Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2.40 am : DOW moving zig-zag ... up and down 30points without certain direction. I m not up here to watch market or blog, of coz ... I m waiting for Liverpool's CL game, vs Fiorentino of Italy.

DPTR touched 1.73, at 1.76 now.

TA has been moving strongly higher and Hwang has a BUY call for TA. Perhaps, TA could return the favour by having a BUY call for HDBS? Hmm ... You scratch my back, I scratch yours?

IJMLand closed at 2.09, and will queue for it at 2.05.

7.45 am : Lost 2-0 to the first half goals. Liverpool's defence definitely leaking ... they used to have one of the strongest defence. Hmm ...

9.30 am : BJCorp making the limelight with Dufu, Silver-wa and such taking turns to be goreng-ed. Recently BURSA queried a few companies about the 'irregular' stock movements. As usual, they will reply ... We don't know-la, boss. Well, if there is insider trading or manipulations of such stocks, what BURSA could do, anyway?

Recently, US caught someone with the offence of insider-trading. He gained USD8m on Perot stocks. Woo ... that is cool money. I didnt read much to understand what was going on and HOW they caught him. So, could BURSA catch those manipulating KLSE's counters? C'mon, it has been going on through out the year ... you know it, we know it except Bursa?

Will you BUY into these counters? Yes, hit-and-run .. I used to play with that, but the nature of 'gambling' is there, so ... I restrained myself from such a punt. How about buying CWs? That is punting too, right?

LFECorp ... must be an extremely good company as so many INVESTORS rushing to grab a piece of her. HLSCorp is another, recently goreng-ed. No .. it doesnt make any sense, business-sense. But, at times markets moving independently of economics/businesses. One good piece of news will see a HUGE jump in the stock price immediately. HSL was written in The Edge over the weekend, and its stock shot up on Monday, the next day!!

Today is the last day of Sept, I might sing "Wake me up when October Ends" or perhaps the year-end ... waiting for the markets to dive. Well, it didnt. I m wrong again, as usual.

10.05 am : KLCI down 2 points, STI down 3 points. I m queue-ing for CPNE at 0.38(intraday low yesterday was 0.415). Will accumulate it ... Kossan breaking 4.40.

12.26 pm : KLCI losing 3.59 points. CPNE touched 0.39 and CWP at 0.67 now. End of Sept ... time to SELL? REDs are seen everywhere ...

Myth Endless Love

I love Jackie's movies ... from his 'Snake in the eagle shadow'(I was still a y9ung boy then!!) to his "Project A" and many more ... but I never really appreciate his singing. He is going to sing during the China National Day, and I m still searching for the song he is singing. It was shown in CCTV the other day. Nice song ... Well, I did not watch a movie for 4 years now, and bought his DVD but never have the TIME to enjoy a movie. May be I should during this weekend? Hmm ...

Qinfa at 1.90 level ... and will get more of it at 1.80 and below. Strong Petro at 1.80 level.

Solargiga at 1.75 level, with RSI showing oversold. PE still hanging at 30+ level, grab it at 1.50 level?

1.55 pm : No buying yet ... markets are still retracing. Might want to trim E&O and start to collect some of my China's stocks. I have cleared MPHB at 1.88 some days ago as I bought Qinfa.

STI losing 20 points. Wilmar still retracing(profit taking?) after such a strong run. PPB running in tandem too.

GoldenAgri(= KNM of KLSE) at 0.425, and might consider it when it moves below SGD0.40.

2.35 pm : KLCI and STI moving lower ... KNM at 0.74 now. Why do we need to BUY and SELL? Well, when KNM at RM1, I wrote about it that an investor bought more into it instead of take profits, SELLing is much more important than buying. SELL to take profits or cut losses?! Well, I m trying to learn my mistakes in SELLING.

6.10 pm : KLCI closed at 1202.08, hanging above 1200 level. Once it moves lower that this psychological level, many crazy selling will be seen .... as we are moving into OCTOBER tmr. Very spooky months, indeed.

Trimmed some E&O and grabbed LionInd at 1.48(done!!). Thinking of clearing E&O and hold to LionInd only ... IJMLand not done at 2.05, shot up to 2.20 in such a bad market environment today.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

DOW up 100+ points ... ok, shall we see sunlight today? I was preparing for KLCI to retrace further, but I guess I m wrong again. Market should rebound today ... but, I failed to buy any yesterday.

記得 by Ah Mei

If I m not wrong, the title reads as Ji De = Remember. Yes, I m reminding myself about my trading mistakes and hope I could learn from them.

9.10 am : It is green today ... Johan is the champ!! Wait, we have AHB up almost 50%. Recently we do see many 'very small' penny-stocks increase in huge percentage. May be these companies are restructuring and gaining grounds. Or could it be the counters being MANIPULATED? I guess the former make more sense?

I was reading a nice blog and admit that I made such mistakes in my trading. Yeah, at time we make silly mistakes which doesnt make any investment sense. We could be greedy and in 'gambler' mindset. But, I made more mistakes than others. Hmm ...

11.05 pm : KLCI up 3 points, but E&O retracing .. so, I m queueing at 1.44(I bought it at 1.50 last week or so)

I still think I read TOO MUCH and too diversified. So, I think I should re-focus into China energy/power companies only. There are so many to pick from and I really dont know which will do better in future. When markets dive in China, I want to BUY a few of these counters. Or perhaps limit to TWO counters.

Energy stocks : Oil and Gas/Petrolium related companies.

Power stocks : IPP and coal businesses.

Renewable Energy : Wind , Solar and Waste-to-energy.

China oil-stocks : Time to buy or too late?

Sinogas(code : : That is what I have been doing, looking into those smaller China's energy/power companies listed in HKSE. At 0.26, it coincides with its code, so ... is that the signal to BUY? It touched a 52-week high of 0.33 recently. Then, I looked into its historical chart : Phew, in 2000-2001, it dived from HKD4 to HKD0.50 ... what a knife. Even during the 'peak' in China market, it only reached 0.60-0.70 level!! So, can one BUY at 0.26? The next thing I will do ... searching for its news/related and go thru its website(if any ... some in Chinese) ... download their annual reports and such, and do some investigations!! It is a CSI-job ... WHY this stock being murdered in 2000-2001? Have they found the murder weapon - the knives?

China Energy(code : : With such a 'nice' catching name, one may think that it controls the China's energy sector?! A quick check will tell us otherwise. Besides the Natural Gas business in Macau, they are operating a chain of restaurants? Err ... huh?? Trading at HKD0.42, it dived from 0.80(52-week high recently). Can we buy at 0.40 level? Mind u, its 52-week low was at 0.065. Cool 10-fold your money IF you could sell at 0.80 level? Nah ... how low is low, how high is high?

PetroAsian(code : : One of the first China oil-stock in my list(and expanding to about 15 now). Back in March, it was at 0.20+ level, and shot up to 0.55 level recently before retraced to HKD0.40 level currently. PE currently at 13.6, no longer cheap?

Genesis Energy (code : : Climbed from the 52-week low at 0.037, currently it is at HKD0.23. Well, it shot up to 0.445 before retracing to current level, tho. I like a portion of their business : waste to energy, as I see the huge potential in these. China gov will be pushing further for a more environmental friendly programs and fundings, so this sector may benefit. Will this compnay gain much from it? Knowledge is not equal to understanding. I may know a little about it, but with lack of understanding, I will fail to take any actions. I like this counter, anyway.

Strong Petro(code : There is a 4-1 split recently, at HKD1.90 now. This is a 'newly' listed (Jan 2009) in HKSE. Offer price was at HKD2.50 and started shot up to HKD7+ level in early June. I m more seriously stalking this one(it failed to move to 1.80). With its PE still a single digit and market cap of RMB3.04b, it is certainly attractive for investors. And with the name STRONG PETRO, certainly it could be very strong when petrolium products in demand again. Well, it has gained 86% in 3-months.

12.20 pm : CPNE(code which I sold at 0.60 months ago, still moving lower and at 0.44 this morning, down 5% with high volumes. I bought this one in Mac/Apr at 0.30 level, so ... yes, I will collect it at nearing 0.30 level again. CPNE principally engaged in clean-energy power plants(wind, hydro and waste-to-energy).

CPNE closed 9.6% lower at HKD0.425. Noted.

Website :

The Group has a 90% interest in Phase I of the Gansu Wind Power Project. Phase I of the
Gansu Wind Power Project has 134 wind turbines each with an output of 0.75MW, all of
which came into operation in November 2007 and are operating smoothly. .....etc ....

I m not recommending this counter, please. I m merely stating that I like the businesses they are involved in - Wind Power and such. For a 'pure' windpower counter, of coz I will prefer CWP(code :

Currently, CWP at 0.70 level(I sold at HKD1.00 level months ago) and I have intention to buy this one when market dives, perhaps at 0.50? I dont think so I will see 0.30 level again.

5.25 pm : E&O done at 1.44(queued since morning) and it shot up to 1.49. Huh ... lucky me to put 1.44 as that is the intraday-low.

KLCI up 2.26 points while HSI up 400+ points.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Money not enough

It is end of September ... end of month is important period of time for a salaried person like me. Yes, the pay is in the bank, withdrawn the next day to pay this and that. Only a small fraction left!!

Here is a breakdown of where my salary will go :

1. 15% for my Kancil car loan.
2. 15% for my vacant beach apartment.
3. 15% for my rental of a house.
4. 10% forced saving to ASB.
5. 10% for insurance.
6. 15% for bills (Astro, Narrowband, Electricity, Water, Handphones).
7. 7% mom-in-law
8.3% for petrol.

Those are FIXED expenses. I m left with 10% for FOOD ?? Forget about entertainment, please. I cant afford any. How about groceries? How about supplements? Dont forget credit cards!! Arrghh ... with expenses expected to increase next year(son going to kinder and shifting to new faraway campus) ... I dont know if I could survive?

So, with my current salary, I cant afford ANYTHING at all. It is not a choice and I m willing to work part-time : giving Maths tuition. Luckily I have enough classes(tho I charged cheaply) to cover my monthly expenses, with a little to save(to be banked into my 'investment' a/c).

8.55 am : BJToto is reaching 4.50 and BJToto-cd might be moving higher. I m still holding much on it, hope to sell by stages at 0.12-0.13 level.

9.05 am : KLCI down 3 points, queue-ing to clear IGB and BJToto-cd.

9.20 am : KLCI down almost 5 points now, after Raya break. Many coming back to KLSE to sell?? Many goreng-ed higher ... Hevea, Jadi ... Ogawa? Hmm ...

9.55 am : KLCI down 6 points ... queueing to buy more of LionInd at 1.49. IGB at 1.75, how to clear it now? Hang-on there.

10.15 am : HSI opens 200+ points lower.

11.00 am : Oh Boy ... KLCI down by 8 points.

