Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday morning ... time to clear if market goes up. Time to get stuck if market dives? The anxiety is there if you have jumped with both of your legs into the moving wagon ... zrrroooom ... up or down? If it is sideway, will you BUY more of SELL if you plan to exit?

I have said many of times ... I m a novice. That said. I m more of FA, while learning TA. Definitely I m not good at all. You wouldnt want to know how I trade. hehe ... it is random. As someone mentioned, we are throwing away FA at the moment, markets are in its crazy-buying mode as MANY believe we are out of the wood. Global economies are recovering and we will be back on our feet ... so, BUYING today in anticipating for the strong bull run (to last 3-5 years) ... and it started in Mac. Ride on the bull ...

9.45 am : KLCI down 11points. Cleared NTPM and all of Huaan.

11.10 am : KLCI down by 13 points now with HSI down almost 600 points. FEAR is there now or temporary when GREED taken over. As I hv done the mistake buying last Friday, I m clearing with small losses to stay-side line. It is not a choice ...

11.40 am : Market reversal or merely correction? Many have warned that this time the corrections will be sharp, anything goes up fast, will come down fast too. That is Newton's law.

Cleared my 1k HSPlant at 2.33, and will collect it at lower level. Just want to see how low KLCI could go ... hope it will move lower for the whole 2 weeks? Hmm ... I know I will get stuck with some, as I m still queueing to clear most of it.

A Better Tomorrow

Dont worry with the REDS today, tomorrow we shall expect sunshine? Really? Well ... fear is there, be greedy!!

1.45 pm : First half done ... KLCI down by 12.56, and most of my holdings are in RED. So? What's next? Those with small losses, CUT it off. It is like a punishment for myself for being careless last Thu/Friday. Hold on the rest for a while and SELL it if market recovers later on. BUT, if market still hoving at -13, do nothing. IF market go down another 5-10 points later on, BUY BUY BUY. And of coz say bye-bye-bye tmr .. as "min tien hui gen hao". Amazing psychological in play, right? That is when you BUY randomly, you have to sell randomly too!! See? I m just being a living example of how greedy traders(the novices) being slaughtered. Hehe ... shouldnt be smiling cynically but say OUCH!!

3.45 pm : Markets dive further ... HSI losing 700 points, and I bought into it. OUCH. KLCI losing almost 20 points too ... a real reversal? I dont know ... many of my lower queues done!!

4.00 pm : HSI losing 765 points!! MRCB and Muhibah done at 1.32.

4.50 pm : TWSCorp done at 0.695. We have to see if there is some rebound tmr, otherwise ... it is a cut cut cut again.

7.25 pm : DOW futures down 200 points now with crude oil going to USD65. Now, brace yourself if you are in market(like me) as we are descending further tmr ... gold below 935, ya.

9.55 pm : Oh boy ...DOW down by 185points at this moment. We shall see another blood-field tmr ... I will clear those I dont wish to keep but start to collect those I like.

Collect : Muhibah.

11.25 pm : Sell-off all over ... I will cut some to preserve some capitals, and accumulation of more bullets.


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