Saturday, October 31, 2009

DOW closed 250 points lower and oil below 78. We might see another sell-down in Asian markets next week but will KLSE be resilient again? Don't worry much, someone will buy CIMB to support the index. :-)

10,15 pm : The Gunners easily gunning down Spurs, leading 3 - 0. Liverpool will be without Gerrard again against Fulham. It will not be easy for them, playing away.

SPSetia : Time to collect this one? I bought its baby at 0.550(only 5k units) yesterday and will collect it. But, its mommy look nice too.

1.05 am : DOW down by 200 points at the moment. I m watching LVS ... IPO approved, so it is actively traded and one of the few green around. It opened at 16.50 level, but retracing to 15 level now. Thinking of queue-ing at 14.70. Hmm ...

1.45 am : DOW down by 270 points now. BUY, BUy, Buy ... buy? LVS at 14.60 level now. Hmmm ... how about 14.40? Fair?

2.00 am : LVS just touched 14.53. The story of the day is CIT going to close-shop. It is below 0.80 level now.

2.10 am : In 10 minutes time, LVS back into green. Interesting ... 14.40 will not be done.

2.50 am : LVS at 14.90 level ... if my guess is right, buying at 14.70 level just now will give me 10-20% soon. Jotting it down here to watch it next week.

4.15 pm : LVS closed at 15.09. Noted.


Why Even Lower Prices Are Ahead - ETFguide

Iceberg cluster #5: (Over) valuation

Would you buy the Dow Jones at 10,000? It probably depends on where you see the Dow trade a week, a month, or a year from today. Many investors and Wall Street gurus are advocating to buy the Dow at current levels.

Let me ask you this: Did you buy the Dow at 7,000? If you didn't buy the Dow a few months ago at 7,000, why would you buy it today at 10,000? Today's Dow is 50% more expensive than it was seven months ago, yet more people are willing to buy now than in March. Aside from the stock market, there is no other 'salesman' able to sell a product for a 50% premium.

Bait-and switch at its finest

How can the stock market get away with this? The only difference between March 2009 and today is perception. Even though it defies logic, stocks are perceived to be a better deal today than in March.

Imagine what will happen when the perception changes. Once investors start believing that they can buy stocks later at a lower price they will wait, buyers will dry up, and stocks will plummet.

It's no stretch to expect lower prices. Even though prices have come off multi-decade lows, earnings are lower than any other time since the Great Depression. The S&P 500's P/E ratio (stock price divided by annual earnings), based on actual reported earnings have sky-rocketed to all-time highs.

Anybody buying the S&P 500 at current prices is paying 138 times as much as reported earnings. In other words, based on this year's earnings, it would take 138 years of profits to repay your investment.

Would you buy a Subway franchise at 138 times its annual profit if you knew that 15 - 20 is the historical average? 15 - 20 is the average P/E ratio over the past 100 years. Anybody buying now will have to be prepared for significantly lower prices.

Some things never change

History teaches us that overvalued markets can't last forever. History also teaches us how far the market will have to drop to reach fair values. The bear markets of the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1970s and 1980s have provided us with a valuation reset template.

Every bear market bottom has seen P/E ratios drop to historically low levels. Investors, however, don't have to rely on P/E ratios alone. Dividend yields, mutual fund cash levels, and the Dow measured in the only true currency - gold (NYSEArca: GLD - News) provide another window into the future - a nearly fail-proof composite indictor.

The October issue of the ETF Profit Strategy Newsletter plots the historic performance of the stock market against P/E ratios, dividend yields, mutual fund cash reserves, and the Dow measured in gold, along with target levels for the ultimate market bottom. A picture paints a thousand words and those charts speak volumes about the market's future.

Did you know that the Titanic received an iceberg warning less than two hours before an iceberg brushed the ship's starboard side, buckling the hull in several places? An angry communications officer responded: 'Shut up, shut up, I am busy; I am working.' There are plenty of indicators warning investors today. Will you heed the warning and avoid financial shipwreck?

Time to sleep. Night.


Friday, October 30, 2009

DOW up about 200 points!! Wow ... if markets rebound, time to clear some of my holdings.

Is this a 'sucker rally' as Doug Fabian put it ... and the collapse of the market is near? I was reading his warning again and wonder about it.

11.55 am : CWP at 0.85 vs 0.86, breaking 0.90 will be my next top-up, and reaching HKD1.00 will be my selling point.

12.45 pm : CWP at 0.88 vs 0.89(touched 0.90). Too fast too furious, up 8.5%. May be I will wait for it to pause to buy more into it? Hmm ... I hv bought it at 0.71, 0.79 and 0.81 level. Holding too much, might want to trim some if it goes above 0.95 level later!!

2.05 pm : CWP - RSI at 70 level now, so ... instead of more buying, I decided to trim some at 0.95. Qinfa at 1.92 ...

2.54 pm : It is difficult to be a contrarian. Seriously. When market was down yesterday, I will place lower and lower queues each day, and obviously most are not done. When market is up, I m trying to sell higher and higher. That is the challenge a novice trader like me need to accept, and learn from many mistakes done.

For example : Recently, when markets were depressed, CWP retraces from 0.90 to as low as 0.63. At 0.63 level, I started to queue at 0.60 ... each day queueing lower!! And I dont know if I feel lucky or unlucky each time it was not done as it still moving lower the next day!! I started from 0.70 ... till 0.60??! It touched 0.63 and started to make a reversal move, with RSI-14 at around 30. Suddenly I saw that I m queueing higher each day but still reluctant to BUY at market price ... till it was FINALLY done at 0.71(it was 0.72 vs 0.73 that day). Well, I placed 0.79 as my next buy and it reached o.79 the next few trading days. Am I lucky or unlucky?

It went lower than 0.79(touched 0.75) after I bought it. See? I thought to myself, may be we might see 0.70 again ... well, it did not. It went back to 0.80 level, and furiously touched 0.85 before retraced back to 0.79-0.81 level. When it was 0.84 vs 0.85 level, I queued at 0.81 and was surprised that it was done!! Am I lucky or unlucky again?

It was going down ... i thought of clearing!! It went down to 0.76 level yesterday morning but recovered after lunch. Phew. I feel lucky? Then, it shot higher today, to touched 0.90 and closed at 0.89. I planned to buy more at 0.90 level but it moved too fast. With RSI-14 reaching 70, I wanted to trim some. So, I queued at 0.95. Am I lucky or unlucky that it was not done? What if it dive down next week? I will knock my head for not taking profit at 0.90? But what if it shoots higher to HKD1 level next week ... will I feel lucky it was not done?

I m so used to these emotion rides. Haha ... that at times, I dont feel it at all. I always remind myself ... buy when it was down, oversold ... and if you see RSI at 30, then think to sell at RSI 70 or so. So far, I have failed to do both : I failed to buy at 0.63 level when RSI was at 30, but bought at 0.71(RSI 39, instead) and failed to sell at 0.90 when RSI was at 72 today.

This is just a stock, should try HKSE's warrants ... Cnooc-cw which dived from 0.20 to 0.14 yesterday, up to 0.18 today. Yes, all in a day trade. Talking about roller-coasters? Emotion-rides are not good for weak hearted person like me. It might kill ... speed kills, right?

3.45 pm : SPSetia-wb done at 0.55.

6.45 pm : KLCI up 1.48 points. HSI up 487.88.

Lityan up 74%?? HUH?? What is that for?

11.45 pm : DOW down by 100+ points ... uumm ...

KLSE's Property stocks

As at April 16th(taken from The Edge, April 20th page 71) and now

1. BRDB 1.19 ---> 1.78
2. E&O 0.60 --->1.08
3. Glomac 0.61 --->1.25
4. IGB 1.61 --->1.95
5. IJMLand 1.19 --->2.35
6. KLCCP 3.22 --->3.27
7. Hunza 1.32 --->1.44
8. MahSing 1.69 --->1.80
9. SPSetia 3.30 ---> 3.87
10. Sunrise 1.40 --->2.14
11. SunCity 1.98 ---> 3.09
12. UEMLand 0.97 --->1.68
13. UMLand 1.01 --->1.44
14. YNHProp 1.20 ---> 1.69

The highlighted were just some counters which moved up very high %. Many were not listed above but are 'popular' property stocks such as Equine, Karambunai, Tebrau, L&G, MKLand, Talam ... these are good for goreng-goreng.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Linkin Park : In the End

In The End : The first time I watched this video, I found it to be VERY cool ... and of coz, I love Linkin Park's music. Fantastic. I still remember about 5yrs ago, me and a good-friend of mine(ex-colleague from Malacca working in Sabah but went back to KL) tried to sing this song together ... I m doing Mike's role. Haha ... yeah, the rapping. It sounds awful. Yucks! Haha. Well, I sang this number with my students(karaoke) during one of the school-trip. hehe.

There are many songs I love very much, In The End is one of them. It is difficult to single-out ONE as my most favourable hits ... but I think "NUMB" could be the "best" for me. Or "Leave out all the rest"?

Politics in Sabah

PKR in Sabah is in bad shape at the moment with its VP might jump-ship(AGAIN) to PBS and I read Christine Liew resigned too. Sad ... PKR could not resist the internal crisis and crumbled into GREED of power(and money). Can politicians be clean and REALLY work for the benefit of rakyat who voted for them. Lick my ass, sir. Pardon me, I cant speak about our pathetic POWER and MONEY greed politicians without using vulgarity ... they suckz. Everyone in Sabah knows that politic in Sabah is a JOKE. There are many running-dogs(translate that into Cantonese, please) who will give up and give in to little sweet-bones luring them. They are really dogs, literally. They SELL their pride, soul and dignity for some bites on someone's ass. We may call them : ass-licker. But if they cant get a piece of the bone, they might bite. Then, we have to re-name them as : ass-biter. Overall, they are ass-holes. Profanity? Err ... what is that?

