Monday, November 30, 2009

11.20 am : I m late today, as I m in new office!! We have briefing etc etc and I missed out the early DIVE in KLSE. Arrghh ... the internet line here is not consistent too, away from city area. But, personally ... I like it here much better. It has nice green scenery and ... nice environment with nice people around. But, the decision is still - leaving the 'heaven' place in KK and going into the rat-race in KL. Sound silly/stupid, I know. I hv few nice colleagues asking me if I m certain to go ... well, YES. A change might be good for me and my family.

KLCI still down by 5 points but HSI rebounds(after 1000 points diving). LionInd touched 1.21, back to 1.29 now. I m still waiting for 3 days RED to buy ... LionInd at 1.20 is screaming to BUY. Queue-ing for 1.25 at the moment.

TA and E&O going lower ... Kossan back to my purchased price.

KNM touched 0.72, Saag at 0.17 now ... Scomi at 0.47.

2.40 pm : KLCI down 6 points. Thanks to The Edge, GPacket(wa) moving higher. Nothing done, I was late for the cheap-sale in the opening. Grabbed some LionInd at 1.30, instead.

SPSetia at 3.50, with its SP-wb at 0.48. Looking for the dip, as SP may go lower due to depreciation of Viet's currency. Need to wait ...

HSI up 700 points today, green in almost every counter in my list.

7.15 pm : KLCI lost 11.5 points today. I thought I saw it went up but guess some last minute, someone place the leg down.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

10.30 pm : Liverpool leads by 1 - 0.

Warrants to watch tmr : IJM-wc and BRDB-wa


Saturday, November 28, 2009

伍佰 浪人情歌

A very nice cool song from five-hundred - Wu Bai.


Old but still a very nice song.

So, I do listen to sentimental songs, Mandarin or Cantonese. Nowadays the Hokkien songs are not bad, either. I like music ... not the language. I love English and Malay songs too, of coz.


Tho I hv listened to thousands of songs, I still feel that those songs in late 1980s to early 1990s were the best. It becoming difficult to find good singer, singing good songs these days as the looks(leng zhai, leng lui only), the packaging and the marketing --- definitely quality of their voices could be low. Heard S.H.E or F4, right? Any of those 'singers' can really sing?

譚詠麟 - 雨夜的浪漫

Alan Tam ... used to be my fav Cantonese singer, he was no.1 in HK. This is one beautiful sentimental song I like a lot.

祝福 / 张学友

Of coz, Jacky's songs ... one of a very good singer.

DOW down by 154 points.

Benny : Is he the Benny of NextView? Click here --->

Yes, thru blogging(to unblock. Sound familiar?), I could get to know relevance people who are into stock-markets and investments, giving me ideas and knowledge. As I m still very much in learning process, I do need to know those 'experts'. Knowing Benny will be my privilege. Some want to know ME ... no point la as I m still raw. Knowing those veterans and regulars will help me to push myself UP another notch in my education ... I m serious. I m still learning. So, to many who asked me 'what do you think of this counter or that', I couldnt answer. I do believe no one could really answer that too ... as it is all depending on our own profiles. Some like it hot, some like it slow ... while others might like it cold. Get what I mean? Pardon me, a person with less than 2 yrs experiences in markets could NOT be good, ok? I m just stating a fact, not being humble. Am I really a humble person? I hope I m but I dont think so i m THAT humble. Hmm ...

王傑 是否我真的一無所有

One of my old-time fav. I like songs, not the singer. I like music a lot.

Kurnia Asia : Recently, in the RHB talk ... they are recommending KurAsia(kura-kura?). The latest Malaysian Business(MB) magz also points to KurAsia. If I m not mistaken, Dali written about it too. OSK's report giving a positive outlook, going forward. So, BUY KurAsia as the experts pointing out its fair value above RM1? It is at 0.70 now. More upside to go.

Investing Ideas : Say, a newbie want to come into the market next month. What will be our advices to him/her?(I met one newbie, sitting beside me at OSK's talk 2 days ago. I was too busy jotting down ideas and gave her my blog site if she wants to ask me any question. I dont know if she is reading these.) So, what should we say ... buy good counters? What is defined as 'good'? Which one?

No ONE answer for this question as it depends on our personalities and TIME frame. If one have longer time-frame(3-5 yrs) and a novice, we could recommend a boring but good dividend stocks(YTLPower, BJToto, Tanjung and such). Maybe as the Sporean analyst suggesting REITs.

Generally, buying in 2009 would NOT be 'expensive' tho at this moment, the risk is much higher. But, if one is positive that regional and local economies will recover by next year, there are still MANY in KLSE which there are ample upside seen.

So, when to BUY? During correction ... I m writing this line when world is still trying to grasp on the impact from the DUBAI's news. HSI down 1000+ points with DOW closed 150 points lower. That is the impact on markets so far ... overall, markets down everywhere. Here is an opportunity window for NEWBIES who want to go into the KLSE soon ... go in next week or so, when KLSE showing blood-field. I m serious ...

Take Kurasia as an example : Say, one has read much about it and BELIEVE it will be doing well moving forward next year, next week when market corrects(whether due to Dubai or whatever reasons), KurAsia most probably will go thru some selling pressure too. At 0.70 today, buy in stages. Perhaps, wait patiently for it to go down 3 consecutive days(if possible, you should be happy to collect) ... then BUY. Take the plunge. HOLD on ... it might move lower or higher, you dont have to check on it daily, ok? Hold for half year, one year ... sell next year when it reach TP Rm1 or so.

Wait, I m only taking KurAsia as an example and not indicating a buy call, please. Personally, I hv no funds to buy any other counters as I will only focus in my LionInd and E&O. I might even clear TA(with minor cuts) so that I could accumulate more of rubber-stock, Kossan.

Yes, I m excited to see how KLSE re-acts on the Dubai's news. It might takea week for it to digest, and while many might be selling their holdings, I shall see that as an opportunity to collect. If BJToto going below 4.20, I will even call my aunties to BUY it. Not the 4-digit, but the stock!! Be glad to collect it for dividends and capital appreciation. Is BJToto safe? Hmm ... yes, one of the safer ones. LionInd and E&O are NOT safe-stocks, with higher beta.

Warrants : For newbies, few factors to consider

1. Expiry date - the longer, the better. I will prefer 5 yrs-10 yrs period.
2. Low Premium - the lower the better as it will be 'in-money'.
3. More upside expected in its mommy.
4. If possible, liquidity need to be there. Some dormant for months/years!!

Example of warrants that I like(it is personal, I m not recommending a buy, ok?). XXX-wa or XXX-wb : its current warrant prices @ premium in %.

1. AnnJoo-wb 0.63 @ 12.6%
2. BJMedia-wa : 0.30 @ 8.3%
3. BRDB-wa : 0.585 @ 8.7%
4. Glomac-wa : 0.46 @ 20.5%
5. Latexx-wa : 2.07 @ (2.6%)
6. Magna-wa : 1.50 @ 0%
7. SPSetia-wb
8. WaSeong-wa
9. WCT-wb

Replying to some e-mail

e-mail #1 : I have written a little above. If you could hold-on to longer term(3-5 yrs recommended) till economies REALly recovered, buying at 2009 could NOT be expensive but need to be selective. Some have factored in the expected recoveries. BUY a more defensive(low-beta) counters which give good dividends if you are not a risk-taker or too busy to watch. Markets up and down in daily basis, BUY when you see the counter(s) that you like(Please learn how to do some homework on that particular counter rather than from hear-say) moving lower and retracing. Buy in stages, meaning must prepare more cash-in-hand just in case your so-called good counter(s) move lower. Be glad to buy more at cheaper rate. Then, HOLD.

e-mail #2 : As newbies, we should NOT be touching warrants or call-warrants. If you cant even know the differences between companies' warrants and call-warrants, then definitely you shouldnt be touching the hot-plates(ouch ... I got burnt, u know). Anyway, warrants certainly giving us higher leverages(higher risk?). Recently we seen how many % Affin-wc shot-up!! And how it dived down too. If one is to play such a game, be prepared for the volitility. I have written above some simple factors to consider. These are not absolute and vary. It is only a general guide for newbies.

White Flag by Dido

Taipan Daily: How to Play the Biggest Economic Shift of Our Time

by Keith Fitz-Gerald, Chief Investment Strategist, The Money Map Report

As I write this, everyone from Wall Street to Main Street is using the word recovery in every other sentence. But what does a recovery actually look like and why should you care?

And, perhaps more importantly, how can you make back what you’ve lost in the meltdown? How long will it take? How can you speed up the process? Which sectors and business segments will lead the way? It’s tough to admit, but the U.S. economy may take years to recover – if it ever does.

Just look at Japan as an example. Its economy has still not yet recovered from the bubble it experienced nearly 20 years ago. If our government is taking many of the same actions theirs did, why would we think things are going to be different for us?

Remember, Japan is not some backwoods marketplace in the boonies – it’s the second-largest economy in the world, which means you can’t dismiss what happened there in light of what’s happening here and now. Especially when you consider Japan was an export-based economy to begin with. The United States presently derives less than 15% of its gross domestic product (GDP) from exports and fully 70% from consumer spending.

That places tremendous pressure on a group of people who are not only tapped out, but are licking their collective wounds after a 24-month financial meltdown.

Simply put, things will never be the same again.

SUVs no longer grow on trees, home-equity lines do not constitute a personal piggy bank, and derivatives are now destined for the financial trash heap.

Looking ahead, you can bet anybody who wants to buy a house will face tougher lending requirements. Credit-card debt will come home to roost and many companies that once existed on the margin will be forced to come to terms with their tricky accounting.

No siree, Bob. We believe that things will be radically different from now on. The rules of money truly have changed.

