Saturday, August 29, 2009

Thanking Mike for a good opinion. Yes, I do think many investors will look into gold-related assets for the safe-haven. In markets, it is toppish, and many are actually exiting(at slower rate at the moment but the rate will accelerate in weeks to come).

I m actually exiting too, with only a few to hold on to for short(a week or so) trades. I m anticipating bad months to come, tho many have said that we are out of woods. Are we? Yes, we might NOT see the march bottom(I like to differ and and maintain my bearish views that DOW will dive lower than the March-bottom) ... and KLCI may not go below 800-level. Fair as local funds will be supporting the bottom lines. I will like to see 1000-level for my first sight of entry. Perhaps, accumulating more when it is at 900-level. Whatever levels, no one could predict that ... at the moment, we could only be prepared to BUY much more AFTER the dive. Some whom I spoken to said they do not think so Bursa will even go below 1100. As I see it, whatever whoever opinion it is, I m sticking to my own plans.

I made some silly mistakes 2-weeks ago by going for some shopping sprees. I have sold almost all for losses, and it added up to be a substantial losses. Ouch. I have to bite my fingers,the wounds are healing but the scar will be there. I noticed that I do make many mistakes when I lost my sight/focus ... and when I was emotional(excited or tensed). Sometimes, I made STUPID mistakes by being OVER-confident. Being a novice, I should not be letting anything get into my head. I should fill my head with more knowledge about economics or financial wisdom.

Having said that, I will like to sell my remaining holdings(Petra, TAS, Sinopec, TWSCorp and RCECap), except for my BJToto and CNOOC. I will buy more of ZiJin when market dives(and it retraces too). I admit I do have a fear that it dives NEXT WEEK. I will get stuck but most probably I have to cut huge losses. That is bad.

Over a longer period of time, I m still bullish on energy-stocks and green-stocks. So, I will be glad to be an INVESTOR, rather than a trader. We need to learn to know the difference between investing and trading.

If one is to accumulate wealth, then we should be an INVESTOR. Short-term trading could only give us 'income', if we are lucky! As I m seeing these markets as trading markets(except China stocks), I learn to trade. We do not have what W.Buffett will say "hold forever" and also his deep pockets. But, if we are going to gain much(and surely) from share markets, we should be patience and wait for moments to BUY, and BUY hugely ... and wait patiently for our stock prices to double or three-fold.


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