8.15 am : DOW down slightly BUT oil going below 78, support at 75. We may see oil to retrace further as USD rebounds.

9.55 am : KLCI down 11 points. Busy queue-ing. E&O touched 1.02 but rebounds(queue at RM1 not done).. Muhibah and AirAsia worth a look.

10.00 am : KLCI down 9 points, a rebound soon? LionInd climbing back to 1.40

10.30 am : OGS - Sold all my LFECorp for profits as it jumps up. Just yesterday I was holding to RM3k+ paper-loss on it. Phew!! Huge paper-loss still at Scomi and LCL. Will top-up on them from the $$ gained from LFE. Playing with UN-real money is easier ... no fear?

11.50 am : I have failed to clear QinFa, but clear CPNE and LingBao days ago. CWP at 0.76 vs 0.77 level. Cnooc still moving lower as oil retraces. Luckily I hv taken profits on the Cnooc-cw at 0.21 level(it was at 0.24 level a day ago!) and at the moment it is at 0.140!! That is wild ride, playing with HKSE's CW/PW. Thos like to punt into some KLSE's counter which gain/loss more than 20% should consider HK's CW/PW. They are more exciting ... it is betting.

2.25 pm : KLCI closed 10.35 points lower, while HSI losing another 500 points. MARKETS REVERSAL or CORRECTIONS?

4.15 pm : Talking about stress, I m queue-ing for TA, LionInd, Muhibah, Scomi and SPSetia-wb. These are few counters I like. Have not checked if any dive down and done.

8.05 pm : KLCI at 1241.75, down 7.30 points. None of my queues done as the prices I placed were too low?

Alert : Axiata(cb/cc), Airasia(cf), Pelikan, Genting(co/cp),IGB(ca), WCT(wb), SPSetia(wb), Muhibah.

Jaks - BUY at 0.73 and Scomi at 0.55

WCT (by OSK)

Yesterday it was announced that WCT would be jointly developing a condo (RM600m GDV) in IM together with Iskandar Investment. WCT’s stake is 70% and construction will commence in mid-2010. We believe that target buyers are likely to be Singaporeans for investments. Rentalprospects should not be an issue given its close proximity to Legoland, NUMed and the financial district. We read this development as a sign that WCT is serious on IM and do not discount the possibility of more infra jobs being secured there. Maintain BUY, RM3.35 TP.

10.10 pm : DOW in green, up 50 points. I do hope there will be more reds tmr and able to grab a few for short-term trading.

First Solar drops by 20% at the moment? Hmm ..


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Post #555.

DOW up slightly and still stay below 10,000 level. Perhaps we will not be seeing 10k level for a while. HSI downed 420 points yesterday, but auto-stocks are rallying. Brillance was at 0.80 level last week or so when I wrote about it but it is at 1.30 level yesterday. Geely and Greatwall continues to move higher. My fav china-auto play, ZhongDa was at 0.55 level and at 0.85 level yesterday. That is how strong when a sector rallying.

Green-stocks are rallying in HKSE too, as CWP at 0.81 now(my ave = 0.75) as I m buying hugely into this one. I will continue to top-up if it retraces, but if it shoots too high, too fast, I will trim my positions. I m seeing HKD1.10 as a resistance. We shall see ...

SPSetia : I will BUY this one later or soon. Property stocks have rallied and taking a breather now. Some of the counters I like are : SPSetia, IGB, YNH, Sunrise.

9.15 am : Bought TA at 0.80.

9.30 am : TA done at 0.78.

10.05 am : KLCI down by 5 points. E&O and TA still retracing ... wait for a while.

10.40 am : TA-Global will be listed next month. CWP flew-off, I m still queuing for more at 0.81, but it is at 0.84 vs 0.85 now.

12.45 pm : KLCI lost 8.70 points so far ... will there be some buying coming in later after lunch? CIMB in green again later? If u observed carefully HOW KLCI from 13 points down in the morning to close in green territory yesterday, you will know that it is PLANTED. Will that happen again today? We shall watch ...

3.35 pm : KLCI down 10 points plus now, zooming into Muhibah. E&O going to my new level RM1.00 to buy?

7.45 pm : KLCI lost 11.25, and no rebound today. LionInd at 1.42(intraday low 1.39) and E&O at 1.07. So, I might need to buy at lower level.

Stalk : Adventa(1.84 - RSI48.27), Scomi(0.56 - RSI36.88), LionInd(1.42 - RSI38.66), SPSetia(3.81 - RSI29.18), SPSetia-wb(0.555 - RSI25.52), Muhibah(1.15 - RSI27.24), AirAsia(1.31 - RSI35.12)

To fathers : Love your kids.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

DOW down 100 points. Oil below 79, gold retraces too as USD rebounds.

I m wearing RED shirt as I m expecting that further today.

Funeral (touching) <--- found it at talkandshare.

This clip is touching. The indian lady is Mrs Lee, yes ... a mix-marriage. It is not common or easy to have an Indian girl as your girlfriend or ... making her your wife. I had an Indian girlfriend before, I could understand that. But, the point that they appreciate each other beyond our skin colour is admirable. I m blind when it comes to skin-colour. I do see my girl as beautiful as she could be as we see invaluable 'things' using our heart, not our deceiving eyes.

So, I m critical about many 'stupid' and biasness in our community's eyes. I wish that we are not judgemental and accept everyone as Malaysian. Till then, the One-Malaysia idealogy remain a political propaganda. We endure and accept discriminations and polarisations. Sigh.

One Malaysia? What is that??

Yasmin Ahmad, the Storyteller

This interview(forget about the interviewer)reflects on her idea of One-Malaysia.

Yasmin Ahmad (1958-2009)<-- a respectable woman.

9.15 am : KLCI down by 8 points. Hang-on or start to THINK to buy. If today down more than 10 points, good buying day. I m normally busy when market diving...

10.15 am : Very busy ... when KLCI down by 13 points just now. Recovering but still down 6+ points. Going to HKSE now.

6.45 pm : Amazing ... it was down 13 points in the morning, and I m surprised that KLCI closed in green-pasture. Traded BJCorp. Nice.

CWP is testing 0.80 resistance, closed at 0.81. I failed to clear Qinfa and it retraced. However, I took profits on Cnooc-cw at its mommy lost 3.4% today.

Alert : PA, Hevea, Octagon, IJMLand

Stalk : Pelikan, Sunrise, SPSetia(wb), Muhibah

10.50 pm : DOW up 70 points, perhaps sell-down again in the second half. I m too tired to write or monitor. Need to rest. Night.


Monday, October 26, 2009


This week is a packing week ... packing to shift campus. Few more paper-work to complete, with tonnes of papers to clear or sort-out.

9.20 am : KLCI down 2+ points. Clearing Dialog?

9.25 am : IJMLand still retracing. Queued.

9.50 am : Hevea still moving, Pelikan, E&O are still sliding.

10.15 am : HKSE closed today. IJMLand rebounced from 2.36.

11.45 am : Nothing much, except E&O at 1.16 now. IGB retraces too.

12.10 pm : I hv a queue for E&O at 1.15, touching it now, might be done. LionInd queueing at 1.44 and IJMLand queueing at 2.35. IGB queueing at 1.95

12.20 pm : E & O done at 1.15, another queue at 1.05. I m collecting it, actually.

1.50 pm : Time for meeting and classes till night.

6.15 pm : KLCI closed at 7.18 points lower. TA at 1.40, E&O at 1.15(intraday low 1.12) and LionInd at 1.46.

9.55 pm : DOW up 80 points. I m too tired.

Scomi : RSI 41, closed at 0.575, buy tmr at 0.56 and below.

Axiata-cb and Axiata-cc : Collect some tmr.

Warrants : Look into SPSetia-wb, E&O-wa, AnnJoo-wb, BRDB-wa and IJMLand-wa.

Stalk : Pelikan, IGB(ca), Glomac(wa), Jaks


p/s : The US coal counter is TRET not WWEI as I hv written.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Frank Abagnale Jr

12.40 am : Just finished watch a movie on TV2 : "Catch me if you can" starring Leonardo and Tom Hank. Well, I dont care who the stars are but this is a very interesting movie. Yes, my FIRST full 2.5 hours movies ...with full focus(no biz-news, books or net on. Even mobile-phone is off! haha). Funny, I feel good and glad I watched the movie. I have not watched a movie for at least 5 years now!! OMG ... am I normal?

I brought my family for a pizza-hut dinner. Now, that is NOT out normal routine or even imagining using 50-bucks for a dinner. Yes, I admit I m a miser, I live frugally for the past 4-years ... saving all possible amount to accumulate the money for INVESTMENTS. I hv my goals printed on my forehead. But ... I guess I hv been too extreme ... I need a BREAK. Hehe.

Over in TV1, Selangor lost to Trengganu in the penalty. I dont watch football, actually. Chelsea is playing at the moment. Will I watch Liverpool vs MU? A trashing? Hmm ...

Time to read more about Frank Abagnale, found its info in WiKi. I love internet so much ... it is on my finger-tips!! I m tired ... night.

8.40 am : Sunday ... time to relax and think, reflect and re-evaluate about investments/tradings.

Some issue/points to ponder this week :

1. Should I take profits on my Cnooc-cw which gaining about 70% now? And re-enter when it corrects? Its RSI-14 at 75 now.

2. Geely reaching for HKD3 now ... do I want to grab some of its CW? Which one, then? Or shouldnt I stick to my plans to quit HK's CW-play?

3. Should I clear CPNE for 10% profits as it has a sell signal(technically), and perhaps grab it back when it goes below 0.50? How about CWP which I m having an average of 0.75?