While this sounds scary, there’s a flip side – new rules mean new opportunities. You just need to know where to look to find them.

The $300 Trillion Global Recovery

There is no question that the financial crisis has reshaped the world in ways the average investor is only just beginning to understand. But inasmuch as that’s hard to stomach, don’t forget that every crisis has produced legendary wealth for those savvy enough to capitalize on the changes it brings.

Using history as our guide, we think the current financial crisis could produce some of the largest gains ever recorded and generate as much as $300 trillion in new investment in the next few years alone.

Unfortunately, we believe that most investors, led by traditional economists, misinformed pundits, and gonzo journalists, will miss it.

Instead of looking at what’s actually happening, they’ll have their heads in the sand. Not only will they fail to see the new reality that’s unfolding right in front of their very eyes, but they’ll never set foot in the places where much of this growth is happening.

In other words, they’ll apply the same old tired theories to markets that demand different results. And that’s hardly a good or profitable mix.

What they should be doing is looking for profits where they’re being made right now!

The Biggest Economic Shift in 200 Years

It’s ironic: But at a time when economists in the United States and Europe are looking for signs that things are getting better, there’s a legion of folks in other parts of the world who are too busy managing real growth to pay attention to our problems.

They are not only watching the beginnings of this $300 trillion recovery, but actively taking steps to capitalize on it right now. They know that 60% or more of the growth they’re chasing will come from new global markets whose names most people can’t even pronounce yet. That’s double the projected growth from established markets like the United States and Japan.

You’ll be tempted to dismiss this, and I wouldn’t blame you. This isn’t for everybody – just those who understand that events thousands of miles from our own borders will set the pace for decades.
Indeed, as Figure A.1 below shows us, the move has already begun. Foreign stock markets, once regarded as fringe investments, are already outperforming our own-and have been throughout the entire financial crisis. Imagine what happens when things really get better!

Most investors have yet to understand that much of this growth is driven by China. There is not an industry or business segment on the planet that it won’t completely dominate or substantially influence in the years ahead.

This move, too, is already under way.

Even with the massive sell-off in the Chinese markets that began in late 2007, investors who placed their bets there have dramatically outperformed those who thought they were getting a better deal with the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index. Figure A.2 illustrates this in a dramatic fashion.

And if that’s not convincing enough, consider how radically the share that each

country contributes to the world’s GDP has changed in just five short years.

The United States has seen its contribution drop by 31.57%, while China and Hong Kong have increased their contributions by 217.65% and 79.17%, respectively (see Figure A.3).

Putting a Charge Into Profits

One of the simplest – yet most overlooked – indicators of all reinforces this message. We’re talking about electricity demand. In a nutshell, where electricity demand is growing, GDP growth is certain to follow.

Electricity statistics from the Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration (EIA), say it all.

Electricity demand in the Far East is projected to exceed North American demand by 2020 – just 10 short years from now. But we believe this is a conservative forecast, and that it may actually pass North American demand by 2015 – a full five years earlier than analysts expect – which gives us even more incentive to pay attention.

The Death of the Dollar?

The U.S. dollar has been the world’s reserve currency for the last 60 years. Many people find it inconceivable that this will change. But it already has.

In 2009 alone, China initiated more than $200 billion worth of swap agreements that allow their trading partners to pay for Chinese goods and services directly, without converting into dollars or having to trade their currency openly. We think the odds are good that the actual (and closely guarded) figures may be more than double that.

So far, most of these agreements have been with smaller economies in Asia and South America, but we don’t think it will be long before Western or European countries jump on board.

The point is that while the United States struggles, China and her trading partners are taking matters into their own hands and creating a new global marketplace for currency trading that’s outside the traditional currency exchanges used by the West. It’s an end-run of epic proportions and serves as one more sign that the world’s economic center of gravity is shifting away from the West – permanently.

The Second Coming of China

While most people think the financial crisis is about the fall of Western financial markets, history will view it as critical to the second chapter of China’s remarkable rise to world economic dominance.

Unfortunately, 99% of all Westerners don’t understand that while we’re busy dealing with the fallout, China views what has happened as the mother of all opportunities . . . for them. In keeping with the Confucian concept of yin and yang, China understands that where there is darkness, there is also light. So it is doing everything it can to expand while the competition lacks the resources to act.

Considering that China has the world’s largest stockpile of cash reserves – over $2.3 trillion by some estimates – it could create the single-largest liquidity event in recorded history. Bigger than the Internet, housing bubble, and gold combined!

The Biggest Buying Opportunity of Many Lifetimes

We think this represents a buying opportunity of unprecedented magnitude.

History clearly shows that the greatest fortunes are made by those savvy enough to recognize when the rules have changed and to then invest accordingly. Which is why we want to begin investing now, when everybody is too busy looking at the right hand to notice what’s going on with the left.

It’s also critically important to understand that China (and many of the emerging markets) remains underdeveloped by Western standards. Which, in and of itself, represents another king-sized opportunity in fundamental industries like power, water, and transportation systems that we take for granted.

Editor's Note: When it comes to the new realities of the post-financial-crisis global markets, no one has a better perspective than Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald. For more than 20 years, Fitz-Gerald has made yearly sojourns to different parts of Asia, and in the process has created a cache of wisdom that few other experts can match. In recent years, Fitz-Gerald has regularly made those insights available to investors via his columns in Money Morning or its monthly affiliate, The Money Map Report.


Friday, November 27, 2009

Read about the Dubai's news : It is affecting many constructions and/or properties companies which involved there. That explains why HSBC disposed off Gamuda, only to be collected by our loyal EPF.

Listening to radio ONLINE : . I m listening to Madonna's Miles Away at the moment. Cool? Hehe. With internet, we could easily access to tonnes of INFO about stocks or investing. Do your homework, if you know how to search to download songs/movies legally(ot otherwise), I believe we can add in more links that we could cope. I have not update my links for ages ... will do that next month, and start the NEW YEAR with fewer links, more focus and more entertainment, please. My youngest bro even commented that I dont really have a life!! Haha.

9.50 am : HSI going to open lower ... waiting forthe dive? Yes, I want part of the china-auto. Hmm ...

10.20 am : HSI opens 600+ points lower. WOW.

2.50 am : Just came back from a shopping mall called "City Mall" and donated blood on the spot. I donated blood twice a year, so since it is campaign, OK ... and wow, they gave away certs!! This is my first cert for donating blood in years. It is organised by 4 churches, and very well-organised with many volunteers. Good deed, indeed.

Talking about blood, HSI down by 900 points now. BLOOD is everywhere ... today is a BUY if we believe it will rebound and the uptrend will continue till next CNY? BUY ... hmm ... which one?

Expecting a sell-down tonight in US, no thanks-giving celebration for markets. Expect a blood-field in KLSE too on Monday as many frantically selling their holdings, especially those DUBAI or middle-east related counters. Gamuda, WCT, Muhibah and many more will be trashed. We shall see if we should be BUYING on Monday ...

3.00 pm : HSI down 970 points, will it be minus 1000 points later? It has been very looong time I didnt see a 1000-points reduction in HSI. Will KLCI shed 50-points on Monday?

3.05 pm : Reporting here, HSI down by 1046 points. This is a 20-minutes delayed stats.

10.05 pm : HSI lost 1075.91 points, the largest in a single day this year. REVERSAL or CORRECTION? I will look into which one I would CUT-OFF, while which one I m preparing to COLLECT more.

Waterfalls will be easier to find next week as I believe many more will be in 'correction' mode. It can be a REVERSAL ... and expect to hold to the knife - buy more gloves - hold till the sun rises again next year?

Qinfa(code : It moved up 8% yesterday, and expecting to gain momentum today. I bought this one 3 months ago? I cant remember when but quite some time ago when it dived from 3.40 level to my purchase-level at 2.10, and continue to dive to 1.80+ level. At 2.15 level now, I will clear it IF it shoots to 2.50 level in 3-4 days!! Otherwise, if it goes slowly UP, forming an uptrend movements, I will let it goes higher ... back to 3.40 level?

WHY I bought into Qinfa ?

1. This newly listed counter price dived below its IPO price.
2. It is the smaller coal company in China. Most of the coal-counters still have single digit P/E.
3. Coal = 80% of China's energy. Still the most widely used for producing electricity.
4. Winter in NOV/DEC ... now. I bought it much earlier. We should buy in advance(anticipating).
5. They bought new vessels for expansions. Do read their interim reports.
6. Qinfa sounds very chinese! Haha

LionInd : Lion Industries’ 1QFY10 annualised profit came in spot on with our estimates. While
the recovery in the coming quarter will be bumpy and its profit will contract on the sharp plunge in China’s steel prices, we are hopeful of the company staying on track to achieve normalized profit in FY10. With that, we reiterate our BUY recommendation with an unchanged 12-month target price of RM2.11, derived from a blended valuation of 6x FY10 EPS and 0.43x FY10 NTA/share.

