars might have to re-think. That is good, actually.

Well, I will be flying off in few hours time, back to KK. Next week will be a hell-week when classes start and also my tuition classes in KL start too. Luckily I got myself a place to stay in USJ(developed by Sime Property, if I m not mistaken). Then, the next few coming weeks will be busy cleaning/clearing my place and make it nice & cozy. I will be setting a place at home to give tuitions too at nights. With that done, I will be glad to bring my wife and kids ... in the mean time, I will be a 'bachelor' for a few weeks.

Sat and Sun, I will be packed with my tuition classes back in KK. No time to rest or even play with my kids. I over-worked at the moment. But, I believe it is temporary ... once my family is settled here, I will see if my students in KK still want me to fly back to KK to teach them. Otherwise, I wont be so frequent.

4.50 pm : Venue LCCT

Supermax at 5.70 .... another hike up 5%. Hmm ... will continue to hold for another day or two, then sell some for profits again. Then, buy again during retracements. I hv lost counts the number of times I buy/sell those rubber counters.

Genting : When I bought Genting at 7.20(it went slightly below RM6 before rebounded), I told LL that I bought it that morning. Then, she followed to buy at 7.20+. I told her I will sell at 7.70, which I did days ago. She asked me to sms her when I sell, but due to my busyness, I forgotten. Today, Genting closed at 7.54. It is difficult to keep tracks what my other friends buying, and also some readers e-mail me about their buyings etc etc. Please understand that I will write with PLEASURE ... not due to obligations. I m still NOT paid a single cent, in fact being 'conned' by my doctor friend(of RM8k+), JL. So, I need to point out that I have NO OBLIGATIONS to write ...

At the moment I m very busy ... and yes, tired. I travelled 1 hour plus every morning in a kap-cai from KEPONG to SUBANG around 6.30am, and reached back to KEPONG(another 1 hour+) after tuitions etc etc around 9 pm.

Since I m not paid(yes, I m VERY money-minded la. Haha), I will not entertain many who ask for this/that ... or reply e-mails. SORRY. I m over-worked. I m teaching 24 hours/week in a NEW place, adapting myself in new environments and with new people. Do NOT expect me to update my blog(I will only write IF I wanted to, not because you want to read, ok?) ... and as I have mentioned, I no longer day-trade or contra. But, I m still aware of markets ... I m pissed off with few demands, which sounded like I OWE him/her. I am INDEPENDENT person, ok?

For some readers who still think that we bloggers owe them the world, I will buy you a kite. Serious. Go fly some kites, u need that. Majority of the KLSE's bloggers are in financial line. I m not. I m in teaching line.

Sorry again to many e-mail that I have no time(and dont feel obliged) to reply ... unless u call me out, belanja me nice dinner or recommend me some tuition students. Hehe ... that sounds better. I dont wish to be said to be a nice person(buttering) and then being used. That reminded me Dr Julian Lim who done that to me, ok?

Be grateful ... otherwise, you are NOT welcome, anyway.

AFG : AFG formed a hammer today(will check it tonight), and it is asking me to BUY on Monday. That is just my trading idea, I m not responsible for your losses. When you gained, got buy me my doughnut or not? Till today, I only get 'thanks' messages ... I want my doughnut(Big Apple,please), ok? Arrrghhh ...

So, AFG can buy or not? I dont know about u ... I might get in on Monday after I cleared some Supermax.


Thursday, January 07, 2010

DOW is flat but oil up again, at USD83 now.

Rubber rally is on for a while ... trading rubber-stocks will be good.

Supermax done a super flying in the morning(touched 5.50), but retracing. Will collect more if it goes into red.

Petra : I m too busy but saw Petra shooting high - EGM to remove 4 directors? Is that suppose to be a good news to the company? Why shooting up 20%? Hmm ...

LionInd is still moving(I hv cleared all) and looking to re-collect at lower levels.

11.40 am : I will be too busy to write as I m in a new working place - wish to focus in my works, and it is over-helming. The stress level and the work-loads are about 8-folds(I calculated that!!). Anyway, once I m used to it, it shall reduces but will NEVER reach the almost nexr zero level of stress in KK. Welcome to the stressful KL city-life.

AFG : I read the story about Bridget Lai and AFG ... well, there were buyers yesterday as it closed firmer(after reported she is still up there), but today, it is going below 2.50 now. It is a wait-n-see for me ... but I dont think so I will even watch how this one fold up.

8.05 pm : One_Utama A&W outlet

There is no A&W(closed down years ago) in KK ... so, I m here. I hv not stopped since morning. Work work ... then, searching here and there for an place to stay. Finally, I will be staying at USJ GoodYear court. Not bad, they even have swimming pool and a jogging ground. So, I grabbed it.