4. Why China Coal and YZ Coal moved strongly higher on Friday, but Qinfa failed to move? Am I clearing Qinfa? Do I want to punt into a coal-stock listed in US(OTC : code WWEI). Remember AMNP when a BUY call was given at 0.70 and it REALLY shot up to 1.20 the next few days? WWEI at 1.90 level now, from 1.60 level when I read about the BUY call. Hmm ...

4. Topping up E&O below 1.20 and LionInd at 1.45? Hold to Dialog? Going for TAS or Scomi? Ok, get a buying list with prices. Later will do that.

5. KLSE's warrants : Which one in alert list to buy for trading this week?

6. Look into rubber-stocks as they are in profit taking mode at the moment. Should I grab back Adventa if it goes below Rm2? Is the rubber-rally have some legs to go?

7. Check The Edge later to make some decisions on my trade this week as I m FREE next week onwards for a month. Will market collapse? Yes?? No??

8. What should I share in my Learning Corner later? What am I intend to revise and share with others?

There are still a few up in my head on Sunday morning... time to enjoy first - going to my beach apartment for a swim, perhaps build a sand-castle with my son? hehe. Till then.



Saturday, October 24, 2009

DOW down by 100 points. Oil slightly below 80.

Axiata and TM are giving ways to Maxis? Hmm ... with a promise of giving good dividends, Maxis could be a player. I wont buy any Malaysian's Telco. Not Digi too. Axiata-cb or TM-ci might excite me, other than that ... I wouldnt read much about telco.

But, I hv great interest in China's telco companies, with a plus point of Taiwan's market. China-Mobile making their presence felt. Or perhaps those selling mobile-phones or parts.

Yesterday, insurance stocks shooting up lead by China Life and Ping An. Both up almost 6%.

GEM Market : I started to look into GEM's stocks listed in HKSE.

Alert : Scomi(code : 7158.kl) - closed at 0.585, support at 0.560, breaking this could see 0.470 as the next floor. Buy below or at 0.560, and place a stop-loss.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Budget Day : Wat's up?

DOW up 131 points, oil going back to be above 81, reaching for new high. Will we be seeing oil at 100 level by yead-end? How about gold? It is at 1050 level ... will we be seeing 1100 soon?

10.30 am : KLCI up 8 points. Bullish. I m away, watching Cnooc and Sinopec up about 3%. Mama-mia ... both of my CWs up more than 10%. I hv not cleared(luckily?) my Cnooc-cw, average of 0.14 and it is at 0.22 now. Could I hold till 0.28? Hey, my target was 0.21(last week) and greed in play now?

10.40 am : Cnooc-cw at 0.23 now. Very bullish. Wait till oil at USD85? Why am I anxious? Because I believe oil price WILL retrace soon ..

10.50 am : Cnooc at 12.70 level now and most of its babies up more than 10%. My Cnooc-baby at 0.238. Thinking of selling as it up almost 20% now.

11.40 am : KLCI boosts by Sime. Cnooc at 12.80 level and Cnooc-cw at 0.240. Can RSI-14 be applied here? Both showing RSI above 75 now. Should I sell when RSI reaching above 85? Or should I wait for the sell signals? Most of the signals are lagging, actually.

11.55 am : Busy marking. LionInd queue-ing at 1.48 to buy, 1.62 to sell.

Cnooc at 12.90 now, a bullish breakout. I hv noticed that Cnooc was lagging behind PetroChina and Sinopec 2 months or so ago when oil-stocks rallied. Then, recently Cnooc and Petrochina rallying, leaving Sinopec to do some catch-up. So, if that is true ... I shall top-up my Sinopec-cw? Hmm ... it is still 15% below my purchasing price(bought it last month).

Ok ... top-up my Sinopec-cw at 0.132(market price). So, I m having an average of 0.140 with 80k units on it. Sinopec still below HKD7, at 6.90 now, up 3% this morning.

1.30 pm : KLCI up 7.33 points.

OGS : Bought Proton-cb and GPacket-wa for trades.

10.05 pm : KLCI closed at 1267.10, lead by SIME. Is the China story still on or what? I dont know. But, those bought Sime-cw earlier could have pocketed a huge profit.

LionInd touched 1.48 but mine not done. It closed at 1.50. E&O at 1.23 and TA at 1.42. So, it such a bullish day, my three stocks in reds. Hmmm ...

DOW in reds. up 20% at the moment after reported profits.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

DOW dived in the last hour of trading(reminding me Liverpool lost with late strikes) and below 10k level. This might creates some FEAR in those in markets and we might see some selling pressure later. Oil above 80. Hmm ... will that help oil-stocks?

星星知我心 <--- wow. 1983 popular TV show. Simply love it.

9.40 am : KLCI slightly down but IGB moving ... gained a lunch. Hehe.

Note : E&O at 1.25, grab more at below 1.20?

OGS : CLeared some LCL and LFECorp as both moving higher and I hv 40k units each on them. Phew ...

10.30 am : KLCI still in red ... correction or reversal?

6 must-have millionaire habits

Acquiring wealth isn't a priority for everyone, but it's safe to say that most of us want to live comfortably. Whether you're striving to gain a financial peace of mind or shooting to be a cash money queen, these six basic habits of millionaires will help you land on your feet.

Learn From Your Mistakes - Don't dwell on the mistake, focus on the lesson. Many of the wealthiest Americans on this year's Forbes 400 list endured some tough obstacles in their careers, but they learned from those experiences to keep them on the right track later on.

Look For Value - People who have money to spend don't skip the process of comparing prices and seeking out deals just because they can technically afford to pay for the most expensive item. They look for value.

Find Your Niche - Think you'll hit the jackpot by doing something everyone else can do? Not likely. Most people who earn big bucks have found a niche that increases their demand and therefore, their paychecks. Not sure what your niche is just yet? That's OK, for now, work on becoming indispensable at your job.

Be in Control of Your Money - If you're not paying attention to where your money is going, then you're not in total control of your money. People who accomplish their goals get there by understanding how their spending habits, debt, and assets play into the big financial picture. Educate yourself on money matters and be accountable for your personal finances.

Avoid Frivolous Fees - People don't build their nest eggs by letting pointless fees slide. Familiarize yourself with the policies of anyone with the ability to charge extra — banks, credit card companies, your cell phone provider, you name it. Those fees add up to money in your pocket.

Believe in Yourself - Of the wealthiest Americans on this year's Forbes 400 list, 274 of them are self-made. Luck may have played a small role here and there, but in most cases it was about taking calculated risks and standing behind ideas, even when others are critical.

Steel : My steel-stocks are in green, Kinstel jumps up. LionInd back to 1.53.

China Seven-star : Last night I mentioned about it, today it is at 0.23 level now, up 45% in ONE MORNING. RSI-14 at 95 now. STILL CAN BUY ar? Hmm ... there are so many punters in KLSE, if they got to know this stock, will they be glad to punt? I might consider for short punt if there is a pull-back. A gambler always a gambler. Haha.

2.45 pm : Clearing all my LionInd at 1.62(if done) and will recollect again.

E&O : Sold my E&O-LR. Loan stocks? Exercise at 0.65? No thanks. But will continue to collect its mommy E&O at below 1.20.

Alert : Sumatec, TeoSeng, Hovid, DBE, JasKita

Stalk : Pelikan(right-issues), HPI, Handal, IJMLand(wa), Ajiya

8.45 pm : ZhongDa up 23.4% and China Solar up 36.5% in today's trading. CNPC continues its strong surge higher after the news.

HKSE : CWP at 0.78, CPNE at 0.54, LingBao at 2.98 and Qinfa at 2.00. Must keep my focus in windpower stocks, so I might want to clear Qinfa and Lingbao. Prefer penny stocks. China Solar could be a good punt.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

When markets go crazy, stocks go berserk?

Just for illustration purposes, code: (China Seven Star) was trading actively today and up by 20+% to close at 0.16 level. Well, what is so BIG deal about it?

First pointer : If you bought(punted) into this one one month ago when it reached its strong support at 0.08, you could have doubled your money today!! Now, technically, of coz it is OVER-bought with RSi-14 reaching 90. Even if you plot a 10-day chart, it was at 0.10 ... so, it is UP 60% in 10 trading days. Interesting?? Well, it has a 52-week low at 0.02 in NOV 2008, of coz.

Second pointer : Look at the 5-year chart. You could see a huge Everest during the peak of market craziness in China. Its peak was at 1.30 ... dived to 0.02, and now ... could it go berserk and shoot back to HKD1.30?? Grabbing it at 0.16 tmr ... waiting for China market to go crazy ... and this stock go berserk? Hmm ... Interesting?

This is the company's site :

It's business :China Sever Star Shopping Limited ("China Seven Star") is one of the leading TV home shopping companies in China, which is principally engaged in the manufacturing, retailing and distribution of consumer products as well as provision of media management services

Here is the link to the 79-pages 2008 Annual Report(AR) ---> here.

Field works : Get to know many-many Chinese from China - get to know REAL people there and ask them : Hey, how many have TV at home? Do u all watch much TV? Heard of China 7-star? Will you buy products thru TV? etc etc ...

Perhaps when more Chinese could afford TV, and buying thru TV will be a TREND, an in-thing and a must for cool-citizens, this stock might bring you 7-star investments. Should anyone punt on it? Me? Nope.

Lost to Lyon ... I did not watch the game and it is the first game I missed since ... ages ago. I rather sleep. Now they are talking about 'crisis' and Rafa is leaving? Don't know if the Arabs will do any good. Till the turn, I will be side-line.

风 by 巫启贤

Eric Moo : This is my fav male singer, a local Perakian. A very talented person, a song writer and his songs suit my emotions very well. I like him since 20 years ago!! This is one of my fav song(many more by him), entitled "WIND".

DOW down 50points, Oil failed to break 80 level but further weakening of USD will see oil and gold continue to climb. That is expected in the near-term.