FYE June (RMm) FY07/ FY08/ FY09 /FY10f/ FY11f

Turnover 4546.3/ 6940.2/ 4572.0/ 5888.1 /6037.7
EBITDA 420.7 /1003.4 /-345.6 /462.2/ 502.5
Depreciation -89.7/ -100.4/ -100.4/ -106.7/ -108.7
Net Interest Income -127.3/ -92.0/ -96.6/ -60.6/ -52.1
Associate 131.3 /82.6 /40.7/ 61.5 /91.7
PBT 335.0/ 893.6/ -364.3 /356.4 /433.2
Net Profit 212.7/ 844.2/ -276.9/ 291.5/ 358.1
EPS (sen) 30.1/ 118.5/ -38.8/ 40.9 /50.2
DPS (sen) 1.0/ 1.0/ 1.0/ 1.0/ 1.0


EBITDA (%) 9.3/ 14.5/ -7.6/ 7.9/ 8.3
PBT (%) 7.4 /12.9/ -8.0 /6.1/ 7.2
Net Profit (%) 4.7/ 12.2/ -6.1/ 5.0 /5.9
ROE 10.2/ 32.7/ -9.6 /10.2 /11.2
ROA 3.8 /14.8/ -5.0/ 5.2/ 6.2

Balance Sheet

Fixed Assets 2653.1/ 2638.7 /3101.5 /3041.2 /2981.7
Current Assets 2999.7/ 3081.9/ 2331.3/ 2631.7/ 2882.6
Total Assets 5652.9/ 5720.6/ 5432.9/ 5672.9/ 5864.3
Current Liabilities 1810.0/ 1430.0/ 1640.4/ 1839.4/ 1865.8
Net Current Assets 1189.7/ 1651.8/ 690.9/ 792.3 /1016.8
LT Liabilities 1504.7/ 1075.7/ 730.4/ 485.2/ 297.4
Shareholders Funds 2142.2/ 3019.6/ 2728.4 /3014.6/ 3367.4
Net Gearing (%) 69.0/ 25.4/ 21.5/ 18.5/ 5.9

Sean Paul - We Be Burning

This is just one of many songs which the lyrics are not meant to be heard!! And the lyric doesnt make any sense! Haha.

Today is a holiday. No KLSE. Yippeee ... well, I do not watch anyway.

LL : I m sorry to splash cold water on "Citibank". To me, it is a zombie bank own by the US gov, with digitally transferring of the 'toilet' notes(I m a fan of Marc Faber too). Citibank(code : C.NY) at USD4+ now, being the most actively traded counters, it is being used as goreng-goreng counter now. Of coz, some are seeing that it is STILL too big to fail, might go up to USD8+ with liquidity still running high. I dont know ... as INVESTORS, we wont want to buy something 'empty' and risk to be nationalised. The currency risk will be there too. But, well ... the chances that it will be nationalised or USD becoming toilet-notes are SLIM in near future. BUY cautiously ... and do not buy and hold(like 5 yrs without bothering about it, ok?). I prefer your buy ... into HSBC.

Simple Plan - Crazy


Tell me what's wrong with society
When everywhere I look, I see
Young girls dying to be on TV
They won't stop till they've reached their dreams

Diet pills, surgery
Photoshopped pictures in magazines
Telling them how they should be
It doesn't make sense to me

Is everybody going crazy?
Is anybody gonna save me?
Can anybody tell me what's going on?
Tell me what's going on?
If you open your eyes
You'll see that something is wrong

I guess things are not how they used to be
There's no more normal families
Parents act like enemies
Making kids feel like it's World War III

No one cares, no one's there
I guess we're all just too damn busy
And money's our first priority
It doesn't make sense to me

Is everybody going crazy?
Is anybody gonna save me?
Can anybody tell me what's going on?
Tell me what's going on?
If you open your eyes
You'll see that something is wrong

Is everybody going crazy?
Is everybody going crazy?

Tell me what's wrong with society
When everywhere I look I see
Rich guys driving big SUVs
While kids are starving in the streets

No one cares
No one likes to share
I guess life's unfair

Is everybody going crazy?
Is anybody gonna save me?
Can anybody tell me what's going on?
Tell me what's going on?
If you open your eyes
You'll see that something, something is wrong

Is everybody going crazy?
Can anybody tell me what's going on?
Tell me what's going on?
If you open your eyes
You'll see that something is wrong


p/s : Sorry as I accidentally deleted a comment by "tryder" without reading it. Oopss ... if u wish, do re-post. Thx.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

DOW up a litttle - UNG up 6%, to close at 9.56 after went down below 9-level for its new low. UNG = US Natural Gas ETF.

Just two days away from markets, many changes seen.

8.15 am : Well, I will be too busy packing again today, as the days draw nearer. Next Monday I will be in the new campus, and will be there for another 3 weeks before saying bye-bye to my colleagues. I still have few friends in KK whom I wish to see them before I go.

Yes, I will change this blog title as it will no longer be my TRADING adventure ... I m personalised it and since I m not trading any stock(unless I m free and see some CLEAR trading opportunity), it is becoming irrelevant(like MCA to Chinese).

E&O : Eastern and Oriental

Now, I m at huge paper-loss with my E&O(and most of it but still slight) as it is still moving lower. I need to check on it soon ... and to determine share-holders throwing away their holdings. Cash-call was one of them. The higher gov tax on property-gains? Any delay or cancellation in their projects or deferments of new lauching next year? Any resignation of directors or the change in main share-holders? etc etc ... it could be many reasons and normally stock-prices will OVERly-react(up or down).

It is still free-falling ... so, I shall wait while checking its health. Click --> here. Taken from Businessweek, E&O is in red. That we do know, but will it recovers?

9.45 am : KLCI flat this morning, with Maxis-cw taking stage. Proton-cb too. Harvest is down, but its baby up 120%? Hmm ... how come? It is not harvesting season at the moment for sure.

Proton : With TP RM5, I m seeing Proton still moving. Found a link in my e-mail about Proton in Auz. Click ---> here

Alert : Gamuda 2.83, Equine, SPSetia 3.70. Properties and constructions stocks continue to be under-fired. Shoot 'em down, man.

Venue : Donggongon Library, KK
Time : 1.30 pm

Eduation implies knowledge or otherwise?

There are many in the library today, and I m seeing youngsters with Biology SPM books. Guess the bio-paper is around the corner. I m back here after 2 days enjoying up the hill(it was very cool). I m seeing myself as doing my studies, into investing and financial stuff. The big differences are I will NOT be graduating with a degree or master like most of them who are studying to further their paper-qualifications! Yup, I m one of the few plain stupid-n-stubborn old-man(hey, I m seeing myself as still young to continue my education, ok?) who is studying NOT for the papers, but for knowledge?

WHAT THE ... knowledge? Since when our education system in Malaysia embraces knowledge? Tell that to many MALAYSIANS out there, will they study for knowledge, forget about the syllabus, throw away their degrees/masters/PhDs ... tear off your SPM/STPM certs, and forget about your professional courses. We will be studying to enjoy KNWLEDGE. Yeah right ... making me cynical about those with degrees/masters who cant even THINK CRITICALLY or argue a point constructively. That needs KNOWLEDGE, ok?

I m in education line for 20 yrs now, teaching college-level Maths. I should know how many of my ex-colleagues with NO LOVE for teaching or what-so-ever, taking teaching as a JOB to be done, a not-so exciting lowly paid career(they will point it out like "no choice ma") and start complaining about our spoilt students as brats!! Colleges view students as their clients/customers, ok? Lecturers are merely employees. Our education system and the ways we view it has changed over the 20-years. Quantity dilutes quality. Gov was trying hard to push many up a rank in their paper-qualifications, compromising on the quality. NOT a choice, anyway. We do not have QUALITY lecturers or teachers. From the primary, to the secondary ... up to tertiary level, there is a huge QUALITY gap in every levels.

Speaking about quality, I think we could see why many DO NOT appreciate quality-education even when it comes to TRADING/INVESTING in STOCK MARKETS. SIDC seems to be trying to educate our public about investing but how many of us will appreciate education? Many of times we will heard someone saying ... "this one can buy ar? or that one can sell now ar?"

I dont know the correct direction of our education system, but under our flip-flop Education ministry, nothing concrete will come out from there. We cant even speak about QUALITY. We dont have the foundation for it(hey, look south la ... ikut sikit how Singapore doing la. Jangan sombong sangat). Generally, we are only chasing for papers ... once exams over, vomit it out, k?

Stupid Sejarah ... most of us cursing. Wonder why do we need to know who James Brooke is. Stupid Geography ... who needs to know what the South America's bentuk mukabumi is? Stupid B.M ... kita olang china pun kena pass B.M ka? Kita tau cakap sikit-sikit, cukup dah. Stupid Biology ... do we need to know femur or tibia? Stupid ... add in yourself, be creative!! Certainly you could identify how many subjects you have studied which you NEVER use in your lifetime anymore!! Thanks goodness they do away with the 15As or 20As rush. Those kiasu ass@#$% will definite aim higher ... as they treasure the KNOWLEDGE. Hhaha ... LMAO.

Sigh. I dont like to mention it, actually. It makes me wonder(and sad too) why our education system(which NOT producing thinking kids) falling behind. But, I guess I hv found my reasonings. Well, I shall conitnue my own learning and education ... in my quest to understand trading and investing.

愛相隨 (ai siang suei) 周華健

3.15 pm : KLCI up 1 point plus, Gamuda retracing to 2.72 level now. Alert.

Constructions : Gamuda, Zelan, WCT, Sunway, Jaks, Muhibah.

10.15 pm : I just came back from OSK's market talk - Singapore and Indonesia. I will write more about what I hv gathered but for the start, everyone is still talking about Genting Sg. It is due to open before CNY. BUY now at 1.00+?

Top Plantation pick in SGX : First Resources --->

11.15 pm : Ok, I m considering GAMUDA. Time to start collect, hold to the knife, prepare thick gloves ... and hold on. If you prefer sharper knives, look at its CW.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

KLCI down by 1.09 points. Oh boy, E&O touched 0.905. TA and TAGB going lower too.

I m just back from hours of driving. Too tired. Will check tmr morning.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Expecting a green-opening today, I m taking a break from packing and bringing my family to The National Park, Mt Kinabalu. Nice ... I will definitely miss Sabah, so ... I will be back to KK whenever I could get 'cheap' flight from AirAsia.

Do visit Sabah ... you wont regret. Hehe


Monday, November 23, 2009

9.05 am : KLCI down by 2 points, TA and TAGB not doing well, down by 3% in the early trades.

11.45 am : TA down by 5%, waiting to buy TAGB.