12.35 pm : KLCI losing 10 points. Time to BUY, or hold on ... or SELL? That is always the decision to make.

2.30 pm : Queueing for LionInd at 1.50 and E&O at 1.45. Selling IGB as I said I want to focus only with those two.

2.50 pm : KLCI continues to retrace ...zzz ... wait for the dive. It is almost end of Sept, time to wake me up ... zzzz.....

3.40 pm : KLCI down 12 points now ... can move in now? Gold below 990, Oil at 65 now.

5.45 pm : KLCI lost 11.44 points, and I sold IGB at 1.77(bought 1.78). Alam flew off today.

HSI down 400+ points with Qinfa at 1.97. Geely at 2.05.

BJtoto-cd pushed back down to 0.11, so nothing done.

Look into(down) : IJMLand, Scomi, Genting, RHBCap, UEMLand, Kurasia, Adventa,Dialog, Equine, Salcon, LCL, TAS, Jaks, SPSetia-wb, AnnJoo-wb, WCT-wb, Sunway-wc, PBBank-cj,

Look into(up) : Hevea, Glomac, Linear, Ogawa, Dayang, Airport, Harta

10.oo pm : Xerox going down more than 10% as RIMM still retracing. Most in green ... DOW up 100+ points now. Oracle up 5%.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

I have written many KLSE's stocks yesterday but I think I only knew half of those companies listed. No, I do not memorise their names, but searched them thru The Star's paper. Perhaps that is the way I release some stress. Haha.

China : I have a chance to speak with my bro-in-law(HTE) who just came back from China. He went to ShenZhen, Zhu Hai and Macau. One of the way to invest in China directly is to open a bank accounts there. But, we are not allowed to open individual accounts. But, if you have businesses with China's companies, then you are encouraged to have an account there. China-Malaysia trades done in currency-swap(I dont understand how it actually works but I do know that by doing such, China is SLOWLY dis-regard the importance of USD in international trades).

Anyway, the point is here the future strength of RMB and the weakening of USD, making it attractive to many investors holding to RMB, instead of USD. How about MYR vs USD or MYR vs RMB, I asked? As he believes MYR does not have much strength in it, he is buying RMB and converting his MYR to RMB. I dont know much about currencies(or anything much about anything except Mathematics?), but I supported his views. RMB up, USD down.

If you see how AUD appreciating for months, you could have wished that you buy AUD in Mac/Apr. it was at 2.20 level ... and today, it is at 3.00. And IF you have bought an OZ's stock(like Rio TinTo at AUD30), you could have gained in both ways : appreciation of the stock's price and currency gains. Double-whoomp.

With that in mind, I m buying HKSE's stocks which denominated in HKD, I will not gain from the appreciation of the currency much, right? I should buy a Chinese stock, traded in Shanghai market and in RMB/Yuan. But, Shanghai market is not open to individuals like me? How should I go around it? Hmm ...

Which sectors in China are booming fast? Too many opinions when you read too much. But, generally with China still moving forward when others are struggling.

I do like China Energy/Power sector the most, including the green/alternative stocks. WindPower and Solar came into mind.

China telco sector should do extremely well with more can afford mobile/handphones.

China-auto will definitely monopolising the auto industry in near future as Ford, GM, VW, Volvo and many more trying to grab a piece of the pie. GS bought 20% of Geely recently. Buffett bought BYD.

Consumer goods will be booming in China with the modernisation of the society, from Rags to Riches, as they put it. KH.Choong mentioned Parkson(KL code : 5657) in his short report.

China Agri : Jim mentioned that famers will be rich. I think he has a point.

A BULL IN CHINA by Jim Rogers. Something I do believe, one day ... China/Asia will take over the global economies.

IB : Interactive broker ... can I buy China stocks thru this platform? Is it denominated in USD? What are the risks?


Saturday, September 26, 2009

DOW down a little again, with DPTR at 1.80-1.92. Gold at 990, Oil 66.

I asked my wife yesterday if she heard of the name Sara Lee and Unilever. She said, of coz YES. Then, we checked our house-hold products - many "U" but couldnt find Sara Lee. I know I seen it before ... Well, the story is Unilever paying USD1.88b for Sara Lee. It was last week when I told her that Kraft wants to buy Cadbury. Most of us heard of Kraft and/or Cadbury.

Well, just 4 years ago, if you mention Unilever, Sara Lee, Kraft and Cadbury ... I think I only know Cadbury choc. Unilever ... err .. is it the same as Uni-Brothers used to be at Jalan Bangsar, where I passed by daily on the way to Uni?

If I dont even know Kraft, then certainly I dont know what Hubline or LionInd?! Sime Darby ... at Jalan Raja Laut, I know the building but never ask what its business?!! Definitely I dont know Musa Putih attached to Sime. I have almost ZERO knowledge about anything ... except things I enjoyed.

KLSE : What's in the name?

We have SILVER which nothing to do with silver, unless they are selling silver coloured baking powder?

We have SUPER which nothing super about the company.

We have JADI ... which recently being goreng-ed ... jadi la tu.

Of coz, recently I mentioned about PLUS ... which only adding money to Samy's huge pockets.

PERISAI not selling sheilds used for battles, you know.

TITAN means huge? Our TITAN is definitely not that huge ... and not related to TITANic?

OCTAGON and HEXAGON must have something to do with geometrical shape? I do teach LINEAR equations. But, the LINEAR company certainly cant be straight?

How about the goreng-ed counters of JOHAN and KAWAN? Do you want to be a champ? Grab JOHAN, then,

How about knowing more friends? KAWAN will definitely be glad to be your friend!! Well, you want a friend who dont answer back, screaming at you? Get BATU KAWAN, afterall ... she is a STONE! Haha. Let us stay MUHIBAH.

JOHAN : A company producing champions.

KAWAN : A company producing friends? KAWAN = Malaysia's facebook? This KAWAN likes to share their food with you too.

STONE : You must be kidding to wonder what this company producing!!

I forgot we can be extremely HANDAL too, to be johan. Or you prefer to lead and be a LEADER?

If you have the DAYA, you will have your way. No energy? Get TENAGA to boost your energy level.

FAJAR ... we used to have FAJAR Bakti's textbooks. So, it is public-listed now? Hmm ... Is FAJAR and SURIA related? Do you prefer the FAJAR period or the hot SURIA? I would rather wait for SUNRISE and we do get plenty of SURIA in SUNCITY.

I m not so sure about the meaning of DAYANG, is it a name of a Malay lady? How about GADANG, is it a Malay guy name? Hmm ... I do know COASTAL = tepi pantai, but I m not sure if PERWAJA = warriors? Ghee ... my Malay is really karat-ing. {Dear Malay KAWAN, correct my Malay if I m wrong}. Oooppss .. it is perwira, right?

Speaking of names, they do list their names such as HALIM. If you love your surname so much, get it listed in BURSA, man. WONG, CHANG, SHANG, CHUAN, ENG. I guess you will see TEH listed soon. Just wonder how much they are paying to get their surnames listed publicly.

If you like your name so-so much, get it listed too.Many of them get their hames listed and mostly with their Chinese names. For examples, ANN JOO, CHEE WAH, CHOO BEE, HAP SENG, HIAP TEK, HO HUP, HWA TAI, HUA YANG, MAH SING, FAR LIM, KIA LIM, KIAN JOO, KIM HIN, LIEN HOE, POH KONG, TO MEI,PO HUAT,TEO SENG,TEK SENG,TONG HER. WAH SEONG, YEE LEE and many many more. I m too lazy to list all here. I guess they were ex-classmates of Yusli or Zeti? No?? Najib's? When will I ever see my name there? Hmm ... I need to get Najib to call me first.

When MENTIGA should be spelt mentega, as I presume they are selling butter-related products?

Or GENTING should be spelt gunting, as it is selling ... obviously, gunting. Or could it be a public-listed barber shop? Heard that GENTING is a big company.

Is RAPID = CEPAT? These two companies must be moving very fast! Why do they listed using a Malay and English word? Then, why ... say, jalan-baik listed for GOODWAY? Or sentiasa-hijau for EVERGREEN(by the way, why they spelt EVERGREEN as Evergrn, that doesnt make sense, right?). The only logical reason I could think of is jalan-baik and sentiasa-hijau are looong words. Maybe they might think of appropriate abbreviations?

Is MEDIA a Malay or an English word? How about EFFICEN ... do they mean efficient? POS is post in English, I guess. UTUSAN = message in Malay? Did you get my UTUSAN? These few Malay-English wordings being jumbled, and confusing many Chinese ah pek MUDA like me, for sure. Is that done purposefully by our 'caring' government?

While I do know STAR = bintang, but I sensed that STAR has nothing to do with CCB.

How about KENANGA? I think it sells fruits? Never try buah kenanga before, anyway.

I know I wanted to create a story relating these public-listed companies' names, but I have 'lost' my flare of writing even one good post!! I knew it ... perhaps, I m not fit enough. Wonder if FITTERS is selling all those fitness equipments? Hmm ...long time never check on FITTERS, to see if they are still as fit. Hehe.

As we see BIG doesnt mean a big company, SUCCESS doesnt mean a successful company? PIE is not a pie-selling company, I guess. QUALITY is not necessary a quality company!! It is so mis-leading.

PUNCAK = peak or vertex or apex?Why sometimes they use Malay words but at times they use the English words? Why cant they standardise it? Hmm ... I m confused.

I do need HELP at times, but I rather keep things to myself. For example, I m struggling to re-call my Malays at the moment. Is BAT selling kelawar? Is 'kelawar' the right word for BAT? I have to get my ASAS correctly, otherwise I dont know if ALAM = earth or world? I was quite good in Ilmu ALAM(now known as geography = geografi), I do know khatulistiwa is EQUATOR, but can it be listed too?

Is JAVA a travelling company or the 'agent' bringing in many Indons from JAVA? OR could JAVA an IT-related company where at times, I seen before?

Sometimes, they could be so lazy that they shorten the tata to TA and papa to PA. Why? Isnt it DIALOG should be spelt dialogue? Why shorten it?

And is MAA stands for mama? Is it just a sound made by babies, a short for mama? If I have to MERGE them together, it sounds like this : TA PA, MAA.(Never mind, mom). Haha.

I know my Malay may not be good, but I do notice that some public-listed companies spelt wrongly such as TAANN should be tahan, or MAGNA should be makna ... baru got meaning MAA, right?

It might take me a CENTURY to learn how to invest SUCCESSfully, and be financially free. I need to MASTER the trading/investment skills. I need to AIM high. Otherwise, I will certainly have to SIGN in and out daily to work till I retire and forget about the getting my wife a nice kitchen. Certainly I could forget about accumulating some HARTA for my kids. Perhaps, I could only afford to buy rubber-ducks for them to play with. Anyway, TIME will tell ...