KLCI closed in red on profit taking. Hey, my Supermax done at 5.30. Wow .. it even touched 5.24.

Luxchem is a buy to me - one of the blogger mentioned about it as I hv an e-mail asking me about this counter. I do know much about Luxchem, but it is in my rubber-list as I read somewhere months ago that it is related to rubber. I do not hold any as I dont really know its related business with other rubber counters. Anyway, I m busy with rubber-rally ... Adventa, Supermax, Rubberex and Latexx. I did not buy Topglove, Kossan(I recommended this to my friend SL and she owes me dinner, ok? Hehe), Hartalega. These are heavy ... I prefer the thinner ones which can run fast during rally(and down fast too).

Rubberex down today ... down 3 more days, then I will collect.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

DOW down slightly yesterday but NEP reached new high.

9.10 am : KLCI up 3.5 points. Huge turnover seen yesterday, nearly RM2b. So, wait for T-3. Many contra traders are in.

11.10 am : Did nothing but added my positions for Supermax. ZW flew off.

11.20 am : Supermax flying off - clearing some at RM5.00

8.10 pm : Supermax closed at 4.99 during lunch, my morning queue at 5.00 not done. After lunch, huge interest in it ... so, I bought at 5.05 ... zrrooom ... it flew off. Will take some profits tmr but will hold on the rest till the result is out.

I m too busy ... Genting closed higher too.


Tuesday, January 05, 2010

DOW up 150 points - bullish sentiment again. Do look at second liners in KLSE, which showing great interests and could rally further before year of TIGER taking over the year of BULL.

Today I will trade LionInd - its RSI at 70 now, time to sell my remaining with more buying later, then clear it off. I dont expect Supermax or Adventa to run(they are taking a rest after the 200m dash with record times) ... but will keep an eye on them.

As I will like to clear more of my KLSE's babes, I m still looking at those in constructions and property sectors.

9.15 am : KLCI bullish, up almost 10 points. Think of SELLing, ya.

9.55 am : E&O breaking 1.20 soon. LionInd at 1.50.

BJTtoto and Genting moving too. Time to sell some of my Genting-co and BJToto-cd.

10.15 am : Sold some BJToto-cd at 0.075(bought at 0.05 and 0.065). LionInd still at queue at 1.55.

10.30 am :Qinfa sold at 2.60, it is still moving higher but I reached my 30% gain target. SELL SELL SELL is my doing now.

11.20 am : LionInd done at 1.55 moments ago. Still queueing the rest to clear at 1.60.

11.35 am : TAGB done at 0.495. Wow ... really a SELLing spree for me ... will my TA done too at 0.77? And more at 0.80?!

Qinfa sold at 2.60, then it is down to 2.50 now. Alibaba queueing to buy at 18.00 not done. I will be buying more of China energy-stocks. Let the craziness subside first. Oil trading above 80 now, u see. CNOOC and Petrochina up this morning.

11.50 am : TA done at 0.77 moments ago, left half at 0.80.

8.50 pm : Tired ... today is a selling spree for me : sold TA, LionInd, BJ-cd, Genting-co and Qinfa.

I bought some MAS(at 2.87) and looking at rubber again.

Adventa, Latexx, Rubberex and Supermax in reds today. I might add my position in Supermax, holding at 4.68 now.


Monday, January 04, 2010

Monday morning ... it is 6.30am, I m already in office. I m so used to wake up early and to office early - well, first day to office, no one wish to be late, right? But ... it is a very rare occasion if I m late for work. I prefer to be early, just hope the traffic jams in KL/PJ wont be THAT bad.

I m keying-in to buy/sell now ... as I wont be around to watch the markets. There is nothing much happening, anyway. But, we might expect a higher volume as many are back from a long holiday!! Welcome Bursa 2010 - yet another bull year?

11.55 am : Well, KLCI up 2 points but I m too busy.

11.30 pm : Finally, I could sit down to rest and write a few lines here.

KLCI up 2.97, and many penny-goreng stocks up!! I missed the party!! Scomi and Scomi-wa ... Wow. PN17 counters strike back - LCL, OilCorp and HoHup?! Many more ...

E&O sold half at 1.15(accumulated at 1.00 level)!!) and LionInd done at 1.45(bought more at 1.30) too. Wow. What a good day for traders.

Qinfa reached 2.59 today but I did not queue to sell or watch. It touched 2.67, which exceeding my target price at 2.60. So, I m clearing it today, finally after 3/4 months holding to it. It is 30% profits. Yes, it is an early CNY sales for me ... I will sell more which I collected for the past months. Time to take some profits.

Once I cleared my Qinfa, I will buy Alibaba( Alibaba closed at 17.98 today, and I will hope it could go lower for me to collect.