Geely Auto : Geely at 2.80 now, it was at 2.10 level when I told LL about it just 2/3 weeks ago. And its low was 0.15. Yes, at 3.00 level soon, how many times are that? Now, if we jump wagon at 2.80 now, will it shoots higher to ... say, 28.00 in 3-4 years? I see that as possible. That is what investors are seeing too as we could see the huge buying is still on. Well, it was at 1.60 level when I started to read about the huge potential in China-auto.

Proton : So, if someone buying Proton's shares ... holding to Geely(or any good china-auto company) could give us MUCH profits. The potentials and the hypes. Proton has been doing quite well since its low seen at 1.50 level(I think) but its upside is limited. It is STILL playing with news(foreign partners etc)? I dont know as I did not follow Proton's stories. But it is definitely a good counter to trade.

Why I written about Proton/Auto? Someone e-mail me and asked about recommendations on china-auto sites and such. Just type "Geely" into a search engine and start from there. Look into the links etc etc ... I dont really keep those links. I only have about 10 China auto-related companies which listed in HKSE. Greatwall-auto up 10% yesterday!! Check it out, ya. Hope I have helped.

Also, I have been thinking of getting a car soon as our school will be shifting to a campus which is about 12 km away from here. Currently, I walk to school and my wife could use our Kancil. But, now I do have transportation problems. Well, if u r living in Malaysia, you WILL encounter transportation problems!! That deserve another lengthy writings about our CLEAN and EFFICIENT government!!

I counted the cars parked in our staff parking area ... out of 18, 12 are "local" cars(Proton or Perodua). Of the 12, 9 are Perodua. The remaining 6-non-local cars, 4 are Toyota-made cars. Interesting facts? So, if I m to get a car, the cheapest(also the smallest) car comes to mind : Kancil or now it is Viva.

So, will you buy Proton's stock? I won't. Get into China's booming auto-sectors could benefit us hugely. Proton won't.

A Homemade Wind Turbine

This will be my 'project' for the coming holiday next month and will be glad to experiement with it. It could encourage my son to learn about alternative energy(wind power).

9.45 am : KLCI slightly up.

10.50 am : CWP at 0.77 on profit-taking, queueing for more at 0.75 now. Cnooc down 2% after days of strong surge. China's IPPs up today ... all in green and up around 2%-5%. Must be something brewing there. Property stocks moving too.

11.05 am : KLCI in red now. IGB still moving lower, at 2.07. I just queued at 2.00 for it.

12.40 pm : IGB not done at 2.00, still at 2.07. Sold off 3A for small profits.

KLSE : TA @ 1.45, LionInd @ 1.49, E&O @ 1.30 and Dialog @ 1.32.

12.40 am : KLCI flat. MTronic still being goreng-ed. Of coz the management or Bursa dont know ANYTHING about it.

OGS : Holding to huge paper-loss : LFECorp and LCL. I have cleared all my green stocks such as Hevea, Dayang, AMMB, TAS, KNM, Genm-cj, Genting-co etc etc ... and left with all red stocks, getting stuck with them. Scomi is adding to my losses. Due to that, my ranking dived to #604 from #535. Will be more active on it next week onwards. hehe

WindPower : GoldWind might be listing in HKSE. I will buy hugely into it and sit on it.

By end of this month, Comtec Solar will be listed. I m going for windpower rather than solar-power. SingYes and Solargiga done extremely well in their stock prices after IPO.

黎沸揮 - 只有妳能完成我的歌

Nice old songs : Those in their 40s will know this song(Chinese). The painting started with wind turbines and windmills!!

Tulip-mania : Whoever in investing world could have heard of this classic story. InvestingNote's blog posted one and I share it here ---> TulipMania

Overly exposed?

I m currently at 75 : 25 ratio for stocks : cash. Just last month, I was at 25 : 75. Hmm ... tho markets might not dive in short-term, I still have a nagging feeling that ... IT WILL. So, before panic-selling is here, I wanted to clear more ... so that I could re-focus on my core stocks and buy at dip.

KLSE : Dialog, TA, LionInd, E&O, BJToto-cd, Sinopec-c5.

HKSE : Qinfa, LingBao, CWP, CPNE, Cnooc-cw, Sinopec-cw.

5.00 pm : KLCI lost almost 6 points. Time to grab some BJToto. It is at 4.32 now.

8.20 pm : OGS : LFECorp, LCL and Scomi pulling my portfolios into huge losses, totalling RM5k. The other two Gens-c1 and TM-ci are in reds too but still bearable. With only RM20k in hand, which one should I top up? Hmm ... no, I will use the RM20k to trade/play.

Alert to punt : Hovid, Jaskita, WCT-wb, IJM-wb, Jaks, Scomi, RceCap, Maybank-cl,

Stalk : IGB, Tebrau, UEMLand.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A site to share :

Watch this touching video clip ---> here.

DOW closed almost 100 points higher. DOW at 10,100 level now. Will it sees 11k level by next month? How about KLCI at 1260 level now ... are we seeing 1,300 level by next month? Buy high, to sell higher?

The couple - Fannie and Freddie down by 20% each after the downgrade calls. There are more upgrades than downgrades for the past months, even in KLSE.

China : Everything You Know About China Is Wrong

MPHB might break RM2 level today, closed at 1.94 yesterday.

OSK's Game Simulation(OGS) : I m positioned #535 as at yesterday. I have cleared many for profits and will use the cash-in-hand(RM24k) to punt into whichever driving higher later. Hmm ...

9.10 am : Cleared half of my LionInd at 1.54. Hmm ... I have another half at 1.60.

OGS : Punted into Iris and MTronic for day-trade.

HKSE : CPNE at 0.55 and CWP at 0.80. Hope to clear Qinfa today, and buying more of CWP.

11.20 am : Alert : TSC.

11.50 am : CPNE at 0.57, CWP at 0.79, Qinfa at 2.10 and LingBao 3.00. Added CWP at 0.79. Cnooc-cw still moving up slightly, so Cnooc-cw at 0.205 now.

3.25 pm : Considered very lucky as I sold off MTronic for few hundreds bucks profits and it is diving now. Phew. I wont dare if I m using real money, ok?

OGS : Bought Scomi, added more of LFECorp and LCL.

3.50 pm : KLCI up 7.56 points, I just bought 100k of MTronic at 0.125 for punt. Hehe. Sold Iris for some $$$. Selling Mtronic at 0.13, that is RM500 profits, ya.

4.20 pm : Bought another 100k of MTronice at 0.115 and clearing that now at 0.125 for another RM1k profits. Done!!

Bought 100k of TM-ci at 0.105.

11.50 pm : DOW down about 70 points.

Today's trades : Sold half of LionInd at 1.54. Bought some 3A at 1.40 for trading. Bought more of CWP at 0.79, topping up my initial buy at 0.71.

KLSE : TA, LionInd, E&O, Dialog.

HKSE : Qinfa, LingBao, CWP, CPNE.

Alert : KPJ, IGB, , WCT, Hevea, TeoSeng


Monday, October 19, 2009

FAN : A good indicator on how windpower companies are doing.

What Does Black Monday Mean?

October 19, 1987, when the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) lost almost 22% in a single day. That event marked the beginning of a global stock market decline, making Black Monday one of the most notorious days in recent financial history. By the end of the month, most of the major exchanges had dropped more than 20%.

Monday blues ... the red balloon scored the goal, and it is legitimate one. Haha. Anyway, The Blue lost too, but MU and Gunners won. Will stop watching Liverpool's games.

7.55 am : I will be glad to clear most of my holdings in KLSE, keeping only LionInd and E&O, may be. The rally will continue for a while.

8.50 am : E&O ready to dive ... hang-on.

9.05 am : E&O done.It was very fast. Clearing some, Holding too much to it.

10.25 am : I forgot to mention that I m buying/selling many KLSE's counters using OSK's game simulation funds. As it is not real-money, there is no fear. I just bought more of LCL at 0.69.

Currently, I m holding : AnnJoo-wb, Genm-cj, Dayang, E&O and Genting-co. These are in green. Also, Gens-c1, LCL, KNM, LFECorp, RCECap and Tas. These are in reds.

From the 100k given to me last month, I hv gained only 5%(RM5k) as I hv forgotten about it. Haha. Just recently activate it again, and positioned at 570(0f 8k+) at the moment.

China's wind power

HKSE : CWP at 0.78 vs 0.79 and CPNE at 0.53 vs 0.54.

12.40 pm : Cnooc up another 3% and its RSI-14 at above 70 level now after a strong surge recently. Oil reaching 80 soon. At the moment, many of my windpower stocks showing uptrend movements. HK Energy Holding up 25% today, and its RSI-14 reaching 80 now. Overbought?

2.15 pm : Pardon me as I m having my PMS ... I mean, blue-day. I mean, Monday blues. Whatever you called it, I m simply not in mood. I promised myself not to watch any Liverpool's games for 3 weeks or after they won 3 consecutive games. Without Torres and Gerrard, Liverpool cant even beat Sunderland.

E&O : I m still queue-ing for it at RM1.20. The selling is over-done but I m getting nervous holding too much of it. BJToto is moving again ... will like to see it above 4.50 before thinking of selling. As for TA, I m queueing to add more at 1.45.

3A-Resources in profit-taking mode after HUGE increased(thanks to Wilmar) and touched 1.29 this morning, but at 1.40 level now.

10.30 pm : DOW above 10k level again ... Oil retraces after a surge to go above 79, might be seeing 80 level soon.

HSI closed at 22,200 level and KLCI at 1260 level now.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday : Not much writing today. Just thinking of clearing most of my holdings and focus only on green-energy stocks.

For reading : China will be bigger bubble than Japan. I will certainly disagree and oppose to the writer points. To read more ... click ---> here. (Taken from The Pragmatic Capitalist). Do the comments too, very informative about China, overall.