Well, I love Sabah ... as we do have GUNUNG( a public-listed company selling moutains?) and long COASTAL lines ... and we could be collecting SHELLs. But, I dont know if we could find a TASEK here. But, for relaxation ... we could always go to TANJONG Aru, the beach in the city. The land here is very SUBUR too, and they do plant plenty of KELADI. Is Sabah a yam exporter to China? I do like yam-cake. Haha.

We do have a university of the highest standard here, UMS. It is the only public-listed university in Malaysia?! Do u see UM, USM or UKM listed in BURSA? Wait ... I think I saw UMLAND, so UM only listed their land? Just like MAXIS going to list only their local operations?

Is UNISEM = University Science of East Malaysia? Is it in Kelantan? We do have a university of mechanics, UNIMECH, meant for those future mechanics(upgraded from polytechnics la tu ...), and it is also publicly listed. Wow ... These Universities built for political purposes during elections. Well, BN sure MENANG in Sabah and SARAWAK, these are BN's MUTIARA.

Not only we will list our universities, we do list the whole town or even state!! For example, NILAI, KULIM, GOPENG and SARAWAK. We could be seeing One-Malaysia or Malaysia-Boleh listing as new IPOs soon, if Najib has his way.

I know I m not that BRIGHT to write a better plot. But, if you like this writing here, please distribute it to others. Your EDARAN will be appreciated.

Thanks for your SUPPORT, anyway.

KLSE : Look into Sumatec.


Friday, September 25, 2009

DOW down about 50 points, Oil below 67, Gold below 995.

9.40 am : KLCI giving in 3 points now ... and IJMLand touched 2.10, and will look into it if it goes below RM2.

D is for depression by KH.Choong. A very good reading, published by The Edge. Get a copy.

Qinfa hanging at 2.00 level. IGB going slightly lower, might cut it off later as it was a mistake. I was to buy more into LionInd as it is still moving lower, queue-ing at 1.50.

6.15 pm : KLCI recovered from the morning low, to close -0.67 points. I saw rubber stocks moving higher an hour before closing thru Bloomberg(I was teaching at home), and ran-up to BUY a either Supermax or Adventa(both were down in the morning) ... but my Digi-broadband failed me. By the time I got myself connected, it flew off and I dont wish to chase.

Qinfa closed at 2.07, touched 2.14.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

DOW down by 80+ points but AIG, FRE and FNM up. Hmm ... AIG performing extremely well since the reverse-splits. DPTR at 2.01, not moving much. Oil below 70, Gold at 1008.

9.00 am : Queue to clear IGB as I only want to focus on LionInd, E&O and MPHB. Might top-up more of these, and clear in stages as we have to be cautious ...

Russell Napier of CLSA said to Bernie(Bloomberg) that S&P might go down to 400 level. Did I heard that mistakenly?! 400??

KLCI down 2 points, Noble up again in SGX after China's interest.

Another day in paradise - Phil (one of the most beautiful song)

1.00 pm : David Tice mentioned S&P at 400, not Rusell Napier? Hmm ... But, IF ... a big IF S&P dive to 400-level, everyone in markets will lose huge amount of money. It may not be so soon ... but, it will ... I believe the current rally creating an un-imaginable crisis in future.

HSI closed 500+ points lower in the morning session, and many depreciated 3-5%, except for Geely. Geely is in her own world, up another 10%.

5.05 pm : KLCI lost 1.01 points, HSI lost 544.79 points. Qinfa moved down and touched 1.93, before moving back to 2.03, opening price. I queued at 1.80, my next buying level. As for IGB, I failed to clear it at 1.81.

10.45 pm : G-20 is on. DPTR dived 10% lower to be at 1.80 at the moment, after the home sales data were out, DOW in reds.

By assuming I bought DPTR at 2.30 days ago when it dived from USD4, and at 1.80 now, I will continue to follow my plan to BUY more into it at 1.70, so that my average will be at USD2.

DPTR closed at 1.79, and 1.70 is not done. Its intra-day low was 1.76.

Wanna be rich? This is a 'secret' e-mail I received. Well, since I m going to be rich being the agent selling Blue Sapphire, I will be glad to share with others ... lets get rich together?!

p/s : I do understand Malay well.

Apa khabar?

Diharap tuan sihat sejahtera.

Terlebih dahulu saya ingin memperkenalkan diri. Nama saya fizah abdullah dan juga warganegara Malaysia.

Saya berkerja di London, United Kingdom. Saya tahu tuan tentu terkejut menerima email dari orang yang tidak dikenali. Untuk pengetahuan tuan, saya ingin menawarkan usul perniagaan dimana ia adalah sulit dan penting untuk masa depan dan kerjaya saya. Saya berharap tuan tidak menyalah ertikan maksud kedatangan email ini lalu menyebarkan kepada umum kerana ia akan memberi impak yang besar kepada kerjaya saya.

Untuk pengetahuan tuan, saya memerlukan produk SAPHIRE BLUE STONE dimana mineral ini boleh didapati di Malaysia melalui pembekal yang dikenali dan kualiti produknya dijamin oleh syarikat kami. Produk ini digunakan untuk perhiasan seperti barang kemas, jam, kemasan lantai dan sebagainya. Memandangkan tuan seorang rakyat Malaysia, saya ingin menawarkan tuan untuk menjadi ejen bagi pihak syarikat semasa mereka datang untuk membelinya di sana. Untuk pengetahuan tuan, syarikat kami memerlukan bekalan tersebut setiap dua bulan dengan kuantiti yang ditetapkan dalam kontrak di antara syarikat dengan tuan.

Sebelum ini pihak syarikat menghantar wakil untuk membeli mineral ini tetapi dia telah terlibat dengan kemalangan dan hilang keupayaan. Oleh itu saya mengambil kesempatan mendapatkan nombor telefon pembekal di Malaysia darinya.

Di sini saya sekadar cuba nak bertanya, adakah tuan berminat untuk melakukan urusniaga ini? Ini kerana saya ada nombor telefon ejen dari Malaysia tersebut. Saya kalau boleh tidak mahu pembekal di Malaysia tersebut berhubung terus dengan syarikat kerana mereka mengaut keuntungan di pihak mereka sahaja. Harga yang dijual oleh pembekal ialah USD2,250 manakala syarikat membeli mineral tersebut dengan harga USD7,500 seperti yang ejen lama jual. Saya juga akan mencadangkan tuan sebagai pembekal kepada syarikat dari Malaysia kepada CEO kami dengan persetujuan tuan.

Sekiranya tuan berminat dengan usul ini dan ingin bertanya dengan lebih lanjut, diharap tuan mengambil inisiatif untuk menghantar email terus kepada saya berdasarkan alamat di bawah atau sila berikan number untuk dihubungi dan saya akan terangkan melalui telefon:

Yang benar,

fizah Abdullah

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

DOW up 50 points ... Delta at USD2, touched 1.86(intraday low), so my 1.70 queue not done.

Hence, I am 'holding' on to Delta at USD2.30 (cost supposed to be : 2.30 x 3.50 x 1000 = RM8k +).

Anyway, BULLISH sentiments are still around the markets ... I will be busy to monitor today.

10.30 am : KLCI up 4 points, no activity for today except looking into H-shares.

My OSK-game stocks : Currently realised profits at RM3k+ after 2 weeks, and rank 601 of 8335(mostly inactive), climbing up the ladder. I have sold 40k Gens-c1 and Astro for profits moments ago, and currently holding : GPacket, AMMB, Dayang, Genm-cj, KNM, Saag and Gens-c1(left 15k at 0.305 cost). Only Dayang and KNM slightly lower ... might cut it off when losses still small as I m ready for next buying spree.

The initial capital given was RM100,000. With the profits of RM3k, that is 3% in two weeks trade. If I clear ALL my holdings NOW at current prices, I shall pocket about RM4+. That is 4% for 2 weeks. So, if I STOP trading ... then, I hv done better than those putting their money in FD, right? Let me beat 7% ASB giving first. See? In longer run, it is NOT 4% per month, as we might lose back to markets. I m practising PATIENCE here. Wish I could do the SAME with REAL money!! Haha.

12.55 pm : KLCI up 2.58 points, with LionInd and E&O slightly down. IGB opened higher at 1.88, but pushed back to 1.80 level. I queued for 1.78(touched, not done). No buying/selling for me at the moment. Just watch .. Genting flying higher, at 7.30 level now. Huh!!

Curbing over-trading and over-diversifying : I m addicted to trading, hence ... i m trying to curb on my addiction by moving away from the monitor. Discipline NOT to buy in Sept/Oct. Over-diversifying too is one of my trading mistakes.

I need to focus in fewer baskets, and see it grow rather than spreading my so-called risks. Diversifying are for birds. Sound familiar? Well ... I need to look into my portfolios and maitain my focus in them : LionInd, E&O and MPHB. As for oil and energy stocks, I m buying into China's counters.

Warrants : I will want to be out of HKSE's CWs/PWs as it is too volatile for me. I will only focus on buying KL's as the fees charged are way cheaper. This is for trading buy. Currently, I m only holding BJToto-cd, Sinopec-c5 and Genm-cj. I like many and dont know which one to choose, so I skip it for the month of Sept/Oct. Putting cash aside ... in case the market dive?! Many are saying it wont.

Geely resume trading this morning with a hike of 20%. Well, someone bought USD250million into it. Phew. Cool money ... I m bullish in China-auto, and believe it will give investors huge returns. So, I might consider Geely as my China auto-play. It is trading at HKD2.10 level now, from a low of HKD0.15(yes, u read that right!). How many fold is that? With PE around 12, it is still a good buy, for investment(3-5 years time frame). I will write more about this one as I m queue-ing for it at HKD2.00 this morning. It touched an intraday low of 2.07.

4.30 pm : IGB done at 1.78(3k units). Qinfa at 2.03, and CWP shot up 7% to 0.77. Noted.

4.55 pm : KLCI down by 2 points. KNM going below 0.80, lowered to 0.775. BUY at 0.70 support level? HSI down by 100+ points.

10.25 pm : DOW not moving much ... DPTR at 2.02-2.15.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

DPTR dived 40% due to 'bad' news. I was observing its movement, and it is the most actively traded counter inNasdaq today/tonight. I m thinking of buying into it at USD2.30. Assuming I bought it, let see how it work out in next few trading days.

Cost : USD 2.30 x 2.5 x 1000units = RM5,750 ++

12.40 am : DOW down 30 points. DPTR at 2.35 level. I will check tmr. Need to open an a/c with IB.

7.40 am : DPTR closed at 2.21, touched the intra-day low at 2.18. We shall check tonight to see if it goes lower/higher. DOW closed slightly lower.