SPSetia-wb : SL, if you are reading this ... it is at 0.60 level now. Buying at 0.525 level, think of take profits and treat me my coffee-bean mocha ice, ok? Hehe. And your Kossan gains u more thant 10% also liao. Kossan still HOLD, SP-wb think of selling, ok?

Yes, I told my my friend SL to sell her Maxis as it wont give more than 10-20% profits, tho it might be a 'safe' stock. Ok, Maxis give dividends. Selling Maxis to buy Kossan was a good choice, right?

Gamuda : LL bought Gamuda at 2.60, and I m happy for her as it is at 2.80 now. Well, another dinner from my friend, then. Hehe.

Genting reaching 7.50 now, and I will be seeing if I want to take profit on this one too. How about my BJToto? Well, BJToto-cd not done at 0.07(bought at 0.05) and will continue to clear some tmr more.

The only buying I hv done today was Supermax at 4.68.

I missed JAKS and MUHIBAH, which I have been stalking. Lack of focus again, it slipped from my grips ... hmm ...


Sunday, January 03, 2010

8.10 am : Sunday morning ... everyone is still sleeping, I m out soon to church. Liverpool drew with Reading. Well, I did not watch the game ... will be giving this season a skip, till I get my own place to stay and settle down here in KL.

Ok ... I m going to live with minimal expsenses for few months as buying a property, moving-in a new place etc etc needs money. I hope I could get these settle by end of this year. Buying as house in Subang will be expensive - so, I might have to think of somewhere further like Puchong, Sg Buluh or anywhere I could find a home for my family.

Happiness is relative

When I was travelling in the bus just now, I was thinking of this simple life-concept that I m applying, in order to keep myself 'happy'(content). We certainly seen or known well-to-do person who might look as-if happy with his possessions, but when we get to know a little into his lives, we might be able to notice that he is NOT as happy. On the other hand, we might get to know those living below average people who struggle month to meet ends(I m one of them! haha). But, those living with minimal, he might not be unhappy as many might think he should be!!

Example : I m travelling by bus, komuter and LRT for past few days ... getting myself very tired, but I m not complaining at all. I lived to enjoy the rides as I know it is temporary. Imagine many more have to endure the so-called good public transporatations in daily basis as they 'do not' have a choice. I m excited as I will be getting my bike tmr!! Tho it might be a second-hand kap-cai, I m so glad to have one. At least, I could commute from a place to another. See?? Get my concept or not? Now I got a bike ... may be for 3 years ... then, I will buy a car. May be Exora. Wow!! My happiness level get a huge jump again!! From the pathetic public transportation to bike ... then, my Kancil ... upgrade to Exora. Yeah ...

Try to reverse these : A young person who came out to work, squeezed his budget to get an Exora ... then, due to poor job performance, demoted and reduced some wages. He has to sell his Exora for a loss, and getting himself a Kancil, instead. As he is transferred to another office, he could not afford to drive(due to higher petrol price, toll and parking fees) ... he has no choice but to even sell his Kancil, and getting a kap-cai, like mine!! It is just a thought. Think of it this way ... he will be VERY miserable.

I have this concept in my life. I wish I could share with my wife, then she could be much happier and understand me(and my frugal/stingy lifestyle). To share with another person our own llife perpectives will be a great challenge. We are all very different individuals. Some might even being judgemental and throw names to my thoughts!! Hey, it is just my thoughts ... what I believe about HAPPINESS. Happiness is relative and subjective. I just know how to make MYSELF 'happy' .. one of the way is slowly 'upgrading' my living. Hmm ...

Going back to market ... focusing on MAS, my next buy.

Read this on Malaysian Business(MB) : On Dec 22, MAS proposed a 1 : 1 rights issue of 1.67b new shares to raise about RM2.67b. The proceeds will be used to partly fund aircraft acquisition and working capital, and reduce bank borrowings.

So, the impact from this news ... MAS dived to 2.70 level now. Will MAS without Jala giving us the net(Jala = net in Malay) MAS much needed? At least Jala has turned MAS around, and reduced huge wastage in expenses. Well, we all know how they 'quote' the prices for items bought, right? Such wastage and inefficiency could be found EVERYWHERE in government departments(BN or PKR sama la) ... with many redundant employees idling there, waiting for end-of-month salary. That is another 'story' I will write further next time.

Back to MAS - read this : Meanwhile, MAS is expected to enter into a net cash position with RM87m net cash in FY2011(from RM2b net debt). SOund good to any investor, right?

I will only start to buy at 2.50 level(may be), but MAS will not see RM5 level any near future. Buy to hold ... as I do expect aviation sector to improve in 2010-2011. But, as always ... if I buy at 2.50 level, I will sell even before it reaches RM3 level again. RM5? That is too optimistic and unrealistic target to me.