I told my wife, only 4-5% of Chinese in China got handphones, over here even the vege-stall old-aunties have handphone(s). In China, only 3-4% owns a car ... over here, we can see 2-3 cars park in each homes. China is booming ... at the rate we could never imagine. That is why Jim Rogers has been so confident to sing the China's songs.

From Auto to IT, China will's waves will be too huge for many to digest ... As investors, dont we want to be part of her?


Saturday, October 17, 2009

HAPPY DEWALI to our friends who are celebrating.

I am a Chinese ... but I dont see colours when teaching my students. In fact, being in Stamford for 10 years, I made many Indian friends and students. So, Deepavali used to be a festive-day to me. Today, staying in Sabah ... we have very few Indians here. Most of the Indians are from West Malaysia and being doctors. So, I didnt even realise till 2 days ago, Deepavali is nearing. There is almost NONE ... no festival atmosphere here in KK.

To me, it is just another Saturday - classes and reading my energy-related materials.

Well, have a nice weekend.

Winds of Change - China

As world leaders meet for another round of global warming talks, the focus is likely to be on big polluters like China. The country has recently become the world's biggest CO2 emitter.

Currently, 80% of China's energy comes from coal. Mindful of the pollution these power stations generate, the government is investing billions in renewable energy. "China is probably going to be the world's number one renewable energy country", predicts businessman Mark Kelleher. By 2020, 16% of the country's energy must come from renewable sources. Much of this will be generated by wind farms. "This area has really developed since the wind power station was built", enthuses one local. "When the wind power station came, people got jobs".

For reading : DOW 10,000, what's next? (taken from Motley's fool)

This milestone is exciting, of course. But who can forget watching the Dow fall below 10,000 almost exactly a year ago? The words "shock and awe" come to mind. What was then the sign of the world coming apart at the seams is today a sign that recovery has arrived.

As an example, I found this headline from last October:

Panicked global markets reel, Wall Street plunges below 10,000 pts

And then this one from this morning:

Dow 10000: Relief, Recovery on Trader Minds

The same level, one year apart, with polar opposite reactions. If that's not a sign of the powers of investor psychology, I don't know what is.

More interestingly, it's been 10 years since the Dow first crossed the 10,000 mark. Curious about what the financial world looked like back then, I dug up a few broad metrics for comparison:


$9.4 trillion (1999)
$14.4 trillion(2008)

4.2% (1999)
9.8% (2009)

Fed Funds Rate
4.75% (1999)
Zilch (2009)

U.S. Population
274 million (1999)
305 million (2009)

S&P 500 Earnings
$51.68 (1999)
$65.39* (2008)

Consumer Confidence
134.0 (1999)
53.07 (2009)

Of course, plenty will point to Dow 10,000 as a surefire sign that markets are dangerously zooming ahead out of control -- a more than 50% gain since March!

This may be true, but it's being slightly unfair to the calendar. Year to date, the Dow is up about 15%. Seeing how far parts of the economy have come since January -- particularly vast improvements in credit markets -- that seems positively reasonable. The March lows were purely a function of fears that Citigroup (NYSE: C) and Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) were about to implode and be nationalized. When that possibility blew over, it took with it huge risks to the economy, making colossal gains a sure thing.

At any rate, we want to know what you think. With the Dow at 10,000, where do we go from here?


Friday, October 16, 2009

DOW ends up about 50 points. Oil makes a jump, breaking the USD75 resistance, at USD78 now. That will be good newsto oil-related counters? Will Dialog jump up, then?

一千個傷心的理由 張學友 <--- I heard this song being played when I was buying my breakfast.

Personal blog vs Trading blog

I have abandoned my personal blog ... so, I think I want back my "personal touches", and making this blog 2-in-1, my personal and trading blog!! Well, most reading my blog are those interested with stock-markets and those reading my personal blog are my students/ex-students. I have neglected my personal blog since I started this one, and totally abandoned it since the school management restricted me from writing about schools(and citing my negative views have BAD influences on your students' minds.) More of that later ...

So, I think I will want to MIX my personal views(yes, The Unconventional Teacher) about Politics, Society, Education, Sports, Songs ... and such. I m very vocal about the stupidity 0f people around, especially our un-educated POLITICIANS. Will I be track down by ISA, huh? Haha ...

We all wanted to be heard ... but I seldom mix around and find myself NOT in comfortable positions speaking to many humanoids. So, cyber-space has been THE place for my hiding ...

I started to write about my personal views in forums/cyber-diary 12 years ago!! Yes, all my thoughts and changing views 'lost' the cyber-space, for I dont care. I wrote NOT for any particular person to see/read but ... for my personal venting-space.

I started with creating my own free site by yahoo's geocities back then.

I have written using "Frienster's blog", or MSN's and such.

Then, I started to write blog in 2007 using blogsome ---> here. entitled "It's MY Life" ..taken from a song.

Then, I moved to another new blog in 2008 ---> here entitled "The Unconventional Teacher" after knowing so many students discovered my blog, and some following my writings. I started to feel UNEASY, as I do write negatively about some stupid people who get into my nerves. The blog is my only space I vent out my frustrations, so I do not enjoy it being shared with my students, of coz.

Blogsome is troublesome ... I moved to blogspot in 2009 ---> here. Well, I have deleted most of the post after the warning from the school's autorities. YUP, no such thing as freedom-of-press in Malaysia, not even at school-levels. Talking about un-educated and narrow-mindedness ... hmm .. never mind.

Since then, I have not been writing any personal views/thoughts. WHY??

I cant write that in my facebook or myspace or friendsters or what-ever-u-have. I cant write about politics? Stupid MCA. I cant write about sex? Stupid hypocrite Malaysians seen that as 'dirty'. Haha. I cant write about the faults in our education systems as I AM IN the system. I cant criticise people around me(digitally here) as they might read about it and have bad feelings. I cant speak TRUTH(in my views) as truth hurts? I cant give views about religion as it is sensitive? What the fuck I can write then? Ooppsss ... I m a teacher, I shouldnt be using a 4 letter word starting with F? Hey, FISH is 4-letter word begin with F la, stupid. I cant post any nice butts here in my blog as that show I m 'hamsap' and such? Haha ... damn lame, man.

Then, can I say a 40+ yrs old lecturer like me love listening to Jay's song?? WHY NOT? I love Linkin Park's song ... what is wrong flying back to KL for their show? Hey, Linkin Park is cool ... 40+ already cannnot listen meh? Stupid. Stupid. Stupid remarks from many around me. Now, what is wrong admiring Madonna for her talents? And get sad with the passing off Michael Jackson?

Sometimes I get so frustrated with the stupidity around that I confine to myself. I thought we are entitle to OUR own thoughts/doings ... but I have again and again proven wrong. We are so restricted to follow the 'NORM'. *puke*.

8.55 am : Well, I just shit-out(LOL) ... like that ungrateful Dr Julian Lim of SMC told me : He has long 'pang-sai' ... haha. Let me get back to market ...

9.30 am : Done some TA. Collecting time ... buying in stages, up or down.

10.25 am : TA done at 1.45, 1.46, 1.47 with 1.5k units each. 1.44 not done.

10.45 am : Cnooc-cw at 0.195 now ... clearing at 0.21, as planned.

11.30 am : Grabbed back Dialog at 1.32(crazy and stupid fella). CPNE donat at HKD0.50, and quite surprising. It dived from 0.54, to touched 0.49 .

Note : ALL the trades are fictional(not real) and for reading purposes.

11.50 am : HKSE under selling pressure ... suddenly I see reds.

1.20 pm : up 45% this morning, due to dividend news. What?? 45%?? Arrghhh ... another boat missed.

4.35 pm : In the last minute, someone threw away Sinopec, Cnooc and PetroChina.

KLCI up 7 points, TA at 1.48 vs 1.49, some buying interest in E&O but LionInd in red. Will clear E&O by stages next week, if allowed.

5.00 pm : KLCI up 9.91 points. IGB ... do look into IGB-ca, I missed this one, seriously.

Missing the boats?

IGB : I bought it at 1.78, but sold it days later at 1.77(I had maggi mee that night as I lost a dinner here, ok?) when I saw the weakness and SUSPECTING that it will retrace further. So, I put an alert on this stock ... at 1.70 level, Rinngggggggggg ... it went below 1.70(touched 1.67, I think) but I was NOT around to answer the phone. Arrghh ... I have a choice of sms my dealer to buy for me at 1.70, right? I was so busy last week with exams and markings!! Anyway, actually I forgotten about it as many more moving lower ... and I was focused on HKSE's green-stocks. Whatever excuses, I could have done some checking on my ALERT list ... I failed in my OWN system. Need to check on it this weekend.

Well, I saw IGB climbing back to 1.80 level days ago, wrote it in this blog to note but I seldom re-read my own writings. Arrghh ... failed again. Today it is at 2.10 level, I told LL about it just now over the lunch. It is not only I missed this boat(a huge %, ok?) but I viewed that my system is faulty!! My ALARM system not working well ... So, bye-bye IGB.

CNPE (code 0735): It was at 0.38 last week when I wrote about it and given the link to its interim reports. It is at 0.53 today. I missed the boat, on of my fav green-stock play.

CWP (code 0182) : It went down to 0.63, and I wrote about it last week too ... and seeing it moving higher and higher, I have been queue-ing higher-lows each day, till I grabbed it at 0.71(it was at 0.72-0.73). Today, it is at 0.76 level, with high volume.

Amber Energy ( code 0090) : This is another boat I missed, seeing it sailed away, and was queue-ing cautiously for days. I m not chasing it and letting it go. It was at 1.80 last week, 2.20 level now.

Brillance( code 1114) : Dived to 0.80, I was in watching it moving to 0.88 days ago, at HKD1 above now. Catching something moving 20% in a week will be difficult for traders. I have too many to monitor ... Geely at 2.63 now. I have to let go of China-auto industries. I like the huge upside but too limited funds to play in too many sectors/counters.