Subra : Yes, I done my STPM in Victoria Inst.(1986) and went into MU(but I m a Liverpool fans, ok?). Cant remember I know u, but I do hv Andrew in my facebook. You know Bernard, Danny and such? How about Siva? I hv lost touched with most, I dont attend the VIOBA ... but I do remember my teachers, good or lousy ones. Mrs Chew(Chem), Mr Lau Boon Choy(Physics), Mr Ng Chik Leong(Further Maths), Mr Chin(Maths). Rashid Sidek was in form five then. So, yes ... I was from VI. hehe

8.40 am : I m at the jetty breakfast, with many going for a trip to nearby islands. SABAH is such a beautiful place!! Just a 10-minutes drive, I could reach the jetty, seeing boats and the sea. With clicks, I could listen to my choice of songs ... while relaxing having my breakfast. This is a life I dreamt of when I was in KL. Tho the pay may not as high(but cost of living is comparable, if not higher than in KL), the places here(and people too) are much more nicer to me. I have mountains, river, sea ... Welcome to Sabah, the land below the wind. Kita olang Sabah, banyak Sabar ...

5.50 pm : Tuition whole day. Another class at night!!

HSI up 200+ points, yet another bullish day. Genting Int. up too. Zijin still moving higher after a day or two of profit taking, as gold reaching back above 1000 level. At the moment, gold at 1005.

10.10 pm : Very tired. DPTR moving below USD2. So, if I bought at 2.30(after it dived 40% last night), I m catching a sharp knife, right? What is next as I m seeing it diving again today? Cutting loss or averaging?

Say, I m going to average down and ready to queue at 1.70(to get my average to USD2).

Cost : USD1.70 x 2.5 x 1000units = RM4,250 ++

Total cost : RM5,750 + RM4,250 = RM10k + fees.

Average price : USD2 #units : 2,000.

error : I m supposed to multiply 3.5, not 2.5. Must be very tired and thinking of SGD. Hehe. Seriously, will we be seeing 2.5 one day?


Monday, September 21, 2009

KLSE close today and tmr. Raya holiday mood ... so, we expect a thin-volume this week. I will be looking to buy an energy-stock of HKSE, may be today if HSI going lower. Gold at 1004, Oil at 72. And DOW might go to 10k level this week.

Last Call : Please tick on the voting box and I will keep it till end of the year!! Then, we shall check if our predictions is right?

There : -------------------------------->

D is for Depression. Nice writing.

3.45 pm : HSI drops 100 points, and my queue for China Qinfa(code might be done at HKD2.10. Coal-play ...

I will be collecting CWP soon as it is testing 0.70 again.

10.45 pm : DOW down 70 points, many gold-mining related stocks are moving lower as some reached the 52-week high after a sudden surge of gold prices last week. Gold going below 1000 again. Oil going below 70.

Oil : A person pointed out that Oil still at 70 but N.Gas at a very low point. He tried to explain WHY and I can see that as a very logical possibility. Money went into OIL, being stored and to gain quick-profits(speculating) on the rise of crude oil price. N.Gas could not easily be stored. Hence, N.Gas price dives as it reflect the 'actual' thin demands. Hence, OIL price will dive much lower by end of year as demand will not be seen in near future.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

A letter to Michelle's hubby written by Art Harun. LMAO.

Dear Ambassador Todt,

Hi there. It's me again.Your friendly, average and simple Malaysian with no entitlement. I hope you are keeping fine. Please do. Because Malaysia , quite obviously, needs a French like you to be her Ambassador. You know, actually, there were a couple more persons who were considered to be the Ambassador of Tourism. Dato' Shah Rukh Khan was one of them. But his propensity for not attending ceremonies, even when they were organised to ceremonise him, caused his disqualification.

I heard Hee Yit Foong, the lady ADUN from Perak, was also considered for this job. My inside source however told me that her inclination towards carrying morphable key-chain and pepper spray was a negative aspect causing her nomination for the job adversely affected. The
final nail on the proverbial coffin was apparently struck when she was asked to orally shout a slogan to promote tourism and she instantly and very distinctively said "Come to Berak". Needless to say Mr Ambassador, you got the job.

You must be happy. I am too, if I were you. But unfortunately I am not you. You know, it takes people like Jamaluddin Jarjis years and years of being involved in politics and serving the peasants of Malaysia as a Minister before he would even be considered to be an Ambassador. Even then, he still hasn't got the job. But you got the job just 2 weeks after you became a 2nd hand Malaysian! Aren't you proud Mr Ambassador? I betcha! That is even faster than a Brawn GP car. (sorry, I wanted to say faster than a Ferrari, but .... well, you know what I mean).

One piece of reminder though. Please don't go about pinching some young asses in some bar, okay. The mere fact that you are an Ambassador does not mean that you could do that with impunity.
Furthermore, I am sure Ms Yeoh would not be happy if you did that.

The word is Malaysia and France are now even. No, I am not talking about football. Because in football terms we are quite obviously not even. I mean, Platini, Le Blanc and Barthez could even play in the team with their balls collectively tied up together against our team and I am sure we would still lose by 13-1. And even then, the goal which we score would have been scored when Barthez was taking a ciggy break and Platini was prostate check. No. In football we are not even,
quite obviously.

What I am talking about is this. We have a miserable singer who can't sing very well in France . He is Datuk Shake. And France has a guy who can't really drive well over here to become an Ambassador. Yes. 1-1. Even.That's what I mean.

If you must know Mr Ambassador (or is it Your Excellency? I mean our Foreign Minister addressed the US State Secretary as one the other day), Malaysia is truly Asia . We have people who behave like some Iranian Ayatollahs here. In fact, if you go to some of our government schools, you would think you are in Iran.

And some women here behave like Imelda Marcos. In addition, there is a bit of Sultan Brunei in some of our royalties. Then sometime we have the FRUs, policemen and army lining up the streets like the Thai or South Korean army and police (although in Thailand they do that because there were thousands and thousands of protesters on the street whereas in Malaysia there were only people having breakfast in a restaurant and burning some candles on the pavements!).

We also have people who behave like Ferdinand Marcos and Suharto in Malaysia . And the Tamil tigers are also here, apparently. We also have quite strong traces of the Talibans here, even in the Parliament sometime.Try bringing a Bible in Malay and I am sure you will be meeting these.

Added to that, Malaysia also are very closely connected to Bangladeshis, Burmese, Indonesians, Vietnamese and what have you. Apart from that, there also appear to be many Chinese babes from China in KL, especially at night.

In our administration, our Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and its empowering law is loosely based on the Hong Kong set up. But of course, implementation and enforcement wise we are different la. There you go. Without doubt, Malaysia is indeed truly Asia!

As the Tourism Ambassador, I am sure you must also come up with schemes to promote tourism here. I think you should tell Yen Yen or whoever is responsible to not use Visit Malaysia Year 2009 or 2010 or 2011 anymore. Tell her to use "Visit Malaysia Year Every Year" instead. That way, the Ministry concerned would not have to make new posters, flyers and whatever promo stuffs every year because the year keeps on changing. Save some trees and more importantly, money. After all, the Ministry, through Pempena, had lost a lot of it sometime ago.

I am sure you know how to do your work very well. But, please do allow me to teach you anyway.

Here are some suggestions on the do's and don'ts.

I think you should, while promoting tourism to Malaysia your second home, advise the potential tourists on several matters. First and foremost, tell them not to wear black upon arrival. That is a complete no no. Then, if they are thinking of bringing as a souvenier to any of their Malaysian friend a bible in Malay, tell them to forget about that. In fact, tell them not to bring more than one bible (even if it is in English) for any one group. Preferably, they should be in Latin. That is because we Malaysians are adverse to the Bible as do vampires to the crucifix or garlic. Don't ask me. I don't know why.

Further, I think you should remind that old couples, especially Americans, should not sleep together in a hotel room, particularly in Langkawi Otherwise, some religious authorities officers, or people claiming to be from such authorities, might storm into their room and arrest them for khalwat or adultery.

Upon arrival, the tourists must see the grandeur of our airport. If you have the chance, bring them to the LCCT too. They would notice that our airport serves not too many people and airplanes. But still we must build another LCCT for whatever reason. On the way to KL, you of course can tell the tourist to make a detour to the F1 Circuit to see some races. But do tell them not to waste their time. Because they can witness better, and more exciting, motorcycle races along the Kesas highway or somewhere in Bandar Tun Razak or Cheras at 3am. But do tell them not to bring any wallet or handbag while watching, okay?

Malaysia has nice places in abundance. Places with high historical values are also around. I think the first place to go is the KLCC. They used to be the tallest buildings in the world. But now they are the tallest twin towers in the world. You must tell the tourist Mr Ambassador, that the KLCC is proof that a man's ego can manifest itself into many things. And one of it is the desire to build the
tallest buildings.

Indeed, Malaysia is entered as the country with the most number of records in the record book. Longest teh tarik. Biggest bunga manggar. Longest beef grill. Biggest kites. I heard we are now attempting to have the most number of Speakers in a state legislative assembly and the most number of Menteris Besar - at the same time - in a state as well. Not to mention the quickest change of government in the whole world. Like at 11am today you have one government and at 11.30 am tomorrow you have another government. Things like that. It is like quicker than a Ferrari pit stop, if you know what I mean. Do you know what I mean?

The KLCC is also home to what we Malaysian think is the most highly capitalised condom shop in the world. It is called Valuecap. Nobody knows what it does although it loses billions and was given more billions. But judging by the name, it must be something to do with condoms we suppose.

TEH : Anyone know what VALUECAP done with the money? Smell fishy here.

The KLCC is also the buildings featured in the movie "Entrapment" . But the darn Hollywood people made us look so bad when they doctored the picture in that movie and made it look like the KLCC was situated at the fringe of a dirty river. Not that we do not have dirty rivers here but that is totally misleading.

Malaysians and the Malaysian Government do not like misleading statements especially when foreigners are the one who make them. You see Mr Ambassador, in Malaysia only the mainstream media are licensed to mislead.

On my part however, I objected to the movie because of a scene in which that wrinkly old man was hugging, rubbing and kissing the pretty babe. Please don't be upset Mr Ambassador. I am not talking about you and Ms Yeoh. I was talking about Sean Connery and Zeta Jones in that movie.

After that, the tourists could be brought to Brickfield, our very own "Little India ". But they must not miss visiting the police station there.

This is where lawyers were arrested simply because they had wanted to see their clients in the station. Oh yes. While visiting this place, please don't wear black or carry any candle. T-shirts with the words "Head Hunter" printed on it should be okay.

At night, perhaps you could suggest that the tourists take a trip to our own " Chinatown ". This is at Petaling Street . What makes this " Chinatown " so unique, you may ask. Well, this is the only Chinatown in the world where there are more Bangladeshis and Burmese than there are Chinese. It is a Chinatown like no other. In fact it is a non- Chinese Chinatown . Here not only the whole Malaysia is on sale. Here, the whole world is on sale. They can buy Rolex, Panerai, Franck Mueler
and whatever watches for 40 bucks. And various handbags from Italy at such low price.