Alert : Redtone 0.31, Petra 1.65, AnnJoo-wb 0.635, Equine 0.425, LCL 0.375, Efficien 0.205, Kurasia 0.705, IJMLand

4.45 pm : KLCI down by 3 points. TA is being sell off? Wait to collect more, then.

CWP breached HKD1, closed at 1.01. RSI back to 70-level, with P/E 50. Ripe to sell.

Sino-dragon up 11% today. Is it moving now? Need to check as I m too busy these days.

BJToto-cd at a new low of 0.07, James Bond tag. BJToto at 4.27 now.

9.05 pm : KLCI lost 3.48 points. AlexLu written about the possibilities of a pull-back. I agreed with him and reducing my exposure ... but since I m an investor(loooong time type, man), I may consider to buy more of LionInd at 1.20, E&O at 0.90 and/or TA at 0.65?

I was reading The Edge on what N.Roubini said about REAL America economy. Yup, the REAL is picture is NOT pretty. For example, the unemployment is not mere 10% but about 18%.How can governments LIE? Our BN's gov never lie to RAKYAT, ok? That is what we have been brain-wash to believe, thru our gov-controlled media and strong-arms tactics.

10.45 pm : DOW up 100+ points in the opening. Someone yelling that DOW will see 15,000 level. On the other hand, someone will bet that market is going to dive!! WHICH side are u at?


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rubber stocks

Kossan : Still moving lower due to the 'fire' news. Time to collect.

Adventa : I missed her at 1.85. Can one jump wagon? Well, still good for mid-term buy.

Supermax : With higher profit margins expected, this one could fly higher. At Rm4 level, how far could it go? Another 30%?

5.50 pm : Koo-Tan just lost the first set - China Open Final - and playing the second set now. They have not been winning tournaments lately.

Since I mentioned rubber-stocks, Koo-Tan lost in the rubber-set.

10.05 pm : I was down with ceret-beret, and could not write/read much. So, I spent some time watching TV, instead. I was watching a replay of Teminator 3 last night. Haha. Of coz Liverpool drew with Man City. Sigh.

There will be some changes in my blog next year - I have added the personal-dimension in my blog, and not re-stricting it to writing about investments/financial. Also, I wont be trading much at all as I wish to focus in my new job next year. Yes, I will only focus in LionInd, E&O, TA. I m thinking of clear TA soon, and buy more TAG instead. At the moment, LionInd asking me to buy her next week.

As for rubber-stock, I will be grabbing either Kossan or Supermax. It doesnt matter as I m going to hold, and to buy more into it when there is a dip/correction. Yes, as investors ... we should like rubber as they are elastic and flexible. Hehe.

Technically, LCL is overly-sold. Well, with RSI below 20, it might still be going down and stay there for awhile. If we apply a bouncing-ball concept, the harder it falls, the higher it could bounce, right? Fundamentally, it is flawed. Directors resigned, COO resigned, founder selling his stakes ... with Marine Sand project cancelled, negative news/outcomes from the middle-east ... and what else did I read about LCL recently? I cant really recall all, but the basic idea is BAD. BAD NEWS ... many throwing away their holdings ... and many more cutting losses.

My point : Should we be GREEDY when everyone in FEARS? Well, true to the point but W.Buffett said only for sound fundamental companies!! Does LCL still qualify to be in this category? If so, the BUYING and LCL is logical. In the height of pessimism, think of BUYING. I m just quoting what I hv read from so many investment books.

Let me point out KOSSAN. Kossan is also getting some 'bad' news ... but it is minor. The share price sell-down from 5.30+ to the current 4.80+ level. But, technically speaking it is still not oversold(RSI at 43) and no signals to buy yet as it is still retracing. For TA, I m only using RSI, MA-crossover and MACD. So, if the 'fire' didnt change much of its fundamental ... and it is retracing(further, please), time to consider to BUY, right? I bought Kossan at 3.65 when it dived before in July, and sold at 4.00+, and since then switch to Adventa for trading. Kossan has lower swing compared to Adventa/Supermax. Traders will prefer Adventa, not Kossan. I prefer waterfalls ... so, what is my entry point? Wait n see ... so far it touched 4.84.

I m comparing LCL vs KOSSAN as waterfalls. LCL is a steep waterfall, but Kossan's gradient is lower. While LCL having some fundamental flaws, I dont see the similar case for Kossan. Hence, I will grab Kossan at RM4.70+ but not LCL at RM0.37+. See what I mean by VALUATIONS?

As investors, we should look into the companies fundamentals. Also, the overall sectoral performance. For an investors who do not wish to expose to too high of risks(such as LCL with high gearing), a steady Kossan will be more suitable for his/her personality. But for those traders, LCL could give huge profits once it rebounces. And technically speaking, it will.

I m kinda in both of the 'world'. While I do look into fundamentals of the companies, I m also a trader. I do not like BUY-n-HOLD forever idea, honestly. For example : I wont grab any Maxis even if I hv extra cash. Maxis is not attractive to me ... there are plenty in my stalking list which I foresee more upside, if I hv to compare with 'cheap' Maxis. For telco, I will prefer Axiata.

Another waterfalls I m watching : Petra. Petra will be screaming at me to BUY at 1.60. Will I? Let us look at WHY it moves downward, ok? Stock moves lower for REASONS/EXCUSES. Find that out and THINK. Is it temporary? Any big changes in its business structure? Who are the people behind? etc etc ... could it be politically murdered?(I m thinking of Scomi, Badawi go down, it also down la)

Alert : Muhibah, Hevea, IJMLand,TWSCorp, Equine

Watch : Proton(recommended by RHB, TP Rm5)


p/s : I traded LCL few times, Petra and Kossan before. They are in my stalking list.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

LionInd : At 1.32, intraday low at 1.29. Seeing 1.20 to collect?

This is post no. 584 well, 584 being used by my Penang-hokkien grandma, refering to a 'hamsap' person. Hmm ... what is the English word for it? Is it 'miang' in Malay? Hmm ...

Anyway, since I m talking about numbers, perhaps I could write about it today!!

What's in the number?

5.45 pm : Not feeling well to write.


Friday, November 20, 2009

9.05 am : KLCI down 1 point, Maxis down a little. LCL going below 0.40 and E&O lowering to 1.03 now. Time to re-consider to buy below Rm1.

GPacket and GPacket-wa continue to dive ... the craziness seems to subside. Reality seeps in.

9.15 am : KLCI down 2.5 points. I hv to continue to pack.

9.30 am : Maxis going to 5.35 level, KLCI at minus 4 points.

ALERT : LionInd at 1.31, E&O at 1.04, TA at 0.775, LCL at 0.375, Hevea at 0.62, DRB at 1.02, TAS 0.75, IJMLand 2.23, Efficient 0.205, ETITech 0.475, Redtone 0.31, GPacket 1.07, SAAG 0.195, KNM 0.785, Petra 1.77, LionDiv 0.445, Equine 0.435, RCECap 0.64, Jaks 0.765, Kurasia 0.72, Hubline 0.22, LFECorp 0.26.

11.55 am : Kossan touched 4.84, but rebounds now to 4.89. Getting in soon.

TA Global will be listed on Monday? Will that help the mommy? Well, I m given few of TAG, but have not checked on its details. I do believe TAG will do well. I m looking at 2-4 years time frame for TAG.

To me, there are still many GOOD stocks to buy, with mid to long term views. But, to ask anyone to point out one or two particularly will do extremely well could be asking for the sky. IF I know, I will stop most of my search, place 90% of my funds into that one/two stocks ... and WAIT. Yes, I can wait for 3yrs IF it surely giving me 5-10 folds my capitals!! We diversify as we are lack of confidence to go all out(but W.Buffett said diversifying are for birds!!) and we want to FEEL safe. If my ABC go bust, I still got XYZ to cover.

So, in my views for property-stocks are still worth collecting. No doubt they are no longer 'cheap' in valuations compared to the the low-Mac(dont dream of that level, unless WAR erupted between US and China). Some construction counters really worth to take a look.

Learning Corner

Valuations : This is for the some newbies following many blogs including mine. When they said CHEAP, they are NOT refering to the stock prices. This is a VERY common view of novices/newbies.

For example : When I told someone 3/4 months ago(thru e-mail) that the stock I would like to have in banking is CIMB at 9.50, he replied that it has moved up and it is expensive. Expensive? Perhaps he was refering to the stock price. So, I suggested AMMB, another banking stock I like. It was at 3.50 level at that moment. I dont know if he bought any of both, but my guess is NOT. It is expensive, see? Oh yes, I remember I told my friend LL about AMMB, it was at RM3.00+ and she replied spontaneously too : It is expensive. I think they meant the stock prices.

For example, they will say DIGI at RM20+ is expensive but Maxis at RM5.40 is cheap. Over the facebook, I chat with a young-chap who is into investing, talking about Maxis. I told him ... it depends on your time frame. yes, holding and for dividends, it is good. When I started to speak about Maxis business besides the 012, and they are listing the local operations and such, I can see he is buying/talking about buying because that is the in-thing at the moment. So, is Maxis expensive? I do feel so.

P/E value is widely used for valuation of a stock. Of coz the lower, the better. Stock prices goes up, PE up. Earnings up, EPS will go up, bring the PE lower. Simple Maths, right?

P/B or P/NTA are another two common ratios to be used(depending on the business based la). I m still a novice, and I do learn all these thru books, readings, net, papers etc.

Another common misunderstanding is to compare an apple to an orange. KNM at 0.80 is cheaper than say, LionInd at 1.30. At times, I wonder how a person to speak something like that ... it is common sense to me. Even from the same sector(O&G or Steel), one could not really compare two counters in such a simple manner. Again, I m speaking at FA point of view.