周杰倫 以父之名

One of my fav song by Jay ... there are so many nice and cool songs by this very talented(but overly commercialised) singer, song writer and musician. I dont watch his movies, tho.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

DOW at 10,015.86. It will be another bull-day in Asia's markets? Since I m 'free' today, I might day-trade today. I done that yesterday with 3A and Adventa, to gain some dinners.

I m surprised that CIT moved above USD1 again, with bankruptcy news looming. Financial & banking stocks done very well ... locally in KLSE and also in US. Shall we punt in some financial stocks later?

Now, THINK ... when the buying is crazy, time to SELL or take off some from the table, as they put it. I will clear my holdings when RSI showing overbought - such as Dialog and Adventa. I do still have part-of(3k units only) of Adventa which I want to test to see how far the rubber-rally could go. Kossan reaching RM5 now.

10.40 am : Another very busy trading morning as KLCI surge up almost 10 points earlier, but giving in some but still up by 5+ points. HSI opens with 200+ points up.

I was thinking of clearing my CNOOC-cw at 0.21, taking 50% profits but it is reaching 0.20 now!! I queued at 0.21 at the moment, and might be done today. While my Qinfa, LingBao and CWP are not moving much, GREED telling me not to quit playing with HKSE's CWs. But, I hope I will ...

12.05 pm : KLCI retraces but still up by 2.5 points.

12,45 pm : Time for lunch. Will traet myself a nice lunch ... cleared Adventa as it retraces further and I m seeing weakness. Holding too much of E&O(12k units) and LionInd(10k units) where every one cent(up or down) costing me one dinner!! Arrghh ... see the stress in trading? Hehe ... a nice lunch will motivate me well. The way to the man's heart is to thru his stomach. Haha.

Maths Exams : Neccesary to get an "A"?

2.05 pm : My students are sitting for A-level Maths Paper One at the moment. Some of my tuition students should easily get "A" in this easy paper but some will struggle to pass. Now, I have a batch of students from Sandakan who are the 'cream' of students, taking Maths tuition(without tuition they will get A anyway) ... and the demand is to get 100%, if possible. During school tests/exams, the five girls will be among the top 3(amngst 120 students!) ... with marks varying from 85-95%.

Now, they are going to come up with A* = A-star ... to differentiate from the MANY MANY "A"s. 20 years ago, getting an A in Maths is something to be proud of, but today ... u will be seen as DUMB to obtain a B or C? WTF with the A-star? I m one who oppose to these STUPIDITY. But, the majority dumb-parents will certainly push their kids HARDER to obtain all ... not A, but A-stars. UK-A-level is keeping up with the Asian's exam-oriented fever.

Anyway, I hope I will not follow the herd ... We tend to follow the herds(herd mentality in trading/investing) but it always be wiser to be contrarian, tho we may not be 'popular'. WHAT?? You ONLY get A2 for your Add Maths, you must be lazy and weak in your Maths??! Well, you can ALWAYS blame it on our teachers "Itu cikgu Math stupid-la, ma. Malas lagi tu". and the story continues ...

Boyzone - No Matter What

2.30 pm : Wow ... Sinopec-c5 at 0.11, I didnt watch it ... clearing some at 0.11 and 0.115, then.

4.05 pm : I hv a queue for TAS at 0.79 and I saw the intraday low of 0.79, thought that it was done, but it was not. Not chasing and keep the queue. Adventa retracing, I hv cleared it this morning. Phew ... lucky me again.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Adventa : From ChartNexus showing a breakout in the stock.

DOW down slightly, about 14 points. Oil up to USD75, its resistance now. Gold reaching for new high, and at 1062 now. What does that got to do with KLSE? Hmm ...

To the comment : Thanks for liking my blah-blah- blog(I called it that way! haha). There is not much of substance here. I bet you read other blogs for more investment information. Mine is for ENTERTAINMENT and pleasure readings, as I put it.

Anyway, it is seldom I got anyone telling me what he is holding(portfolios). But, I dont mind writing what I m buying/selling as this blog is PERSONAL - it is meant for me to RECORD my trades, my experiences and more. It is also to reflect(someday) on what I have been doing(right or wrong) and to share with many ... if I m buying into a counter that might go bust or speculated to be into deep-water, someone kind could give me a ting-ting bell.

Going into your portfolios : AirAsia - everyone can fly. Tony making headlines now and then. A very vibrant 'small' airline company, with huge potential. So, many will buy AirAsia. One of my best friend ONLY holding to AirAsia's stock. Aviation/airline ... my favourite could be AirChina(or anything China!! Hehe). Locally, I do like MAS rather than AirAsia but dont know without Jala, MAS could perform?

LMCement - well, when constructions picking up, building materials will be in high demand again. Cement could be in play. I do look into YTLCement, but I chose steel-play rather than cement for building materials. Steel companies like AnnJoo, LionInd and Kinstel are my favourites.

YTLPower - a good dividend counter, with huge cash chest. Utility play ... and recently bought the Singapore power-plant(seen positively) but also went into buying a business which not their core(seen negatively). Own some water-assets in UK(generating huge profits from there). These are more or less I remember about YTLPower. I will rather grab YTLPower-wb for its low premium(or is it in money by now?) and higher leverage. Yes, I dont look into dividends.

DKLS - no comment as I dont know about this company's businesses.

That is what I normally do ... when a person bought a stock, I will wonder why he/she bought that particular counter, and not the other or not buying at all. We all have our own likings, and strategies. That could explain WHY someone will buy Talam or OilCorp or recently goreng-ed up Time/Timecom. Some like it goreng, some like it stewed or some prefer steamed. We are all a very different individual. No one is RIGHT or WRONG ... that makes buying stocks an ART rather than a SCIENCE.

9.10 am : KLCI up 4 points, I m clearing some Adventa at 2.10. E&O is moving too.

9.30 am : A bull day again ... KLCI up 8 points, and it is very interesting to watch E&O moving, up to 1.45 and zoom down back to 1.40, huge volume at 1.40 ... making it the 2nd most active counter this morning, losing to SILK, of coz ... that is very silky-counter, u know.

10.00 am : Adventa touched 2.07 before diving down ... and I cleared at 1.99(part of) but might buy back at 1.90 level?

10.15 am : Bought more of E&O at 1.43(market price) after the early craziness subsided. Might clear Dialog for some dinners. Adventa earned me a week dinner. hehe.

10.25 am : Hey, E&O moving up - queue to clear some at 1.48 now, and 1.55.

10.35 am : Cnooc up another 2%, reaching for HKD12 soon. I m holding at its cnooc-cw and thinking should I take profit as these things move too fast&furious. I bought at 0.160 and 0.120, having an average of 0.140 ... it is at 0.170 now, up 10%. What should I do ... so, I was thinking about it. Oil at USD75, could it breaches USD75, to move higher? As this one expires next year Mac, I can hold on to it as its mommy will move beyond HKD13? It's P/E at 10 now, from a single digit last month. What am I thinking now? GREED? Why am I in hurry to clear? Yes, I want to quit HKSE-cw/pw play as it is TOO volatile for me(recently, I burned RM3k on HSBC-pw, giving back my profits of RM3k gained from Zijin-cw). I cant really take such a high volatility, not for an old-heart like mine.Hmm ... so, clear today ... 0.14 to 0.17 how many % ar? Or wait for 0.20, only to see it move down back to 0.14 or below? Hmm ... FEAR vs GREED, see?

10.50 am : A very busy trading day for me as I m 'free'. I think CWP done at 0.71(queued since morning). Going to take a coffee break, been looking at this monitor for 3 hours!!

12.30 pm : Hmm .. bull-day in KLSE, up 11 points lead by Maybank. E&O at 1.43, Dialog at 1.32, LionInd at 1.53 and Adventa at 1.99. CWP done at 0.71 for first round buying. I hope to clear Qinfa to buy more into my fav CWP(topping up or down).

IGB moving too. <--- World largest mall in China. 3.00 pm : CNOOC breaks HKD12 level soon and my cnooc-cw at 0.180 level now. I will hold on to the ride but will think of clearing at 0.20 level.

9.55 pm : DOW up 100 points, oil reaching 75, gold at 1063 level. KLCI up by 13.33 points today.

LionInd at 1.56 and E&O at 1.42. Cleared Dialog and part-of Adventa due to 'high' RSI. Bought more of E&O(4k units) and LionInd(2k units) today.

CWs : Bought Maybank-cj to add to my call-warrants collections. Holding to GenM-cj, BJToto-cd, Sinopec-c5. Will clear GenM-cj and Maybank-cj if there is another huge hike. For call-warrants, getting 10% profits, we need to be patient to wait for a bull-day ... like today. Unfortunately, my BJToto-cd and Sinopec-c5 did not attract any trades. I m still looking into TM-ci.

HSI up 400+ points, lead by PetroChina. LingBao at 3.05, Qinfa at 2.00 and CWP at 0.72. Might clear LingBao and Qinfa to collect more of CWP and also another green-energy stock. I will put my eggs in one nest here - green stocks.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

DOW up 20points, crude oil price at USD73 now. Oil should still hovering around USD 65-75. Many are betting that oil will see USD100 by next year. I believe that so. Gold at USD1055 level, and Jim Rogers recently mentioned that he expects gold to reach USD2000 level. That I believe too(as I tend to listen to him). So, oil and gold are two commodities that we could park our money in?

Banned Commercials

Adventa : I have traded Adventa previously, bought/sold around 1.85 level. As it reaching above RM2 level, I let it go. It reached 2.10 level before retracing to 1.50 level ... and I missed the rubber-rally. Then, on Friday, Adventa in profit-taking mode ... retraced and touched 1.72(I bought at 1.76, and then 1.73 ... and topping more at 1.75). Yesterday, I tried to clear some at 1.85(not done - intraday high at 1.83) but I still want to hold on to some as the rubber-rally is still on. Kossan at 4.65 level now(I sold at RM4 1-2 months ago). Latexx making huge moves yesterday too. Do look into TopGlove, the largest. Mr Choong wrote about rubber-stocks in The Edge, and that trigger more 'late-comers' to move into rubber-rally. As it moves higher, I hope to clear in stages. Could Adventa sees 2.10 level again? I shall hold on till RM2 level again ...

