Wednesday, August 19, 2009

UNG : Natural Gas ETF reaching for new low. Time to consider ...

DOW up, crude oil up too ... time to clear more? Hmm ...

This morning I was re-reading a 36-pages award report of Water Industry and checking on my blue-gold stocks. Found one interesting China Water stock and might want to park some money there. Yes, this is for investment. Put it there and sit on it.

As for KLSE, I will only be holding to what in hand and may be I might get some IGB?


9.30 am : KLCI up 3 points. I have a queue for IGB at 1.80, and will collect this one.

11.00 am : KLCI reverses and losing 3 points, instead.

Not much of activities but ... lazying around listen to songs ...

Big In Japan - Alphaville.

HKSE : CWP testing 0.80 level. touched 0.76 this morning. The green-stocks bubble finally burst? But I do still looking forward towards investing in China's WindPower energy ... I m holding CNOOC for this reason too.

1.50 pm : KLCI down 3.92 points. Cleared Muhibah(breakeven) and LionInd(small gains) and will want to wait for market to dive below 1135 level. KLCI at 1160 at the moment. My eyes on HKSE, actually.

7.10 pm : KLCI down 8.88 points(nice ....) and HSI down further after lunch!! I will cut-loss a few more to preserve capitals and hold on to those knives. Ouch.

Then, I shall take a rest ... holidaying next week, and then ... give this blog a new-face lift after Sept. Yes ... I have wanted out since 2/3 weeks ago BUT due to lack to discipline(and being a novice), I have taken quite heavy positions. So, I m looking into to cut more, including some China's stocks. Then ... wait for the huge bear .. and BUY in stages after Sept/Oct?


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