Valuation is for those looking into fundamentals(yes, I m more into FA, some TA, some SA plus PA). For investors, with mid to long-term, FA is a must ... a stock move due to its businesses. I m not refering to those goreng-goreng counters which move up 20% and down 20% in a day. Some shoot 100-200%, only to see the huge dive the next day/week. That is PA.

FA = Fundamental Analysis

TA = Techinical Analysis (also my Tony-Alicia. hehe)

SA = Sentiment Analysis (guts feeling?)

PA = Punting Analysis(what analysis if u just punt? Hmm ...)

RA = Rojak Analysis = the sum of all/part of the above.

RA = 0.6FA + 0.2TA + 0.1SA + 0.1PA. <--- that is the formula for my analysis, I think. Haha

RHB's forum : Discussing if Maxis is still cheap. Only a few know about valuations. I need to mention a person called Canon Ling who was LAUGHING at those losers using FA. Hmm ... either he is young and arrogant or must be losing lots of money with his TA(I doubt he is very good in that) or rather PA.

10.50 pm : I just posted a lengthy post in RHB's forum and that might be the last I wanted to pen anything there. I dont know ... I found many of them dont really know what they are talking about or perhaps, I dont understand what they are trying to point at. Anyway, I simply cant tahan Canon Ling who laughed at the fundamentalists. Sigh. A teacher always a teacher ... not teaching Maths, teaching about investing. Haha. Macam pandai-pandai je ... hehe. We are all learning from each other, I believe. I will continue to learn ...

Posted in RHB's forum

Hi, I was speaking about valuation of a stock this morning, and surprised that many talking about Maxis is cheap??! CHEAP as it is at RM5 level, while DiGi at RM20? Hmm ... someone do need to learn about valuations here. We DO NOT value a stock by its price, please. SingTel at SGD3 level (x 2.5), is it cheap? How about TM and TMI(Axiata) ... which one is cheaper? TM at RM3 is cheaper, right? NO.

For investors, FUNDAMENTAL is the most analysis. INVESTORS like Warren Buffett and many more do not look at stock prices. They will see valuations. Learn that, we could be good in our investment in longer time-frame. Someone here arrogantly laughed about fundamentalists and calling them 'losers'. Excuse me ... you cant be richer than Warren Buffett, I bet.

We should NOT compare FA or TA or whatever-A you called it. I called it RA(rojak analysis). we have our own ways of analysing our investments, and mind you ... do you know why 80-90% lose out to Mr Market in long run? You might profit well in 2009 as market moves higher, but bet you cant beat Mr W.Buffett in looong term investment. Do you know WHY? Taking lessons and being humble to learn could be the FIRST step we should take .... to survive in the markets, and gain from it. Ok, I rather write these in my blog(LOL) than sharing with some who dont even know what investing is about. Dont you laugh at me as I m a loser too.

Next thing, Aaron wrote about rubber. Spot-on, buddy. Rubber-stocks outperform KLCI and will continue to outperform most of the sectors for its FUNDAMENTALs strength. Excuse me, we are talking about INVESTING here, are we? For those punters/gamblers, we win some, you lose some kinda of mentality, we are just different individuals. yes, RUBBER stocks will do well, forward into 2010. Rubber-stocks also resilient due to their fundamentals. Ever heard of buying at the dips? I m aiming at Kossan again, actually.

Enough said. At times, I read those posts wondering if they know what they are writing or they are merely making fun, using the forum to show their plain ignorance about INVESTING. I m seeing myself as a novice. I m here in the forum to learn from some who make INVESTING sense in KLSE. I do appreciate RHB coming up with such a platform for us to share. Lets us use it for our benefits, to share info and such. I apologise if I offend anyone here, not my intention anyway.

Happy INVESTING, with good fundamentals.

TEH <--- a buy call on this WINDpower company. Hmm ... OTC stock ...hmm ...

China ZR : 52 week range 0.125 - 0.619

4.00 am : DOW down by 100 points, as USD bounces and oil retraces to 77.

New Energy sector in China - a booming sector?

Sino Dragon (fka China ZR) (code : 2960, formerly 0395) : I will be watching this stock closely. At 0.325, the potential could be huge. Its P/E at 13 level. There is substantial increases in their cash. But recent interim report showing they are making a loss!!

Details of the press conference are as follows:

Date : 26 November 2009 (Thursday)

Time : 3:00 p.m.

Venue : Victoria I, Level 2, Four Season Hotel 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong

Contents :

1. Reasons of changing the Company's name from China Zirconium Limited to Sino Dragon New Energy Holdings Limited and introduction of its future plan.

2. Introduction of the Company’s recent energy projects or projects to be commenced.

3. Introduction of the PRC government’s policies of new energy and the classification of new energy.

4. Prospect of new energy development in China <--- what is Zirconium?

While I may be interested to know more about the chemical characteristics of this element, I dont have the time to read about it. I m more interested with its industrial usage and its applications in commercial environment. Then, I will look into its resources and such .. till the LISTED-companies which deal with this element!! Yeah ... in the business sense and investor sense.

What makes me lead to ZR? It is also used in new energy materials and rechargable batteries!! Yeah, I was reading about the green-car and such, and bumped into ZR. Being a ex-science student, obviously I was curious. I started to look into this company 2/3 weeks ago ... and placed it in my new-energy or green-energy or alternative energy or what-u-want-to-call-it energy list. So, I m NOT recommending a BUY call, right? I m merely stating what I hv been doing ... when I m doing my research on alternative energies. I hv been doing that since last Dec - Windpower still my favourite, but batteries sector worth looking into too.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

12.50 am : DOW still in red ... I need a sleep.

9.05 am : MAXIS ... at 5.50 level now, up 10% in the opening. Today's KLSE turnover will be huge, partly from Maxis. Welcome back.

4.25 pm : Just done with a tuition class, in the morning went to Perodua service center for servicing my Kancil. It costs me RM250. Ouch. I m trying to imagine how much those driving bigger cars maintaining their cars. Perhaps, when u r driving those big cars, you could afford the maintainace fees?!

Maxis at 5.40, and as expected KLSE's turnover is the largest for a day, at RM2.5b now.

KLCI is flat bur HSI lost some 200 points.

LionInd at 1.33, E&O at 1.05 and TA at 0.78. All in REDs ... just wait n see.

BJToto going below 4.30, and its baby at new low each day ... waiting to rebound?

SPSetia-wb at 0.505 ... how low SPSetia could go? Hmm ...

In RED ALERT : LCL, Scomi, Redtone, Hevea, Kurasia.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

10.40 am : KLCI down by 2 points, Dialog making a move today. I have sold it off one/two months ago.

As packing and shifting occupying my mind, I woult not be seeing markets.

12.50 pm : Nice lunch at mamak-shop in Donggongon. I still prefer Sabah 'easy-going' lifestyle anytime. I spoken to my current CEO this morning and if I want to stay-back in KK, I can. My wife is excited about the KL change, but also in 'fear' of change. It is understandable ... the 'unsafe' news in KL, with so many immigrants now. Plus the jam ... jam ... I prefer peanut butter!

For those rats in KL, they may not know Sabah, a very nice place to work + relax. We have mountains, rivers, natural parks, beaches, sea, islands ... all in vicinity!! I m at the small town 8km away, with the library here(not crowded) ... relaxing, enjoying my reading, bringing my son here in the weekends/holiday. Then, if ... say, I want to go to beach for a coconut-drink ... it is less than half-hour drive to KK city!! Even those gov-depts are "nearby".

To a Sabahan, 10 km is FAR ... 15 minutes jam is VERY stressful. Brought up in KL, I should know the situation in KL. The rats in KL do not go to parks, they prefer malls. Bigger malls, with more and more new products to check it out, and see if we should own them, keeping up with the Jones.

Hey, our neighbour just bought the latest water-jet to wash their new Prado, should we buy a more powerful water-jet? Oh yes, since we will be having the latest water-jet, dont u think so our VIOS need to be changed too? We have been with her for 2 years. Besides, to show that we are environment-lovers, we should be driving the new green-car by Toyota, PRIUS.

Venue : Donggongon Library, Sabah
Time : 1.25 pm

I m going to spend my 4 hours here, before bring my son to the park to play, and my family to One-Borneo(the lastest and largest mall in KK) for some shopping. I will be glad to digest a few magz and it has been 3 weeks since the last time I m here ...

1. Malaysian Business : 100 largest listed companies in Malaysia.
2. Business week :100 best Global Brands
3. Time : China's moment
4. National Geographic : Solar Power
5. The Economist : The vote that changed Japan
6. Smart Investor : A 'chip' of the new world order.

I have these six magz with me, and will be glad if I could done with the first two. WHY is there a need to read these magz/news/articles? Hmm ... many reasons but I think it is because I LOVE education and knowledge(otherwise, I couldnt be in education line for 20 yrs, ok?). Yes, for example ... I amazed myself by being able to list out the 100 largest listed companies. I used to know 100 countries and their capitals during school time. I think I still can list those out ... but then, my grandma will ask "Know the countries and capital can earn MONEY arr?". True to the point ... so what if one knows the top 100 listed-companies? Can earn MONEY arr? Hmm ... can, actually ... if we know how.

1. Sime
2. Tenaga
3. PetDag
5. Maybank
6. MAS
7. IOICorp
8. Shell
9. UMW
10. CIMB
11. Esso
12. Axiata
13. PBBank
14. Genting
15. TM
16. MMCCorp
17. KLK
18. Titan
19. Boustead
20. YTLCorp

Well, I will pause here to do my readings ... enjoy.

2.40 pm : Kossan and Supermax down another 1+%. Looking into them ...

3.05 pm : CWP has been retracing since touched 1.02, and at 0.95 now.

3.35 pm : KLCI at 1275, down 4 points. It is rather cold here, I m going home.