I mentioned just now about "the whole Malaysia is on sale". Well, this is one of those projects that we have where during certain time of the year, all shopping complexes will be having "sales" where huge discounts are offered. Now don't you go thinking that the whole Malaysia is for sale. That is seditious.

The next day, perhaps they all should go to Klang. On the way though, please make sure they stop at the forested area somewhere near the Subang Dam at Puncak Alam. This is where the body parts of a certain Mongolian woman (you know la...the one that I told you not to mention her name in my last letter to you), were found. She is believed to have been murdered here and blown up to pieces at this area. I doubt it. Because there is no record of her ever coming to Malaysia . If she wasn't in Malaysia , how could she be murdered in Malaysia ? Rumour has it that she was actually abducted by alien submarines. I tend to believe this more.

While in Shah Alam, do go to the High Court. This was where a very brave Judge ordered the release of an ISA detainee despite the law purportedly allow him to only scrutinise comas and full stops when a release application is made.

In Port Klang, please visit the PKFZ. This is a port support complex built to Malaysia 's highest standard. Nothing was left unattended in the building of this complex. The cost was originally 1 billion. It later became 2 billions. Then 4 billions and now it is 10 billions. Some say it is 12 billions. It is an awesome complex. I mean, it is such a complex complex. Very complex. It is so complex that a report about it had taken months to prepare and be read by the Minister. Probably the report itself has become complex now.

There is also a palace to visit in Klang. But the owner has passed away. So, let's not talk about it.

Oh, I forgot. While on the way to Shah Alam, don't forget to stop at a condominium called Tivolli Villa. This is a historical place. It was in one of the condominium here that our former DPM was accused of having committed sodomy. The only thing is, the sodomy was supposed to have occurred even before the condominium was completed. I told you before, we are very unique people.

By the way, at this juncture, may I remind you to tell the tourists that sodomy is a crime in Malaysia . So, all those tourists who are gay, please take note. If they are caught, they could be charged and the mattress on which they commit the act would be brought to Court. Just be careful on what they do in Malaysia . We are all very upright - morally, that is - here.

After all, we have "Asian values", you know. Speaking of which, we also have the "Malay Dilemma". And the "Melayu Baru". As well as the "Melayu Glocals". Now we have "One Malaysia".

Further to the north, of course, you would want to bring the tourists to the state from which Ms Yeoh comes from, namely, Perak. Go to the state capital, Ipoh . There is a tree there which is of some significance. A whole session of the state legislative assembly was convened and proceeded under that tree. Tell that to the tourists. Then go to the state secretariat building. Look at the legislative assembly house. This is where they have 2 speakers. And 2 MBs. Two governments too. This is also a place where a key chain could morph itself into a pen drive and later a pepper spray.

This assembly is also probably the only assembly where the police could come in and forcibly removed the Speaker. And it is also the only assembly house where a meeting could remove the Speaker even before the meeting actually started. (the sodomy occurred in a condominium before the condominium was actually completed and the Speaker was removed at a meeting before the meeting started - you see the trend here?). Weapons could also be brought in. And please do visit the mamak restaurant nearby. But please do not have breakfast there. You might get arrested.

While there, do find a football player dubbed the Pangkor Pele and get your autograph signed by him. After all, Malaysia is not only truly Asia but also truly Brazil at times.

Up south, the tourists should go to Melaka and take a ride on a Ferris wheel known as the "eyes of Melaka". This is a very special Ferris wheel. It is a mobile one. It was in Kuala Lumpur and later it moved itself to Melaka. It is probably the most expensive one too. In KL, it costs the Government 30 million bucks per year. Yes. Thirty millions. Apparently it was hand made by the French. I don't know. That was the rumour. Don't be surprise if next year, they would build a contact lense for that "eye" at a cost of 15 millions or something..

Then you all can go to Johor. On the way to Johor Baru, the state capital, please do stop at Batu Pahat and go and have lunch or something at Katerina Hotel. This is the hotel where a former Minister had sex with a personal friend. The sex act was secretly taped and soon DVDs of the "show" was distributed to the public. Come to think of it, while in Petaling Street , the tourists might be able to buy this DVD as souvenier for their beloved ones. Don't forget to buy the t-shirt as well. It is printed "My dad goes to Malaysia and all I get is a sex DVD". Awesome!

Speaking of souveniers, if the tourists choose to buy that DVD as a souvenier, they can choose to buy another tape or recording just to complete their collection. Buy both and their collection would be considered "premium". Yes. Complete their collection by also buying the Linggam Tape. They will not be disappointed. From the Linggam Tape, the tourists could, for example, learn that someone who looks like someone and sounds like that same someone, might not be that someone after all. Very unique indeed.

Finally, you all will arrive at Johor Baru. Here, the attraction is of course the "crooked bridge". But hang on It is not there yet. It was supposed to be there. Then it was not suppose to be there. Now it is supposed to be there again.

Please do also visit a cluster of rocks called "the middle rocks" in the straits between Johor and Singapore . These cluster of rocks should be called "the middle finger" because it is obviously Singapore showing us, in Malaysia , its middle finger. But do go there only during low tide. During high tide, the rocks will be submerged. You see, this is again very unique. Malaysia is probably the only country where her international boundary is dependable on the tides. I am sure the tourists would be interested to know.

I wish you all the best in your job.

Yours sincerely

A Harun

ps. I have always wondered. Why do the French call the French toast a
toast, although it is not toasted?

TEH : Got the forwarded e-mail and HAHA ... creatively written by Malaysian, for Malaysians. Malaysia Boleh!!
To spoil your day, any time any day ... think of SAMY VELLOO. Recently, Dr M pointed out rightly to the our Indian HERO who has SACRIFICED his whole live for the benefit of our Indian brothers.

At least, here is somthing to laugh it loud. LOL.

1) Samy Velu on pos laju "BESOK KIRIM, HARI INI SAMPAI"

2) The one on TV when in trying to say he was ashamed, he said:`Kemaluan saya besar`

3) On drugs, "Jangan hisap dada"

4) Samy said in a ceramah "Kita akan bina satu jambatan untuk orong-orong kampong disini", one pakcik asked, "Datuk, sini takde sungai,buat apa bina jambatan?" and Samy glorious replied,"Kalau takde sungai, kita bina sungai!"

5) Samy's favorite quote on national television "Toll naik sikit, manyak
marah saya. You ingat semua ini toll saya punya bapa punya kah!"

6) During the water shortage crisis : "semua orang diminta jgn membuang aiyerr..!"

7) During blood donation campaign in Sg Siput: "..marilah kita semua menderma dara.."

8) During the opening speech of various function: "...selamat datang saudara-mara semua.." (actually is "saudara-saudari" )

9) At an opening ceremony: "mempersilakan datin paduka rafidah aziz naik ke pentas utk membuka kain"

10)Commenting about his modesty: "sebenarnya, kemaluan saya sangat-sangat besar"

And lastly u know why our N-S Highway concessionaire is named PLUS.

PLUS = Pungut Lebih Untuk Samy


p/s : Time to buy PLUS? Haha ... wait till PLUS taken out from Bursa listing, as Samy got enough money to buy the whole confectionary ... ooppsss ... datuk, PLUS is private ka?

Sudirman - Balik Kampung

As DOW reaching for 10,000 level ... can we STILL buy into an US stock?

SILVER : This 'white gold' is outperforming gold. How do we invest in SILVER? As I m buying stocks/equities, which counter will benefit the most with the uptrend silver price? Demand will be so great that the price of silver WILL continue to move higher, as of gold.

3 of 21 common mistakes

1. Stubbornly holding onto your losses when they are very small and reasonable.

TEH : I have done this mistake last year when market was diving and holding on to those stocks(luckily only 3 : Ranhill, Jaks and LionDiv). Failing to take LOSSES when market going us is the most common mistake most investors making. Refusal to take losses could wipe-off our capitals. The strategy to counter this mistake : Place a cut-loss point.

2. Buying on the way down in price, thus ensuring miserable results.

TEH : I m adopting caution when buying a stock that retracing as I might be catching a knife. This is one mistake I could easily commit as I 'like' buying into waterfalls. I just bought MPHB when it dived last week, but the fear of catching a knife is real. MHPB retraced due to the telco(U-mobile) news? MHPB is a good counter in my stalk list, so when it dived ... i bought into it. But, will that be a mistake?

At the moment, I have a list of oil/petro related stock(HKSE) which on the way down. These are penny-stocks.

3. Averaging down in price rather than averaging up when buying.

TEH : This is one of my common plans - to average down. I seldom(or never?) average up which supposed to be the RIGHT way. Averaging on 'losers' might get our funds stuck for some time. But, we might get 'lucky' when the stock we averaged down start to pick up some steam ... if we are 'lucky'. As market still showing strength, I might think of average-up my LionInd or E&O. For a change, this time.

Warrants : So many 'good' warrants to grab as market moving higher!!

AMMB-cd reaching for highest point as AMMB reaching 52-week high. IJM-cc is at the new high too as IJM gathered interests.

WCT-wb reaching the support at 0.60, and I shall queue at 0.595 next week. Noted.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

DOW edge up a little more ... GOLD at 1010 and OIL at 72.

Please take a little of your time to click on the voting box ------>


Interesting site to share :

Speculative counters : Time to buy?

L&G, Yun Kong, Tamadam, MKLand, Hubline, Ingress and such were heavily traded last week. Not due to their VERY good business models but ... they are penny stocks. I do believe someone(manipulators) push-up the prices, and letting many punters to move in ... and without signs, the prices will collapse when these big-boys taking huge profits.

Most of the counters, especially penny-stocks are bound to be manipulated. Punters and traders alike simply cant resist the huge % gains ... with the risk of high losses too. I have quitted on these play ... as I think the risk is higher now, going into these spooky months. If market collapses, these stocks may never recover to their current level.

Even KNM and Saag are very speculative but many buying into KNM(OSK has a BUY call with target above RM1) ... and making it the most actively traded counter in KLSE. Most buying into it because 1. it is a penny-stock 2. highest volume 3. oil-related play 4. good coverage by many broker houses 5. add in HERE if you are holding on KNM.

KNM retraced to 0.70 level(strong support) before rebounded strongly to breache 0.80 and moving below 0.80 now. IF it retraces back to 0.70 level, will you BUY and believe that it WILL rebound to 0.80 level AGAIN? History always repeats itself? How about if KNM going to 0.40 level again ... will you BUY hugely believing KNM is worth RM1.20 as reported/expected?

Can we really BUY into these speculative counters? Yes and No, I think. Yes, if you are traders and will take profit once it reached your target. Please DO NOT believe those broker houses target prices as they are at time ridiculous. IF you bought at support 0.70, we should clear it at 0.77+ and be glad we did. Afterall, that is a cool 10% in few days!! NO ... if you are investor and with little capitals. Investors do not buy in these spooky months?! If we have missed the Mac low, then do believe(and wait) that market WILL have a strong pull-back/correction ... to buy into it. I might grab some KNM or Scomi during the huge pull-back. Not that I like KNM so much, but we need to buy something others like to BUY. But, I wont buy too hugely on it due to its high risk.