E&O : I have been holding onto E&O for sometime now ... started to buy it at RM1.50, only to see it retracing, and bought more at 1.40. I planned to buy in stages(1.30, 1.20 etc etc) but changed my plan slightly when ... and then came the 'dive'. Instead of queue-ing for RM1.30 last week, I queued at RM1.25 and was surprised it was done!! It closed at 1.23 for lunch, and I have queues at 1.20 and 1.15 not done that day. It recovered after lunch the same day, managed to closed at RM1.35. I was too anxious as I was holding on to so much of it. So, I cleared some the next day, only to see it shot higher, breaking 1.40 level. It touched a high of 1.47. I queued at 1.40 the next day and it was done!! In fact, it has an intraday low at 1.37, the level I have just sold some days ago!!

Yesterday, it recovered 6cents, to close at 1.43(phew) ... and I will be glad to clear some at 1.50 later. I have not look into others except these few stocks as I realised that I hv been distracted by too many trades.

Dialog : Before I bought into Dialog, I wrote about it days ago as I observed that it DID NOT retrace even the KLSE going under some selling pressure. It was at 1.23-1.25 level, refusing to budge. It was building a base at this level ... and last Thursday, it opened at 1.28, and seeing that, I queued at 1.27 during the opening, actively traded and done. As it was moving higher, I added some at 1.30 and 1.31 level. Technically speaking, it was overbought with RSI-14 breaching 70 level. Some profit-taking taken place yesterday, and it touched an intraday low of 1.30 but buying came in before market-closing. It closed at 1.32 yesterday. I will hold on to this one ... and will think of clearing it at 1.40+ level, if permits.

LionInd : I started to buy LionInd when it was at the 'peak' at 1.60. It went up to 1.65 level, but since then retracing to go below 1.50. I grabbed more at 1.48, only to see it moved to 1.44(1.40 not done). So, I hv not buy/sell LionInd since then ... and still holding 8k units. It is at 1.50 level now, and I m still 'stuck' with it. Will only clear once it shoots up. Otherwise, hold.

9.10 am : KLCI slightly lower but rubber-stocks still moving higher. Adventa touched 1.88, and I will think of clearing it at RM2, as planned.

10.30 am : E&O at 1.40, Dialog at 1.30 and LionInd at 1.50. Adventa at 1.90 now.

11.00 am : Adventa at 1.92, and I m queue-ing to clear some at RM2.00(3k units). Am I glad it was NOT done at 1.85 yesterday?

5.30 pm : KLCI closed at 1233 - Wow ... someone hungry and came into KLSE to wal-lup many babes here. So many in my list shooting more than 3%. Rubber-rally is so still so strong. Wait, Adventa not done at RM2? It touched and closed at a high of 1.99. Should I be glad that it is not done or despair? I queued to clear it at RM2(part-of), mind u.

Tmr morning, I know I will queue to clear higher, say at RM2.10? Can u smell GREED in play? With average of 1.75, one should be glad to take 10% profits for a few days trade. That is my opinion. That explains WHY I have taken profits earlier(too early) as the FEAR of losing off the profits is great.

I have missed the green-stocks rally in HKSE too. CPNE and CWP have moved more than 10% from last week level when I written about them.

10.10 pm : Silk is out of PN17 news, making it stock shoots up almost 100% today in a very active trade(second only to Talam). Now, Silk up simply because it is out of wood? Hmm ... it must be a very good company with excellent business fundamentals and everyone has been waiting anxiously for it to be out of the dragged tag - PN17. Hmmm ...


So, what about Talam today? From what I could logically think of, many MIGHT be thinking that Talam someday(soon?) will be OUT of PN17 too. From 0.075 to 0.095(up 27%), in the most active trade in KLSE today, it is certainly one of the best property counter in Malaysia!! E&O, IGB or SPSetia certainly wont go up 27% in a day, ok? Not even Sunrise or Suncity will see such a bright sun!! I m just being sarcastic ... WHY so many interested with Talam, particularly today?

Yes, besides it very small ticker, which could generate high % of profits(and losses) plus the CHANCES that it might announce that it is will free from the PN17-tag. For me, a strict rule applied : no buying into PN17 or PN4 or PN-whatever counters. KLSE(or globally) has so many much better counters, ok? The risk is too high. Look at OilCorp and such.

Anyway, that is just my hypothesis on why Talam up by 27% today, and being the most actively traded stock, beating KLSE's most popular babe, KNM.


Monday, October 12, 2009

A Recipe for Riches by Duncan Greenberg

Friday, October 9, 2009

Want to become a tech titan or hedge fund tycoon? Up your chances by dropping out of college or going to Harvard and working at Goldman Sachs.
Are billionaires born or made? What are the common attributes among the uber-wealthy? Are there any true secrets of the self-made?

We get these questions a lot, and decided it was time to go beyond the broad answers of smarts, ambition and luck by sorting through our database of wealthy individuals in search of bona fide trends. We analyzed everything from entrepreneurs' parents' professions to where they went to school, their track records in the early stages of their careers and other experiences that may have set them on the path to extreme wealth.

Our admittedly unscientific study of the self-made members of the Forbes 400 yielded some interesting results.

First, a significant percentage of them had parents with a high aptitude for math. The ability to crunch numbers is crucial to becoming a billionaire, and mathematical prowess is hereditary. Some of the most common professions among the parents of Forbes 400 members (for whom we could find the information) were engineer, accountant and small-business owner.

Consistent with the rest of the population, more American billionaires and near-billionaires were born in the fall than in any other season. However, relatively few of them were born in December, historically the month with the eighth-highest birth rate.

Of the 274 self-made tycoons on the Forbes 400, 14% either never started or never completed college. The number of precocious college dropouts is highest among those who forged careers as technology entrepreneurs: Bill Gates of Microsoft (MSFT), Steve Jobs of Apple (AAPL), Michael Dell of Dell (DELL), Larry Ellison of Oracle (ORCL) and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook.

Forbes 400 members who derive their fortunes from finance make up one of the most highly educated sub-groups: half of them have graduate degrees. Roughly 70% of those with M.B.A.s obtained their master's degrees from one of three Ivy League schools: Harvard, Columbia or the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business.

Goldman Sachs (GS) has attracted a large share of hungry minds that went on to garner 10-figure fortunes. At least 11 current and recent billionaire financiers worked at Goldman or one of it subsidiaries early in their careers, including Edward Lampert, David Tepper, Daniel Och and Leon Cooperman.

Several Forbes 400 members suffered bitter professional setbacks early in their careers that heightened their fear of failure. Pharmaceutical tycoon R.J. Kirk's first venture was a flop--an experience he regrets but appreciates. "Failure early on is a necessary condition for success, though not a sufficient one," he told Forbes in 2007.

According to a statement read by Phil Falcone during a congressional hearing in November 2008, his botched buyout of a company in Newark, N.J., in the early 1990s taught him "several valuable lessons that have had a profound impact upon my success as a hedge fund manager."

Several current and former billionaires rounded out their Yale careers as members of Skull and Bones, the secret society portrayed with enigmatic relish by Hollywood in movies like The Skulls and W. Among those who were inducted: investor Edward Lampert, Blackstone co-founder Stephen Schwarzman, and FedEx (FDX) founder Frederick Smith.

Taken from
Post # 538 : 12.10.2009. Ticker : 87,550.

I started my blog on 08.08.08. I placed the ticker on 12.10.2008. So, it is exactly a year now. Have I gained much or blog too much? Have I achieved my objectives writing this blog? Have attracted the 'right' audience that I hoped for? What should I write next? Should I consider how my readers feel ... am I just a mere entertainer here? What am I thinking, actually? Am I writing to impress or am I jotting down my trades as I should be? etc etc ... many questions playing in my mind over the weekend, and I will re-structure some of the 'items' in my blog. At the moment I m too busy with exams around the corner and we are shifting next month!!

KLSE : Dialog, LionInd, E&O and Adventa <--- too diversifying again. Which one to clear?
HKSE : QinFa and LingBao. To collect a green-stock soon.

9.25 am : KLCI in green - up 3 points. Adventa and rubber-stocks still moving.

10.30 am : E&O at 1.40, Dialog lowers at 1.31, Adventa 1.79 and LionInd at 1.50. Clearing Adventa and E&O(part-of).

12.30 pm : Just came back from lunch, and seeing KLCI in red? Hmm ...

2.00 pm : 3A shoots higher after The Edge 'exposed' that Wilmar buying a stake into it. That news is not new? I think I read it much earlier last week or earlier. But, I didnt grab any.

6.35 pm : E&O at 1.43, Dialog 1.32, LionInd at 1.49 and Adventa at 1.82. Didnt buy/sell any as I m busy.

10.10 pm : DOW up 50 points, oil up to 73.5 and gold up to 1055 level.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Argentina won a dramatic last minute of injury time goal to save Maradona's face. Argentina beat Peru 2 - 1. Yeah, a good player doesnt mean the player could manage a team.

Construction : Not the right time to accumulate

Taken from Malaysian Business : Nov 1, 2008 issue.