SPSetia-wb : At 0.515 now.

8.20 pm : LionInd closed at 1.35(RSI 36), time to consider ...


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

LCL : Worth considering? Will it rebounds strongly?

DOW up 136 points, as we are seeing crude oil reaching for USD80. Gold at 1140 level, as USD going below 75 level again.

I was listening to CNBC, talking and discussing about OIL. Yes, oil as a commodity and also a financial assets. The continuous weakening in USD will only see oil being priced higher. Coupled with the anticipated global(actually it is China) economic recoveries ...

9.05 am : KLCI up 4 points. TA up to 0.80 now. Efficent and Redtone moving too.

Affin in profit-taking but can PUNT in. LCL still going south ... 0.50, here LCL comes.

9.45 am : KLCI up 10 points. LCL touched 0.50. Hevea continues it strong run, at 0.78 now.

WaSeong-wa was at 0.34 two weeks ago, at 0.40 now. AnnJoo-wb reaching 0.70 too, from o.63. But, GPacket-wa still diving into red sea ...

12.45 pm : Petra on sales ... at 1.83 level now. Rubber-stocks on sales today too. KLCI closed 3 points higher for lunch. LCL top the water-fall list, GPacket too.

Affin-wc which was at 0.15 yesterday, shot up to 0.44 level and at 0.305 level now. I hope not many punters got caught in the TRAP those bigger buaya placed. I certainly being bitten before by buaya ... that explains why I m in fear of such situation. Buy high to sell higher? I will rather wait for those counters I stalk to buy when it is at correction period and WAIT ... now, patience is virute and something 'missing' in most of us who wish for quick profits? Me, included of coz.

So, I will read more and think about LCL or Petra. When oil prices going up, could these two benefit? LCL is not an oil-counter, of coz ... but many of their projects are using oil-money. When the founder solf his stake, something 'fishy' ... so, the OVER-reactions are to SELL your stake too. How about Petra ... linking with PetraEnergy? I have not do some investigation on them and hope I will tonight ... need to continue to move my limbs.

2.45 pm : KLCI at 1280 level, LCL going below 0.50, at 0.48 now.

CWP : I hv a queue to clear all my remaining at 1.05. My wife posted a good question to me this morning. "I thought you said you are INVESTING in CWP as you said there are huge potential? Why are you selling, then?". Hmm ... it is NOT easy to explain as I m contradicting myself!! Normally, I do not tell her what I buy/sell as explaining needs patience and TIME.

So, I will like to answer it here : It is a very valid question. Later.

2.50 pm : Oh boy, LCL at 0.450 ... is it going to close shop or what? Why such a strong selling pressure? Should I catch the knife? KLCI going into red-zone? I like waterfalls .... but I might injured myself if it is a sharp knife ... at 0.460 now.

3.10 pm : LCL at 0.42 ... incredible. Do read about its BAD news, as this could be a very sharp knife. I m still stalking ... it touched 0.40!!

3.15 pm : Anything go up, sure to come down. Anything going down, sure to rebound? Hmm ... it may NOT be true for stocks tho generally it is true if u hv the patience!! It is at 0.44 now, buying at 0.40 could give someone 10% in 10 minutes?!

6.00 pm : KLCI closed at 1280, with LCL at 0.44 and Petra at 1.78.

TA, E&O and LionInd down a little. These are my 3 main portfolio for KLSE, and will be collecting more when any of it retraces to my buy-level. At the moment, only LionInd might trigger my buying stage IF it could retrace below 1.35 level.

Adventa at 2.09, down 4.6% today. I m still looking into opportunity to move into the rubber-stock as I m expecting another rubber-rally before end of the year. Rubber-counters are good for investment, moving forward.

SPSetia-wb at 0.525, touched the recent low of 0.515, I m still watching to grab at 0.500 or below.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Steel Counters : Time to consider?

Monday morning ... I checked my fav warrants last night, AnnJoo-wb at 0.65 with AnnJoo at 2.72 is at low premium of 16%. Expiring at 2013, at 0.65, it could go further when steel sector recovers. At the moment, steel counters are quiet and there is over-supply reported. hence, we wont be seeing any movement in steel counters soon. LionInd at 1.37, could retrace further for me to move in. Wait and see. There is a buy-call on Kinstel and reported in The Edge. Southern steel reporting profits, while Perwaja at trading-buy call. Mr Lim of RHB mentioned CSC-steel on Sat. Dali written about CSC too, if I m not mistaken. Well, Hiap Teck has been doing well, is there any more rooms to go north? Huaan recently rallied due to Hu's visit? Also reported that Huaan is in black. Hmm ... These are basically in my mind when I checked on AnnJoo-wb last night ... I will try to relate other steel counters, and remember what I hv read/heard. It could be very complicated and un-organised ... so, I want to make a point to manage the knowledge in a 'better' manner so that I could retrieve those info easier whenever needed. I could be so dis-organised that I m confusing myself!!

Mind you, the info I have just written was coughed out instantly without double-checking on its facts. This is only local steel sector ... I m covering far too many sectors and looking at KLSE and HKSE. At times, I do look into US counters, especially Chinese-companies listed there(ADRs).

5.30 pm : KLCI up 7.35 points. I m not around the whole day as I m helping the school to shift. Packing and re-packing. So, this coming two weeks will be too busy for me as I m starting to pack my books/items to send back to KL.

Affin making moves today but look at Affin-wc. Oh boy, I missed the moves today!! It was at 0.11-0.16 level for months, and I traded it before. Today ... is Affin's day. HL with this fella in news.

Lets see those reds : ... LCL at 0.57, Redtone at 0.355, Petra at 1.99. EtiTech is a huge waterfall. GPacket(wa) diving ... well, who goreng this fella? Hmm ... hope those who chased ran away for safety now.

E&O, TA and LionInd up a little with volume. Good.

CWP breached HKD1 today but my 1.05 queue not done. I m clearing all at 1.05 and to see to buy back when it retraces. It closed at 0.97, due to profit-taking after lunch. May be I need to be satisfied with HKD1 level. Its RSI at 70, with PE at48.

10.10 pm : I m too tired, after whole day of hard-labour and a tuition class just now. Ok, to me CWP is ripe to sell as it is reaching an over-bought level. So, I m still seeing 1.05 and above to sell. Its 52-week high is at 1.15, and today it released the interim report(downloaded that from its site, wow ... their cashflow increases again and EPS jumped!!). I will buy again when it retraces. Well, many are anticipating Copenhagen by end of year ... and that could further boost the sector. Hence, the high optimism could bring the stock price to the new high by end of year. Nevertheless, it will remain the main stock I m investing in.

Coal stocks are rallying soon as China gets colder. I m talking about the weather, winter around, of coz. Few parts of China reporting sight of SNOW ... that could means demand of Coal and Burning Oil.

Sinopec : As Cnooc continues to gain interest, Sinopec has been trading at 6.40-7.10 range for the past few months. Consolidating at this range, I do know that it will shoot up, matter of time. So, I m wondering if I should top up my Sinopec-cw?

SNG : Being top in the list for an energy-stock(US market) with potential upside. At 0.59 now, with the low of 0.15 ... it came diving down from USD5 last year!! Well, I m checking on its health ... financial health, of coz.

10.55 pm : DOW up 100 points, NEP with volume today. Time to look into it.

11.30 pm : DOW up 130 points, thanks to the retails sales data.

UNG : Back to 9.30 level(low at 8.94). Worth looking into. Cold winter is here ...


Sunday, November 15, 2009

China Auto : I countinue liking this sector very much but I hv not bought any of the counter. Which one to choose from? Geely and Brillance have been doing EXTREMELY well as the moved from a penny stock to ... HKD3 and HKD2.50 level respectively. Mind u, Brillance was at 0.88 last month when I noticed it was shooting up. With only a day or two profit-taking, it continues to rocket higher. Now, at 2.50 ... can one really still jump wagon?

Hence, I m still looking at some auto-stocks(and related) which are still trading below HKD1. Not many there but will any of these shoot for the sky, like Geely and Brillance did? Denway, Dongfeng and GreatWall are another few auto-stocks in my list which shooting higher ... and higher ... First Tractor

Adding in yet another auto-stock into my list : Mudan Auto(suspended since 2005?)

Taken from its recent quarter report : Mudan Auto

For the nine months ended 30 September 2009, the Group recorded a turnover of RMB98,373,603 (2008: RMB2,228,756), representing an increase of 4,313.83% as compared with the turnover of the Group for the corresponding period in 2008.

I was downloading its annual reports and interim reports yesterday and spent some time with her. I prefer passenger-vehicles, but due to the current auto-rally in China, these counters(proxy) might benefits too. When a sector rallying, investors/traders will play on those laggards(not moving yet comparatively to its peers).

Like looking into ACE market(KL), I m currently looking into GEM market in HKSE. GEM-index was from 350 level, and at 704.27 level now. That is a 100% increment.

Giving an example - Honbridge which shot-up almost 50%(o.85 to 1.24) last Friday, yes in ONE DAY trading. A check on it, Honbridge dealing with Silicon business, which being used for solar cells!! Now, solar-stocks have been rallying in HKSE for the past weeks. I was still looking at the main market/board on counters such as Solargiga, Comtec, China Solar and such. But, I m still not into GEM-counters ... I m currently seeing these as huge potential, and buying these stocks could give me a huge profit once the selected sector moves.

Back to my investing idea : Instead of looking into the main-board counters for the selected sector, how about getting a list of those GEM stocks(mostly comprises of 'small' companies and they are penny stocks) which could benefit when a particular sector rallying? Such as Auto and Solar stocks at the moment? Lets say ... when the energy sector rallying when oil-prices reaching 100-level(I believe it will next year or so), instead of my PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC asnd such, instead of playing at their VERY volatile call-warrants, I can always opt for GEM-stocks .. those oil-related penny stocks which traded in GEM board, right? Hmm ... the risk might be high. I have always remind myself what I read from Adam Khoo's book - "It is only risky IF we dont know how".