I rather swing trade good counters now, such as LionInd and E&O. Even Genting is a good swing-trade at the moment. It shot up from 6.60 tp 7.40 before retraced back to 6.70 level ... and not back to 7.20 level. I have added POS into my swing-trade counter-list. I m learning this skill(more on TA which I m very weak in it) as I m seeing it as a logical way of profitting from market.

Penny-stocks are worth holding too, if they are of 'good' prospects, fundamentally. So, if KNM seen as FUNDAMENTALLY strong and a close proxy to the appreciation of oil-prices, then an investor with a loooonger period window of time frame may want to collect KNM at current level. Buying in 2009 WILL not be too expensive in longer run. Oil at 70-level and will we see 140 level again? Those oil-stocks will double or triple IF oil runs to 140 level or higher. It is matter of TIME. Time is something short-term traders do not have. BUY n HOLD does not apply in such volatile market but those swing-traders do time and profit well. Buy at support, sell at resistance. That is the general rule.

Most of the stocks that I queued at support(or slightly lower) were not done. RCECap at 0.62 never done for weeks now as I want to move back to collect this one. It touched 0.625 and at 0.66 now. Not willing to pay slightly higher(opportunity costs?) price. DRB at 1.10 never done as I queued for few days before it rushed to 1.20 level. Even AirAsia queues not done for days. Unless suddenly market DIVE, many of my queues will be done. That is very risky as I might be catching falling knives!!

Hence, I will only limit myself to have 3-queues at most in a day. At what level are we willing to pay the price of a stock? That is personal ... depending on our own investment/trading strategies.


Friday, September 18, 2009

GOLD at 1015, DOW down slightly(7 points only) and Crude oil price at USD72.

"Please take a little time to 'tick' on the questionaire of what you think the direction of KLCI by end of this year. I will appreciate that. "

Thanks ------------------------------------>

10.45 am : KLCI in profit-taking mode. I have a queue for more of LionInd at 1.55(not done). Currently, I m only holding to MPHB(2k units at 1.82), LionInd(2k units at 1.60) and E&O(4k units at 1.50). Yeah ... these are 'good' counters and will collect more if they are below my initial buying prices. Mind you, I believe market will dive. But, it doesnt, then buy during corrections at support levels.

To me, I dont mind holding to MPHB, LionInd and E&O. Among the three, I will seriously collect LionInd(not cheap anymore at 1.60). So, I will buy in stages, not cut loss when market moving lower. May be, at 1.50 then 1.40 ... and so on, with increasing volumes.

AirAsia : I missed AirAsia flight at 1.35 two days ago as it was not done. Currently it is moving higher to be at 1.45/1.46.

Muhibah : I also missed being Muhibah during Malaysia day on Wednesday by a whisker ... queued at 1.25, but it only done 1.26(Jackie Lee done it at this level). Currently it is at 1.32/1.33 level.

MPHB : But, I was alert to see MPHB diving on Wednesday to grab it at 1.82. It touched 1.80. Currently it is at 1.88/1.89 level.

3.30 pm : I m still busy, will be having 2 more tuition classes till 9.30pm at night. AirAsia surprised me. MPHB, LionInd and E&O doing ok at the moment, and I have lower queues for all of them. I have changed my play ... going for more safer trades. I dislike Sept/Oct.

The Dead Cat Bounce: A Bear In Bull's Clothing?

There's an old saying in investing: even a dead cat will bounce if it is dropped from high enough. The dead cat bounce refers to a short-term recovery in a declining trend. In this article, we explore this phenomenon by looking at an example of a dead cat bounce and contrasting it to an actual change in sentiment that turns a market's outlook from bearish to bullish.

What Is a Dead Cat Bounce?

Let's take a look at a period of economic turmoil:

As you can see, the markets took a serious beating during this six-week period in 2000. As gut-wrenching as this was, it was not a unique occurrence in financial history. Optimistic periods in the market have always been preceded and followed by pessimistic or bear market conditions, hence the cyclical nature of the economy.

However, a phenomenon unique to certain bear markets, including the one described above, is the occurrence of a dead cat bounce. After declining for six weeks in a row, the market showed a strong rally. The Nasdaq in particular posted gains of 7.78% after a disappointing string of losses. However, these gains were short lived and the major indexes continued their downward march. This chart illustrates just where the cat bounced, how high it bounced and then how far it continued to fall.

What Causes a Cat To Bounce?

There comes a time in every bear market when even the most ardent bears rethink their positions. When a market finishes down for six weeks in a row, it may be a time when bears are clearing out their short positions to lock in some profits. Meanwhile, value investors may start to believe the bottom has been reached, so they nibble on the long side. The final player to enter the picture is the momentum investor, who looks at his or her indicators and finds oversold readings. All these factors contribute to an awakening of buying pressure, if only for a brief time, which sends the market up.

Dead Cat or Market Reversal?

As we noted earlier, after a long sustained decline, the market can either undergo a bounce, which is short lived, or enter a new phase in its cycle, in which case the general direction of the market undergoes a sustained reversal as a result of changes in market perceptions.

This image illustrates an example of when the overall sentiment of the market changed and the dominant outlook became bullish again.

How can investors determine whether a current upward movement is a dead cat bounce or a market reversal? If we could answer this correctly all the time we'd be able to make a lot of money. The fact is that there is no simple answer to spotting a market bottom.

It is crucial to understand that a dead cat bounce can affect investors in very different ways, depending on their investment style.

Style and Bouncing

A dead cat bounce is not necessarily a bad thing; it really depends on your perspective. For example, you won't hear any complaints from day traders, who look at the market from minute to minute and love volatility. Given their investment style, a dead cat bounce can be a great money-making opportunity for these traders. But this style of trading takes a great deal of dedication, skill in reacting to short-term movements and risk tolerance.

At the other end of the spectrum, long-term investors may become sick to their stomachs when they bear more losses just after they thought the worst was finally over. If you are a long-term, buy-and-hold investor, following these two principles should provide some solace:

•A well-diversified portfolio can offer some protection against the severity of losses in any one asset class. For example, if you allocate some of your portfolio to bonds, you are ensuring that a portion of your invested assets are working independently from the movements of the stock market. This means your entire portfolio's worth won't fluctuate wildly like a torturous yo-yo with short-term ups and downs.

•A long-term time horizon should calm the fears of those invested in stocks, making the short-term bouncing cats less of a factor. Even if you see your stock portfolio lose 30% in one year, you can be comforted by the fact that over the entire 20th century the stock market has yielded a yearly average between 8-9%.


Downward markets aren't fun at the best of times, and when the market toys with your emotions by teasing you with short-lived gains after huge losses, you can feel pushed to the limit. If you are a trader, the key is to figure out the difference between a dead cat bounce and a bottom. If you are a long-term investor, the key is to diversify your portfolio and think long term. Unfortunately, there are no easy answers here, but hopefully this article helped you understand what a dead cat bounce is and how it affects different participants in the market.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Greed and Fear

I have been noting down on my emotions : When I was greedy, when and why? When I was in fear, when and why?

How I survived a nightmare(day-mare, actually)

ZiJin-cw : Yesterday, I queued for 0.148 and it was done. Shouldnt I be jumping for joy after TWICE it shot up above 0.14(my target price) to 0.144 and 0.142, only to see it pullback the next day to go below 0.130?! Should I be relieved that I could sell it at such a "HIGH" price as I saw it plummeted to a low of 0.07 last month?? I was not in joy after I sold it, as I m seeing more upside on it TODAY as gold reaching for 1020. Now, yesterday morning it was at 1005(and even went down to 990 level days ago!!) ... so, I do know it will jump, and placing a 25% increment from the previous closing price, I thought it wont be done(like I dont wish to sell? GREED in play) ... cool. It closed at 0.155. OUCH. Later I wont be surprise if it jumps up another 10-20% to 0.17 level, and breaching new high above 0.20 soon. SHOULDNT I BE in JOY? Hmmm ...

Now, for TWO times when it breached my target price at 0.140 ... I got GREEDY and did not sell it at 0.140(lack of discipline with GREED in play). But, both of the times, it dived below 0.130 the next few trading days. I was cursing myself for not being disciplined. I SHOULD HAVE SOLD IT AT 0.140, I said. As it reached 0.125 level(FEAR in play?), I was kicking myself(in my trading room ... without anyone know about it, and also I do not write about it. This is a confession of a novice trader!) ... and promised to sell it at 0.140 the next time. Yesterday, it breached 0.140 for the third time in as many weeks.

I bought ZiJin-cw at 0.142 with great confidence it will shoot up back to 0.20 level(it dived from 0.16+ to 0.14 level when I decided to buy into it). For first few days, it went up to 0.150. I started to feel confident. I even think of buying more?? GREED in PLAY. But, I did not as that was not in my trading plan. As China markets pullback, ZiJin started to show weakness and back to 0.140 level, and without much problem, going below 0.130 after a week or so!! I do not put a stop-loss, but thought of buying more at 0.120 level.

Yes, it reached 0.120 level ... I was in FEAR and was too stunned to execute my plan? Hello novice trader, you are supposed to follow your plans? I did not. It went back to 0.130 level ... then, HAI YAH, why I didnt buy at 0.120 as planned? It it going to shoot up 0.15 soon!! Yeah, right. Emotions in play ...

Funny, it dived below 0.120 level ... and I was watching it and braved myself : You better buy at 0.10 level or else I will slap you. PIAK. I bought more at 0.10, to avoid being slapped by myself.

FEARS? Wait till you see my face when it went below 0.10, and dived to 0.07 level. I will buy at 0.05 level, I mumbled. Yeah right ... when it really reached 0.05 level, we will be shivering??! I was holding on to 180k units averaging at around 0.12, so at 0.07 ... I m losing almost half of my values. With the expiry date shorten each day, the FEAR is very real. What should I do? As I searching for answers(like looking at my palm lines and the formation of stars above) ... ok, last plunge to 0.05 ... BUY!

It rebounded from 0.07 very quickly back to 0.10 level. PHEW!! What a relieve tho I was still down. As markets in HK recovering, gold price shooting higher to 980 level ... wow. Suddenly there is a great interest in ZiJin. It was shooting like 20% per day. Do the calculations : 0.070 to 0.100, the 0.120. That was just in a week!! It reached my average price. What a relief. Suddenly the FEAR disappear(very fast) and confidence is back. Ok ... I will be VERY glad to clear it at 0.140, I told myself.

Arrghh ... it did reach 0.14 ... ok, I think it will reach higher, say to 0.15?? Then, I started to write about it 2/3 weeks ago, exposing my rollercoaster ride with it. Well, it reached 0.140 TWICE but finally I sold it yesterday as it reached 0.140 again for the third time.