The five economic corridors

1. Iskandar Malaysia - UEM, Gamuda
2. NCER(North) - MRCB, IJM, UEM, YNH
3. ECER(East) - Zaki, IJM, MMC, YTL, MTD, Sunway
4. SCORE(Swak) - HSL, Naim
5. SDC(Sabah) - WCT, IJM

Downgrade of construction stocks' prospects

1. Gamuda : TP RM1.33 -----> RM3.22
2. IJM : TP RM3.40 ---------->RM4.67
3. WCT : TP RM1.36 ---------> RM2.78
4. Zelan : TP RM1.01 --------> RM 0.92
5. HSL : TP RM0.53 ---------> Rm1.07

Well, now we shall check on their CURRENT prices ... all BUT one(Zelan) beats the target. HSL recently shot-up. Perhaps we could also check their prices on NOV 1st, when AmResearch came out with these target prices.

Will sell Dialog at 1.40 level


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Just came back from another long day 'training'. Too tired to read anything.

DOW up 78, reaching for 10k soon. Oil at 72. Gold retraces as USD rebounds.


Friday, October 09, 2009

DOW up 60 points. Gold at 1050 level. AMNP at 1.22, up another 20+% ... three days ago, when gold surged and a BUY call on it, it was at 0.70 level. Say one bought at 0.72 three days ago, and at 1.22 now, when should one take profits? This could be a ten-bagger, as they claimed.

DPTR at 1.69. Oil stays above 70. Some are seeing oil at 100 byu next year. I do bet on that too.

8.45 am : I m at Shang today for a training instead of usual class-room teachings. Well, I prefer my usual routine as I could be free to do what I want, rather than following the contents of the training. The college is paying RM600 each(6 of us) ... hmm ... having a BBQ near the beach will be a more ideal activity here in Shang.

3.45 pm : I m certainly a 'lost' person, it is at a different hotel named "Shang" and I thought it is this 5-star hotel. Oh boy ... anyway, how is market doing?

LionInd and E&O still on profit taking? IGB up. CNOOC breaks HKD11 easily.

10.50 pm : Finally, I hv a breather ... but too tired to think as I hv been using my concentrations on the workshop(regarding teaching-learning) and another tuition class just now.

AMNP diving from 1.22 to 1.05 now. DOW is reaching for 10k level soon, at 9800 level now.


Thursday, October 08, 2009

DOW not moving, oil still at 70, but GOLD edging higher. Everyone wants to ride on gold ... shall we look into Tomei or PohKong?

Nouriel Roubini Too Much, Too Soon, Too Fast

U, V or W?

This is a million-dollar question - everyone has their own opinions, and recently Soros, Roubini and even HSBC's CEO said that W-shape is more likely. I m on the 'negative' side, so I do think market will collapse/dive before a new bull market starts. For those on 'positive' side, only small corrections will be seen and we are in the initial bull-run. Someone mentioned that this bull-run could last for 3-5 years!! If that is true, buy ANYTHING you like TODAY .... hang on to it and continue to top up, wait for 3-5 years, you will reap what you sow?

Anyway, it is easier for many to predict that GOLD is in its own bull-run. Thanks to the printing more of USD. They prefer to use a more technical word : QE = Quantitative Easing, which to confuse people like me. Just say : we print money like toilet-paper la ... why must use all those technical terms to confuse the majority public? Hence, GOLD will be seen as a safer place to hedge against inflation. That is THEORITICALLY, tho.

So, if we buy into US-market which denominated in USD ... isnt it a high risk when US = Zimbabwe? They will need to buy trucks if they are going to Wal-mart to shop, to carry their cash, that is. Bet ya seen how they carry their cash around in Zimbabwe to buy a bread? They just weigh the stacks of paper-money!! Hmmm ... MYR = SGD(almost) 25 years ago, but today we need FIVE RM1 notes to buy a SGD2 items. FIFTY RM1 notes to buy an item which cost SGD20, right? Heavier to carry our cash now(compared to 25 years ago) if we are going to Singapore to shop. Well, I hope I dont need to bring a weighing machine the next time I go to SIngapore? Hehe ...

AMNP : I cant believe that the BUY call for AMNP could be so strong. It was at 0.72, which I hypothetically bought into it. It up another 20% yesterday to close at USD1.03. Wow!! Wow!! Must buy more durian tonight to celebrate? hehe. Yeah right ... it is hypothetically, not real, ok?

9.05 am : Just bought Dialog(2k units) moments ago at 1.27. I written about it days ago at 1.23. Still queuing at 1.25 and 1.20.

LionInd at 1.55 now, queue to trim at 1.60(2k units) and will hold on to others. E&O at 1.45.

9.20 am : Dialog broke 1.30, at 1.33 now. Too fast, and will top-up at 1.30(queueing).

9.40 am : Dialog done at 1.30(1.5k units). So, I have 3.5k units now. Planning a max of 10k units.
9.50 am : Bought Adventa at 1.76(2k units) and still queue at 1.70. Kossan moving above 4.50 now. Look at the rubber leader, TopGlove.

10.40 am : KLCI at 1221. Grabbed another 2k units of Adventa at 1.73.

12.45 pm : CIMB reaching for RM12 now. KLCI closed for lunch at 1222.37, up 3.76 points.

3.05 pm : Today belongs to GPacket. Its GPacket-wa up 40%. Wow ...

4.15 pm : KLCI up 8 points, thanks to CIMB(at 12.10 level now - touched 12.30).

4.45 pm : E&O done moments ago at 1.40. Silly me, I just sold it two days ago at 1.37, buying it back. I dont expect it to be done at 1.40 this morning when it shot higher.

Also, added 1.5k of Dialog at 1.31.

5.15 pm : KLCI at 1230.09, up 11.48 points. E&O closed at 1.40, Dialog at 1.33, LionInd at 1.52 and Adventa at 1.75.

SingTel down by 2 cents and Axiata up by 2cents.

9.35 pm : DOW opens higher due to good news from Alcoa(AA).

HKSE : LingBao at 3.13(to clear at 3.50?) and Qinfa at 2.01(to clear at 2.50?).

US : DPTR at 1.72 and AMNP at 1.03 ... waiting for opening.


Wednesday, October 07, 2009

12.20 am : DOW up 150 points, GOLD standing at 1040 level, and many gold-stocks shooting 5-10% higher. There is a BUY NOW call for "American Sierra Gold Corp". So, ok ... place USD5k into this one ... yes, GOLD will shoot higher, but not after the rebound of USD(soon) ... and the retracement in DOW. GOLD will be replacing USD as the so-called safe-haven.

Gold : AMNP closed at 0.85, up 20+%. It was at 0.72 when I wrote about it above last night. Well, 20% of USD5k = USD1k, ok? Hehe.

O&G : DPTR closed at 1.74.

Theoritically speaking, when everyone rushing for a piece of gold, the gold-mining companies will profit hugely, right? Will that translate into the appreciation of their listed stocks? Hmm ... Buying into gold and O&G in 2009 should be a wise inesting idea, in my opinion.

No more cheap energy. Inflation is for sure.

7.50 am : NO electricity AGAIN ... our lives are so dependent of electricity in these modernised era. Hence, it is logical to think that we wont be seeing cheap oil, gas or coal. We wont see cheap 'energy' ... as demands escalate. And, green-energy will be booming. Homes and offices will have solar-panels stick to their roofs and with wind-turbine planted in every area.

Think of it 20 years ago ... when I was young. There is no "Astro", no hand-phones, no computers(we have 286-system which most cant afford!!), not so many cars(less jams and fly-overs), no-this and no-that ...

10.45 am : LCL moving again. Green shoots are everywhere this morning, taking cue from DOW, and world recession FINALLY confirmed over?!

Qinfa back to HKD2 level ... I m not buying or selling anything.

2.45 pm : A bullish day, E&O at 1.42(I sold 1.37 yesterday those units I bought when it dived. ... hai-ya).

6.15 pm : LCL up more than 10%. AnnJoo-wb at 0.67. So many up more than 5%. E&O and LionInd up 5% too. Qinfa up 7%.

So, which one going the opposite direction? Axiata and SingTel. Axiata close at 3.04 and Singtel closed at 3.06. I will start to stalk to buy these two telco IF they going below 3.00-level.

10.30 pm : Very tired after whole day busy ... done a quick trade with LCL for a dinner. I bought my wife 'durian' just now. Hehe.

Days ago when market retracing, I wrote about emo-meter. Let us check our meter again ... yesterday, KLCI recovered and many bargain-buyers and punters alike were back to market. I was VERY busy over the weekend checking on many charts. Some formed a nice waterfalls and I noted that. LCL, TWSCorp, Adventa and such... even Scomi and Ramunia were forming a nice waterfalls. That was on MONDAY. The emo-meter showing FEAR > GREED. Volumes were low, and many in REDS. E&O dived and I grabbed some. Collected more of LionInd too. On Monday, only rubber-stocks making moves(and today is 3rd consecutive days!!).

When emo-meter showing FEAR, we suppose to be a contrarian and BUY into those counters that we like/stalk, and be prepare to BUY more of it. Yesterday, the crazy buying spree started ... today is giving me more chance to SELL. Tmr if LionInd and E&O jump another 5%, I will consider to clear my positions!!

I sold E&O yesterday, taking profits TOO early AGAIN. So many times liao, I sell it shoots higher.

Hmmm ... Well, I cleared some E&O to move into HKEx today and bought LingBao(code : at HKD3.10. It is days too 'late' as it moved from HKD2.8 level. Well, this is for collection too, unless it shoots higher than 3.50(resistance) and gold retraces/market reverses.

KLSE : Currently I m still holding to E&O(3k units) and LionInd(8k units). CWs : BJToto-cd(40k units), Sinopec-c5(30k units) and GenM-cj(20k units).

HKSE : I have Qinfa(6k units) and LingBao(4k units). CWs : Cnooc-cw(40k units) and Sinopec-cw(40k units). I have sold my HSBC-pw for a VERY huge loss when HSBC down on Monday.

Green stocks are moving too ... CWP at 0.68 now(at 0.63 days ago) and CPNE at 0.43(at 0.38 days ago). No buyings these as it will retrace further, I believe.