So, Mudan Auto suspended for whatever reason(s), we shall look into related auto-companies in GEM market. For example, a recent actively traded stock, Global RD. Then, we shall start to do some homework on it etc etc ... these take days, or even at times, I forgotten about them and it might take weeks ... by then, it has shot 100-300% higher. Looking into opportunities ...learning to investigate and evaluate a sector/company certainly needs a lot of patience, especially for a non-financial person like me.

Yes, I m still learning and have looooooooong way to go, in my Trading Adventure.


Grandma's words. It reminds me of my grandma, thanking her for taking care of us, my bro/sis and me.

10.45 pm : Instead of my usual Bloomberg, I m watching BBC News on "Hot Cities", and focus on water-crisis faced by PERU. Water, even drips are treasured and they need to buy water. It costs them a lot and even that, it is never enough. Children died drinking contaminated water, plus no sanitary systems etc etc ... As we have been taking almost everything for granted here in our country, we should appreciate what we are having. WATER ... or named as 'blue gold', as it will becoming expensive when demands for clean-water continue to escalate.

So, it gives us yet another sector to look into ... investing! Water-crisis will definitely be an issue and it is getting greater each year.

China Water which was traded around 1.80 level 3 months ago, it at 2.70 level now. This is one counter I hv been monitoring but never have the funds to buy into it. With P/E 28, RSI 73 at the moment, a correction will be a good entry point, and yes ... hold for years to come, this is certainly better than Puncak?!

As investors, we should see crisis as an opportunity to invest. At the moment, most of us still taking water for granted. We even have water-filter(whatever the direct-selling companies trying to brain-wash us daily) and talking about 'cheap' water bills. Our earth may be covered by water but clean drinking water is a commodity, which could becoming very expensive. Hmm ...

Read this :Water is the source of all life and covers nearly 75% of the earth's surface. However, only 3% of this is fresh water and of this, only 1% can be utilized for human consumption. And water resources are becoming more and more scarce as time goes by – during the 20th century, water use increased at double the rate of population growth – so while the earth's population tripled, water use per person increased sixfold!


Saturday, November 14, 2009

RHB Market Chat : Kota Kinabalu

I attended the session and gathered some info, also reflecting on what was said. Yes, the stock-picks was the highlight of the events. Before that, no one pick a pen &pad to jot down what Mr Lim CS(RHB head research) talked about global economies and its recoveries. Majority of them were there to know WHAT STOCK(S) to BUY, if possible let us know when to SELL too.

At least the technical analyst(Mr Khoo BY) pointed out that is is about time to take-profits. That sounds more logical to me. Unless we are punters(contra and such) using PA, he 'introduced' the term SENTIMENTS ANALYST = SA. So, forget about FA, TA ... comes SA. Sentiments are still bullish, going into 4Q and 1H10. So, BUY?

KLCI at P/E 16 is not cheap. Agreed. Ignoring those gorenging counters ... which one is still in best-buy category?

Mr Lim : Double-dip is very unlikely. Moving forward, 2010 will continue to pick up momentum tho at slower pace.

Banking: CIMB, AMMB, Affin, MayBank, PBBank, RCE.

O&G : Kencana, Wah Seong, Dialog, EPIC, KNM, Sapcres, Petra. (huh? Petra??)

Steel : Kinstel, Perwaja, Annjoo, Hiap Teck, CSC.

Auto : Proton, Tan Chong.

Construction : Gamuda, IJM, Sunway, Gamuda, WCT, Fajar, MRCB

Gaming : Genting, GenM, BJToto

Consumer : Faber, Aeon, Hai-O, KPJ, Parkson, QL, KFC

Industrial : Rubber-stocks such as Adventa, Kossan, TopGlove and Harta. Texchem. Special mentioning on BP Plastic?

Plantation : IOICorp, Sime, CBIP, IJMPlant, Genting Plantation(Asiatic).

Media : Media Prima, NSTP, Astro

Property : SPSetia, YNH, Sunrise, IJMLand, Sunway, Glomac, Hunza

Tech : Unisem, MPI

Wood : Evergreen, JTiasa, WTK, TaAnn

There are too many to list, so, I only written down what I like/know. I dont have funds to buy anymore ... time to sell?

Mr Khoo : MPHB, Proton, Kurnia Asia, IOICorp, Salcon and Affin being analysed technically.

Proton to project to RM5 ... time to accumulate? Yes, this is a good trading counter. I like Kurnia-Asia most from the list, tho I do like MPHB too. If I m going to be bullish on IOICorp, I will look into its babies. Do look at how Affin-wc traded up last week, I was too busy to trade. Too bad.

LL : I went to the market chat and met my current colleague(will be ex soon) there. She is thinking of buying SPSetia-wb too. Hmm ... as my friend, SL, got it at 0.525, it is at 0.545 now and I dont see it shooting high soon. So, I m in no urgency to buy more. It touched 0.52 so far, and I was still queueing at 0.500. So, I could NOT give or say what is the so-called best entry point/price. I wont hesitate to buy more at 0.50, provided it STILL retracing to that level next week. I do place some criteria as I m seeing into TA. Buy and hold till its mommy moves. SPSetia going into Vietnam and China? I read that they have a plot of land(just acquired) and going to build limited units of bungalows with pricing RM5m(six zeros) and above for a unit. Wooppss ... cool.

Efficient : RSI at 36, closed at 0.205. I m interested at 0.19 level, perhaps will start to buy a little at 0.20, and accumulate it once I hv more funds. I m looking to release Scomi, CWP and may be Qinfa. Yes, I m looking to buy more into LionInd and SPSetia-wb.

Well, my cousin-bro who is into FA buying Efficient. So, I presume it must be an efficient company, ok? My honest reply? I like waterfalls, remember? Hmm ...


p/s : I just came back last night, so I will be too busy to reply e-mail. Normally, I do not personally reply those e-mail(especially those asking me 'this one can buy" or 'should i sell that one'?). But, I will get back to some who are 'nice' to help me. Thanks.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Ok ... DOW down by about 100points, but still above 10k level. I will be too busy to watch today as I m flying ... back to KK. I do miss mu wife and babies so much. Hehe.

DPTR : It touched 0.86 for a new 52-weeks low, and closed at 0.89. I m stalking it as it is a huge waterfall, or could it be a knife? Will it go bust? I m watching ...

Advertised - China Play(ADRs) : EJ(19.48), CTRP(69.02) and MR(31.51)

Venue : Aunt SK's place, Sri Petaling

11.20 am : KLCI is flat but Adventa flew off, and I missed it this time. Rubber-stocks are showing some signs of movements.

CWP at 0.95 vs 0.96 at the moment, touched 0.99. I m queueing to clear at 1.05 and making sure I keep my words. Well, I was thinking of 0.95 last week and it breached 0.95 level this week. Anymore rooms to run?

China Solar has shot up from 0.10 level and at 0.17 level now. Can still jump in?

Venue : LCCT, Sepang

3.45 pm : KLCI down by 1 point, but BJToto going below 4.30, so BJToto-cd at its new low at 0.08 now. Still thinking when I could average down as it is still retracing.

Petra at 2.05 level now.

BJToto is going below 4.30 and its BJToto-cd at its new low of 0.08. I m still waiting and thinking should I average down on it. Need to wait and see as I hv limited funds left.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

DOW at 10,291 and HSI at 22,627.

LVS : If I placed 17.70 to SELL, it will be done last night as it touched 17.80 in the first hour of trading, before closed at 17.63. Buying at 14.70 just less than 2 weeks ago, gaining USD3, it is about 20% profits, ok? That is because US-market is still bullish while LVS still in news.

DPTR : It is going below USD1, becoming a penny-stock!! It closed at 0.99, and if I really dare to buy at 1.10 level(after 2.30 and 1.70 level), I could be losing my pants now. Hmm ... catching a knife is a real possiblility if we are buying those stocks which still moving lower. At USD1, playing on O&G sector, will it see USD4 again?!

JASO : Going below USD4 at the moment, seeing USD3.50 as a support. It closed at 3.87 this morning. There is a rally for the solar stocks in HKSE, so I was wondering if that will be true for those China's solar stocks listed in US(ADRs).

Weird Al Yankovic "Amish Paradise" <--- click for MTV. Funny. Haha.

As I walk through the valley where I harvest my grain
I take a look at my wife and realize she's very plain
But that's just perfect for an Amish like me
You know, I shun fancy things like electricity
At 4:30 in the morning I'm milkin' cows
Jebediah feeds the chickens and Jacob plows... fool
And I've been milkin' and plowin' so long that
Even Ezekiel thinks that my mind is gone
I'm a man of the land, I'm into discipline
Got a Bible in my hand and a beard on my chin
But if I finish all of my chores and you finish thine
Then tonight we're gonna party like it's 1699

We been spending most our lives
Living in an Amish paradise
I've churned butter once or twice
Living in an Amish paradise
It's hard work and sacrifice
Living in an Amish paradise
We sell quilts at discount price
Living in an Amish paradise

A local boy kicked me in the butt last week
I just smiled at him and turned the other cheek
I really don't care, in fact I wish him well
'Cause I'll be laughing my head off when he's burning in hell
But I ain't never punched a tourist even if he deserved it
An Amish with a 'tude? You know that's unheard of
I never wear buttons but I got a cool hat
And my homies agree, I really look good in black...fool
If you come to visit, you'll be bored to tears
We haven't even paid the phone bill in 300 years
But we ain't really quaint, so please don't point and stare
We're just technologically impaired

There's no phone, no lights, no motorcar
Not a single luxury
Like Robinson Caruso
It's as primitive as can be

We been spending most our lives
Living in an Amish paradise
We're just plain and simple guys
Living in an Amish paradise
There's no time for sin and vice
Living in an Amish paradise
We don't fight, we all play nice
Living in an Amish paradise

Hitchin' up the buggy, churnin' lots of butter
Raised a barn on Monday, soon I'll raise anoder
Think you're really righteous? Think you're pure in heart?
Well, I know I'm a million times as humble as thou art
I'm the pious guy the little Amlettes wanna be like
On my knees day and night scorin' points for the afterlife
So don't be vain and don't be whiny
Or else, my brother, I might have to get medieval on your heinie

We been spending most our lives
Living in an Amish paradise
We're all crazy Mennonites
Living in an Amish paradise
There's no cops or traffic lights
Living in an Amish paradise
But you'd probably think it bites
Living in an Amish paradise

TEH : Haha ... I do enjoy his songs. LOL.