ZiJin breached HKD8 yesterday to close at 8.15, a level never expected in such a short period of time. I started to stalk ZiJin in Feb when it was at HKD3.50 level.

There are so much emotions involved that I was numbed. I m learning to ride on roller-coasters and to numb myself when I trade. But, frankly ... I dont like the emotions in play. I wish I m totally emotionless. Guess I just need to learn and experience more ... I m such a novice. HAHA.

I m trying to be a contrarian but due to lack of discipline, I have not really been doing that. I tend to 'follow the herd', and being slow, I will be slaughtered. The control of emotions is VERY essential and important. Move on after we sell(not looking back with regrets due to greed) ... and hold on after we bought it. Markets up and markets down ... it is the trend that we should TRY to follow. As the saying goes, market ALWAYS win. We buy, it goes down ... we sell, it shoots higher. It is wiser to be longer term investor rather than short-term trader if we could not contain our emotions.

NOTE : The above story is fictional as it is being used to illustrate FEAR and GREED in a novice trader like me and should not be taken seriously.

9.45 am : KLCI up another 5 points after DOW closed 100 points higher. I only have a queue for MPHB at 1.75(which unlikely to be done today).

10.20 am : Zijin-cw at 0.162 now. Ouch ... it will go up to 0.17 if that is the way it is. OUCH.

10.35 am : ZiJin-cw at 0.167 as ZiJin up 2%. Sinopec and Cnooc also up. So, my CWs up too but as HSBC shoots higher(reaching HKD90 soon), my HSBC-pw buried. Still have not decide what to do with it. RM4.5k stucked and sucked in ...

12.25 pm : As ZiJin up more than 3%, ZiJin-jr at 0.172(touched 0.174). My timing is really bad. I failed to maximise my profits again.

Invest in China-auto

In China, only 2.9% of the population owns cars. That's only about 38 million cars on the streets of China's cities and villages.

Compare that to the United States, where 238 million vehicles are on the road.

The growth in China is going to be awesome

Taken from Taipan Daily

I m very interested in China-auto and was reading a few interim-reports. It is incredible!! So, I wont hesitate to place 20% of my funds into it for investment purposes. It will be uptrend as China still expanding their auto-sector. Currently there are more than 100 auto-manufacturers and will be consolidating into a huge few. BYD is the best performer, thanks to W.Buffett.

4.55 pm : KLCI up 5 points, thanks to the Raya rally. HSI up another 300+ points(after 500+ points yesterday), thanks to the China's National Day rally. Gold rallying surpassing 1020, a new high. How far could GOLD go? Too bad, I hv cleared my gold-holding. Ouch.

Cnooc closed slightly lower with heavy selling in the last half hour of closing. My Cnooc-jr at my buying price but Sinopec-jr up 5% off my buying price, doing better.

AnnJoo moved, and AnnJoo-wb shot up. I didnt watch it. But, I grabbed some LionInd at 1.60 and E&O at 1.50. Please KLCI ... dont drop ... come one, rally on till end of next SEPT 2010? Hehe.

10.05 pm : DOW up slightly, Gold breached 1020 but retraces back to 1015 level. Crude oil price at USD72. UNG at 11.70(last week I wrote about it when I touched new low at 8.94). UNG rebounding strongly. Are these sustainable?

GenS-c1 at 0.30. To collect this below 0.30?


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

DOW at 9680 level, reaching for 10k level ... while KLCI staying above 1200 level. Oil at 70 and Gold at 1007. Hope I could clear my HK's CW.

Muhibah : I might grab some Muhibah later on, for trading buy. Support at the closing price yesterday, 1.25(touched 1.24), with target 1.35. Cut-loss at 1.16.

Today is a public holiday for Sabah and Sarawak. Yippeee ... but I m pack with tuition classes as next week is exam week.

DRBHCom : While Proton playing at the VW news, DRB generating interest too. Instead of Proton, I might consider DRB. I was queueing for it yesterday but it refused to go lower. DRB closed at 1.15 yesterday. Will queue for it later. Support at 1.10.

Dialog : Short-term buy signal at 1.22(closed 1.25) and resistance 1.30. Will consider this one with my game-stock.

LionInd : This is my fav counter ... support at 1.42, so I will queue at 1.45 later. Begin with 2k units, and will accumulate(rather than cut-loss) if it moves lower. Yes, I will buy more at next support level, which at 1.15. I dont see it dives below Rm1 anymore.

These will be my trading focus today. I no longer day-trade(which cost me losing money due to lack of focus and in-correct plans). Will buy at support, ride on the fading waves ... and sell at a target. It is hard to profit from market at this period of time.

10.40 am : MPHB actively traded downward ... dont know why. I grabbed some at 1.82. As AirAsia dropping, I hv a queue at 1.32(touched 1.34). So, I hv to cancel my LionInd(at 1.45 wont be done today). But, Muhibah still at 1.25 queue(not done). DRB breaking 1.20, as Proton breached RM4 mark.

3.40 pm : FINALLY, I sold all my 180k units of ZiJin-jr at 0.148 as ZiJin up 6%, its junior up 20%. It is about RM10k, stucked there anxiously for 2 months till GOLD shoots up to 1015-level now. If market on retraction tmr or so, I will grab it back. I will. I gained about 30%, which is RM3k. What a ride. Will write about it. (p/s : All these are STORIES for pleasure reading purposes. Of coz I do not go thru REAL rides, ya).

HSI very bullish today ... all my CNOOC-cw and Sinopec-cw shooting up 10%. Will clear them soon too.

5.05 pm : KLCI up 5.51 points with high volumes. Finally, the players are out ... look at KNM, touching 0.79, and was at 0.695 2 days ago. Wow. Many oil-stocks are doing well too, but Kencana at profit-taking mode after a huge jump yesterday. WaSeong-wa up 10% too.

Currently I m only holding to MPHB(at 1.82). Too bad that Muhibah not done at 1.25, it closed higher at 1.30. AirAsia not done too. KFima added 10%.

10.10pm : GOLD reaching for 1020 sooner than I expected. ZiJin-cw might jump another 20% tmr but I have sold(as usual, after sold mine, it jumps up). It closed at 0.154(I sold at 0.148). With cash in hand, I might wait for a while to move into an HSI-put.

Oil above 70 now ... I do expect Sinopec and Cnooc to generate some interest tmr. But, as the expiry-date for my Sinopec-cw at Dec 2010 and Cnooc-cw at Mac 2010, I m in no hurry to sell these. In fact, I might average up further ... wait and see.

10.35 pm : BUY : TWSPlant at 1.65 and Fajar at 1.13. MPHB at 1.79.

As I m holding BJToto-cd and Sinopec-c5, I m currently interested to collect AirAsia-cf. Expiring Jan 2011, exercise price at 1.16.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Staying clear in Sept/Oct to rebalance and restructure my funds will do me good. Too much of clusters and some spiders making webs upstairs. Haha.

W are shifting office/school's location. So, in the midst of exams, teachers will be busy packing. A new environment is GOOD ... but it will be further away(10km+), and that giving me the STRESS. The transportation matters and also the time travelling, longer time used ... means I could not give two tuition classes as I m doing right now. Higher expenses, lower income next year.

12.40 pm : KLCI up 3 points. HKSE closed due to typhoon. Kencana on the move, Proton too. My queue for DRB at 1.10 not done as it shot higher this morning. POS at 2.10 not done too(low volume and at 2.22 now).

With my OSK's simulation game-stock, I bought hugely into KNM at 0.70(RM21k) yesterday. 0.70 is the support level and it rebounds today, gaining few hundred not-real bucks. IN REAL, I will not dare to place Rm20k in ONE buy, ONE counter. I want to test it with my simulation-a/c. And I think I will gain more than my actual a/c. Hmm ... I buy without FEAR as it is not real!!

Many blue-chips have been doing well for past one month but those 'regular' speculative counters are not moving or lowered? Hmm ... I m expecting someone to 'goreng' those counters.

Buying at support-level?

BUY : LCL at 0.69. RCECap at 0.62. GPacket at 0.66. TWSCorp at 0.62.

Evergreen at 0.81.

HPI at 1.40. LionInd at 1.45. Resorts at 2.70. HSPlant at 2.15. POS at 2.10. QL 3.15.(I like eggs, ok?).Aeon at 4.30(I just Jusco too).

3.50 pm : Sold my "KNM" at 0.735 for 1k profits. Yeah right, I was daring to punt RM20k yesterday on it as the money is not real. But, hey ... seee?? Profits!! Yeah ...

Since I m not buying, such a simulation game could get me busy. I bought "Muhibah" at 1.25, Sapcres at "1.80" just now. Grabbed "LionInd" at 1.50.

4.45 pm : KLCI up 4 points. KNM done very well, I hv sold early at 0.735, it is at 0.75 now. Wow ... impressively 'gorenged'.

Fish Leong & Ping Guan - Ming Ming Heng Ai Ni

5.00 pm : KLCI closed at 1207.47. HSI down about 60 points(half-day) with ZiJin and Sinopec unchanged but Cnooc down. Alibaba down 11% today in active trade due to the 'bad' news. Alibaba with PE 70 at the moment, breached HKD22(I bought at HKD6 in Mac), and closed at HKD18 level. It will dip further, but I still like its business-models. Will consider it as a loooong term investment when market dive. Question : Will market dive? Will post a questionaire on it. Hmm ...

Oil-stocks : Today most of the oil-stocks rallied except Petra which I sold off yesterday. Phew! Kencana, Sapcres and KNM. Even Scomi and Ramunia rebounded today.

Steel-stocks : But, steel counters are in RED. I will be seeing LionInd to go 1.45 or Kinstel to 0.88 level before even thinking of starting to collect. AnnJoo-wb below 0.55 will be nice.

Need to note that WCT-wb going below 0.60 soon. Noted.

Suncity being thrown away of 20k units at 3.08 before closing, breaching the support of 3.18?? It lost 3.75% due to that action. Why? Next strong support seen at 2.83 level. I will stalk this one.

11.30 pm : Yahoo dumped Alibaba ... bad news are temporary, if investors still like the outlook of the company, buying during weakness. I will look into it to BUY.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Waterfalls forming?

Many stocks in my stalk list are retracing and many reaching their immediate support levels.

Oil-stocks : KNM, Scomi and Vastalux

Steel : LionInd and AnnJoo-wb

Properties : MKLand, Equine, KHSB

Others : Muhibah, RCECap and DRB.

KL30 : Genting, GenM, Astro and MMC.

New in my list : POS <-- a good swing trade counter.
Gold opens slightly higher, @ 1007 now. I do hope gold to breach 1010 level, and there will be 'crazy' buying into ZiJin ... enable me to sell. Yes, I do not think so it is sustainable. USD will rebound and as stock markets retrace. Gold will move below 1000 again. It is quite volatile at the moment. It is Sept/Oct ... the two months that investors should keep out. Short-term traders are there, and many big-boys are pushing the market higher to clear their position and ... zrrrooommm down we go. So, if my hypothesis is right(even partially), I will like to remain sideline, at the moment. Will clear Petra later.

