Thursday, August 13, 2009

DOW up 120 points, and crude oil price climbing back to stay above USD70. Yes, IF markets up today(in the morning), I will be glad to trim my positions as I m too heavily inside the market-holes, both in KLSE and HKSE. That is due to the dive yesterday afternoon in KL and HK too. I might be catching the knives(imagine KL loses another 10 points and HK loses another 700 points today)

9.30 am : KLCI in greeeeen ... yes, I was busy clearing those I bought yesterday when market was in RED. Phew ... close call again.

10.15 am : Cool moves by LCL. I m letting go ... clearing time in HKSE too.

12.35 pm : KLCI up 5 points. Cleared Scomi(first win ... tho small!!) and RCECap for dinners. Need the money for lunch, actually as I m hungry.

Cleared two HK's babes too. But since the fees of trading in HKEx is high, a 10% profits only gain me some pocket money.

Zijin stucked and might average down when gold moves below 900? Will check on it.

1.20 pm : I will be going to KL for a week soon, so ... I intend to clear most of my trades by next week. I wont have the time to monitor the markets for a week as I want to enjoy/relax ... at least for that one week. MERDEKA ... yes, hope to watch the Merdeka-march which I missed for 10-years now. One day, I hope to teach my son the REAL meaning of MERDEKA ... freedom which we took for granted.

Hangin' Tough - NKOTB

At the moment, most markets are still rallying well ... so, we need to hang on there, tho it may be tough. Market up, market down ... that is a situation we are facing. Whether it is up/down, I m clearing most of it anyway. Well, once Sept is over ... I want to be back to market. I do expect markets to hangin' tough at the moment ... and might even rally further till end of SEPT. Just wake me up ... when Sept ends, ok?

5.05 pm : KLCI up 5 points. Huaan, LCL and E&O jumped today. France and Germany giving positive news and euro-markets up. So, we are expecting DOW to be up tonight, and the rally in KLSE, SGX and HKSE would move higher tmr ... for me to clear more of my holdings!! I just want out and rest ...

9.25 pm : Rio Tinto employees arrested, but my buying felix-the-cat. There is a concern about China-Oz ties(Chinalco's deal being turned down too, remember?).


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