7.30 am : Today I will in KL city to see a few friends who is still in teaching line, to look into possibilities of having part-time classes there. Yes, I taught many levels and could handle many Maths-based subjects. I will be looking to teach those professional courses such as LCCI, ACCA Business Statistics/Quantitative Methods.

Thanks for the regards, messages and e-mail. Yes, I m glad with the supports and contacts. I will surely meet those who wish to meet. I do need to make friends/contacts wiht those in markets and share opinions. Yes, one of the reasons I m here in the west is to get to know more of those like-minded persons who share opinions about stock markets or INVESTMENTS, generally.

9.25 am : Scomi at 0.50 level and I just bought some at 0.510 moments ago. What is happening?

Venue : POS HQ - DayaBumi

4.10 pm : Lunch with sis at One-Utama(The Curve) and seen a very old-good friend(a tuition center owner). I m very pleased. :-)

KLCI down 3.5points at the moment, with AirAsia continues to slide. Adventa shoots 10% to be at 2.20 level now. 2 days ago when I was telling my friend(SL) about what we called rubber-rally ... I shown her Adventa, my fav rubber stock to trade. Well, it flew off without me noticing. But I m queueing for Harta at the moment(at 5.50). Topglove not moving too ... other rubber-stocks having their mini-rally leads by Adventa.

8.30 pm : Heavy rain ... it took me 3.5 hours to reach home from POS office!! Now, commuter was packed like sardine, due to the heavy rain, I hv to wait at the station before I could run to the bus-stop to wait ... wait ... and wait ... for 1.5 hours for A BUS. Of coz the whole bus-stop is over-crowded and it was still raining!! Taxi? "Taxi Bermeter" is not using meter ... RM8 for a very short distance, take it or leave it. Finally, the RapidKL(by name only, obviously) bus was here and the crazy rush is there. We local have to 'fight' for the space with many immigrants such as from Africa(very dark!!), Indo-chinese, Burmese, Indons and such. Arrghh ... what an experience!!

Now, we should highlight the transportation woes in KL but ... since when MALAYSIAN GOV cares? Ooppsss ... they dont have MONEY, as so many levels with so many officers need to MAKAN. Those never take a bus before, try it ... welcome back to KL, CP, I told myself. haha.

Ok ... I need to rest and look into the markets. Harta not done at 5.50, SPSetia-wb at 0.540. I will buy more LionInd and hold on to TA and E&O. While I want to clear CWP at 1.05, if it could breach HKD1. As for Qinfa, I shall hold a while till a 'jump'!

11.45 pm : DOW up slightly. Too tired. Night


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

DOW up slightly. LVS at 16.97, touched intraday high of 17.17. Buying at 14.70 last week, should one sell now? LVS still playing at the HK-IPO news, and might still have some rooms to move further. Ok, lets take profit at 17.70 - that is USD3 profit, and that is 20% in a week trade. No bad, or better than most of my trades!

I will be free later, but I want to go to KLCC's bookstore. Never been to Pavillion.

SL : I met my old-good friend yesterday for a drink. She said she might be reading my blog to learn about investing/trading in stock markets? Hey, SL ... are you reading this lines? LOL. Ok, ok ... be serious, out of 10, the failure rate so far for those in KLSE is 80%. That is the statistic I gathered. Dont know how true it is tho. Lets put it this way ... high failure rate.

Imagine we are doing a NEW business ... we dont hv much experience, we need capital and leanr the trades, right? Hence, we will start SMALL and take less risk. Like I gave you the example, we should be buying MAS rather than AirAsia. We should READ more investment books and see how it can be applied. We all heard of Warren Buffett, but most of us couldnt adopt his ways of investing, right? We dont even have his characters. We are all different!!

Risk appetite - lowering our risk will need experience(and lots of patience). I do lose money whenever I realise I took too high a risk, without much thoughts into it + lack of patience. As we all have different risk appetite, we may want different ways of trading/investment.

Venue - KLCC : Kinokuniya BookStore

3.30 pm : KLCI down by 4 points but HSI up 200+ points again. Qinfa slides a little but CWP surging to 0.92-094 level, with buying interests after lunch. I m tired as I travelled by commuter from Kepong to Subang, then bus and walking ... bus-commuter-LRT.

Will stay here to enjoy the books before head for a drink. No trading when I m on the move ... welcoming XDL to our KLSE.

While I m seeing LCL and AirAsia retracing, do look into Petra!! It is at 2.20 level. Wow... what is going on? Selling vessels again?

4.30 pm : CWP closed higher at 0.95, up 8% today and managed to break 0.90 resistance. So, I m seeing to SELL at 1.05 level. As for CPNE, it went up 13% today. Green-stocks in rally with solar doing well too.

SPSetia : Closed at 2.75, it is technically over-sold with RSI going below 30. As for its baby, it closed at 0.52 now. I will accumulate more at 0.50 or below. Now, my friend, SL sms-ed me and said she bought into SPSetia!! Errr ... all the best, my friend. Ok ... currently, many property counters(and construction stocks too) are in correction mode, thanks to the announcement during the budget. GOV get greedy too ... and wanting a piece of the cake. Well, perhaps it could really deter property speculators from goreng the property sector too much.

If SPSetia could not sustain this reistance level, we might see the next floor at 3.30. Oh boy, if SPSetia(wb) straight going below 0.50, it is asking me to BUY. Yes, I admit that I like waterfalls ... and potentially catching a knife? I m still faithful with SPSetia.

Petra : I sold Petra at 2.70 last month, when I bought it at 2.50 level last Aug when I was in KL. I m a SELLER, as I bought many whenever prices depressed. Today, Petra closed at 2.15(intraday low at 2.11) with RSI at 18. WOW ... sell-down with huge volume. I hv not checked its details and also its news. What is going-on? Mind you, a stock(good one) doesnt move up or down drastically WITHOUT any reasons. Investigating its reason is my home-work. So, I m putting it in my HIGH ALERT list.

Petra : Director is selling off his shares? Something fishy ... will check.

BJToto-cd closed at 0.085, its lowest point so far. BUY at 0.08.

LionInd at 1.36, almost reaching my buying point(entry) at 1.35. I shall wait and see ... and might grab some tmr if it goes below 1.33?

ALERT : Petra, LCL, SPSetia(wb), AirAsia, TWSCorp


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

KK vs KL

Now I got the job in KL. What's next? Accepting it means a huge change(yet again) in my lives, my wife and kids too. Yes, the pay/salary in KL is hiher but the cost of living will be higher too. Not to mention the travelling time(stuck in the jam etc) and cost will be higher.

After weighing the pros and cons, I will accept the job and will be signing the dotted lines later!! It is uprooting with only one month plus left to shift my things from KK to KL. Really not an easy decision(cutting a 50% loss in my stock is easier, frankly) but need to be done, sooner or later.

Personally, I love Sabah and also the lay-back lifestyle there. People there are good and treasured human values. well, the have the TIME as they are going thru a slower pace. In contrast, KL is a rat-race ... and I will be living like a rat here!! Rush here and there ... arrrghh ... just ten-years ago I was a rat!! I will be an older rat now, in the year of Tiger. haha.

The big changes prompted by my school shifting to an ulu-place 12 km away from the current place I m staying(near the current school). I have been playing with the idea of transferring back to KL if possible. Once our mind think of the possiblities, it is like 'automatic'. It attracts to that direction ... and here I am, back in KL.

I just hope that my wife and kids could adapt well in the rat-cage or pigeon-holes(flat/apartment) while I will be working the whole day.

Advertisement : I m looking for STUDENTS to give tuition in Klang Valley. I have 20-years experience of teaching pre-U(SPM, STPM, A-level, SAM and such) and I m 'good'. So, any reader who have kids looking for Maths tuition, please kindly contact me and will be glad to do my job --- teaching Maths.

Ok, I will place this e-advertisement in my blog later and also my face-book. Currently I hv so many tuition students back in KK(hey, I m not your normal Maths teacher la ... can I say, I m really good? Hope I dont sound like angkat-sendiri). And I need to start all over again in KL/PJ here. I m very hard-working ... so, as long as they are willing to pay my rate, I could guarantee a good quality teaching.

So, please help me to spread the news, and see if you have aunty/uncle with kids who are in college and needs Maths tuition, ok? I m serious one la. Thank You.

Venue : Masjid Jamek LRT station

10.15 am : As DOW up 200 points, KLCI up 7 points at the moment. Muhibah starting to move? I didnt buy any, too busy with my transfering ideas. Anyway, E&O and LionInd still not jumping yet, otherwise I will be glad to sell?

12.10 pm : KLCI up 8 points, HSI up 200+ points.

11.05 pm : KLCI up 6.33 points.

LVS : Remember I hypothecally bought into LVS at 14.70? We are see LVS at 16.70 now. How many percent is that in a week? Hmm ...