Oil moving below USD70, and will be in that tight range of USD65-75. OPEC seeing oil to be at USD80 by year-end and comfortable with the price. No change in their production. I do believe oil WILL go into 3-digits by next year or so. So, if my Cnooc or Sinopec do not give me 20-30% profits, I will hold till then ... and will average down IF market really dive. We dont know the direction(talking about timing the market ... it is not really possible for a novice like me) but we need to get ourselves prepare for possible scenario.

KLSE? No buying for me ... let it be. let it be. let it be ... let it be. I will like to see KLCI pullback to 1100 level before considering buying. BUY is a vulgar word to me at the moment. Historically, OCT/NOV are bad months ... I want to stay-out(so that I could sleep well). But, being addicted to markets, I will certain be BACK ...

9.10 am : KLCI up 4 points, thanks to CIMB and SIME.

9.20 am : Gen Int at 1.05 vs 1.06, and GenS-c1 going below 0.30 soon. I sold at 0.34 for a loss(stop-loss level) and glad I was discipline enough, to admit a mistake of buying into it. But, I m still stalking it to buy ... perhaps after the right-issues issue.

CIMB-cf sold at 0.26 moments ago. Sometimes we might get greedy ... I told myself to sell it when mommy reaching 11(it was at 10.5), today CIMB at 11.20 level now, I m glad to sell. I dont know if I sold it early again? Hmm ... That reminds me of Genting-co which I sold last week when Genting reached 7.30 level. Fear and Greed in play.

As for BJToto-cd, I will like to see its mommy at RM4.50 level to consider clearing(0.125 not done but moving lower this morning). I will hold this one IF market dives and I could get the 0.125 level.

BSTB.KL, Overweight

1Q10 results seasonally lower but in line

by Nicole Goh

· 1Q10 results in line with expectations: Berjaya Sports Toto reported 1Q10 net profit of M$100MM, up 9% Y/Y but down 6% Q/Q. 1Q10 net profit came in at 23% of our full year forecast and consensus estimates. As 1Q10 is typically seasonally weaker given the festive seasons in subsequent quarters in the year, we view the results as in line with expectations.

· Operationally, NFO revenue in 1Q10 was flat Y/Y while on a per draw basis, NFO revenue declined 7% Y/Y. NFO operating margin, however, increased from 16.7% in 1Q09 to 18.1% this quarter predominantly due to lower prize payout.

· No dividends declared during results announcement as 1Q10 dividends of 19 sen per share was already declared during the announcement of 4Q09 results in June 2009. Note that the company is keeping to its dividend policy of a 75% payout ratio.

· Recent newsflow supportive of long-term growth of NFO sector, in our view: Recent news flow such as the 12 special draws awarded to each NFO as well as the approval for B Toto to convert its 6/42 lotto game into a higher matrix 6/55 game are positive for the industry and supportive of its longer term growth, in our view. We reiterate our OW rating on the stock and we continue to like the company based on its high dividend yield as well as large market share. With the liberalization of the NFO market, B Toto with the largest market share, most number of games and branch network should benefit. Moreover, we expect the pie / industry to grow as more games are introduced into the market.

11 am : KLCI not moving much .. still at 1208. Sold Petra. Selling ZiJin.Jr as it is up 10% more now.

12.40 pm : ZiJin Jr failed to reached my queue level at 0.145, and at 0.140 now. ZiJin up 2%, down slightly from the intra-day high of 3.5% on profit-taking.

6.20 pm : I m disappointed that I failed to clear ZiJin-jr and it dived down. I have to wait for another round(will there be?) to clear ... I just want to clear.

I sold my Petra and IJMLand for small profits. I m cleared of KLSE's stocks. Failed to clear BJToto-cd at 0.12 and 0.125. I m still holding Genm-cj and forgotten about it!! Now it moved lower than my purchasing price.

Conclusion : Greediness will do us harm. Be greedy only when everyone in FEARS.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A good book to dispute the BUY-n-HOLD principle : All about MARKET TIMING, a book by Leslie N. Masonson. I will like to read more of this book as it written what I believe : BUY-n-HOLD no longer applicable in this secular bear market.

So, I will like to put it into practice : 50% of my funds will be buying KLSE's counters(focus only on 2/3 counters) when market have a deep pullback, corrections or whatever they calling it. I m betting that DOW will dive before end of year, and KLCI will move back 1000-1050 level by end of year. That will be my entry point. Discipline and patience are essentially important here. So, I shall wait ... currently, I m only holding to little of Petra(at 2.50) and IJMLand(at 2.15), which I will hold but will sell off once the dive confirmed. Many still think there won't be any significant dive, but mild corrections. We shall see ...

20% will go to buy my KLSE's warrants. I will grab AnnJoo-wb, WCT-wb, SPSetia-wb or WaSeong-wa. Also, might consider call-warrants : Genting-cm or Genting-co.

30% for HKSE's cw/pw ... and I might want to sell off my current holdings to change to HSI/A50/HKEx warrants.

Now, I still hope to collect more bullets to buy into China green-stocks such as CWindPower or C.Solar.

An email I received from an UNKNOWN person named AIDA.

Flat 2 . 17. Westwood
Scarborough North
Yorkshire, YO11 2JD
England, United Kingdom

Dear One

With respect and humility, I decided to send this proposal to you. This however, is not mandatory nor will I in any manner compel you to honor against your will. Your profile pushed me to send you this mail, I am Aida Ibrahim, 22 years old and the only daughter of my late parents Mr. and Mrs. Jimme mohammed Ibrahim. My father was a highly reputable business man (a cocoa merchant and supplier of agro allied material ) who operated in the city of Doha Qatar during his days. It is sad to say that he passed away mysteriously in London during one of his business trips abroad in February 2007. Though his sudden death was linked or rather suspected to have been masterminded by an uncle of his who traveled with him at that time. But God knows the truth! My mother died when I was just 4 years old, and since then my father took me so special.

Before his death on February 12, 2007, he told me about a box he concealed the sum of eighteen million, seven hundred thousand United State Dollars.($18,700,000.00 USD) deposited in one of the security companys in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia, which he disguised and declared the box to contain family valuables instead of money, by this way the company does not know the true content of the box. I have in my possesion the deposit document which the company gave to my late father when he deposited the box with the security company. I really don't know what to do.

This is because I have been through a lot of hard times here in London, hidden for my life. The death of my father actually brought sorrow to my life. I am in a sincere desire of your assistance in this regards. Your suggestions and ideas will be highly regarded. Now permit me to ask these few questions:-

1. Can you honestly and willingly help me as your sister?
2. Can I completely trust you?
3. What percentage of the total amount in question will be good for you after the money gets in your possession?

Please, Consider this and get back to me as soon as possible.

Thank you so much.

My sincere regards,
Aida Ibrahim.

Well, if I m free ... I might want to reply to her and be her trusted bro. Who won't? USD18? Hmm ... should I ask for 10%? That wont be too much for being her trusted brother, right? Hmm ... somehow, I dont know why she e-mail me of millions of people. I feel LUCKY. Yeah ... I might be an instant millionaire?! Anyone receive this letter besides me? Should I trust her ... ?

Digital : Thanks. I do know it is a scam. I was just wondering WHO will be trapped/cheated. There are many cases UN-reported as many are too ashamed to be known that they are GREEDY and stupid?

9.30 pm : Just came from from the ship : but I didnt buy any books. Well, I have too many books for me to read. Recently, I went to KL bookfest(at KLCC) and bought another 5 books. Hehe ... Money Secrets by Andrw Chia is good. Fear&Greed by Pauline Yong is a very essential reading for novice like me. It gives me WARNING not to lose anymore money by short-term trading. But, currently I m reading "All about market timing", and it gives me some very good KNOWLEDGE about indicators and such.

Knowledge is power?? Says who ?? Very misleading ... applied knowledge with some intelligence is power. I bought Napolean Hill's book on "Think and Grow RICH". It said that ORGANISED KNOWLEDGE with strong desire ... with actions taken, knowledge applied .. then we might see the power of knowledge!! So, I m one of the few lecturers around who DO NOT bother much about results(scoring A) but the understanding of concepts to be applied. That is deep .. profound.

Lets point it back to ME. So what IF I read a lot of investment books, investing so much of money and time reading different investment/trading books ... when the bottom line is I HAVE NOT PROFITTED much from my readings? Get my point? So what you read so much ... APPLYING it correctly and appropriately is much more important.

Hence, I want to get back to my own focuses. I want re-define my plans and strategies. I m going to IGNORE what I heard from the big mouth Kudlow or Bloomberg's blokes. I need to shut-off myself from my dealers/brokers. Also, many other blogs that I read.

I found that I hv been too confident and ... the results : I m losing my focus, thus losing money. PIAK. A good slap on the face is deserved. I may want to blame it on the pain inflicted by JL, but that wont change a thing. That is immaturity. I need to grow ... think and grow RICH.

It needs me to re-write my 5-years plan.

BJTOTO : The Edge showing Kenanga has a BUY call with target price of RM5.50. Currently, BJToto-cd traded at 0.115(up 15% last week), 16% premium. Mommy at RM4.45

So, RM4.45 + (4 x 0.115) = RM4.91. Its exercise price at RM4.70. Hence, it is simple to calculate the premium. Expiring in July 2010, it could breach RM5(I m not sure about TP RM5.50).

The low the premium, of coz the better. (Ah Wai, do learn more of it, ok?)

Currently, I do like to stalk these call-warrants which in my stalk list : AMMB-cd, Gamuda-ch, Genting-cm/-co/-cp, IOICorp-cj, KLK-ch, Maybank-cj, PBBank-cj, Sime-cg, Tenaga-cl.

KNM-cb and KNM-cc : As KNM(mommy) still retracing, KNM-cb traded at 0.11(L 0.105). The new KNM-cc traded at 0.135(L). These going below their listing prices. Pardon me, they are trading at 48% and 35% premium. Wow ... that is expensive. And I dont like KNM, their mommy. BUT, KNM is one of the most active counter ... so, it will definitely attracting traders!! Well, I might consider it when KNM going below 0.70, grab the baby(I prefer KNM-cb) below 0.10(if possible) ...hold a while, and clear it once interest shown. KNM will NOT go back to 0.40 level, in my opinion. But, being an investor, KNM is too high of the risk. It is very speculative now. See no touch, please.


p/s : 12.10.09 ... ooopsss ... yesterday was 12.09.09, so I have one month to go before I calculate my ticker-counter and remove it. Haha. I m so 'lost', I dont even know the month. At times, I hv to think ... it is 2009. I cant remember what year my son born, I hv to calculate his age ... it is 2006, I think. I do have this problem ... old-age memory-loss?