So, should I fly MAS rather than AirAsia? It is still much cheaper to fly AirAsia, actually.

Proton : A stock to stalk

3.10 pm : Endah Parade, Sri Petaling

CBak in focus ... at 2.75 level, it might go up above 4.00 once crazy buying is back again. It is being speculated at the moment.


Saturday, January 02, 2010

6.15 pm : I m so so tired, travelling using public transportations and walking ... and walking. I was at Subang Jaya today, to view some apt/condo myself. None are near, or as they claimed - walking distance!

Mentari, Suriamas, Ridzuan and Subang Ville are all very crowded and FAR from college. So, I m pressing my head to think of the best next alternative. One I can think of at the moment is to rent a house nearby instead. Whether to stay or not, it depends. But my idea is to set up a place for my tuition classes. That is my priority. Hmm ...

Secondly, I grabbed a second-hand kap-cai(Honda EX5) for transportation purposes. That is all I could afford, ok? I need to travel from Kepong to Subang in daily basis - and to fly back to KK on weekends. Phew ... age is catching up as I m so tired now.

Ok ... going to watch a movie now. I m at Jusco Kepong. It is TGV here. Haha.


Friday, January 01, 2010

DOW is down ... we are into 2010, first hour here.

Happy new Year ... welcome 2010.

New Year Resolutions?

1. Earn more
2. Save more
3. Invest more

10.20 pm : Ok ... first day of the 2010 year. So? What is 'new' which remains 'old'?

It is alooong day, travelling using our public transportation. I should be 'lucky' that is a public holiday. In the morning komuter ride, some 'kerosakan teknikal' in Kuang station delayed the whole schedule by about 30 minutes, and due to that ... it was sardine-packed. I was squeezed within 5-6 passengers - 3/4 foreigners(bangladeshi, I think) ... hanging on to my dear life till KL sentral. KTMB ... are they public-listed? Hmm ... never improve, I guess. That remains OLD in a NEW year, new decade. Anyway, as I m getting a kap-cai soon, my transportation woes should be lighten.

My two-moms to invest in KLSE

My two 'moms' are my aunties who brought me up. So, they are moms to me. As I m back to KL now, being a VERY different person, with different levels of knowledge about MONEY - I shall help them to INVEST in KLSE. For a start, I 'sold' my BJToto which I bought at 4.20 to my aunt(at 4.20 too, of coz). It is at 4.36 level now ... and seeing to SELL when it gives me a SELL signal.

I will BUY those 'good' counters for them to gain 10%(buy and hold till 10%, then SELL) ... and also ready to buy/accumulate more if the counter going lower. I will like to have those counters which give dividends HIGHER than the FD rate of 2-3%. Their monies are in FD and Bonds.

I m going to use a no-brainer strategy of investing. The term no-brainer is written by one of the book I read, it is NOT my term, ok? I do not mean to be mean ... saying those no-brainers could easily gain better than those FD/Bonds/UT. I m not implying that. BUt, seriously ... without much of brain needed, one could gain more that the 3% those FD paying. That is what I m implying, if u know how.

So, yes ... I will help my 'moms' to invest small portions of their monies. NEVER get greedy is my policy for them. Gaining 10% in three-six months will be a VERY good return.

Sorry that I could not reply many e-mail. Thanks for the best wishes. I do not hold back what I m interested in(but not necessary will buy, depending on my limited funds) ... and yes, BUY at your OWN risk. If possible, do not buy what I m buying. Do not ask for TIPS(I get upset when someone asking for TIPS) ... as I m certainly the last person u want to hear my tips? TIPS? What is that? Insider trading? Insider tips? etc etc ... sorry, I do not listen to tips, so definitely I do NOT believe in tips.

But, I will continue to write in my OWN blog(u dont even have to doubt or question if my buyings/sellings are real - it is NOT) what I hv in my mind ... so, that is still OLD, in the NEW year. All the writings here are for pleasure readings ... how many times have I mentioned that, right? BTW, do not ask me when this counter XYZ going to give dividends etc etc ... I m a Maths lecturer, not a remisier or dealers. READ MY DISCLAIMER, ya.

Stalk : At the moment, my next buy is MAS(KL) and NEP(AMEX).

MAS : This is like a Angel-waterfalls ... heard that the president going to rename this waterfall? Anyway, any waterfall deserve attention.

NEP : This is NOT a waterfall but flying up 100% in two months time now. So, ride the tide - the momentum.

As I have cleared ALL my rubber-stocks which I started to collect weeks ago, I will like to keep some funds to BUY into one or two of the rubber counter(s).

Other than that, I will continue to hold to some, while collecting them when they moving lower, selling during a rally.