Friday, August 14, 2009

So What - PINK

So what ... if the markets rallying but you didnt capitalise on it?

So what ... if you have all the knowledge about a stock/company but didnt dare enough to invest in it?

So what ... if you have attended the most expensive course about trading/investment but you are still doubting your own abilities?

So what ... if you have the lastest pc with the most sophicated software(latest version of Chart Nexus?) but you dont use it correctly or oftenly enough?

So what ... if you have lost huge last year and failed to see that crisis = opportunities?

So what ... if you read all the investment books/blogs/sites but fail to take action?

So what ...

9.40 am : LCL done at 0.90 and Huaan done at 0.565. TWSCorp on the move. hehe

Bought some Genm-cj at market price 0.175. IOI on the move today.

12.35 pm : Oh boy, LCL and Huaan going below. Will decide after lunch later. I m busy with classes this morning(free extra class for my students). I m clearing all my TM-ci at 0.13 but not done. I sold my IOI-cj just days earlier ... today it jumps up. It is so common for me, each time I clear ... it will jump!! Hehe ...

I do not write warrants/call-warrants I bought/traded. It is for trading ... not to be kept till the spider creating the webs. So, that is why it is NOT advisable to buy call-warrants. Look at Airasia-ce ... I hv let of of her.

As I m anticipating market to collapse, my buyings becoming smaller ... and I dont really dare to average down!! That is FEAR in play ... lunch time. grrrr

4.20 pm : Tired ... plantation up, rubber stocks down. Kossan going below RM4 now. I grabbed some HSPlant. Yeah ... third time with her, hope this time we could have a nice ride up. hehe

Top-up LCL at 0.875. Arrghh ... I m trapped after 3 good trades with her. Will hold on for a while and we shall see.

5.30 pm : KLCI at 1188.57.


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