Friday, August 21, 2009

Yeah ... too many trades last week, and being caught. Ouch. hehe ... cut and trimmed many for losses. As I mentioned, I m flying off to KL next week, so I wont be monitoring. So, no trades for a week or so!! Yippee ... oh boy, I m supposed to be very excited(I still am) and happy ... but last weekend my wife spoilt the party but refusing to go, on the ground of H1N1 fear. I have B1N1 fear la. Haha ...

I have trimmed MRCB, TWSCorp and RCECap yesterday but still holding to some. That was 2 dinners lost(won one with Adventa), and I have to take maggie-mee for two nights. Arrghh ... I love maggi-mee, anyway. hehe.

10.45 am : KLCI opened higher but retraces ... still in the green pasture.

Time after time - By the girl who has lotsa fun.

1.55 pm : HSI at 20,000 level, downed 300 points in the morning session, dragged down by China-Mobile.

KLCI in red too? I was not watching ... I didnt queue for any either. Wow ... the first day I didnt have any queue ... hehe. Good work ... keep up the discipline. Haha. I m busy with China Mobile and China Telecom this morning, actually.

But, if market dives another 5-10points, I might place a queue!! #piak# Time-after-Time, I reminded myself to be discipline. Only discipline traders/investors could succeed.

Queueing for E&O at 1.25 and Jaks at 0.800 as these two retracing ...

Two Steps Behind - Def Leppard

Cool .. I like this song very much. A classic. I went for their concert when they came to KL, what year was that? But, I m always two steps behind many ...

10.45 pm : DOW up 100+ points, Crude Oil price at almost USD75(I repeated what I said 2-3 days ago ... it is not sustainable, IMO). Gold up too ...

With such a positive move, normally HSI will follow suits the next trading day, currently China's market in correction(or some said into a bear market!!) mode, dragging many H-stocks.
HK is out of recession ... German too but such positive news didnt help HSI.


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